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1''[=JoJo's=] Bizarre Summer Break'' is a webcomic created by Website/{{Pixiv}} artist [[ Utano]]. As the title implies, it is based off of the ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' franchise by Creator/HirohikoAraki.께[[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventureStardustCrusaders Jotaro Kujo]] is wasting away his summer break lazing about in his home, refusing to go out. His mother Holly insists that he go outside, and his grandpa [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventureBattleTendency Joseph Joestar]] invites him to join him on a trip to Egypt to visit his great-great-grandpa [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventurePhantomBlood Jonathan Joestar]], along with Jonathan's younger adopted brother Dio. Deciding he has nothing better to do with his summer break, Jotaro joins Joseph on the trip to Egypt, in order to settle some beef he has with his great-great-granduncle Dio.께''[=JoJo's=] Bizarre Summer Break'' is essentially both a LighterAndSofter and DenserAndWackier AlternateUniverse retelling of the ''Manga/StardustCrusaders'' arc. As such, there are a few major differences, some of which include: Jonathan [[SparedByTheAdaptation not dying]] and instead living on to become a MemeticBadass, Dio (along with most of his servants) [[AdaptationalHeroism never turning evil]] and instead being a firm ally of the Joestars, AlternateCharacterInterpretation for the majority of the cast, and utilizing RuleOfFunny, RuleOfCool, and RuleOfAwesome all to ''even further extremes'' than the source material. Despite that, it is chock-full of references, ShoutOut[=s=], and ContinuityNod[=s=] to specific events from the original series. 께So, in short, think of it as the ''[=JoJo=]'' series' equivalent of ''Anime/CarnivalPhantasm.''께Translations of the webcomic can be found [[ on Danbooru.]] Typeset versions has also been compiled into a [[ masterpost]] on Reddit.께쾆he webcomic is also a sequel to another (equally funny) webcomic by the same author in the form of ''Dio's Bizarre Adventure'', which is a similar retelling of the ''Manga/PhantomBlood'' arc that sets up the alternate characterizations of Jonathan and Dio. A translation can be read on Danbooru [[ here]], and the typeset version has also been compiled into a [[ masterpost]] on Reddit.께The third installment is now in the works: "[=GioGio=]'s Bizarre Trasure Hunt", which is a retelling of ''Manga/GoldenWind''. It's also available [[ on Danbooru]].께----!!Jorge Joest - erm both webcomics has the following tropes:[[foldercontrol]][[folder:Dio's Bizarre Adventure]]* AdaptationalHeroism: [[{{Jerkass}} Dio]] is less of a jerk here in webcomic than in the manga. It's kinda noticeable since Jonathan and his descendants inversely TookALevelInJerkass.* AmbiguouslyHuman: Jonathan's humanity is sometimes questioned by others, especially Dio. He doesn't have any vampire powers yet can heal his wounds quickly and [[spoiler: even survived decapitation for a few minutes.]]* AnachronismStew: The characters are seen using a smartphone at one point in the story.* AttackHello: ** Will Zeppeli introduces himself to Dio by dislocating his arm in order to show the effects of Hamon. It doesn't really work for Dio and his arm was put in a cast for 3 months. ** Dio also recounts Speedwagon kicking a chandelier to his face after they first met.* AttackOfThe50footWhatever: Erina Joestar grows up to 18 feet tall.* AsskickingPose: Dio does his signature poses while rampaging after becoming a newly-turned vampire.--> '''Jonathan''': What's with that pose?* AwesomenessByAnalysis: Dio reveals he learned [[spoiler:how to use Hamon by watching Jonathan train his breathing everyday. It lets him kill the rampaging Tarkus.]]* BattleAmongstTheFlames: The battle between Jonathan and the newly-vampirised Dio still happens as Danny spread his flames in the Joestar Mansion.* BerserkButton: Don't ever mention George's name around Jonathan.* BigBrotherBully: Jonathan is this to Dio. Dude even brought a coffin just to prank Dio on his wedding party.* BigGuyLittleGuy: Jonathan and Dio at the start respectively, until Dio caught up to Jonathan's ridiculous height 7 years later.