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1%%%%²%%%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.²%%²²''[[ Cyborg]]'' is a Flash game about a scientific experiment gone wrong. A RobotGirl was created to be the ultimate female for man, but she has different ideas. She goes on killing all who stand in her way and ultimately kill the man who funded the project: George W Bush.²²!!Contains the following tropes.²²* ArmCannon: Can manifest laser blades from her arm.²%%* ArmedLegs²%%* ActionGirl²%%* AntiHero²%%* AppliedPhlebotinum²* AIIsACrapshoot: A good variant, as she breaks free of her RestrainingBolt²%%* ActivationSequence²%%* AlwaysSaveTheGirl²%%* AmazonianBeauty²%%* AbsoluteCleavage²* ArtificialHuman: She's a RobotGirl and a clear {{Expy}} of KOS-MOS from ''VideoGame/XenoSaga''.²%%* ArtificialIntelligence²%%* AloofDarkHairedGirl²%%* ArtificialLimbs²%%* BladeBelowTheShoulder²* {{BFG}}: She can manifest these from her ArmCannon, which can be used to attack things, as its a missile launcher, a gatling cannon, among other weapons.²%%** {{Roboteching}}²%%** ShortRangeShotgun²%%** ShoulderCannon²%%* BarrierWarrior²%%* BeautyIsNeverTarnished²%%* BraidsOfAction²%%* BadassInDistress²* TheBaroness: At first.²%%* BeamSpam²%%* BecomeYourWeapon²%%* BenevolentAI²%%* BoobsAndButtPose²%%* BlondeBrunetteRedhead²%%* BadassInANiceSuit²%%* BigBraToFill²* BoobsOfSteel: As she's a RobotGirl, she has these.²%%* BareYourMidriff²%%* BottomlessMagazines²%%* BrainComputerInterface²* BigDamnHeroes: Does this several times.²* BuxomIsBetter: See BoobsOfSteel above.²%%* BreastExpansion²%%* BellyDancer²%%* BrainyBrunette²* ChestBlaster: She can fire FrickinLaserBeams from her breasts.²%%* ChestInsignia²%%* CrazyPrepared²%%* ChainMailBikini²%%* CranialProcessingUnit²%%* CleavageWindow²%%* CreateYourOwnHero²%%* CustomUniformOfSexy²%%* CrushKillDestroy²* ClothingDamage: Shows some signs of this.²%%* CoolHelmet²* CoolMask: Her visored helmet.²%%* CoolSword²%%** {{BFS}}²* CoolShades: According to one artwork, two pairs - one as a part of her helmet, and one underneath the helmet.²* ComboPlatterPowers: The cyborg's robotic systems include an [[EverythingSensor internal sensor suite]], [[UnusualUserInterface a built-in satellite modem]], [[HumanHardDrive internal hard-drive]] [[WetwareCPU storage]], [[HolographicTerminal holographic]] [[{{Hologram}} projectors]], [[SensorCharacter a medical scanner]], [[FacialRecognitionSoftware a bio-tagging and tracking system]], [[ImprobableAimingSkills a built-in auto-targeting system that allows her to fire a laser beam from her chest to destroy pirate ships]], [[EnemyDetectingRadar targeting]] [[EnemyScan scanners]], and [[RocketBoots anti-gravity systems permitting flight]], a built-in InterdimensionalTravelDevice as well as [[SensingYouAreOutmatched threat analysis and counter-measure programs]].²%%* CollapsibleHelmet²* CombatStilettos: High heels and rocket boosters in her boots.²* ContraltoOfDanger: Has a deeper voice.²%%* CrazyPrepared²%%* CostumeTropes²%%** BarelyThereSwimwear²%%** ChainmailBikini²%%** LadyLegionnaireWear²%%** OfCorsetsSexy²%%** {{Sarashi}}²%%** BlackBraAndPanties²%%** LingerieScene²%%** SpyCatsuit²%%** FurIsClothing²%%** LeotardOfPower²%%** SexyBacklessOutfit²%%** CustomUniformOfSexy²%%** IntimateOpenShirt²%%** CyberNinja²* CraterPower: Sometimes does this.