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Context YMMV / AChineseGhostStory

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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: When Yin has a musical piece rapping about [[{{UsefulNotes/Taoism}} Tao]].* CompleteMonster: The [[WickedWitch Tree Demoness]] is a fiendish monster, known as "Old Evil", who [[YourSoulIsMine enslaves the soul]] of the heroine Nip after her body is buried near its roots. Using Nip as bait, the demon has her lure in men so it can devour them, sadistically holding their [[AndIMustScream screaming souls in tortured thrall]]. When Nip finally attempts to help the heroes, her master tries to banish her to hell while attempting to murder the heroes Monk Yin and Scholar Ning.* {{Sequelitis}}: the third film is set a century after the first, so there's neither Ning nor Yin, which is a disappointment.


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