* BoisterousWeakling: In a reversal of their roles, Dio is this to Jonathan. Even after turning to a vampire, Jonathan screaming or freaking is enough to turn him into a trembling mess. He learns how to stand up to him near the end of the comic.* ButtMonkey: Dio is usually dragged into weird and dangerous situations courtesy of Jonathan. The only reason he's still alive is thanks to his vampiric abilities.* CallForward: A wall that has cracks the [[Manga/BattleTendency shape of a monster face]] appears in chapter 6.* CantRefuseTheCallAnymore: Dio still turned into a vampire with his head attached to Jonathan's body, only this time Jonathan also survived thanks to his hamon powers, and he got George's body instead.* ChainedHeat: Jonathan and Dio got chained together in chapter 7 thanks to Dio not listening to Jonathan's warnings.* CosmicPlaything: Poor Dio. Guy just wants to live a normal life. Unfortunately for him that ended when he was adopted by the [[WeirdnessMagnet Joestars.]]* CreepyCrossdresser: George Joestar's first appearance is him wearing a sailor moon costume. Dio stopped thinking after he saw this.* {{Cuckoosnarker}}: Jonahthan is one of the kookiest characters, whose quirks have included, but are not limited to, making fun of Dio whenever he gets the chance, having a hellhound as a pet and does "Dio-telling" when he runs out of ideas. He can also be quite snarky when he gets the urge.* CurtainCamouflage: Dio tried to hide from Jonathan this way.* TheDreaded: Jonathan is this after [[spoiler: killing his father in a fit of rage.]] Even his FreakOut years later is a major news headline for newspaper prints.* EstablishingSeriesMoment: The moment you see Jonathan as his adult self even though he's [[YoungerThanTheyLook really a child]] and George Joestar dressed as Franchise/SailorMoon, you'll know [[WidgetSeries what kind of series this is]].* FirstKiss: In an inversion of the original scene, Erina stole Dio's first kiss.--> '''Erina''': "Jojo... Have you ever kissed me? You haven't, have you? My first kiss wasn't with Jojo! It was with Dio!"* {{Foreshadowing}}: In an earlier chapter, Jonathan remarks that he can heal wounds very fast and can survive a beheading for a while. [[spoiler: Later, he got beheaded by Tarkus and managed to live long enough for George's body to be attached to him.]]* FreakOut: Jonathan has an epic one upon learning that his head was attached to George's body.* FullFrontalAssault: ** In chapter 5, George was walking around naked with only Jonathan's watch as his codpiece. [[SelfMadeOrphan Jonathan snapped when he saw this.]]** Dio rips out his clothes after being attacked by Danny.* GrandTheftMe: Dio accidentally stole Jonathan's body after [[spoiler:he used Hamon to kill Tarkus. Jonathan meanwhile is still alive thanks to his head getting attached to George's body somehow, and is not [[{{Understatement}} happy when he found out.]]]]* HardHead: Jonathan is stated to have a really tough head. It can even stop a fleshbud from entering his forehead.* HealingFactor: Dio thanks to his Vampire powers. Jonathan is one thanks to his Hamon prowess as he can heal fatal wounds, such as his beheading and [[GoodThingYouCanHeal punching a hole in his own throat.]]* HellHound: Danny is a flaming hellhound, and is still Jonathan's best friend.* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler: Dio revels he knows how to use Hamon and proceeds to channel it in his body to get a chance to kill Tarkus. He saves himself by chopping off his head and it accidentally attaches to Jonathan's body.]]* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Each chapter titles is a parody of some of Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion titles.* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Jonathan impaled Dio with the statue to drag him out of the burning mansion in chapter 5.* KickTheDog: Dio still kicks Danny, though he's not really on his right mind after turning to a vampire.* LighterAndSofter/ DenserAndWackier: Retelling of Phantom Blood. This series is a fun story of Dio and Jonathan having a friendly relationship as opposed to being enemies, with almost no deaths save for George. And this includes the sequel.