²%%* CorporateSamurai²%%* CyberpunkIsTechno²* CrucifiedHeroShot: When we're first introduced to her.²%%* CyberCyclops²%%* CyberPunk²%%* {{Cyberspace}}²%%* TheChick²* ChekhovsGun[=/=]MacGuffin: The key, which Hank finds in episode 4, is the only mechanism that can fully restore her.²%%* DarkIsNotEvil²%%* DeusEstMachina²%%* DangerouslyShortSkirt²%%* DressedAllInRubber²%%* DroneDeployer²%%* DeceptivelyHumanRobot²%%* DeflectorShields²%%** AdaptiveArmor²%%** AttackReflector²%%** PowerArmor²%%** SomeKindOfForceField ²%%** LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe²%%** OrbitingParticleShield²%%** SaveSat ²%%* {{Determinator}}²%%* DoAnythingRobot²* DarkActionGirl: Originally.²* DarkChick: At first.²%%* DoAndroidsDream²%%* DoubleJump²%%* {{Dominatrix}}²* EmotionlessGirl: Justified, as she's a RobotGirl.²%%* EasilyDetachableRobotParts²* ElectronicEyes: Has built-in scanners in her eyes.²* ElectronicSpeechImpediment: When she's activated.²%%* EnemyDetectingRadar²* EverythingIsOnline: When she is first activated.²%%* EnemyScan²* EvilDiva: Was this first.²* EvilIsSexy: InvokedTrope, at first.²%%* EnergyWeapon²%%* EscapedFromTheLab²* EverythingSensor: Built-in enemy scanners, threat analysis and counter-measure programs and an auto-targeting system inside her.²%%* ExposedToTheElements²* FacialRecognitionSoftware: Has a bio-tagging and tracking system.²%%* {{FemBot}}²%%* FemmeFatalons²%%* FemmeFatale²%%* FanserviceCover²%%* FormFittingWardrobe²* {{Flight}}: Has jet thrusters in her legs and back.²%%* FlyingFirepower²%%* FanserviceExtra²%%* FrickinLaserBeams: Her laser beams are capable of cutting through metal and bricks.²%%* GagBoobs²%%* GirlsWithGuns²%%* {{Gainaxing}}²%%* GrewBeyondTheirProgramming²%%* GlowingMechanicalEyes²* GirlishPigtails: The "pigtails" are about her height and they've been shown with other strange functions like antennae, blades, and ears, and as well as allowing flight.²%%* GoodIsNotSoft²%%* GoodIsNotNice²%%* GodivaHair²%%* {{Glamour}}²%%* HelloNurse²%%* {{Hackette}}²* HeroicSeductress: After her HighHeelFaceTurn.²%%* HartmanHips²%%* HairAntennae: Her antennae.²%%* HairDecorations²* HaveYouTriedRebooting: Self-reboots her internal systems after going rogue.²%%* HellBentForLeather²* HealThyself: When she first activates, she tries to repair her damaged internal systems, but couldn't do so without a special key that activates her.²%%* HiddenWeapons²%%* HandBlast²%%* HotterAndSexier²%%* HandCannon²%%* HighClassCallGirl²%%* HelmetMountedSight²%%* HolographicTerminal[=/=]{{Hologram}}²%%* HomingLasers²%%* HomingProjectile²%%* HeadsUpDisplay²%%* HighHeelFaceTurn²%%* HyperspaceArsenal²%%* HoverMecha[=/=]HoverSkates²* IfMyCalculationsAreCorrect[=/=]LudicrousPrecision[=/=]MillionToOneChance: Part of her RoboSpeak.²* ImprobableAimingSkills: Has a built-in auto targeting system that allows her to fire a laser beam from her ArmCannon.²* InfraredXrayCamera: See ElectronicEyes above.