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When The Prime Movers Go On Strike! Let's Read Atlas Shrugged.
"I will also be doing my measured best to make the story, characters, and events interesting, and not as boring as people say."

As the former person who liveblogged this, I wish you good luck. Rand's prose is incredibly awkward and she spends hundreds of pages on stuff where thirty would suffice. And if you can stomach the sheer self-righteousness without going insane, you have a stronger mind than I do.
Hm, interesting, I will be following this, I'm slightly curious about Objectivism is supposed to work, but not enough so to go read this whole thing, so this thing is probably ideal to me :D
You are a brave, brave soul. I can't wait till you get to The Speech.
Strikes are wrong inherently in themselves, or just that strike? I personally think there's nothing wrong with non-violent protests, even if they damage a company, if a populace is being screwed over.

But I really like the way you're handling this-not too polarized a view, and still critical. :]
In five-months-late fashion... this is easily one of my favorite liveblogs, and I'd love to see it continue.
"Oh well, what's the use? Who is John Galt?"

That line sounds like a forced meme with the way the Arc Words are just jammed in.
Yeah, it really is.
I haven't managed to get through this book, but if I recall correctly, doesn't Rearden end up sleeping with Dagny?
Oh, you'd be surprised. Or not, knowing Rand.