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1[[quoteright:300:]] ²[[caption-width-right:300:As [[ Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling Champion]]. This is how she looked ''before'' Sweet Saraya[[note]]Wrestling/{{Paige}}'s mother[[/note]] pushed her over the edge.]]²[[quoteright:300:]] ²[[caption-width-right:300:As [[ QOC Champion]] and as the inaugural [[ Girl Fight Champion]]]]²²Vannarah Riggs (b. June 30, 1989) is an American valet turned manager turned {{Professional Wrestl|ing}}er from UsefulNotes/{{Seattle}}, usually working under the ring name Su Yung. She debuted in 2007 after training in Memphis, UsefulNotes/{{Tennessee}} under Bill Dundee and Kevin White. She has wrestled all over the world, and is best known for her work for Wrestling/{{SHIMMER}}, its {{spin off}}s SHINE and RISE, as well as RISE's partner Wrestling/ImpactWrestling.²²Along with her QOC and Girl Fight Titles, she is a former 2x [[ ACW (Anarchy Championship Wrestling) American Joshi Champion]], a former [[ PW2.0 (Florida) Women's Champion]], a former [[ WSU Spirit Champion]], a former [[ FEST Wrestling Champion]], a former [[ Impact Knockouts Champion]], the [[ ICW (Florida) Women's Champion]] and a former [[ Kaiju Double Danger Tandem Champion]] with Hell Monkey.²²As usual, you can find the basics at [[ The Other Wiki]].²²!! "Bloody, Undead Tropes":²* ActionGirl: Obviously, but [[{{Xenafication}} at first]] she was just a valet, and then a manager, only deciding to become a wrestler when she learned Wrestling/JerryLawler's Memphis Wrestling was getting a [[DistaffCounterpart woman]] centered {{spinoff}}. She was thrown into the deep end pretty quickly by Tasha Simone, [[FemaleMisogynist who didn't want to see any new women wrestlers.]]²* AlwaysSomeoneBetter²** The basis of her feud with [[Wrestling/EmberMoon Athena]]. Su had finally become champion of Memphis Ladies Wrestling, where she wrestled her first matches, where she was a local television star, and then a little lady from Texas came in and beat her, again, and again, often in embarrassing ways. So Yung went to Athena's hometown, for Anarchy Championship Wrestling and Metroplex Wrestling. Yung found a good deal of success in Anarchy in particular, but kept losing to Athena.²** The basis of her feud ''and'' partnership with Tracy Taylor, prior to being enthalled by Saraya. Even in Main Event Championship Wrestling, where Yung did beat Taylor, it was due to cheating. Taylor was still the better wrestler, Yung knew it, and Yung's [[ItOnlyWorksOnce tricks only worked once]]. As a tag team Yung intentionally tried to follow in Taylor's footsteps, to become as skilled and courageous as her. That not working is what made Su susceptible to Saraya's enthralling. After that, Yung was basically Taylor's equal [[TheDarkSideWillMakeYouForget at the cost of serving the enemies she had been unable to face with the same competence as Taylor]]...²* ArchEnemy: Prior to becoming a wrestler, her career was dedicated to ruining Wrestling/JerryLawler's. From the start of Yung's in ring career a shadow named Tasha Simone loomed over her and nothing Yung tried could make Simone leave her be for long. During Simone's brief retirement Yung got some relief, but then met Hudson Envy. ²* AscendedExtra: Spent a little while in Sparkle dark matches before showing up on the SHIMMER shows proper.²* TheCorrupter: To Allie (Cherry Bomb) in TNA.²* BeYourself: Yung's advice to a young Jessicka Havok when they first met([[NiceJobBreakingItHero thanks, Su!]]). Needless to say, Havok wasn't impressed with what Yung had allowed Sweet Saraya to do to her in Shine, calling Yung a hypocrite.²* BestServedCold: Radiant Rain [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot called]] her a "[[OurVampiresAreDifferent vampire]] [[OurDemonsAreDifferent demon]] [[TheUndead dead]] [[OurZombiesAreDifferent zombie]] [[BuffySpeak thing]]" as Yung tried to "eat her face" during a FEST Title defense. Rain's mayhem with Valkyrie was one of the biggest causes of Yung's SanitySlippage, and while Rain had been forced out of the group before Yung was zombified, Rain was the one who hired Saraya. Saraya lead Su to Valkyrie, where Su was then abused and exploited for two years, ''in response'' to Rain leaving. Rain's caulouness and carelessness lead to Su Yung becoming a monster, [[LaserGuidedKarma then a title belt]] brought Rain to Yung.