* LosingYourHead: [[spoiler: Tarkus cut off Jonathan's head in chapter 9, with the latter still managing to live. Dio cut off his own head after his body is about to disintegrate from using Hamon to defeat Tarkus. Both got better, albeit one of them is not too pleased with the outcome]]* MadLove: Poco's sister, who is madly in love with Dio and will take any kind of interaction with him.* MajorInjuryUnderreaction: ** Dio after waking up and learning that he was impaled with the statue at the mansion.** Jonathan didn't even react to [[spoiler: being beheaded by Bruford, only emoting that he doesn't want to be seen in such a humiliating manner.]]** Jonathan didn't flinch even after clawing out his throat to stop himself from going after Dio.* NakedPeopleAreFunny: Dio strips himself of his clothes while rampaging through the Joestar mansion.* OnlySaneMan: Dio Brando. Poor guy can't catch a break with all the bizarreness that happens in the Joestar household.* PokemonSpeak: All ripple users only communicate with "Pa Pow".* PrehensileHair: Bruford can control his hair via a move he calls "Danse Macabre."* RedOniBlueOni: Jonathan's red and Dio' blue respectively.* RefusalOfTheCall: Will Zeppeli offered Dio a chance to train Hamon with Jonathan. Dio refused with a parody of his famous quote:-->'''Dio:''' I don't want to stop being human Jojo! I don't intend to transcend humanity!"* SacredFirstKiss: In this version, Erina forces her first kiss to Dio.* SceneTransition: Some scenes, especially [[spoiler: Dio vs. Tarkus]] have beautiful fight scenes that is Webcomic/OnePunchMan levels of fluidity.* SkewedPriorities: So Dio was accidentally turned into a vampire, began rampaging through the mansion, [[KickTheDog kicked Danny]] causing its flames to scatter throughout the mansion, and keeps trying to kill Jonathan. Jonathan overlooks them all and hesitates to kill his step-brother. But the [[spoiler:sight of his father wearing his pocketwatch over his crotch caused him to snap and kill his father in a fit of rage.]] Even Dio doesn't know how to react on this revelation.* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: ** In Chapter 2, Jonathan want to introduce Dio to his Hamon master in hopes of getting him interested in Hamon. Dio, remembering how his meeting with [[AttackHello Speedwagon went,]] tries to runs away shortly. [[GutPunch He should have put more effort to it.]]** [[spoiler:Dio tries running away after Bruford and Tarkus were revived. Jonathan doesn't let him get away and forces him to fight anyway.]]* SelfMadeOrphan: Jonathan kills his [[spoiler:father George for using his pocketwatch to cover his groin.]]* ShutUpKirk!: A parody of one of Dio's quotes appears:-->'''Dio''':"What's the minimum number of pages your department requires you to write?"-->'''Jonathan''':"What was that? How many breads have you eaten in your life?"* SkywardScream: Jonathan has his special "Dio-telling" to help choose his topic for his thesis.-->'''Jonathan''': "DAMN IT DIOOO!!!" *rolls over the river** ThickerThanWater: Jonathan and Dio's relationship improve at the end of this part, and it's even noted by Erina and [[spoiler:Straizo]] that they are inseparable in the succeeding years.* TinyGuyHugeGirl: While Jonathan isn't tiny by any normal measure, he's dwarfed by Erina, who grows to become eighteen feet tall for no adequately explained reason.* TranquilFury: When Dio sees [[spoiler: Jonathan's severed head, he calmly declares to Tarkus that he will be the one to kill him. And he did deliver his promise.]]* UmbrellaOfTogetherness: In some scenes Jonathan's bag has his and Erina's named carved or stitched on it.* VitriolicBestBuds: Dio constantly gets pissed off at Jonathan for one reason or the other and Jonathan often teases Dio or tries to do him favors that end up looking like harassment on his end, but when all's said and done they clearly respect and admire each other, and otherwise get along very well. * WidgetSeries: Even more so than the original manga. Just reading chapter 1 will instantly show you the insanity this series offers and is not meant to be take seriously.* WeakenedByTheLight: Dio has to carry a parasol around in the daytime to walk around.