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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:It wasn't what he expected.]]²²->''"There's this funny thing I've noticed about people-- You never get the story you expect. Ask them about what they have and they'll tell you about what they want. Ask them to tell you about love and they'll tell you about heartbreak. Ask them about death, though, and they'll tell you about life. It's like this wherever you go."''²-->-- '''Oscar''''s OpeningMonologue²²''[[ Wilde Life]]'' is a fantasy/horror webcomic that began in September 2014, drawing from Native American legends and other stories. It is written and drawn by Pascalle Lepas, the artist of ''{{Webcomic/Zap}}.''²²[[NamedAfterSomebodyFamous Oscar Wilde]] (no, not [[Creator/OscarWilde that one]]) has recently moved to Podunk, Oklahoma for unknown reasons. HilarityEnsues when it turns out that his landlady, Barbara Yaga, might be a witch, his house is haunted by a 1940s-era ghost named Sylvia, and a teenage werewolf named Clifford passes out on his porch.²²Don't confuse with the similarly-named webcomic ''{{Webcomic/Wildlife}},'' nor the manga ''Manga/WildLife.''²----²!!This webcomic provides examples of:²²* AlliterativeName: Sylvia Snyder.²* AloofAlly: Clifford. He and Oscar are ''not'' friends. [[InsistentTerminology He just wants you to know that]].²** ...At least, at first. Once he realizes that he can trust you he can actually be bizarrely chipper. ²* AltText: All the pages have it but for most of the earliest, it's just the page number. Later on it becomes commentary or side jokes.²* AngerBornOfWorry: Eliza, after worrying that Raven might have [[spoiler:infected Clifford with the Madness]]. ²* ApologyGift: Oscar [[ sends a bouquet of blue roses]] to his sister as an apology for his random disappearance. However, he still doesn't want her to come looking for him, so he [[ doesn't include a return address.]]²* ArtEvolution: The comic was never bad, but gets significantly better with lighting and scenery over time.²* TheBeard: {{Discussed}}--when Darcy can't accompany Eliza to a show, they jokingly [[NotADate ask Oscar to go]] as her "beard" instead. ²* BearsAreBadNews: The White-Faced Bear seems to be the comic's BigGood. [[GoodIsNotSoft This trope still applies]].²* BigBrotherInstinct: ²** Cliff may be a jerk to several people, but he loves his brother Kevin. In Chapter 9, when [[spoiler:Raven gets inside Cliff's bedroom and tries to get Cliff to be one with Raven but suddenly vanishes when Kevin comes into the room, Cliff offers to stay with his brother until he falls asleep. As Kevin lulls away, Cliff is staring intently at the door just in case something happens]].²** Increasingly, Oscar seems to feel this way towards Cliff.²* BigDamnHeroes:²** When the group is facing the monster in chapter 8, with few means to fight it [[spoiler:the White-Faced Bear appears from no where to kill the snake monster]].²** In chapter 9 when Cliff and Oscar [[spoiler:are being chased by the creature that once was Raven, they are calling for Eliza, who appears from seemingly no where and deals with the creature]].²* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Blonde Eliza, brunet Oscar and redheaded Clifford. Clifford fits the character type better than the others. ²* BodyHorror: When (animal) people transform into monsters. ²* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: "Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Oh, shit-fuck." ²* BreakHisHeartToSaveHim: When Lorelei finds out that Oscar heard her singing, [[ she sends him away without any reason]]. Later, it is revealed that she [[spoiler: is a siren and she unwittingly made him unhealthily attracted to her by her song, but she doesn't want to hurt him.]]²* CallBack:²** After his experience with Zulime, Clifford's first reaction to a talking bird is to quickly try to leave. If only he had gone with that instinct.²--->'''Cliff:''' Nope. Fuck off. I learned this lesson already.\²'''Raven:''' Huh?!²** In [[ page 10]], Barbara Yaga suggests Oscar to get a bat for protection. Then [[ 588 strips later ]] when [[spoiler:attacking Raven's monster form]] with a metal bat the caption reads, "You should get a bat."²* CaptionHumor: Occasionally, either placed under the page or shown Often, in the AltText, a humorous line will appear.²** On page 74, where a spider [[spoiler:bites one werewolf and gives Oscar a distraction]] the caption reads "Good Charlotte."