²* BlindingBangs: The Undead Bride will sometimes pace around rooms or slump in a corner snarling, with her hair covering her face.²* BloodSplatteredWeddingDress: After defeating Vanessa Kraven in a "[[Wrestling/{{Abyss}} Monster]]'s [[GarbageWrestler Ball]]", Yung invited [=LuFisto=] to a wedding. [=LuFisto=] was shocked to see it wasn't the kind where people get married before her GarbageWrestler instincts kicked in. A blood stained dress has since became Yung's signature.²* BlushSticker: She like to wear a [[Videogame/PokemonRedAndBlue Pikachu]] hat in Anarchy, and paint her cheeks red to match.²* ByTheHair: Yung got sick of tagging and pulled her own partner SIS into the ring by the hair in CWF Mid-Atlantic. Even though they won, SIS didn't appreciate this treatment and the team did not last.²* BringMyRedJacket: {{Inverted|Trope}}, as even when Yung wrestles in a redish or stained dress she tends to [[BattleStrip remove it]] before attempting something likely to make her bleed.²* CheapPop: The Undead Bride will [[BouquetToss toss black flower bouquets]] into the crowd for one. Didn't really work in FEST, but people still tried to catch it.²* CleavageWindow: One that isn't always open. Yung sometimes wrestles in a black shirt with slits in it. How much it applies depends on how she moves.²* CombinationAttack: Coast To Coast with Tracy Taylor; one does "sole food" and then the other does a variation of it from behind.²* {{Crossover}}: She was champion at the time and thus obligated to be at ''RISE 9: RISE Of The Knockouts'', where Saraya was waiting for a rematch²* CrowdSurfing: The RedShirtArmy Leva Bates was using in her "purge" of Shine {{save|thevillain}}d Su when Jessicka Havok pushed her off of a balcony at ''SHINE 26''.²* DanceSensation: While still part of the West Coast Connection Yung [[ShakingTheRump started]] the Harlem Shake at a Shine event, to the confusion of usual dancer Tracy Taylor and usual goofball Nikki Roxx, with Mia Yim cheering her on. She even got Wrestling/AmazingKong and Lexie Fyfe to join in(which is how WWN got 100 thousand views while admitting their version [[AdaptationDecay wasn't even close to the original]], although Yung's individual start was better than most imitators)²* DarkActionGirl: Su Yung is one of the [[HateSink most hated]] wrestlers in FEST and one of the few female wrestlers the fans don't treat as a face by default when she wrestles a man. Most appropriately it was "femenist icon" Effy to finally end her reign of terror. His willingness to hit women is usually viewed negatively, but in front of the punk rock fest crowds with a "gothic" target like Yung, he got a pass.²* DefeatMeansFriendship²** She tried being Tasha Simone's friend after a month or so of failing to beat the surly, more experienced wrestler in the ring. It didn't work very well for very long. She got more success with Tracy Taylor, but tended to measure herself against Taylor to an unhealthy degree. Then there was Wrestling/LaRosaNegra, who Yung befriended after their first match, outside of matches. In matches Yung would usually mercilessly batter La Rosa in unsporting manners until the match ended, then go back to being her buddy. Friendship with Taylor and Negra was then ended by Saraya.²** {{Invoked|trope}} and {{defied|trope}} after Su defeated Kimberly at ''SHINE 2''. Kimberly later approached Su to end her Shine losing streak, on the reasoning she was a better tag team wrestler but Su said Tracy was her partner, then urged Kimberly to "Go Away" behind her back, adding that Kimberly was crazy once she was out of sight. ²* DragonsUpTheYinYang: She has a couple of singlets with a yin yang on top of two dragons design.²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness²** She presented herself as utterly normal prior to her zombie gimmick.²** She was a SexySecretary for Premier Athlete Brand in [[Wrestling/DragonGate Dragon Gate USA]]. The Brand successfully, if temporarily, reverted Yung from her zombie state during WWN's China tour, which made her less viscous but also more resistant to the usual abuses of Valkyrie stablemate Wrestling/AllysinKay.