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1[[quoteright:171:]]''Simple Mult Idle'' is an IdleGame by Creator/DenisBerger released in 2019. It's very simplistic - you build one building which produces coins. Once it's been leveled up enough, you build another building that boosts the power of the first one every few seconds. This continues until you have ten buildings, though the prestige mechanics let you increase multiplier growth with each building's cycle and overall exponent.----!!This game provides examples of:* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: Each building and multiplier related to it has a specific color, somewhat related to the rainbow (the first is red, the second is orange, etc.).* DiminishingReturnsForBalance: After a building reaches level 1000, its speed is capped and it no longer earns a 2x multiplier every 25 levels, but it gets a small multiplier with every level and a 2x multiplier every 100 levels.* {{Infinite}}: Infinity is represented by 1e300 (not the highest value seen in other games). Once you reach it, you can reset for Infinity Points, which can be spent on special upgrades, which can also raise the cap.* {{Minimalism}}: The game is very minimalistic as it was initially made in one week. There's no story, almost no graphics, and ten buildings without a real upgrade system for them.* NewGamePlus: Once you get to 1e27 or so, you can prestige to add an exponent and stronger multiplier, making profits faster. Once you get to 1e300, you can reset those things as well for Infinity Points and permanent upgrades.----


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