께[[/folder]][[folder:Jojo's Bizarre Summer Break]]* AccidentalMurder: Jotaro accidentally crushes Grey Fly when Kakyoin knocked him out in the plane for chasing said stand. The crusaders didn't notice anything.* TheAce: Polnareff, of all people, is this as he was able to defeat Devo the Cursed, J.Geil and Enya with ease. Jonathan is another contender, with him possessing a game breaker version of Hermit Purple and [[spoiler: Straizo had to send him to a wild goose chase in order for his plans to succeed]].* AdaptationalBadass: Anne, the runaway girl, saves Jotaro twice and even kills Forever and Captain Tenille.* AdaptationalWimp: Jotaro, of all people, is hit with this trope. Here he's just a teenager with a stand who wants to meet his uncle.* AnachronismStew: ** The characters are shown using smartphones to contact each other. Smartphones did exists in the 90's but they are still in their blocky design, while the ones used are modern ones.** Twitter supposedly exists here, as DIO is shown using it at one chapter and Mariah is a social media influencer.* ArtShift: The art sometimes shifts to reference other works within the franchise:** Avdol is drawn similarly to his Jojonium cover in his introduction in chapter 2.** Jotaro and Kakyoin was drawn reminiscent to their [[VideoGame/JojosBizarreAdventureHeritageForTheFuture Heritage for the Future]] art styles in chapter 77.** In chapter 89, Jotaro has his OVA design meanwhile Kakyoin has his original design from the manga.* AxeBeforeEntering: Alessi is shown entering the same way he did in the manga, only this time it happens inside a cursed mirror similar to Death XIII's amusement park.* AmusementParkOfDoom: Subverted. The amusement park the gang visits is a normal one. Unfortunately, The Joestar family curse activates even in plane rides, Jotaro managed to insult a meditating monk, and Kakyoin randomly finds a baby's spirit(Mannish Boy). Jotaro also attracts the attention of High Priestess, which swallows their submarine ride.* BareHandedBladeBlock: Jotaro was able to block Polnareff's attack after the latter was possessed by Anubis. Unfortunately, Jotaro promised the latter not to break anything so he has to hold the blade for hours.* BerserkButton: Don't ever mention [[spoiler: J.Geil]] in Polnareff's presence. Just hearing that name is enough for him to give you a DeathGlare.* BigBad:[[spoiler: Straizo]]* BigBrotherWorship: Polnareff is very much admired by Jotaro.* BigDamnHeroes: Dio was saved in the nick of time from Arabia Fats by Jotaro.* BlatantLies: Jotaro insists that he wanted to pet a shark after he fell from the cruise ship. Nobody believed him.* ButtMonkey: As usual, DIO has the worst luck in this series. Hol Horse and Avdol are not far behind.* BrickJoke: ** In chapter 2, Joseph never introduced Avdol even while Jotaro kept asking for his name. 18 chapters later, he keeps getting called "ugly" since no one else knows his name, much to Avdol's irritation. Jotaro even forgets his name, as he drew his face instead of writing his name in the logbook later in the story.** In the High Priestess chapters, Kakyoin made many coffee drinks in his nervousness. Few chapters later after DIO and the others met it's revealed he drank all of them and he threw up in front of everyone, [[MythologyGag making them think he's afraid of DIO.]]* BystanderSyndrome: When Forever was accidentally released from his cage, Jotaro decides if he will fight Forever or not. Ultimately, he pretends nothing happened after remembering his Grandfather's warning to send him back home if he ever messes around.* CallBack: Jonathan's mansion is full of items from the past comic, such as the knife he used to stab [[spoiler:his father]] and Bruford's sword.* CallForward:** Dio has pictures of his son [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventureVentoAureo Giorno]] in his phone.** Jonathan was said to have activated his Ultimate Hermit Purple after finding out [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventureDiamondIsUnbreakable Joseph's illegitimate son.]]* TheCameo: ** [[spoiler:Some characters from part 2 like Messina appears in certain panels. Lisa Lisa and Caesar appears later in the story.]]** Stands that doesn't have a stand user appear as attraction rides, such as Death 13, High Priestess, Judgement and Lovers.