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Discovering Ponies: Is Friendship Really Magic?
I'd say welcome to the herd, but I'm not a brony. You have been spared.
Welcome to the her- *shot*
And thus Wacky's slow descent into brony-ism begins.

Welcome to The Herd!

Also, the whole Princess not Queen thing was Executive Meddling. Apparently, thanks to Disney, little girls now all believe Queen=Evil. At least in the Executive's minds. Faust wanted them to be Queen's.
Friendly greetings from the Equine Social Group (*runs*)
Nice recap overall. As to the guards looking the same, common Fanon is the armor is enchanted to simply make them look the same while they wear it, kind of a uniform deal.

Though that doesn't explain Flash Sentry... then again everything about that idiot is nothing bad writing upon bad writing.

"but the group won't be formed until a later episode, effectively making this a continuity error. "

Given what we learn in Cutie Mark Chronicles, it's not really an error.
Where the heck are you watching these? I'd be willing to see for myself whether to convert if I could find where I can watch this show, but I'm both squeamish and Canadian.
Though that doesn't explain Flash Sentry...

Flash doesn't work for Celestia.

Given what we learn in Cutie Mark Chronicles, it's not really an error.


You may want to consider doing these more often than once a week. At the one-per-week rate, you have nearly two years of work cut out for you. Just a suggestion.
Trust me, the show doesn't get good till later. In fact, you don't really have to watch most of the episodes in order anyway {Unless it's a two-parter}, so if you want you could just skip around to whichever episode sounds more interesting until you either get into FIM or give up on it.
^^Most likely, I'll just do the first season, anyway (Which is already quite a lot, but at least I won't be bored for a few months).
In that case, may I recommend also doing the 2-part opening to Season 2? It was originally planned for Season 1, before getting pushed back, and it makes for a better conclusion to the season than the actual finale imo.
So be it! (Although that means two more weeks! :S)
Am i the only one who really enjoyed the pilot when i was first watching the show?
I agree with Gold, the Return of Harmony was my favorite episode by far.

Also welcome to the herd.
No you're not, Robbie. XP
And yeah, the premier, well decent wasn't really anything amazing. Well other then the climax, that part was just freaking awesome. It's a great set up, but overall, it's just an average episode for the show.

And well hopefully you'll get so into it you'll want to do the whole show, and faster. For most Season 2 is the best of the lot, though so far Season 4 has been off to a great start. ESPECIALLY with the animation. You think the season 1 animation looks good? Just wait.
My reaction to this episode was pretty much the same as yours. I thought it was fine, but it didn't do anything to really wow me. Given that it was a two-parter, I did decide to give it the benefit of watching both halves before I made up my mind, and that turned out to make all the difference.

Looking back, though, I can really appreciate this very first episode for managing quick, concise introductions and establishing character moments for seven main characters in the span of 20-some minutes without feeling rushed, which laid the groundwork for their development in later episodes.

One other note, and sorry for the grammar nitpick, but it's a pet peeve of mine: "it's" is the contracted form of "it is," not the possessive form of "it." "Its" is the possessive form.

Happy viewing!
I know this was a little more than half a month ago, but, eh. One thing I heard when watching the San Diego Comic Com panel thing on Season 2 Disc 4 in the Bonus Features section is that the VA for Spike originally thought he was more of a baby, so you may notice that he'll sound a little older fairly soon. Whether you'll find that better or worse...