²** On page 78 when Oscar picks up a rock to potentially fight with, the caption reads "Oscar equipped 'rock.'"AltText. ²* CircusOfFear: Oscar and Eliza catch the end of Zulime's circus while [[spoiler:searching for Cliff]]. The performers wear animal skull masks and the last act has a spiderweb theme.²* ClingyAquaticLife: A MonsterOfTheWeek that is basically a sea snake with horns emerges from a lake with algae dangling from its horns.²* ClusterFBomb: Clifford will drop one of these every so often. ²* ComeWithMeIfYouWantToLive: Oscar, who [[SawStarWarsTwentySevenTimes Saw "Terminator 2" Twenty-Seven Times]], drops this line during a BigDamnHeroes moment. ²* ConvenientCranny: Oscar and Cliff hide in a conveniently placed cave where the serpent cannot follow.²* ConvenientlyTimedAttackFromBehind: In chapter 9, Oscar saves Cliff by batting [[spoiler:monster!Raven]] from behind.²* CornerOfWoe: In Chapter 9, Raven enters Cliff's room through the window, but Cliff wants to keep him away. Raven enters by knocking him over, then, apparently frightened that he hurt Cliff, runs into the corner, apologizing.²* CreepyCrows: ''Raven,'' oh so much.²* CPRCleanPrettyReliable: Oscar revives Cliff with mouth-to-jaw breathing.²* CutenessProximity: Darcy to Cliff, even when he is in human form. It doesn't work out well because Cliff HatesBeingTouched.²* DarkAndTroubledPast: So far, pretty much all we know about Oscar's past is that he's "running from his demons." And he did his running the day before the comic started because on his first day in Podunk, his sister texted that she hadn't seen him since yesterday. As far as family, we know he doesn't want a lecture from his sister and he does not like his father. It's implied to have something to do with hospitals and not getting a job.²* DeathGlare: Clifford likes to do this, especially when someone wants to be his friend. For example, to Darcy [[ here]]. She gets the point.²* DefensiveFeintTrap: [[ Eliza apparently does this]].²* DidNotThinkThisThrough: So, Cliff, what ''did'' you think would happen when you jumped in a lake ''when you knew there was a monster in there''?!²-->'''Cliff:''' Okay. Call Eliza.\²'''Oscar:''' Um... I don't think that's going to work. My phone got wet when somebody decided we needed to '''''Carpe Diem''''' into the lake.\²'''Cliff:''' [-oh.-]²* DontAskJustRun:²** Eliza to Oscar when she hears the Rougarou coming.²** This is Clifford's response when Oscar [[spoiler:saves him momentarily from the monstrous Raven and lacks Eliza being present]]. Oscar is quick to comply.²* DropInCharacter: Clifford. Oscar even once came home to find him playing cards with Sylvia. On more than one occasion, he enters the house by climbing through a second-floor window.²* EnfantTerrible: Danielle [[spoiler: is a ghost child who ]]often throws tantrums, which tend to be quite messy.²* EnterStageWindow: Cliff has a habit of sneaking out of his place and into Oscar's place via the window.²* EnthrallingSiren: [[spoiler: [[MeaningfulName Lorelei]] from a local coffee shop in Chapter Seven is a siren and has bewitched Oscar...[[PowerIncontinence completely by accident]], and is heartbroken upon realizing that his attraction towards her was likely due to her powers brainwashing Oscar and not actually a consensual attraction on his part]].²* FantasticallyIndifferent: Clifford upon meeting Sylvia. He doesn't even know that other werewolves existed until the night before, but at this point a ghost doesn't even faze him. ²* FantasyKeepsake: Cliff thought Raven coming to his room in shape of a girl was a bad dream but next morning he finds a feather in his bed.²* FieryRedhead: Clifford is the HotBlooded variety.²* FireForgedFriends: Cliff and Oscar and Eliza. While Oscar and Eliza get along almost immediately, it takes Cliff a while and multiple supernatural threats to let his guard down. He still insist's they're [[BlatantLies "not friends,"]] though, which Oscar loves to tease him with.²* FlatWhat: Oscar's reaction to finding Clifford in his human form for the first time.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: Oscar's freshly purchased, yet already cold morning coffee to the the fact that he's MissingTime. Given the fact that he and Lorelei were flirting while she was making his coffee, she could very well have just gotten distracted and made it with cold water. However, when Oscar runs into Clifford and the latter insists it's already late afternoon only to get proven right by the time on his own phone, it becomes clear that the coffee was probably made correctly, but got cold during the missed time.