²%%* [[ImplacableMan Implacable Woman]]²%%* ImmuneToBullets²%%* InvincibleHero²%%* ImpossibleHourglassFigure²%%* ImpossiblyLowNeckline²%%* InformedAttractiveness²%%* IHaveBoobsYouMustObey²%%* InvincibleHero²%%* IHaveBoobsYouMustObey²%%* ImpracticallyFancyOutfit²%%* InstantAwesomeJustAddMecha²%%* InnocentFanserviceGirl²* InterdimensionalTravelDevice: Is built-in in her internal systems.²* JetPack: Has these in her back and in her boots.²%%* JumpJetPack²%%* JigglePhysics²%%* JiggleShow²* JustAMachine: She is an automaton/robot doll.²%%* KickingAssInAllHerFinery²%%* KillerRobot²%%* KickChick²%%* LadyOfWar²%%* LatexSpaceSuit²%%* LadyInRed²* LaserBlade: From her chest blaster and in her wrists.²%%* LaserCutter²%%* LadyLegionnaireWear²%%* LaserSight²* LightningBruiser: Very powerful and moves faster.²%%* LightningGun²** ElegantGothicLolita: A RobotGirl variant.²%%** LadyLegionnaireWear²%%** RobotMaid[=/=]{{Meido}}²%%** LeotardOfPower²%%** LittleBlackDress²%%** MegaTwinTails²%%** ImpracticallyFancyOutfit²%%* LostTechnology²%%* LipstickAndLoadMontage²* LongRangeFighter: Capable of firing beams from her boobs from a long distance.²%%* LongHairIsFeminine²%%* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe²* MagicSkirt: Justified, as that "skirt" is made out of metal.²%%* {{Magitek}}²* MadeOfIron: She's a gynoid. So she's built to last and resilient enough to withstand the force of a missile explosion from only a few yards away.²%%* MaleGaze²%%* MightyGlacier²%%* MadeOfPhlebotinum²%%* MadeOfIndestructium²%%* MadeOfTitanium²%%* MorphWeapon²%%* MurderousMannequin²* MachineMonotone[=/=]TechnoBabble[=/=]RoboSpeak: Is a stoic RobotGirl, so this is expected.²%%* MechaExpansionPack²%%* MostCommonSuperpower²%%* MarionetteMotion²%%* MulticoloredHair²%%* MsFanservice²%%* MistakenForProstitute²%%* MoralityChip²%%* MementoMacGuffin²%%* MiniDressOfPower²%%* MurderousThighs²%%* MySensorsIndicateYouWantToTapThat²%%* MyMasterRightOrWrong²* MissileLockOn: Her missile attacks home on her opponents.²* HomingProjectile: The missiles are homing ones.²** MacrossMissileMassacre²* MoreDakka: Her {{BFG}} is a Gatling cannon.²* {{Nanomachines}}: Able to heal herself using nanites.²%%* NeuroVault²%%* NighInvulnerability²%%* NiceShoes²* NeckLift[=/=]ChokeHolds: What she does to one of the technicians.²%%* OfCorsetsSexy²%%* OneWomanArmy²%%* OneWayVisor²%%* OneToMillionToOne²%%* PaintItBlack²%%* PlayingWithFire[=/=]{{Flamethrower}}²%%* PerpetualMotionMonster²%%* PerpetuallyShinyBodies²%%* PantyShot²%%* PersonalityChip²* OneWordTitle: It's called "Cyborg", which is a also a ProtagonistTitle, as you play as the titular cyborg.²* PunchClockVillain: Was this at first.²%%* PimpedOutDress²%%* PelvicThrust²%%* PrimAndProperBun²* PowerGlows: When activated, gives a purple glow.²* PowerFloats: Has vernier thrusters in her soles.²%%* PlasmaCannon²%%* PhlebotinumBattery²%%* ProperTightsWithASkirt²* PowerPalms: Her hands are capable of firing laser beams.²* PowerSource: An internal battery powers her, and she doesn't like when she's running low on power.²%%* ProperTightsWithASkirt²%%* ProperLady²%%* RaceTropes²%%** AmbiguouslyBrown²%%** EuropeansAreKinky²%%** SexyScandinavian²%%** AsianHookerStereotype²%%** AnimeChineseGirl²%%* RapunzelHair²%%* RayGun²%%* ReiAyanamiExpy²* RavenHairIvorySkin: Sometimes.²* RedEyesTakeWarning: In the 12th episode, when charging her ChestBlaster.