²* EvilLaugh: Before Yung was a zombie this often accompanied her villainy. As a zombie she still sometimes laughs during matches, but it's moreso LaughingMad randomly than enjoying mischeif.²* FaceMonsterTurn: A half example. Exactly why the enthralling process made Yung into a zombie, and why Yung did not revert back to her previous mannerisms when she overcame Sweet Saraya's control never got explained, but Yung ''did'' successfully [[HeelFaceTurn return to face status.]]²* FacialMarkings: After becoming one of Sweet Saraya's thralls, she started going white faced. More markings were added after breaking free of Saraya, as seen above.²* FightingYourFriend: Her first sign of reluctance in Valkyrie was when she was pitted against former partner Tracy Taylor. Taylor was much more eager to throw down, and learned just how dangerous Yung had become.²* FinishingMove: She uses a [[Wrestling/MickFoley Mandible Claw]] that she calls The Purge. Also a Samoan Driver known as The Panic Switch.²* HeartSymbol²** One of her pants belts has a heart shaped buckle and one of her bras has the same shaped buckle that pokes through the slits of her black shirt.²** She has a bright purple set with silver heart symbols around her legs.²* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor²** On general Ring Warriors shows Su Yung was the good, Wrestling/LaRosaNegra was the bad and Sienna Duvall was [[TheGoodTheBadAndTheEvil the evil,]] but on shows dedicated to Ring Warriors' Battling Bombshells division Negra was good, Yung bad and Duvall...still evil. Even then, Yung was really only "bad" on the women focused shows when wrestling Negra.²** In FIP and DGUSA she was Premier Athlete Brand's evil secretary, and came into conflict with BXB Hulk's manager, Wrestling/ChristinaVonEerie. In Shine both Yung and Von Eerie were faces against Valkyrie...but Von Eerie still attacked Yung for the things Yung was doing in DGUSA.²* HighHeelFaceTurn: Faked. Premier Athlete Brand "fired" her as a setup for Rich Swann.²* IHaveManyNames: She was "Sonia" in Wrestling/{{WWE}}'s Florida Championship Wrestling {{revival}}. More literal in Ice Ribbon, where she was initially billed as "Vannah" before they conformed to the other Joshi feds and went with "Su Yung". "Disguised" herself as the luchadora "Lechuza" after losing to [[Wrestling/RubyRiott Heidi Lovelace]] in the FEST Title Tournament for a match against Mr. 450, also against Los Bendejos [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike disguised]] as luchadors Oraculo and Serpentico.²* IncendiaryExponent: {{Subverted|Trope}} in FEST when she lit a kendo stick on fire. It was Yung's good fortune that the flames went out on the first swing.²* InterchangeableAsianCultures: Yung being Chinese was fairly important for different reasons in Wrestling/JerryLawler's Memphis Wrestling, Memphis Ladies Wrestling, Diana, Ring Warriors, STARDOM and Ice Ribbon, but PGWA billed her as an envious Japanese woman after Tracy Taylor and Tasha Simone(ignoring that Simone started it).²* JiveTurkey: "Bitches Be Trippin!"²* KickTheSonOfABitch: Acting as Taylor Made's attack dog against Allysin Kay. Made was in no way justified but Kay used Yung in the exact same manor prior.²* LeavingYouToFindMyself: Non romantic version, as Tracy is married to Michah Taylor, but depending on which promotion you watched Yung either went to Japan to become good enough to defeat Tracy Taylor, or to become a better tag team partner for Taylor. In the latter case, Su really didn't take the fact the losing pinfall against Made In Sin was on her ''again'' after returning to the states, despite Taylor's best efforts to console her.²* LegionOfDoom: Besides [=VAL=]kyrie there was also the Legion Of Undead Brides in RISE with Elayna Black, Hawlee Cromwell, and Wrestling/KimberLee²* LimpAndLivid: She continued to deteriorate under Valkyrie's care to the point she would drag her feet to the ring. Even further in CWF Mid-Atlantic, where she came to the ring on [[PrimalStance all fours]]! As FEST Champion Yung tended to slump in the corner while jealously clutching the belt.²* MoodSwinger: When working for Valkyrie Yung would sometimes seem confused, scared or apathetic at the start of a match only to suddenly snap into cackling sadism or {{unstoppable rage}}.