²* FreudianTrio: Cliff is the Id, Eliza is the Superego, and Oscar is the Ego.²* FriendlyGhost: Sylvia, to those she likes. If she doesn't like a resident of the house, however, she chases them away.²* FrightInducedBunkmate: {{Inverted}} in two ways. For one, Kevin technically asks Clifford to come sleep in his room, and for the other, this is right after Cliff has had a confrontation with Raven, so it's implied that ''he'' needs some comfort at the moment too (and/or that he wants to protect Kevin and/or that he's hoping Kevin's presence will keep Raven away). ²* FromNewYorkToNowhere: Oscar came from Chicago but moved to literal Podunk, Oklahoma.²* FullNameUltimatum: Chapter Six has Nora do this to Clifford and then Carl in quick succession. ²* GhostlyChill: Ghosts seem to have a bit of a chill about them. Oscar describes FriendlyGhost Sylvia's touch as "[[ All [he feels] is cold.]]" Later, slightly-less-friendly ghost Danielle [[ lowers Oscar's body temperature to the point of brief unconsciousness.]]²* TheGlomp: Raven does this to Cliff as he is excited to meet another of the animal people.²* GuardianEntity: The White-Faced Bear, who apparently protects the local forest and its creatures, including Eliza and Cliff.²* HandBehindHead: Oscar does this sometimes when insecure like [[ here]].²* HatesBeingTouched: Clifford, which doesn't mix too well with a mom who describes herself as "a hugger". However, she and Kevin appear to be the only people he tolerates touching him.²* HauntedHouse: The house that our lead character picks out to rent from a listing on Craigslist the day before the comic starts. The ghost actually likes him, but has driven out a number of previous tenants, including one who left their TV behind because they were in such a rush to go.²* HumanMomNonhumanDad: Cliff assumes that his DisappearedDad had the same powers that he did, and that his mom didn't know about them, because she probably would have brought it up otherwise. ²* HumanoidAbomination: [[spoiler: Raven]] is a shapechanger, so he can be in either human or animal form. He acts creepy enough even as a human, but then he turns into [[ this]].²* IconicOutfit: Cliff's red hoodie. Which he stole from Oscar.²* IdiotBall: Cliff holds it several times.²** In chapter 8, despite knowing something was wrong with the water in the lake, Cliff horses around and knocks Oscar and himself into the water, drawing the monster to them. ²** In Chapter 9, despite knowing how creepy Raven is becoming, [[spoiler:when he finds Raven out of his window, he opens the window to tell him to leave, allowing the shape shifting Raven to pour into the room]].²* InformedJudaism: WordOfGod states that Oscar is [[ Jewish]] [[ on his mother's side]]. It has yet to be mentioned in the comic.²* IKnowYourTrueName: This is Zulime's gimmick--if she learns your true name, she can put you into a trance and make you do whatever she wants. She successfully does this to [[spoiler:Cliff]] throughout most of Chapter Six; [[spoiler:when she tries to do it to Eliza, she discovers that [[NoSell Eliza is FAR more powerful than she had guessed]]]].²* IllnessBlanket: Oscar sports one [[spoiler: while under Lorelei's spell]] in Chapter Seven.²* IResembleThatRemark: When Oscar points out to Cliff that he's "kind of mean sometimes," Cliff's response is, "Hey! Fuck you! I'm not ''mean''. Asshole."²* LeaveMeAlone: At one point Cliff is fed up with Raven and tells him to leave him alone.²* LightIsNotGood: Zulime likes to wear white clothing and uses glowing butterflies to lure people to her.²* LipstickLesbian: Eliza is pretty feminine, and is dating Darcy.²* LiteralMetaphor: Barbara [[ tells Oscar not to be late with the rent]], as "I'm a real witch." He naturally assumes she means witch in the [[WitchWithACapitalB spelled with a B]] sense, but she's being entirely literal.²* LiteralSurveillanceBug: Those spiders which save Oscar [[spoiler:are the heralds of the great white-faced bear. They also serve as his eyes in places he cannot go]].²* MagicPants: Werewolves' clothes transform with them. Clifford's first transformation seems like the illogical version--he turns back into a human with pants and shoes, but no shirt--but it turns out that he took off his shirt before he transformed to try to throw the other werewolves off his scent.²* MatchCut: [[ This comic]] has the arc of a spit melon seed followed by the fuel gauge of a car.