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Solstace explores the alien lands of the PHPBB fora
The mods and admins mingle with the common folk,
It's worth mentioning that I wasn't a mod back in the days of the phpBB forum. My promotion to cutmaster and moderator happened almost immediately after the old forum was discontinued.
*forgot you were a mod*

I've mentioned before to Tzetze, but it seems that the early tropers were a lot more longwinded than the current set, and those still remaining from those days of old seem to have shortened their attention span.
I think I was always this terse.

So, these were the days before Contributor pages, huh?
To repeat the comment I made in the thread, Contributor pages existed back before the forum did, but these were the days back before getting other people to write your contributor page had been considered.
MetaFour (edited by: MetaFour)
Hmmm, further down the thread, William Wide Web makes a remark about Ruthie A being a Data Vampire slayer, and the Main Character. Is this a reference to TV Tropes The TV Show? Or something completely unrelated?
Completely unrelated.
I thought so. When did TV Tropes The TV Show start, anyway?

It is kinda funny how timeless the "[[Insert Troper Here]] is the Main Character" meme is.
And then Meta 4 makes an appearance! With a very terse 8 word post! What this post says is nothing more than "Dude, you're all young compared to me!". This was paraphrased[tongue]
It's interesting how the perceived demographics have shifted. Then, 23 years old was getting along in years, since the current crop of over-the-hill forumites had yet to appear and Fast Eddie's true age had yet to be revealed. These days, I'm still a crotchety old bitch, but I'm one of the youngest COB's.