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1[[quoteright:135:]]''Corrupting the Classics with Contemporary Crap'' is a web series produced by New York actors Caitlin Gold and Naomi [=McDougall=] Jones and written by other New York actor Matthew [=McAllister=], which parodies modern reality and talk show TV by throwing characters and plots from classical theater into the mix and letting madness ensue. The first three episodes are currently [[ up on Youtube.]]----!!Tropes:* AffectionateParody: Of the theatrical works involved. A very ''un''affectionate parody of the television programs.* CatchPhrase: "Downwards and backwards!"* ClusterFBomb: [[Creator/DavidMamet David]] [[MametSpeak Mamet]] in "Project Playwright".* FlatWhat: Everyone's reaction in episode 3 when [[spoiler: they have to write a play as a Tweet]].* TakeThat: Oh so many.* TokenMinority: Invoked/parodied in "Project Playwright", where Creator/OscarWilde fleetingly references that the reason Ntozake Shange is among the contestants is because the other playwrights are all white men.----


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