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1''Bird and Fish'' is an animated short film by Ann Mendenhall and Stephanie Son, and is a graduation piece from the Kansas City Art Institute.²²In it, two boys, one bird-person from a small town known as the Dry, and a fish-person from a city called the Watery, cross their societal boundaries and fall in love. In time, they change each other, and eventually, their divided world.²²The animation can be seen [[ here]]. Its Website/{{Tumblr}} blog is [[ here]].²²----²!!This short film contains examples of:²* AlienSky: The Watery is shown as an upside-down ocean in the sky.²* AmbiguousGender: While both are technically male, Fish's high-pitched voice often confuses fans as to his gender.²* AmusingInjuries: Bird is accidentally burnt by one of Fish's cigarettes, While Fish is introduced from under a pile of scrap metal.²* AnimalEyes: Fish has [[MonochromaticEyes solid black eyes]].²* ArtificialGravity: The glowing red orb generates this to keep the Watery and Dry separate.²* ArtisticLicensePhysics: Oh, so very much.²* BeautifulDreamer: Bird falls asleep at one point, with Fish watching over him.²* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Fish is apparently considered to be this by his own kind.²* CueTheSun²* DreamingOfThingsToCome: The short opens with Bird dreaming that the Watery, the world that floats in an upside down ocean above the Dry, is pouring down. At the end of the short [[spoiler: this is EXACTLY what happens]].²* FantasticRacism: Between the Dry and the Watery.²* FishPeople²* FlyingSeafoodSpecial: Played with. Fish loves the idea of flying.²* GreatOffscreenWar: Fish mentions that there was a war some time in the past.²* GotVolunteered: "Everyone steps backward" variant. When Bird's boss mentions that someone needs to deliver Fish's package, everyone scoots away from Bird, much to his distress.²* HandsOnApproach: When Bird and Fish are pulling a rope together in this way, Bird blushes.²* InterspeciesRomance: Implied.²* TheKlutz: Fish, near the beginning of the short.²* MotorMouth: Fish.²* NoNameGiven: While Bird and Fish's names are not stated in the short, WordOfGod states that Bird's name is Avery Flynn, and Fish's name is Skylar Kandinsky.²* NonMammalianHair: Bird's kind has head hair and back hair comprised of limp feathers, and Fish's kind has scales, fins, and an angler lure for hair.²* PropagandaMachine: There are posters in Bird and Fish's worlds that have captions, like "Imported oxygen-is it safe?" and "Is your water clean?"²* QuiveringEyes: Fish when Bird and Fish finally finish the plane.²* SeeWater: Bird can see perfectly fine when he enters the Watery, despite having just glasses over his eyes.²* SmokingIsCool: Fish is a smoker.²* SupernaturalGoldEyes: Averted. While Bird does have yellow eyes, there's nothing really supernatural about them.²* TimeCompressionMontage: Combined with HardWorkMontage, Fish's plane takes at least a month to complete, judging from Sandra's comments that no mail has been delivered to the Watery in that time. Also doubles as a FallingInLoveMontage.²* TheVoiceless: Bird barely speaks beyond a sigh in the entire short.²* VoluntaryShapeshifting: All of Fish's species can turn their hands and legs into fins at will.²* WalkDontSwim: The Fish People can play this trope straight and invert it via shape-shifting.²* WaterIsAir: Well, when the Fish People have legs, it is. Otherwise, trope is averted.²* WorldOfFunnyAnimals²----


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