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1Well, here I am. Rather than try and describe myself like this, I think I'll just let the tropes speak for themselves...²²[[AC: Added by this troper]]²²* AloofBigBrother - Me sometimes, to my half-brother, who's the only sibling I have and nearly 16 years my junior.²* AnnoyingYoungerSibling - see above.²* [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny Attention Deficit...Oo, Shiny!]] - Sometimes funny, sometimes problematic, but I do have an actual disorder in the area. 'S not a variant of [=ADD=], though.²* BerserkButton - ''Do not'' mess with the hair. It took me several seconds even to agree to let my ''first love'' to put a ''small'' amount of ''temporary'' dye in it.²* BigEater - For my size, at least.²* BookWorm - Not so much anymore, but back inna day...²* BrilliantButLazy - At least I think so...²* CatchPhrase - Primarily:²** "[[BruceAlmighty Almighty then...]]" (Used to be "[[AceVentura Alrighty then...]]" but I found BruceAlmighty ''way'' funnier)²** "Take it easy." (See also {{Leitmotif}} below)²** "You did ''not''." (Used both in response to certain kinds of [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome awesome]] and occasionally MoralEventHorizon crossings, and for ItsPersonal moments)²*** The "awesome" version has recently been modified into "Are you serious?!"²** "Wait, what?"²* ChivalrousPervert, specifically the EthicalSlut + ForHappiness variant. I tend to relate ''a lot'' to [[InuYasha Miroku]], for obvious reasons. And hey, AtLeastIAdmitIt.²* CompanionCube - my electronics, particularly my consoles and computer.²* [[CoolBigSis Cool Big Bro]] - when I'm not being the AloofBigBrother. Also my stepdad often feels more like this to me.²* CutHisHeartOutWithASpoon - Generally reserved for whom I genuninely [[ItsPersonal despise]], whether it's real people or characters.²* DeadpanSnarker - As often as I possibly can. Unfortunately, my stature disallows me from being TallDarkAndSnarky... (see below)²* EmbarrassingFirstName - Well...not really; I just don't relate to it so I never use it (and prefer not to give it out) online.²* EverybodyHatesMathematics - Cheerfully subverted; I don't exactly ''like'' math, but I find it difficult to hate something I'm good at. Math ''classes'', on the other hand... (same with English)²* FurryFandom²** AnimalStereotypes, though seemingly rather a different set than that which most people apply...²** Most of my chars are a single extended family, the matriarch being a certain minor ChronoTrigger character (whose [[YouShouldKnowThisAlready brother]] was the SixthRanger OptionalPartyMember...and yeah, he's around too...)²** FetishFuel - see below²** {{Hermaphrodite}} - though the unrealistic, mostly-feminine-looking version. Explains the name I use.²** HumansAreBastards, though there's always exceptions.²** {{Lolicon}} - If you really wanna know, ask.²** MostCommonSuperpower - [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean See above.]]²** [[DaydreamBeliever Otherkin]], of a weird semi-Therian persuasion. Once accused of being [[NotHimself posessed by a demon]] because of this by my normally-reasonable grandfather.²* GottaCatchEmAll - I'm a collector. For instance, my {{Civilization}} IV: Beyond the Sword modpack ''had'' to include every leader who'd ever been in mainline Civ up to that point. Also trying to complete a SquareEnix collection.²* GrammarNazi - Though in my own writing I intentionally do odd things like using more hyphens than you're supposed to, because I find it makes things clearer.²* TheInsomniac - I often get to bed late for various reasons.²* ItIsPronouncedTroPAY - Back when I was using my stepdad's surname, "Heavysege". Though subverted in that its exact pronunciation isn't even certain to ''him'', though he thought it was for a while.²** Also, my original personal character, in his first incarnation on Ragnarok MUD, kept getting his name (Stephen) mispronounced (people kept shortening it to "Steve") that I finally had him change the "common" version to Stef.²* JerkAss - Something of which my parents have been [[MoralDissonance accusing me]] [[RunningGag more and more]] of late...²* LargeHam - I actively ''try'' to be, when I get the chance, mostly for laughs. Though I often do feel like all the world's a stage and I'm just a character in some massive RolePlayingGame.²* {{Leitmotif}} - I consider three different popular tunes to be my theme-songs for various purposes:²** {{Eagles}} - Take it Easy: Sorta my general philosophy on life.²** DuranDuran - Ordinary World: Pretty self-explanatory if you know the lyrics.²** ...And I've somehow managed to forget the third. [[NerdRage Dammit.]]²* MinoredInAsskicking - Planning to, at any rate; hard to find anything besides karate, kung-fu (though, remarkably, one of the kung-fu dojos is ''wing-chun''), or kenpo around here. What I really want is aikido; or, failing that, t'ai-chi.²* {{Megane}} - The specs sometimes double as NerdGlasses or ScaryShinyGlasses (or, very rarely, StoicGlasses), depending on my current mood and preoccupation. Not BlindWithoutEm, though.