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1[[WMG: B is a shinigami]]²He committed some crime; as punishment, he had his memories erased and was turned (mostly) human. That's why he has shinigami eyes and lacks a visible lifespan despite not owning a Death Note.²* Since he winds up dying in the end as one of Light's otherwise unimportant victims, can we consider his human incarnation a Level 3+ Punishment? (For those lacking [[Main/AllThereInTheManual the manual]], punishment for breaking Shinigami conduct is numbered in decreasing order from Level 8 to 1, plus an Extreme Level. Any punishment of Level 3 or greater (2, 1, or Extreme) warrants the death of the Shinigami after it is conducted - in this case, the death may also be part of the punishment.)²** Yes, but this brings up the question of whether what B did is considered worse or better than intentionally extending a human's lifespan.²*** Now hold on. We never know for sure if Light is the one who kills Beyond. All ''LightNovel/AnotherNote'' says is that he "died of a mysterious heart attack in prison."²*** Yes, but consider that BB was likely in his early to mid 20's when that happened, an age group not typically known for just up and dying of heart attacks. ²²[[WMG: B is ''part'' shinigami.]]²I know, there's already a guess for B being a shinigami, but this one says he's only ''part'' shinigami. One-sixteenth shinigami, for example. There's a rule that shinigami can't have sex. Before that rule was in place, a male shinigami went to Earth, interacted with a female human, and eventually had sex with that human. That female gave birth to a human born with shinigami eyes. Hence, the rule banning sex was made. Now, it could be as close as B's father was really a shinigami, or this could be an inherited trait, such as every other generation from the initial half-shinigami inherited shinigami eyes.²** So the part about it being impossible for humans and shinigami to have sexual relations is just propaganda²*** The rule exists for ''some'' reason.²*** [[LogicBomb Exactly. If it isn't POSSIBLE than WHY would there even NEED to be a rule forbidding it?]]²*** Maybe to stop them from trying? [[Literature/DigitalFortress Think about it—all brands of bulletproof glassstop bullets, but if a company dares you to put a bullet through theirs, suddenly everybody’s trying.]]²*** This would also explain stories in the Old Testament of angels who came to Earth and took human wives.²*** [[]]²²[[WMG: [[LongLostSibling L, Beyond Birthday, and Teru Mikami are related.]]]]²* They are similar in appearance, L and BB are orphans, and Mikami has an absent father...²²[[WMG: Beyond Birthday is a {{Reincarnation}} of [[Literature/{{Dragonlance}} the dark wizard Raistlin Majere]].]]²Both are genius Chessmasters with eyes that see how everything dies [[TheUnfettered that will do anything to further their goals.]]²²[[WMG: [[TheKillerInMe L and Beyond Birthday are the same person.]]]]²The Beyond personality came about because L became so emotionally repressed thanks to [[TrainingFromHell being put through Wammy's Program.]] He needed Misora's help because his opponent was both too alien and too similar to his own thoughts and so this was one opponent he couldn't beat himself.²²What a twist!²²He doesn't [[spoiler: have any burns]] afterwards because Wammy's estate is that wealthy and has access to leading edge and nonexistent technology and medical care.²²[[WMG: Beyond Birthday is [[CloningBlues L's clone.]]]]²B is the result of one of L's enemies, an EvilutionaryBiologist cloning L [[BiologicalMashUp spliced with a little bit of]] [[HalfHumanHybrid Shinigami DNA]] (so that he has the Shinigami eyes and can see L's real name) to create for L an ultimate enemy. The EvilutionaryBiologist then leaves the clone on Wammy's doorstep and watches the ensuing chaos.²** Or, possibly, the cloning was done in an attempt to create the ultimate L successor...but [[GoneHorriblyWrong things did not go according to plan.]] ²²[[WMG: Beyond Birthday is not his real name.]]²Because seriously. Beyond. Birthday. When Mello narrated the book, he wanted to hide BB's real name so people wouldn't be able to use the information to piece anything about L or Wammy House together. This meant renaming him and, since his initials were a major part of the murders, everyone else with initials that pointed to him. Mello gave the people weird names to emphasize this and to confuse people. Beyond Birthday's real name was something like Nathan Nolan, his victims were Natalie Newhouse, Nick Neilson and (since their initials upside should resemble a lower case "nn") Ulrika Ulverston.