²* MotorMouth: Uncharacteristically so when she filled in for Lenny Leonard on commentary at SHINE 15²* MulticoloredHair: Sometimes a streak of yellow, sometimes multiple shades of brown. The Undead Bride usually has a mix of white and red.²* NoSell²** Like most zombie wrestlers Yung might sit up at any moment, as if whatever put her down really wasn't anything. This even freaked out Vanessa Kraven the first time she saw it after power bombing Yung. It left Madison Eagle's screaming "What do I do?"²** When she lost the FEST Title belt she had managed to sit up and shove the referee and challenger Effy away, after the ref already counted to three. Effy had technically pinned Yung's legs, but her shoulders were still down so she ended up accepting it. ²* NotSoDifferent: While Su recognized Kimberly was going crazy, she failed to notice the same about herself. There were differences though. Su deteriorated over the course of years rather than months, Su suffered from feeling inadequate rather than delusional narcissism, and Su needed a little ''pushing'' to finally lose it.²* PartsUnknown: As "The Undead Bride," she is billed from "Off The Grid".²* PowerStable:²** Occasionally represented The Business in matches for Anarchy Championship Wrestling²** She was a Manager for Premier Athlete Brand in EVOLVE.²** (in SHINE): She was The Point Man for [=Valkyrie=]'s second incarnation, and she and Andrea were The Muscle for [=VALkyrie=].²** The Reckoning in Wrestling/{{WSU}}²* {{Red Baron}}ess: "The Undead Bride", after breaking away from Saraya²* PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy: Yung has about four core gimmicks. One of them is Japanese, one of them is a zombie, and one of them is black.²* SanitySlippage²** Starting in 2009 due to an [[CantCatchUp inferiority complex]] regarding Tracy Taylor, eventually turning her into what you see above in 2016. 2016 was when she made a ''bit'' of a recovery in fact, with her lowest being 2014-15.²** SHINE commentator Wrestling/DaffneyUnger had issued a BewareTheNiceOnes warning about Su, leading to Sweet Saraya [[EvilMentor pushing her over the edge]]. That's specifically why 2014-15 was Su's lowest.²* ScrewTheRulesImBeautiful: Sienna Duvall claimed Yung and La Rosa Negra got into the number one contention spot she fought for just because they were pretty. While Negra actually got it by defeating Duvall in an [[GimmickMatches empty arena]] exhibition after crashing the first Ring Warriors Bahamas show in Nassau, Yung ''did'' basically become one of the three original number one contenders basically by being. Yung got at least two more title shots after that even though she only earned one.²* ShoutOut: Her enthralled gimmick and has been compared on here to the film ''Film/{{JuOn}}''. Her later [[CharacterDevelopment development]] into the undead bride has even more similarities.²* SignatureMove: Yung likes her swinging neck breakers, and baby swings, and a head scissors to the turnbuckle(aracnarana), a full nelson into a La Reienera like stretch, a head scissors arm bar(yellow fever) and the Koji clutch²* SpitefulSpit: Her grudge in CWF Mid-Atlantic was with Amanda Rodriguez, as their tag team was a failure, but it was Rodriguez's new partner Super Model Amy Love's face Yung spat in. No stored mist, just plain spit.²* StringyHairedGhostGirl: UncannyValleyMakeup, BloodSplatteredWeddingDress, red mist, stringy hair partially covering her face, the whole routine.²* SuperSpit: She has used the "Asian Mist."²* TacticalWithdrawal: Yung ran out to help during Valkyrie's first attack on Shine, but realized she was in over her head and ran off to call Tracy Taylor.²* TagTeam²** The West Coast Connection, with Tracy Taylor, in SHINE.²** Creepy As Fuck with Blackwater in WSU²** Dead Or Alive with Maho Kurone in Tokyo Joshi Pro²** Kodokushi Death Squad with Zeda Zhang in Wrestling/MajorLeagueWrestling²* TeamPet: Allysin Kay derisively referred to Yung as Valkyrie's attack dog, though Kay initially [[FalseFriend acted]] as if she was Yung's only friend in the group. Partly because she initially didn't care ''who'' beat Velez and wanted everyone at their best, and partly just for the fun of taking Yung by surprise after luring her into a false sense of security. April Hunter even put Yung on a leash.