²* MeaningfulName: All over the place.²** Oscar Wilde, who is a writer like his namesake.²** His landlady, who admits she can be "a real witch" sometimes, is [[Literature/BabaYaga Barbara Yaga]].²** A witch named [[Theatre/TheCrucible Elizabeth Proctor]].²** Then we have Cliff, short for Clifford, who turns into a [[WesternAnimation/CliffordTheBigRedDog big red wolf]].²** Barbara has two dogs ([[spoiler:who can turn into human boys]]) who seem to be twins, and one is named Remus. ²** And of course the apparently quiet, dull looking Oklahoma town Oscar moves to is named Podunk. ²* MisplacedWildlife: {{Justified}}, as they turn out to be supernatural. Oscar is told there are no wolves in Oklahoma after he finds one on his porch - fair enough, said wolf turns out to be a ''were''wolf named Cliff. The night after, Oscar is chased down in the woods by more werewolves, only to be saved by a talking bear...and Cliff tells Oscar that there are [[{{Irony}} no bears in Oklahoma]].²* MissingTime: Done quite subtly. Oscar buys his coffee during the morning, and is next seen walking in town. He drinks his coffee as if he just got it, notices it's cold, and throws it away just as Clifford shows up. Oscar asks Clifford why he's not in school mid-morning on a Monday, only to be told it's already 4 PM and have it confirmed by his phone.²* MonsterOfTheWeek: Each chapter has its own subplot with its own supernatural creature. Most of the characters introduced are gone, but some remain, notably Sylvia, Cliff and Eliza from chapters 1, 2 and 4, respectively.²* MonochromeApparition: Sylvia is painted in greyish colors.²* MorphicResonance: ²** Werewolves' coats seem to be the same color as their hair; for example, ginger Cliff turns into a [[WesternAnimation/CliffordTheBigRedDog big red dog]].²** Raven retains his OccultBlueEyes in every shape he transforms into. His black hair is also probably supposed to match his feathers. ²* MostWritersAreWriters: Oscar, the main character is a journalist.²* [[MrExposition Ms. Exposition]]: Eliza frequently explains the supernatural phenomena. Justified in that Oscar is the TeamNormal, and Cliff, though having been able to use his powers all his life, has never talked to anyone about it prior to the comic's events.²* MundaneUtility: [[spoiler:Flower-girl Eliza]] is a witch and opens her beers with a simple spell, making the caps just pop off. The caption lampshades this:²--> "Witches have great party tricks."²* MysteriousProtector: The White-Faced Bear is protecting Clifford for some reason. Sometimes he extends it to Oscar, but being makes it clear that he shouldn't count on that. ²* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: Oscar Wilde. {{Lampshaded}} often.²* NiceGuy: Oscar, hands down.²* NightmareSequence: Oscar has one starting [[ here]].²* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: Raven, full stop. Seems just cute when he appears as a little kid who likes to hug Cliff, but then he changes his shape to that of a teenager, and his touchy-feely approach gets an ''enormously'' [[ creepy]] overtone... [[FridgeHorror and we don't even know hold old he actually is]].²* NothingExcitingEverHappensHere: Oscar came to Podunk for some peace and quiet; boy, did he pick the wrong town or what?²* NotHisBlood: Oscar get splattered on with blood from a werewolf and is subsequently forced to explain himself to other characters who get worried seeing him like this.²* TheNotLoveInterest: Considering the fact that their relationship is going in ParentalSubstitute / BigBrotherInstinct direction, Oscar and Clifford share a dynamic quite reminiscent of romantic couples. Clifford keeps claiming he and Oscar are not friends despite usually being the one showing up at ''his'' place. Thanks to Clifford never giving back the hoodie that was given to him during the YouMustBeCold episode below, they even have a platonic version of HerBoyfriendsJacket on their record.²* OccultBlueEyes: Raven has glowing blue eyes [[MorphicResonance whatever shape he appears in]].²* OffWithHisHead: The final fate of [[spoiler:the creature that once was Raven, courtesy of Eliza]].²* OhCrap: There's been a string of, "Oh crap, oh Crap, oh '''''CRAP'''''!" moments for poor Oscar in the werewolves story arc.