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1[[WMG:One of Shanzira's parents, or at least, one of her ancestors, is/was once a Dreamer.]]˛Shanzira's children, [[spoiler:Noel and Lucina]], have either explicitly or implicitly mentioned that they were Dreaming before coming back in time. This implies that Dreaming is hereditary. It's also been mentioned by Robin in Chapter 22 that there have been Dreamers for every region previously featured in the Fire Emblem games. Given that Tiki's a character from the Archanea era, she probably remembers the Dreamers of that era, so expect a reveal of some kind when she enters the story.˛* More specific guess: Shanzira's mother is/was the Dreamer in her family. When Shanz explained the situation for her, she did seem accepting of it. It could be a real curveball if it was her father, though. Also, the Dreamer in question could have been part of either the Archanea or Jugdral era, seeing as they were [[NoExportForYou Japan-only]] (the first game's remake made it stateside, though). However, depending on the era, they could have recognized either Marth, Ike or Roy if they ever watched any ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' footage.˛* [[ A recent ask]] in lambentLodestar's Website/{{Tumblr}} confirms that all of the Dreamers' children were Dreamers themselves before coming back in time, so this WMG extends to all of them.˛[[WMG:Stocke is specifically Storm's son.]]˛The same ask above states that "Severa and Stocke are really weird cases." Given that [[spoiler:Storm has at least proposed to Cordelia]], it makes one wonder.˛[[WMG:[[TheHeroDies Chrom will die]] before the story ends.]]˛There have been quite a few mentions of Shanzira staying by Chrom's side due to what basically amounts to PlotArmor. It would be an interesting twist for all involved.˛[[WMG:Cameron's not the only thing that'll appear from {{Fanfic/Asleep}}.]]˛It was pretty easy for Xane [[spoiler:to drop the Asleep version of Cameron into this fanfic and retrieve him later]]. Who's to say he won't do it again?˛* Also, the fact that [[spoiler:Asleep!Cameron was dropped off in the first place]] means that this story plays by at least some of the same rules as Asleep does.˛[[WMG:Storm knows exactly how it's all gonna end.]]˛Storm has his own 3DS with his own version of Awakening [[spoiler:that's been modded to fit the story.]] Not only that, he supposedly has 100% of the Support Log, [[spoiler:which theoretically includes all the supports which involve the Dreamers and their children]], and also means multiple playthroughs, which lets him see how things can turn out in different ways. And so far, things have been going the way he's seen them: [[spoiler:he tried warning Shanzira that her 3DS with the modded game would get stolen, but it happened anyway, and he also let her know how her S support with Chrom would go before it happened]].


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