²* TechnicallyLivingZombie: Zombie Su's longing obedience to Sweet Saraya and exploitation by Valkyrie heavily resembles a VoodooZombie, which usually are technically alive, but there were no drugs or bokor hoodo magic involved in her conversion as far as anyone can tell, just [[MoreThanMindControl breaking her with forceful demands that played to Yung's own desires]]. She's shown more "undead" traits since breaking free of Saraya, but these are ''probably'' mind games.²* TheDogBitesBack: After Valkyrie's [[OpenSecret unofficial]] member Sweet Saraya turned Su into one of her thralls, she turned Su over to the official members and only checked on Su periodically. While the enthralling process was physically abusive, Saraya was mostly guilty of neglect after it was complete, as Su eagerly looked to her for further instructions. The other Valkyrie members were more abusive of Yung, physically and mentally, than Saraya was but Su obeyed them for two years. When [=SoCal=] Val took over and merged Valifornia with Valkyrie, she was so bad Su finally turned against the group and not even Saraya could stop her.²* TheRival²** Yung initially had a poor track record against Tracy Taylor, one win against half a dozen loses, but in Shine Yung looked up to Taylor as her tag team partner. Unfortunately The West Coast Connection was not particularly successful, Su blamed herself for it, and started gravitating towards Sweet Saraya, who apparently wanted to bring out the "best" in Su. This ended up with Yung and Taylor against one another again, only with Taylor on the losing side. But then Taylor returned to Shine after an intense training regimen specifically for defeating Yung, and did by making Yung choke on her own mist.²** After leaving the FCW revival, Su Yung began training for Ring Warriors and immediately entered a war of words with the top two wrestlers of its Battling Bombshells division. Sienna Duvall was offended by Yung's signing, since being in the FCW revival had given Yung the "diva" taint in Duvall's eyes, and while defending herself Yung mistakenly attributed some of Duvall's insults to La Rosa Negra, who actually didn't care about Yung and just wanted Duvall's [[ItsPersonal undivided attention]]. Eventually learning both this and that Negra had a counter for every move Yung could think to use in their first match, Yung sought Negra's friendship...until Yung was forcibly drafted into Valkyrie in Shine and Negra happened to be one of the wrestlers trying to save Wrestling/IvelisseVelez from them. Since then Yung's been cold to Negra even in promotions where she doesn't use the zombie gimmick.²** After Yung signed to Ring Warriors Santana Garrett immediately expressed a desire to wrestle her, despite being in a tournament to decide the first battling bombshells champion. Yung ended up by passing the tournament to number one contension, twice, the first time completely by passing Garrett too, the second time getting into a four way dance and outlasting Garrett(along with Silvie Silver and Melissa Coates). After that though, a loss to The American Sweet Hearts, Garrett's team with Amber O'Neal, is what helped kill Yung's team with Amanda Rodriguez in CWF Mid-Atlantic. Garrett and Yung themselves were still [[FriendlyRivalry on good terms]], joining together to try and stop Valkyrie...until Sweet Saraya swooped in and soon enough Su was helping Valkyrie dispose of Santana and get the Shine belt on Taylor Made. After that Garrett proceeded to kick Yung's ass everywhere she could find it. After winning Costal Championship's women's title from Yung they entered an EnemyMine against Grace Storm and MJ Knight, but then Santana decided to work [[StudentAndMasterTeam with]] her student Gabi Castrovinci and fellow Yung victim Violet Payne instead.²** Ivelisse Velez and Mia Yim across FIP, Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE and SHINE. If it wasn't Valkyrie driving the conflict, be it when Velez or Yung was a member, it was Premier Athlete Brand acting as the catalyst. Given both their Valkyrie histories and the fact Velez contributed to Yim's RageQuit out of Shine, Velez was Yung's more frequent rival on WWN family shows but Yung also bugged Yim in Premiere Wrestling Xperience and Yim opposed The Reckoning, another stable Yung was a part of, in WSU.