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1->'''Girl''' ''who I had no idea who she was and randomly approached me'': I saw your screen. You were just on Tv Tropes, weren't you?²->'''Me''': Yes.²->'''Girl''': Hah! *runs off*²-->--Actual encounter at my school.²²[[ Behold! I offer a game of fate!]]²²'Ello there, I am Tucker's Creator. My {{Website/Twitter}} page [[ is here]]. I am an administrator on [[ Halopedia]]. You'll often find me musing on the ''{{Franchise/Halo}}'' and ''Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse'' pages, being the canon-swallower I am. The page that introduced me to to this site was JumpingTheShark.²²[[AC: Works, Tropes, and People pages I've made:]][[note]]This section is getting increasingly more gun-shaped. Awkward...[[/note]]²* ''{{Webcomic/Company0051}}''____________________* TheCretaceousIsAlwaysDoomed_____* Creator/FreddieWong²* ''Webcomic/HaloAFistfulOfArrows''_____________* HireTheCritic_____________________* Creator/OliviaDeHavilland²* ''Webcomic/ASangheilisWarIsNeverOver''______* AwardCategoryFraud_______________* Creator/AnnaSophiaRobb²* ''WebAnimation/BadDays''________________________* PreviewsPulse_____________________* {{Creator/Laina}}²* ''Literature/AllTheWrongQuestions''____________* TomboyWithAGirlyStreak²* ''Film/EndersGame''_____________________* UpgradeVsPrototypeFight²* ''WebVideo/HonestTrailers''²* ''{{VideoGame/Destiny}}''²* ''Literature/BookOfEsther''²* ''WesternAnimation/FindingDory''²²I've also written reviews for the following:²²* ''[[ The Amazing Spider-Man]]''²* ''[[ Avatar]]''²* ''[[ Captain America: The First Avenger]]''²* ''[[ Contact]]''²* ''[[ Glory]]''²* ''[[ Halo 4]]''²* ''[[ How It Should Have Ended]]''²* ''[[ How To Train Your Dragon]]''²* ''[[ The Incredibles]]''²* ''[[ Jurassic Park (the book)]]''²* ''[[ The King's Speech]]''²* [[ Leonardo DiCaprio]]²* ''[[ Marry Me]]''²* [[ Orson Scott Card]]²* ''[[ Phineas and Ferb]]''²* ''[[ Pooh's Grand Adventure]]''²* ''[[ Red vs. Blue]]''²* ''[[ Rise of the Planet of the Apes]]''²* ''[[ Tangled]]''²* ''[[ The Adventures of Tintin]]''²* ''[[ The Meek]]''²* ''[[ Up]]''²* ''[[ Wall-E]]''


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