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A FATAL resurrection.
I cannot wait until you get to the bits I covered. (If you need it, you officially have my permission to reprint anything I wrote.)

Also... WHY, man? Why?
Thanks Man.

Also I did this to make sure it never dies. What happens if the old liveblog system is trashed with all the old liveblogs? People don't get this lulz.

In other words I'm reprinting this FOR SCIENCE!
The game let's you get hit in the freaking BELLYBUTTON?

What's next? Being able to make a called shot on somone's EARDRUM?

Wait, hang on, that would acutally be an idea. There needs to be an Exalted technique that lets me palm the side of someone's head and then only break the hammer, anvil and stirrup bones in their head.
Sorry, I can't —

  • 3. I don't have a weapon handly

  • 2. It's against the law of the United States of America.

  • 1. I can't shot you though the Internet.
Relax, mate. Reading FATAL will result in the slow dieoff of your braincells, resulting in eventual death.
Urrgh... why are you doing this to yourself?
The same reason people play kazio mario world.

So that we don't have to.
Looking forward to more. Keep the pain coming!
And so we re-enter the Mouth of Madness...
It never dies.

It never dies.

It never dies it never dies IT NEVER DIES!

Madness Mantra aside, you have my sword. Good luck.
So glad that this is being reposted.

Can't wait for the point where REALISM becomes a meme. I loved those posts.
If people "want" a full review, I have one here Warning, it is long and graphic.