²*** As he's fleeing from the same werewolves, he experiences an even bigger moment of "Oh, Crap" wherein he's running across a dry lake-bed trying to get away from it all- and hears a loud cracking noise coming from the surface, expressing a mix of "YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe" and "ThisIsGonnaSuck" just before he falls into a sinkhole beneath the surface.²** Clifford has one when a woman comes up right behind him, calls him a wolf and vanishes like the wind. He is next seen hiding under a tree, smoking.²** Eliza, the flower lady, when she sees Clifford protected by the White-Faced Bear's spiders. ²** Zulime, when she realizes how much Eliza has outclassed her. ²** Clifford does one [[ in wolf form]] when he faces [[spoiler:Raven]] in a warehouse.²** Clifford [[ here]], when his mother finds out he was drinking and smoking.²* OurGhostsAreDifferent: [[ Some wander, some haunt a place and some haunt a person]]. Sylvia admits that she feels "more solid" some days than others, but even at her best times feels drained after moving a few objects, and can never touch living things. It's also become apparent that they can use some ''crazy'' powers when upset. ²* OurWerebeastsAreDifferent: "Animal people" can shift [[TransformationIsAFreeAction instantly]] from one form to another and the trait seems to be passed from parent to child. Several different kinds exist, including wolves (like Clifford) and ravens ([[SpeciesSurname like Raven]]). Also, [[spoiler:they can catch the Madness, which irreversibly turns them into monsters]]. ²* PermaStubble: Oscar wears a five-day stubble throughout, unless it's [[TimePassageBeard plot-relevant]].²* PowerStrainBlackout: Eliza faints after exhausting her powers at the end of the Chapter Nine.²* QuirkyTown[=/=]TownWithADarkSecret: Podunk has werewolves, witches, ghosts and who knows what else? As to the quirky part, apparently even people from Chicago are called Yankees or Yanks, even though Chicago is Mid-West.²* PerpetualFrowner: Cliff. He's apparently the comments favorite because of this.²* ARareSentence: Cliff points out that Oscar's line "I have werewolf loogie on my face" is something no-one has ever said before.²* RedHeadedStepChild: Cliff is literally this, but the trope itself appears to be averted. His mother at least is very loving. He doesn't get along well with his step-father though. It's also worth noting that Cliff's brother (with whom he is also very close) is adopted and black.²* RedOniBlueOni: Hot-headed, foul-mouthed Cliff is red while mellow, easy-going Oscar is blue. Emphasized by Cliff usually wearing his [[IconicOutfit red hoodie]] while Oscar is usually seen wearing colder colors.²* RescueIntroduction: Cliff is introduces after Oscar finds a "dog" passed out on his porch and brings it inside.²* RunningAwayToCry: Cliff does it [[ here]], lampshaded by Eliza.²* RunningGag: ²** The fact that Cliff stole/borrowed-and-never-returned Oscar's red hoodie. Alternatively, the fact that Oscar seems to be unable to keep a jacket for more than five minutes before lending it to someone else.²** Cliff insisting that he and Oscar (and Eliza) are not friends. He drops this eventually, [[FanNickname but the fandom won't]]. ²* ShapeshiftingExcludesClothing: Zig-zagged -- Clifford's clothes disappear in wolf form, but he keeps his tongue stud.²* ShipTease: Oscar and Sylvia have more than their fair share of caring tendencies and meaningful looks towards each other.²* ShoutOut:²** ''Eliza'' and her girlfriend ''Darcy''. [[Literature/PrideAndPrejudice Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, anyone?]]²** When Oscar is hiding from some werewolves and they want in to where he is, the caption for the page reads [[Literature/ThreeLittlePigs "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin."]]²** The [[ cover of chapter 5]] clearly alludes to ''Literature/LittleRedRidingHood'', with Cliff standing in the dark forest in his [[LittleDeadRidingHood red hoodie]], encircled by two beastly [[TheBigBadWolf wolf-like creatures]] with sharp teeth and glowing eyes. The irony here being, of course, that our Red Riding Hood is a werewolf himself.²** In 496, when Oscar is attacking a giant snake monster with just a pocketknife the caption reads, "[[Literature/MobyDick From Hell's heart, I stab at thee]] ''*poke*''"²** In 598, when Oscar saves Cliff from the monster [[spoiler:form of Raven]] he states "[[Franchise/{{Terminator}} Come with me if you want to live.]]" It was established earlier in the chapter that he's obsessed with that movie.²* SleepCute: Cliff and his brother [[ here]]. Their mom even takes a picture!