* CaptainCrash: Joseph has ridden 299 plane flights in his life. [[TheJinx All 299 planes crashed.]]--> '''Joseph''': "Out of the 299 flights I've ridden, 299 of them has crashed. [[TemptingFate But I think we'll be fine"]]--> '''Jotaro''': "Hold on gramps. What'd you just say?"* ChekhovsGun: Jotaro's terrible drawing he drew on a logbook was taken by Polnareff. It later shows up again at Polnareff's fight with [[spoiler: J.Geil,]] and it snaps him out of his rage and makes him remember Jotaro's words of being a stand user of justice.* {{Chuunibyou}}: Jotaro is described as this by his grandfather.* CloudCuckoolander: All Joestars, especially Jotaro, is this in this continuity. The only reason Jotaro's not listed as a {{Manchild}} is that he's still 17.* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: Poor Kakyoin tries to keep Jotaro in line all the time.* CoolBigSis: Big Brother version. Polnareff is this to Jotaro and Sherry. Jotaro admires him for being a Hero of Justice and Polnareff tries to live up to that image.* ComedicSociopathy: Nearly everyone is an asshole in this doujin save for a few characters like Hol Horse, Avdol and DIO.* CreepyCrossdresser: Joseph Joestar crossdresses as a hobby in this webcomic. His old form qualify him as this, while in his younger form he is quite a WholesomeCrossdresser as Mariah can attest.* CurbStompBattle:** Polnareff gave one to Devo the Cursed, chucking his body in the ocean and killing his stand in one hit.** Both fights with [[spoiler:J.Geil ends with Polnareff killing him. Polnareff was too angry for his stand to properly show so he just pummeled him with nearby appliances on the first fight and GutPunch his torso with his bare hands in the second fight.]]** Enya didn't stand a chance once Jotaro inhaled her stand Justice.** Arabia Fats is the perfect counter to DIO, even nearly burning him to death if it wasn't for Jotaro's BigDamnHeroes moment. ** [[spoiler: Straizo didn't even bother fighting Jonathan once he finally arrived. He only took a gamble to punch him once before retreating.]]* DisproportionateRetribution: Aside from eternal youth, why did [[spoiler: Straizo]] plan every single horrible deed in the comic? [[spoiler: He just wanted to land a punch on Jonathan.]]* DopeSlap: Kakyoin does this once to Jotaro, albeit an elbow to the face. Joseph is another victim of this via Kakyoin and Polnareff.* {{Doppelganger}}: ** Kakyoin recounts that he met his doppelganger in his last visit to Egypt to creep Jotaro out. In hindsight he thinks it's a stand user posing as him (it's Rubber Soul transformed as him).** Jotaro thinks he met his doppelganger when meets two of his lookalikes. First one is his grandfather Joseph who decided to show off his younger form by wearing the former's clothes. Second one is his IdenticalStranger Oingo who looks exactly like Jotaro rather than his younger brother Boingo.* TheDragAlong: Kakyoin really doesn't want to join Jotaro in visiting Dio in Egypt. Unfortunately for him, Jotaro forced him to come along by knocking him out and dragging him along for the ride. He almost was able to go home twice before deciding to stay until the end of the summer break.* TheDreaded: Jonathan Joestar is this to Dio. When Jonathan goes on a trip to Tibet, Dio plans to get really crazy but a simple call from the former is enough to keep Dio in line.* DualAgeModes: Joseph can freely shift between his part 2 and 3 ages thanks to his Hamon training.* DuctTapeForEverything: Devo the Cursed was defeated by Polnareff taping the fridge and chucking it in the ocean.* FailedASpotCheck: The reason the plot was set in motion is that Dio and Jonathan didn't realize at first glance that the stone mask has been swapped with a fake so they called Joseph to help find the real one. It gets more ridiculous when they don't realize the mask doesn't have fangs and is replaced with a plastic one.* FastballSpecial: ** In an inversion of their fight, N'Doul throws Iggy towards Jotaro after finding his location. ** Jotaro throws Senator Phillips in order to save DIO from Arabian Fat's stand.* FightingYourFriend: Just like in the manga, Polnareff got possessed by Anubis and Jotaro has to face him.