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1* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: [[ That guy who shouts "Kill the Jews!"]], at least to modern audiences. If the last post on [[ this page]] is accurate (that the man was a government provocateur trying to distract the angry crowd), it would've made sense to audiences of the time. It's generally seen as identifying the basically anti-semitic nature of Tsarist society. * HoYay: The cinematographer Nestor Almendros wrote a famous article that argued that the film is filled with this. Eisenstein was a closeted homosexual for most of his life and the film's setting among the navy and the crew is filled with AuthorAppeal and that the film's final shot, right before the finale of the sailors joining the rebellion is two soldiers hugging each other out of fear that they will be attacked.* ItWasHisSled: The film is reduced in popular culture to pretty much just the climactic OdessaSteps sequence -- but at least that one montage is more popular than a lot of films in total.* SignatureScene: The Odessa Steps massacre.----


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