²** You at least got the part about Beyond Birthday not being his real name right. He states that he chose that name because he's had the Shinigami eye power from birth. It's no more his real name than Rue Ryuuzaki; we aren't sure ''what'' his real name is. ²²[[WMG: Beyond got the Shinigami Eyes from his mother, who made the Eye Deal.]]²Suppose that the Shinigami Eyes are ingrained in a person's DNA for as long as they have them and can be inherited by the offspring like any other hereditary trait. Beyond's mother owned a Death Note and made the Eye Deal with a shinigami around the time he was conceived, and was still technically speaking a part of her. The "genes" for the Eyes were passed to him when he was still a developing fetus in utero. Then for whatever reason, Beyond's mother gave up ownership of her Death Note ''after'' Beyond was born. She lost her Eyes and any memory related to them and the Death Note, but Beyond was stuck with his, since he became a unique individual separate from his mother the moment he was born. [[BlessedWithSuck For the rest of his life, he was stuck for no reason he could fathom with eyes that made him see the times of death for everyone around him, including, as the book states, his own parents...]]²²[[WMG: B's eyes are part of a Shinigami's punishment]]²Okay, I should probably admit that I got this idea from a fanfic. In said fanfic, a Shinigami accidently ended up saving B's mother's life before he was born due to extremely lucky timing; since it was accidental he wasn't killed for it but along with a couple of other minor crimes it resulted in him being punished rather more imaginatively. Specifically, he was blinded which prevented him from adding anyone else's name to his Death Note and was therefore effectively a very slow means of killing him, and his eyes given to the infant B on the basis that B only existed because of the Shinigami's actions so it was fitting that he get his eyes.²²[[WMG: B killed A, to test a theory]]²²He wanted to know if he could kill someone who still hadn't run out of lifespan, and A was his victim. It is stated that A died of suicide, because that's what everyone assumed, but B simply made it look like one because it wouldn't look too suspicious, since A had been in depression.²²As well...²²[[WMG: A asked B to kill him]]²²A was in depression, but didn't have the guts to kill himself. He knew about B's Shinigami eyes and desire to see if he could kill someone before their time, and asked to be the one that B tested the theory on, in hopes that it would work.²²[[WMG: Kira did not kill Beyond]]²²It's impossible for a Death Note to be used to kill someone with Shinigami Eyes. So naturally there was no way for Kira to kill Beyond.²²This could also mean...²²** Actually, Higuchi had the Shinagami eyes and he was killed with a Death Note (well, a piece of a Death Note). There's no rule against using the Death Note on someone with thw eyes.²²[[WMG: Beyond never died]]²²Beyond used the Kira killings to fake his own death, escape prison, and start a new life. All while L was preoccupied with the Kira Investigation. This means he's probably still alive by the time that Light is killed in canon. The reason why Beyond is said to have died because of a mysterious heart attack in Another Note, is because the novel is told in Mello's perspective.²²[[WMG: Beyond Birthday and L are twins.]]²²They look alike, and ''LightNovel/LChangeTheWorld'' drops a hint that L may have The Eyes. Also, in the second opening, L's eyes are tinged red. They may have been separated at birth and reunited at Wammy's, and they may or may not be aware of their being twins.²²** Ignoring the fact that the book states that Beyond had to wear a crap-load of makeup to look like L. Though seeing as he pretty much got it spot-on, he could have had a very successful career as a Hollywood special effects artist had he not gone all "notice me senpai" to L.²²[[WMG: Beyond Birthday didn't kill his victims.]]²²He just targeted individuals who were about to die, using the Shinigami eyes, and let them. He then mutilated the bodies to make them look like the work of one serial killer, to fool L, instead of the random accidents they actually were.


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