* FourLinesAllWaiting: The webcomic juggles mini-arcs starting from their arrival in Egypt and Jonathan's departure to Tibet. From chapter 60 onwards, the plot splits as everyone is separated from [[spoiler:Straizo's surprise raid.]] The narrative switches as [[spoiler: Jonathan's struggle with zombies, Straizo fights with Joseph, Avdol, Iggy and Vanila Ice deals with Kenny G, Polnareff fights J.Geil's zombie, DIO struggles with Arabia Fats as Jotaro rushes to him. These threads are resolved quickly and leads to a linear narrative of Straizo vs. Kakyoin, Jotaro vs Dio and Straizo vs Jonathan in that order.]]* GilliganCut: Jotaro calls up Kakyoin to invite him on the trip to Egypt for the summer break, which Kakyoin declines, opting to stay at home instead. Cue Jotaro carrying an unconscious Kakyoin into the car.* GrandStaircaseEntrance: Jonathan did DIO's epic pose from [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventureStardustCrusaders part 3]] before fighting [[spoiler: the zombified Hamon users.]]* HamToHamCombat: This is Jojo we are talking about. Special mention to Jotaro and Senator Philips, who screams personalized parts of the JustForFun/NavySealCopypasta at each other.* AHandfulForAnEye: ** Kakyoin accidentally got hit by sand in the eyes due to N'Doul throwing Iggy towards Jotaro. N'Doul at least has the decency to wash the sand off with his stand.** Jotaro stabs hinself in the leg to [[{{Irony}} splash DIO's eyes with blood when he uses time stop.]]* HardHead: Jotaro inherited his great-greatfather's hardheadedness, figuratively and literally. It saved him a couple of times and was the reason the fleshbud didn't attach to him (poor DIO).* HypocriticalHumor: Joseph, whose hobby is crossdressing and who walked around naked in daylight, calls [[spoiler:Straizo]] a filthy old geezer for shutting up a woman who wont stop screaming.--> '''Joseph:''' "Bastard! I bey your next line will be "If you don't Ill kiss you with my tongue!" right!?"--> '''Narrator:''' "Unjust suspicion"--> '''Joseph:''' "How dare you make a move on a young lady you filthy old geezer!"--> *shows him wearing a scrunchie*--> '''Narrator:''' "Look who's talking."* IdenticalStranger: Oingo looks exactly like Jotaro's twin brother instead of Boingo's, which creeps the latter out so much when the two meet.* ItRunsInTheFamily: George's crossdressing tendencies showed up again in Joseph.* TheJinx: The Joestars are cursed to crash a specific vehicle they ride on, e.g. boats for Jonathan, planes for Joseph, and later, automobiles for Jotaro. Kakyoin has an affinity with the supernatural, which means he can occasionally activate dormant curses and see spirits.* KarmaHoudini: Even after [[spoiler:turning the whole Hamon tribe into zombies, wrecking havoc in the Joestar Manor and almost killing Kakyoin, Straizo was able to escape Jonathan's clutches and gets his wish of punching him at least once. At least he has the decency of feeling regret over what he's done and healed Kakyoin back to health.]]* KnightOfCerebus: [[spoiler: Straizo's]] appearance is the part where the doujin takes a darker turn. It is especially noteworthy that his character is almost exactly the same as the manga with a [[TookALevelInBadass a few levels of badassery]].* LaughingMad: Jotaro and Polnareff after Kakyoin tricks them in checking out the cursed mirror with Alessi inside. Iggy mocks them by making a similar face.* LineOfSightName: PlayedForLaughs. Avdol keeps getting called ugly by Jotaro due to the latter not knowing his name. Kakyoin explains that for Jotaro, "unfamiliar = weird = ugly".* LimitedWardrobe: The entire trip took only 4 days so it's reasonable for them to wear the same clothing. Justified in Kakyoin's case, he didn't have anything else to wear thanks to being suddenly dragged along for the trip.* LostInTranslation: Some chapter titles have meanings that are impossible to translate to English. The translator leaves footnotes that indicate their intended meaning instead.* MediumAwareness: Avdol is shot by a speech bubble when Jotaro keeps calling him ugly.* MexicanStandoff: Iggy and Anubis did a MexicanStandoff after Jotaro lured the latter to the former. Iggy wins due to being a former dog mob boss and scaring Anubis, who is raised an indoor dog, to submission.