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1''Marco Polo'' is a game that places the player in the position of a traveler on the Medieval Silk Road. You consort with princes, and with shady characters by turns. You comb the bazaar for profits, and you go on various missions. Along the journey you meet many perils. This game is chiefly to be recommended for its [[TheEpic epic]] feel, which is well bolstered by the romantic atmosphere. Graphics are good and the exotic commodities along the way are well played. One entertaining aspect is the ability to question locals. This often gets an interesting story or cultural fact. Sometimes it gives clues about cities nearby, thus one can really feel like a traveler going about with only rumors to guide him. As a game per se, it is perhaps limited because of the shortage of choices, but that is more then made up for by the work done on the various features which can at times make you feel like you are watching a movie.²²The game is available on DOS. It is unfortunately hard to obtain but can be found on E-Bay. It requires a speaker, as much of the information needed for decisions is verbal rather than written.²²Note this review refers to the Phillips Interactive Media version, not any other games that happen to have the same title.²----²!!Tropes in the ''Marco Polo'' video game include:²²%%* AnEntrepreneurIsYou ²* {{Backstory}}: A small database is given with some RealLife historical facts in Wiki format.²%%* BazaarOfTheBizarre²%%* ChainOfDeals²%%* CloakAndDagger: Many of the missions²* DoYouWantToHaggle: Several times.²* TheEmperor: Kublai Khan. He offers more missions then all the rest of the potential patrons in the game.²%%* GlobalCurrency: "Saggis"²* HonestJohnsDealership: The merchants you bargain with.²%%* IntrepidMerchant²* LittleHeroBigWar: Warlords around you are always beating up each other. It can get annoying sometimes.²%%* MerchantCity: Every city.²* RandomEncounters: Bandits, avalanches, duststorms, whatever one might think of for a poor IntrepidMerchant²%%* SceneryPorn: Magnificent.²%%* StrategyGuide: A bit hard to find.²%%* {{Sidequest}}²* YouAllMeetInAnInn: You can hear information and side stories at local inns.²----


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