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1These tropes are too subjective [[DarthWiki/TropesThatWillNeverHappen so they will never happen]].²²Compare to TropesThatWillNeverHappen/{{Complaining}} and TropesThatWillNeverHappen/TooAmbiguous.²²----²!! Dishonorable mentions:²²* [=Awesome/=]MoralGuardians²* It Actually Makes Perfect Sense²** FridgeBrilliance²* TV Tropes Will Not Affect Your Life In Any Way Whatsoever²** DarthWiki/CrowningMomentOfIndifference?²* Tropes We Have But Should Not²** Tropes We Really Should Not Have But Do²*** Tropes We Really Should Not Have To Do²*** Tropes We Really Should Not Do But Have²*** Tropes We Really Should Do But Haven't²* Tropers We Have But Should Not²** Tropers We Really Should Not Have But Do²*** Tropers We Really Should Not Have To Do²*** Tropers We Really Should Not Do But Have²*** Tropers We Really Should Do But Haven't²* [[strike:Fan Smart]] Fan Tastic²* Worst Troper Awards²** Best Troper Awards²* [[BetterThanSex Worse Than Spinal Injury]]²** FateWorseThanDeath²* Originality Storm²** WidgetSeries for the good ones, WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs for the bad ones or when they get ''too'' original.²* This Is An Interesting Fact Which You Will Probably Believe²* Crapulous - Fabulous Crap.²** SoBadItsGood²** Terrimazing²* [[DarthWiki.RuinedFOREVER Perfected FOREVER]]²** The platonic ideal of AdaptationDistillation.²* Hype Subversion²** AKA Hearing Nothing But Good Things About a Work, Then Seeing It And Discovering You Hate It With A Passion.²** HypeBacklash²* Tropers We Don't Like²** Complaining About Tropers We Don't Like²** Complaining About Tropers We Don't Watch²*** [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Who are the tropers you do watch?]]²*** We don't have [[UsefulNotes/GameAndWatch a game function, either.]]²** Complaining About Tropers We Don't Know²** Complaining About ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} You Don't Watch²*** Complaining About Watchers Who Don't Watch The ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} You Watch (Or Don't Watch As The Case May Be)²*** Complaining About People Who Don't Understand "Who Watches The Watchers" Is A Noun Phrase, Not A Question²* Troping About Complaints We Don't Watch²** Troping About Complaints We Don't Wiggy Spam Spam²* Being Unemployed Does Not Work In Any Way²** Very specific and rare forms of ArtisticLicenseEconomics?²*** [[DontExplainTheJoke Subverted in a few noted cases in the UK where benefits paid more than employment...]]²* Guess The Number I'm Thinking Of²** [[Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy 42?]]²** [[Film/BillAndTedsExcellentAdventure 69, dudes!]]²** [[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants …24.]]²*** [[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants 25.]]²** [[{{Rule34}} 34!!!]]²** [[Literature/ThePhantomTollbooth Seventeen!]]²** [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Negative 8!]]²** [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons TWENTY-SEVEN!]]²** [[ComicBook/FiftyTwo 52! 52!]]²*** [[VideoGame/{{Action52}} 52]]. [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Indeed]].²** [[Manga/SoulEater FOOLS! What right do you have to pick a number? My legend began in the 12th century, you know. Would you like to hear my legend?]]²** [[Series/ThatMitchellAndWebbLook Twentington! Freulve hundred and neem! Shinty-six!]]²** On a more serious note, this "trope" is often related to HowManyFingers and the GodTest. You know, in case you were curious.²** [[Franchise/DragonBall It's over 9000!]]²* My Foot Hurts²** AgonyOfTheFeet?²* Not Subjective Enough²** That's a matter of opinion.²** Math, in that one ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode where they split Lisa's class in "boys" and "girls".²* Very Interesting Shows²* It's Awesome Because I Said So²** What, do you mean "It's Not Awesome"?²* [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks They Changed it]] And Nobody Noticed²* They Changed it and Changed it back²** AuthorsSavingThrow²* They Changed it and Now you suck²* They Changed It and Now They Suck²* They Were Going Change it, [[OverlyLongGag but then it was close to quitting time so they went home instead]]²* They Didn't Change It, But If They Had It Might Not Suck²* Tropers Are Not Good²** All Tropers Are AxCrazy²*** All Tropers Are {{Yandere}}²** All Tropers Are {{Eldritch Abomination}}s²*** [[HeKnowsTooMuch You know too much]]. I'm afraid we're going to have to kill you.