* MythologyGag: Lots and lots of them to the point listing everything would be longer than this page. Basically, every panel in this webcomic references one event in the anime or manga. You can check out a comprehensive list [[MythologyGag/JojosBizarreSummerBreak here.]]* NightmareFetishist: Boingo draws creepy manga reminiscent to Thoth's art style and wishes that all good-looking people die. Not even his big brother Oingo can escape his wrath.* NakedPeopleAreFunny: ** When Mariah caught Joseph and Avdol in a compromising position, Joseph tears out his clothes to hide is crossdressing tendencies while chasing her. That said, he's still labeled as a pervert by everyone who saw him. He also strips while inside the manor as there is a no crossdressing policy there.** Sherry is a streaker according to Polnareff.** [[spoiler: Straizo is also naked after surviving Kakyoin's final attack]].* NotWhatItLooksLike: Joseph and Avdol gets caught in the infamous magnetic position by Mariah who wants to upload the picture on Twitter to gain more followers.* OddNameOut: With doodles. Jotaro writes their names in the logbook, but with lots of Q's added and a drawing next to Polnareff's name. He doodled Avdol's face since he didn't remember his name.* OnlySaneMan: Avdol, Kakyoin and Hol Horse.* PlayingAgainstType: InUniverse. [[MeanCharacterNiceActor Steely Dan]], an actor, hopes to break his reputation for playing [[{{Jerkass}} scumbags]] when his latest project, Lovers 2, has him play a crying [[ProfessionalButtKisser brown noser]]. * PokemonSpeak: Iggy barks his name whenever he appears.* {{Pun}}: The 4-koma titles are usually derived from who is the focus of each panels and whatever is happening in that panel, for example: Kujo __-taro for ones focusing on Jotaro and (Insert action here)! Polnareff for Polnareff.* PokeThePoodle: Dio's ideas of going wild is sleeping until 10 in the morning and renaming the Joestar mansion to Dio's mansion.* RaceAgainstTheClock: [[spoiler:After DIO was accidentally hit with a fleshbud, Jotaro only has three minutes to remove the fleshbud before DIO dies.]]* RageBreakingPoint: Most of them involving [[ButtMonkey Avdol]]:** He first snaps after Jotaro calling him ugly one too many times and Polnareff revealing that he always though his hair is weird.** He snaps once more after reading the wall text left by Kenny G.--> *text on the wall*: When you see these scribbles, turn back and you are-"--> '''Avdol''': "What the. When I turn back there's nothing.."--> *text on the wall*: an idiot (lol).--> '''Avdol''': [[ComicalAngryFace "How Annoying!"]]** Amusingly, Vanilla Ice had the same reaction a few chapters later after Kenny G appeared to escape.--> '''Vanilla Ice''': [[ComicalAngryFace "How Annoying!"]]** On a serious note, Polnareff almost reached his breaking point after [[spoiler: J.Geil]] taunts him of not fighting honorably in their last fight.* RememberTheNewGuy: Avdol is introduced in chapter 2, but Joseph forgot to introduce him so no one else knows his name.* SleptThroughTheApocalypse:[[spoiler: After saving Joseph's life, Caesar accidentally knocks Joseph out again, making him unconscious for the next 15 hours and missing out the action.]]* StealthPun: In the luxury liner, the animals on the loose are: an orangutan, pig, elephant, snakes and [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers Hol Horse]]* StraightMan: Among the main characters, Avdol, Kakyoin, and DIO tend to take up this role, with their deadpan and self-awareness contrasting with [[CreepyCrossdresser Joseph]],[[ManChild Jotaro]], and [[WorldsStrongestMan Jonathan]] respectively. * SuddenlyFluentInGibberish: Jotaro can speak "Oceanese" [[note]]Oceanese is depicted as Romanji and English that is turned sideways, mirrored and overlapped[[/note]]and can even communicate with the high priestess, who he tricks so she spits out their submarine ride.* SwappedRoles: Some interactions from characters are basically the same as the manga with the characters swapping roles:** In the earlier chapters Anne has saved Jotaro from a whirlpool and ZZ. She's also the one to kill Captain Tenille and Forever.** In chapter 30, Steely Dan turns himself to a human bridge while Jotaro is standing on top of him.