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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: The darkly nostalgic-sounding synth score by Le Matos perfectly complements the film's 1980s setting.* CompleteMonster: The Cape May Slayer, true identity [[spoiler:[[KillerCop Wayne Mackey]]]], is a SerialKiller who preys on [[WouldHurtAChild young boys]], wracking up at least 15 murders over several years. When young hero Davey Armstrong investigates on his own, he discovers photos of the Slayer's victims, including one that indicates the Slayer is targeting him as well. He then discovers a mutilated corpse in the Slayer's bathtub and an injured, emaciated boy the Slayer was saving for later. The Slayer later abducts Davey and [[spoiler:his friend Woody]], [[SlashedThroat slitting the latter's throat]] and injuring Davey, vowing he will one day return for revenge and until that day, he wants Davey to live in horrible fear of when it will be and what Mackey will do to him.* FridgeHorror: Woody's mother was already suffering signs of depression when we first saw her, it wouldn't be too far fetched that [[spoiler: the death of her only child]] could drive her to the point of suicide.* FridgeLogic: ** There is no way in ''hell'' that the [[spoiler: KarmaHoudini aspect of the ending will hold up. Mackey is a well known former cop, a notorious SerialKiller whose identity is known and his crimes 100 percent proven, completely isolated from any avenue of escape. There is going to be the largest federal and state manhunt in history for him. His freedom and threat to Davey aren't going to last more than a few weeks if he's ''very, very'' lucky. While Davey might be haunted and traumatized by the Summer, he won't be living under threat of Mackey's return for very long.]] In support of this, as mentioned on the main page [[spoiler: very few (if any) serial killers haven't been captured very quickly after being identified. Not to mention that Mackey was also a CorruptCop... the Oregon police and FBI aren't just going to take Mackey's crimes seriously, they're going to take it personally.]] Looking at the ending in another perspective, the point wasn't that the killer will make good on his promise but to make Davey spending the rest of his life worrying if [[spoiler:Wayne]] will collect on the threat.* ParanoiaFuel: Oh, just the thought of a SerialKiller living right on your block. [[spoiler: Mackey invokes this when he spares Davey, vowing that he wants Davey to live in abject terror of him, haunted by the thought of what Mackey will do to him when he returns and to live every day terrified and believing that it is the day Mackey will come for him. "And one day? You'll be right."]]* TearJerker: ** Everything about Woody and his mother. She doesn't have anyone other than her own son to look after her. [[spoiler:In the end, Woody is murdered by Mackey, leaving his mother all alone.]]** On top of that, the gang's beloved treehouse being destroyed. What was once a cherished symbol of their friendship ended up being turned into a tragic reminder of what was lost.----


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