²* Most Tropers Are Copyleftists²* TropeLaunchPad [[AIIsACrapshoot Is A Crapshoot]]²* Mohn's Scale Of EarWorm Catchiness²* Most Tropers Hate MoralGuardians²** Probably TruthInTelevision.²* Ridiculously Loud J-Pop²** Music/{{Polysics}}²* Song Filler - Parts of the song you like to skip forward.²* Aggression Fuel²** FlameBait²* Nightmare Fuel / Sliding Scales²* Everything's Better With Strippers²* Hey It's That Guy Wait Nevermind²* Sliding Scale of So Bad Its Good²* Sturgeons Song - Song of where only 10% of it is good and the rest of it is {{Padding}} and other uninteresting parts.²** Music/{{Yellowcard}} -- Fighting²* TropesAreNotBad Except For [[BackFromTheDead These]] [[RankInflation Horrible]] [[AllegedlyFreeGame Ones]]²** TropesAreNotBad When They Aren't TrickBoss²* Fan Hyperopia²* [[SdrawkcabName Sotanax]] [[ThePlan Gambit]]²** [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Snorlax]] Gambit²** SpringtimeForHitler + XanatosGambit, in which you plan on failing, but fail at that, but you succeed anyway due to a different fail [[Film/AustinPowers oh no I've gone cross-eyed.]]²* Pet Peeve Tropers²* Informed Humor (Can also cross into Complaining About Shows You Don't Like territory)²* Permanent Red Link Club Articles Needing WikiMagic²* Does This Look Infected to You?²* Complaining About People Only [[JustHereForGodzilla Watching For Godzilla]]²* Complaining About the Fact That Every Time You Use a Double Bullet Point to Make a Brief Counterpoint to an Entry It Gets Deleted and You Get a Administrivia/RepairDontRespond Message Within 5 Minutes, But Every Other Page You Go to Has People Using Them to Argue Back and Forth Like It's a Damn Chat Room²* Robbed At The Oscars²** AwardSnub, which has an Administrivia/ExampleSectionectomy anyway.²* {{World Of|Ham}} {{Narm}}²* TheScrappy Is ActuallyPrettyFunny²* Sane Troll Logic²* When we still had High Octane Nightmare Fuel, some tropers might have suggested:²** High Octane Awesome²** High Octane Funny²** High Octane Heartwarming²** High Octane Tearjerker²** [[StylisticSuck High Octane Suck]]²** High Octane Indifference (Like how would ''that'' one even work? Well, okay, maybe that would be media created specifically for insomniacs. But then, on the other hand, can it really be considered "indifference" if it's intention is to treat a condition?)²** High Octane Wall Banger²** High Octane Laconic ([[FlatWhat What?]])²** High Octane SugarWiki/SweetDreamsFuel²* Everything's Better With Gushing²* Gushing About Shows You Don't Like²** Isn't that a reverse troll?²*** Sounds like a StealthParody to me.²* Gushing About Characters Who Don't Like You²** DracoInLeatherPants²* Artistic Licence - Aesthetics ²* Missed The Rose For The Thorns: Missing the good in a character. [[note]]Unlike RonTheDeathEater or DracoInLeatherPants, this is when you miss the good in a villain. This would be mistaking a more complex character for a less complex character.[[/note]]²** Missed The Thorns For The Rose: Missing the bad in a character. [[note]]Unlike DracoInLeatherPants or RonTheDeathEater, this is when you miss the bad in a hero.This would be mistaking a more complex character for a less complex character.[[/note]]²* The Original Is Better Than The Adaption(s)²** TheyChangedItNowItSucks?²** The Adaption(s) Is(Are) Better Than The Original²*** The Original Adaption Is Better Than The Adaption Of The Adaption, But Also Better Than The Original Original²* TrueArt Is On Creator/{{Netflix}}²* {{True Art Is|Incomprehensible}} Comprehensible²* Music/{{Eminem}} Is A God²* ''Film/TheDarkKnight'' Is The Best Superhero Movie Ever²* Tropes that Sound Cool In Your Head But Not So Much When You Tell Your Friends About Them²* Artistic Licence - Morality²* ''Series/GameOfThrones'' is for Sadists²* Unreasonably Hated [[TheScrappy Scrappy]]²* Music/{{Pendulum}} Are The Best Band In The World²* Games For Which WalkthroughMode Should Be Enabled Whenever They Are Discussed, Because They Are Really Dang Difficult!!²----


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