²* RidiculouslyHumanRobot: Has RobotAntennae, a staple in anime confirming that character's a RobotGirl.²* RobotGirl[=/=]FemBot: She's a clear {{Expy}} of KOS-MOS from ''VideoGame/XenoSaga''.²%%* RobotHair²%%* RedIsHeroic²* RobotAntennae[=/=]UnusualEars[=/=]EarWings[=/=]RazorWings²* RoboticSpouse: Was to be this, but broke free of her programming.²%%* RoboRomance²* RoboCam: Has a built-in InfraredXrayCamera in her eyes that allow her to scan her opponents and assess their threat level.²%%* {{Robosexual}}²* RocketBoots: Built in rocket boosters in her legs.²%%* SexyWalk: Kinda has one.²%%* SexySilhouette²%%* SexyWhateverOutfit²%%* SexyScandinavian²%%* SpyCatsuit²%%* SheFu²* SkeleBot9000: In the opening cutscene, we can see a portion of her access panel.²%%* {{Sexbot}}²%%* ShamelessFanserviceGirl²%%* SexyDiscretionShot²%%* SmellsSexy²%%* {{Sideboob}}²%%* StockingFiller²%%* ShakingTheRump²%%* SensualSpandex²%%* SexyPackaging²%%* SpandexLatexOrLeather²* SealedBadassInACan: This is what happened to her initially.²* SensingYouAreOutmatched: Has a threat analysis and counter-measure program.²%%* SensorCharacter²* ShockAndAwe: Capable of firing an electrical beam from her hand cannon.²%%* ShouldersOfDoom²%%* ShesGotLegs²%%* ShowSomeLeg²%%* ShowingOffTheNewBody²%%* SilkHidingSteel²%%* SecondLawMyAss²%%* ShouldersUpNudity²%%* {{Stripperiffic}}²%%* StockingFiller²%%* ShowgirlSkirt²%%* SlipknotPonytail²* SensibleHeroesSkimpyVillains: Inverted.²* SpockSpeak: Speaks in MachineMonotone.²* StatuesqueStunner: Is pretty much this.²%%* StatOVision²* SmokeOut: After being reactivated, she escapes and takes Kaguya to a hidden cavern.²* SwissArmyAppendage: Fires laser beams from her ArmCannon.²%%* TheStoic²%%* SuperPrototype²%%* SuperSoldier²* SuperWindowJump: Does this several times.²* SuperStrength: Advanced cybernetic nanotech responsible for superhuman strength, resistance to injury and regenerative abilities.²* SuperSpeed: Jet thrusters in her feet allow for high speeds.²%%* SuperReflexes²%%* TheissTitillationTheory²* {{Technopath}}: She can control machines by infecting them with nanomachines.²* {{Teleportation}}: Capable of teleporting long distances.²%%* TelescopingRobot²%%* ThereWasADoor²%%* TookALevelInBadass²%%* TorpedoTits²%%* TheTease²%%* TechnologyPorn²%%* ToplessnessFromTheBack²%%* TrickedOutShoes²%%* TrickedOutGloves²%%* ThongOfShielding²%%* TronLines²%%* TurnedAgainstTheirMasters²%%* UncannyValley²%%* UnusualUserInterface²%%* UnusualWeaponMounting²%%* UnwittingTestSubject²%%* {{Underboobs}}²%%* TheVamp²%%* VisualInnuendo²%%* VanityIsFeminine²%%* WalkingArmory²* WaveMotionGun[=/=]KillSat: Inside her chest.²%%* WetwareCPU²%%* WetwareBody²%%* WardrobeMalfunction²%%* WorldOfBuxom²* WeaponizedExhaust: Has vernier thrusters in her soles.²* WeaponOfChoice: Can change between HomingProjectile, {{BFG}}, LightningGun, GatlingGood, PlasmaCannon, RayGun (and a shotgun variant), DeadlyDisc from her ArmCannon.²%%* WingedHumanoid²%%* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman²%%* XRayVision²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Sometimes.²* ZettaiRyouiki: Grade A, as her boots are close to this.


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