²** Jessicka Havok was known as "The Zombie Hunter" for taking down wrestlers like Lady Poison but found herself being hunted by what she described as a "zombie" in Yung thanks to Sweet Saraya and Allysin Kay in Shine. After returning from TNA Havok decided to return the favor by joining Leva Bates's efforts to "Purge" Shine and save Yung from Valkyrie, only Havok didn't care so much for Yung's well being, forcing Bates's own [[RedShirtArmy minions]] to save Yung from ''her''. Even after Yung left Valkyrie the two continued to fight up and down the East Coast, be it for title belts (FEST) or personal reasons (Battle Club Pro), but they teamed up in Midwest All American Wrestling and continued to in Impact Wrestling for a couple years before turning on one another after a four way [[Wrestling/{{Abyss}} Monster]]'s [[GarbageWrestler Ball]].²** Su Yung and Leva Bates seemed to be pretty good friends, but they happened to have their eyes on the same title belts across the US. Leva showed the most concern when Su was enthralled by Sweet Saraya and though her efforts were unsuccessful Bates was the first wrestler to successfully(if barely) resist Yung's purge. Bates was also the one organizing WSU's wrestlers against The Reckoning Yung was a part of.²** Su Yung and Kiera Hogan were partners in Why We Wrestle but opponents in the neighboring Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment. They slid more and more towards "opponents" as they went through the South, especially in Impact Wrestling, even up North in WSU and out west in Reality Of Wrestling.²* TheWorfEffect²** After Jessicka Havok successfully defeated Allysin Kay in her "last stand", Kay sicked Yung on Havok to ensure Havok would not leave Shine on her own two feet. Yung would have succeeded had Ivelisse Velez not managed to get through the door the rest of Valkyrie were barricading. From then on, Yung was nigh unstoppable in Shine, with only champions Velez and Yim, being able to defeat her one on one. Yung even held on against original Valkyrie target Wrestling/AmazingKong(Nevaeh outsmarted Yung ''and'' Kong by sneaking up on them while they were fighting each other). That was until Havok herself returned from TNA seeking revenge on Yung...²** While one can certainly make case for Yung earning it, you'd have a hard time figuring out how she got a title shot at Nicole Savoy on volume 103, or why anyone feared Yung at all, if you only watched SHIMMER. Even volume 59, which helped along Su's angle with Saraya, ultimately used them to put over Christina Von Eerie.²* TournamentArc: She won Anarchy Championship Wrestling's (Austin, TX) ''American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament'' in 2014 and 2019, the tournament to become the inaugural Girl Fight Champion, and she and Blackwater won Wrestling/{{WSU}}'s ''Queen and King of the Ring 2017''. (WWE ripped off this idea for the Wrestling/WWEMixedMatchChallenge.)²* UnnecessaryRoughness: Yung had a bad habit of making opponents pass out to the yellow fever(head scissors arm bar) after they had already tapped to the purge.²* UrExample: Her winning the Wrestling/KaijuBigBattel tag titles with Hell Monkey made her the second regular wrestler, after Wrestling/KotaIbushi, who held the [[ KBB Hashtag Title]] for less than a day, and [[BreakingTheGlassCeiling the first woman]] to hold a KBB Title.²* WolverinePublicity: She was on the ''SHINE 23'' poster despite not being on the show. Thankfully this was not a regular thing.²* WoundedGazelleGambit: Yung faked an ankle injury to set up [[Wrestling/EmberMoon Athena]] for a collision with a chair at the 2012 ''ACW American Joshi Queen Of Queens'' tournament. ²* YesMan: She and [[Wrestling/BeckyLynch Rebecca Knox]] were reduced to this to Sweet Saraya.²* YourPrincessIsInAnotherCastle: Zig-zagged.²** At ''FEST Wrestling Pickle In The Tree'', December 4, 2016, she won the 7-way #1 contendership ladder match and cashed in her shot and defeated [[Wrestling/RubyRiott Heidi Lovelace]] for the title after Heidi had just defeated Caleb Konley.²** She defeated Angel Blue for the ACW American Joshi Title in the semi-final of the ''2017 American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament'', June 18, 2017, and lost it to Sage Sin Supreme in the final that same night.


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