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1[[quoteright:350:]]''Jonny Comics Inc'' is the name of website made by Jonny Smeby, which got its start in 2002. It serves as a showcase of sorts for his various creations, ranging from freeware games to sketches. Despite the name, the only comics that he's ever worked on are those of "The Adventures of Mulder & Bolder" (which actually started five years prior to the website's existence) and Jonny RPG series, the latter of which was a ComicBookAdaptation of the autobiographical/experimental game of the same name. He also has a collection of short films, though a selection of them are under the Twitch-Fast Films label. The works themselves tend to be of the absurdest kind, especially the Teatons World soundtrack. You can check all of that out and then some [[ here]].----!!Jonny Comics Inc provides examples of the following:* AnimatedAdaptation: This animated short [[ film]] is based on The Adventures of Mulder and Bolder.* AuthorAvatar: Invoked in several works.* ComicBookAdaptation: Jonny RPG got a four part comic book series based on it.* EldritchAbomination: The Spikey Box.* NintendoHard: Most of the freeware games are this to some extent.* StickFigureComic: The Adventures of Mulder and Bolder


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