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1* EnsembleDarkhorse: Miki, mainly because of his screen name (Destiny Fucker).* ItsShortSoItSucks: With only 26 episodes that each last about three minutes, some feel this and sudden AwesomenessWithdrawal, the trope is actually [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by Hajime at the beginning of season 1's finale.* MemeticMutation: Japanese propaganda[[labelnote:Explanation]]The fact that the series involves a sexually active, HappilyMarried couple involving an {{otaku}} makes a lot of {{imageboard}} frequenters wonder if this is an attempt by the government to get the otaku married in real-life.[[/labelnote]]* {{Squick}}: Sure it's PlayedForLaughs, but Mayotoma is way too affectionate with his brother. Even this is recognized InUniverse; for two times (in episodes 2 and 3) Hajime and Kaoru sent him home for suggesting to give Hajime a handjob.* TearJerker: Episode 11, which features a depressing FlashbackNightmare of Kaoru's life before she met her husband, where she pretty much worked a dead-end job and spent pretty much all the time out of it drinking and smoking alone.------> [[Manga/ICantUnderstandWhatMyHusbandIsSaying Go back to the main work page]]----


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