** In chapter 49, N'Doul throws Iggy towards Jotaro.** [[spoiler:Jotaro vs Dio: Jotaro and Dio reenacted their famous final fight, this time Jotaro takes canon!DIO's role like [[FlechetteStorm throwing knives at DIO]] and the road roller scene.]]* TalkingAnimal: We can hear Iggy and Pet Shop's thoughts when they communicate with each other. Humans cannot hear them, so Terence and Iggy has to use their stand's power to know what pet shop is trying to communicate.* TranslationConvention: Averted, as it is pointed out that everyone is speaking English. The author had some fun with the "I can see your panties" translation here. Polnareff is shown not understanding japanese and Joseph has a little knowledge in the language.* ATwinkleInTheSky: Polnareff does this for his introduction scene.* VitriolicBestBuds: Jotaro and Kakyoin. Ever since meeting each other, they always spend their time with each other, albeit full of insults and whatnot. Kakyoin may get exasperated by Jotaro's antics, but will defend his best friend from [[spoiler: Straizo]]. * VomitDiscretionShot: Kakyoin drank too much coffee and we can only see him let it out from behind. Everyone chalks it up as him being [[StressVomit afraid of DIO.]] * WebcomicTime: In-verse the characters remarked how everything happened within the span of 4 days. In real time the doujin took around 4 years to be completed.* WholeEpisodeFlashback: ** Chapter 3-4 is Jotaro explaining his backstory with DIO and how his grudge against the man started.** Chapter 89 is dedicated to Kakyoin's backstory just before getting hit by [[spoiler: Straizo's [[EyeBeam Space Ripple Stingy Eyes]].]]* WrestlerInAllOfUs: Kakyoin does a backbreaker[[note]] The same one the fake Kakyoin did in the manga. [[/note]] to Jotaro.* YouCantFightFate: Looks like some[[note]]Grey Fly, Captain Tenille, Midler, Joseph, Kakyoin, Straizo[[/note]] still get smashed with their canonical fates in the manga. Subverted that the latter three still lives at the end.* {{Yonkoma}}: The webcomic uses the 4-panel-per-page format, as opposed to Dio's Bizarre Advernture's standard comic format.* ZombieApocalypse: [[spoiler: Straizo turned the Hamon warriors in Tibet into zombies to send Jonathan in a wild goose chase]][[/folder]]께[[folder:GioGio's Bizarre Treasure Hunt]]* ArtEvolution: Fully inked, in comparison to the previous comics' graphite. * DaddysLittleVillain: Trish has her aims set on taking over the Organization. Since Diavolo doesn't appear to be grooming her for the job, she handles that on her own. The whole "treasure hunt" appears to be part of her plans.* FakingTheDead: Gelato and Sorbet were never killed for treason, they just made that up so they could elope together.* PointyHairedBoss: Diavolo is ''not'' an intimidating villain. He's timid and nervous, prone to lashing out with his Stand if startled or scared, and claims to have been appointed the leadership against his will. Much of his status comes from his legions of admirers (due to him having a very strange and seemingly supernatural origin) who donate enormous amounts of money to the Organization - the Capos are just fine letting him be boss as long as the money rolls in. Narancia thinks his late wife was the one keeping things together, and Diavolo has gotten even worse since her death. [[spoiler: Doppio may actually be his more dominant personality]].* ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything: As expected from Utano, the various "enemy" Stand users aren't particularly hostile and are usually talked down by the heroes without any deaths. In addition, the Organization as a whole don't do too much crime, as they receive most of their money from Diavolo's admirers. Diavolo also explicitly forbids drug racketeering. [[spoiler:Although possibly not for entirely altruistic reasons]].* RunningGag: ** Yes, Giorno has his version of the Joestar curse: Rail cars. Unlike the rest of his family, he's fully aware of it and tries to avoid rail cars as often as possible. ''Tries''.** Giorno can't really control Gold Experience very well - any time he uses it, the results are comically oversized. People still think it's very impressive.[[/folder]]


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