²* SpiderSwarm: The White-Faced Bear's wolf spiders will do it to people harming those he protects. Or sometimes he does it to the protectee to indicate that they shouldn't be dealt with. Either way, tends to incite arachnophobia. ²* SymbolicWings: Oscar has them on the [[ cover of chapter 3]], standing in front of a painting with angels. A similar juxtaposition occurs [[ a few pages later]].²* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodSandwich: Oscar doesn't touch his sandwich and leaves [[ the diner]] after having just another disturbing vision. ²* TimePassageBeard: When Oscar wakes up at Lorelei's place with a full beard and no memory of the past days.²* TransformationIsAFreeAction: Animal people change instantly and without any sound effect. ²* {{Tsundere}}: Clifford. Made fun of in the comments often.²* TyphoidMary: [[spoiler:"The Madness" is a disease that can affect animal people, but for which ordinary humans can be asymptomatic carriers]].²* UnfazedEveryman: Oscar isn't completely unfazed by the weirdness around him, but he gets over each revelation in a couple of pages. As far as we can tell, he's completely normal himself.²-->'''Werewolf:''' Who's this? He ain't a wolf.\²'''Cliff:''' Don't worry about him. He's just some guy.\²'''Oscar:''' I am literally just some guy. ²* UnsoundEffect: [[ Lock.]]²* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Animal people can transform between their human and animal forms at will. [[spoiler: Raven is a special case, as he can transform into any kind of human. He first shows himself as a little boy to Cliff, then turns into an older man so he can buy cigarettes and booze for Cliff. Later, he appears to be around the same age as Cliff. When Cliff tries to send him away, he turns into a girl, hoping that Cliff will accept him that way.]]²* WasOnceAMan: The rougarou. Worse, they'll transform any normal human who sees them. Eliza seems to indicate that the giant snake in the river used to be a human, too. Most monsters, however, are the result of [[spoiler:animal-people falling under "the Madness" when they consume human blood]]. ²* WeirdnessMagnet: Whether it's the location or Oscar himself, something is up when a man meets a ghost inhabiting the house he's renting, helps rescue a teenager who can turn into a wolf, comes across a [[SpiderSwarm helpful swarm of spiders]] and [[MisplacedWildlife a talking bear]] ''all in three days''. [[NothingExcitingEverHappensHere In Oklahoma]]. He's taking it rather well.²* WerewolfThemeNaming: Clifford (as in [[WesternAnimation/CliffordTheBigRedDog the big red dog]]) and, more obviously, Remus.²* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: You might think that a huge bear and a swarm of tiny spiders were not very intelligent. You would be very wrong.²* WhoWantsToLiveForever: Sylvia isn't ''alive,'' of course, but the principle is the same. She watches people move into and out of her house, usually without getting to know them by talking directly. She gets upset at the thought of Oscar going out to do something dangerous and she might not see him again.²* WitchWithACapitalB: [[Literature/BabaYaga Barbara Yaga]] warns Oscar not to annoy her, because "I'm a real witch." ''Hmm...''²* WomanInWhite: ²** Zulime, the other witch. It's so bright to show how magical she is.²** Eliza dons an off-white dress when she faces [[spoiler:the creature that once was Raven]].²* YouAreGrounded: Cliff gets grounded by his parents after skipping school and not returning his mother's calls. Unlike most examples, [[KnowWhenToFoldEm Cliff willingly accepts his punishment without much protest]], as the [[TraumaCongaLine events in Chapter 9]] had left him too emotionally drained to protest.²* YouAreNotAlone: After the events of [[spoiler:Eliza killing the creature that was Raven, who had succumb to something called the Madness]], Clifford is emotionally wrecked and runs off. While Oscar feels this is because Cliff doesn't want them to see him crying, Eliza follows noting to Oscar that Clifford doesn't have to bear this alone.²* YouMustBeCold: ²** Oscar gives Cliff his jacket after Cliff wakes up, shirtless, in his bathtub. (As Oscar notes, it doesn't exactly look good for him to have a half-naked teenage boy unconscious in his house.)²--->'''Oscar:''' People go to jail for stuff like this!²** He later loans the blue jacket to Eliza and then Clifford during the arc where [[spoiler:Clifford is missing]]


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