²** AdjustingYourGlasses - Not just when I ''need'' too, either. (see LargeHam)²** CrossPoppingVeins tend to occur when someone suggests that TheGlassesGottaGo, as I think I look better ''with'' them.²* MistakenForJunkie - Have had this happen a couple of times, primarily due to one of my trademark accessories having since highschool been a camouflage jacket (as a BadassLongcoat when I can find one long enough, which sadly isn't very often). It plus a pair of matching trousers once even got me cast as a ''Death Hippy'' in an Amtgard session.²** Though since I started wearing ballcaps regularly, it's become more often "Mistaken For ''Trucker''". O.o²* {{Nakama}} - If life really ''is'' an RPG...well, I could do okay as a LoneWolf, but it's better not to if you can avoid it.²** I just realized that we might qualify as a FiveManBand, particularly if I can figure out a fifth member - though it's more common for the first three to be a PowerTrio of either the [[FireIceLightning Fire/Water/Thunder]] or the [[LandSeaSky Earth/Sea/Sky]] flavour, depending on how you look at it:²*** '''Myself''' (Water) - TheHeart, sometimes TheSmartGuy.²*** '''David/Blade''' (Fire/Earth) - TheBigGuy (Class 4). Not a full-blown [[TheBerserker berserker]], but prone to occasional fits of UnstoppableRage and generally aggressive; generally my [[TheLancer Lancer]], and we don't always get along. Probably the least-intelligent of us, but that's not saying much - consider that he's the only one of us who doesn't wear specs, and that's just because he prefers contacts; he's also usually the one telling me TheGlassesGottaGo. Ironically, also a ChefOfIron, having graduated recently from Le Cordon Bleu, Las Vegas.²*** '''Jay''' (Thunder/Sky) - BigFun, TheSmartGuy/TheHeart when I'm not, most likely MissionControl, also occasionaly a DeadpanSnarker. Prone to EpilepticTrees and the occasional CrackPairing. Currently writing a MegaCrossover.²*** Heather/Nonamei - Another [[TheBigGuy big mutha]], this time Class 2, MightyGlacier variant in {{Meganekko}} form, with the MostCommonSuperpower and occasional MadScientist tendencies, making her a candidate for GeniusBruiser status. [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer Yes, ''really''.]] She's over 6' tall ([=IIRC=]), built like a brick, and prone to [[CheshireCatGrin Cheshire-Cat grins]]. And believe it or not, we went out for a while. Currently [[PutOnABus on a bus]], having been semi-forcibly relocated to middle-of-nowhere California, while the rest of us are in southwestern Utah.²**** Make that a ''charter'' bus; she's now more-or-less-permanently relocated to Kentucky and likely married soon if she isn't already. :/²*** Kristin/Shade - Nonamei's SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: built almost identically (though not quite up to MostCommonSuperpower standards) and just as intelligent. However, emotionally practically the [[TheWoobie polar opposite]], not least because she has at least one KnightTemplarParent and they [[ParentalHypocrisy just]] [[HidingBehindReligion don't]] [[MisunderstoodLonerWithAHeartOfGold understand]] [[FurryFandom her]]. Because of this and the control they enjoy over her due to her having to live under their roof, she finds real friends [[IJustWantToHaveFriends hard to come by]], which frequently leads her to refer to me (sometimes bitterly) as "popular", just because I usually have someone to talk to online.²*** And I think I have figured out the fifth: Robert/Sarogoth - TallDarkAndSnarky to the hilt, also wears contacts, literally TheMedic (National Guard), a bit of a KnifeNut and fan of the CoolSword. Occasionally mistaken for Harry Potter (no, really, and it's not that farfetched) and ended up marrying a SixthRanger, complete with HeelFaceTurn!²* [[PotHole Pot-holes]] - Gotta love'm.²* SarcasticClapping²* SelfDeprecation - Often for laughs.²* SelfInsertFic - Two in the works, one using Stef in the main FinalFantasyVII plot, the other using an InkSuitActor in LoveHina. In neither do I replace any characters, and I don't mess with the main LoveHina plot, such as it is.²* ShamelessSelfPromoter - Hey, at least I have [[ something at-least-vaguely worth promoting]]...²* {{Shipping}}, though I don't [[DieForOurShip go down with my Ship]]. Primarily:²** {{Bleach}} - MinionShipping galore! Also, Grimmjow/Nel is beginning to look juicy, assuming Grimmjow survived...²** CardCaptorSakura - Tomoyo/Sakura. The OfficialCouple just never made sense to me. [[YouShouldKnowThisAlready Of course you know]] [[KissingCousins what this leaves us with...]]²** FinalFantasyVIII - SquareSoft could not have gotten the pairings more nonsensical, [=IMO=]. Squall/Quistis, Rinoa/Irvine, Selphie/Zell makes much more sense.²** And my favourite, LoveHina - OT3, Keitaro/Naru/Mutsumi. Akamatsu's such a wuss.²* ShippingGoggles - I don't always roll with what I discover, but I always look...²* TheShortGuyWithGlasses - [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] ([[SubvertedTrope subverted]] somehow?) in that I'm ''older'' than most of my contemporary friends, and rarely wear green aside from camo. Like I said, my stature doesn't exactly allow TallDarkAndSnarky...²* TheSmartGuy²* So Yeah - Gradually becoming another CatchPhrase.²* PlatonicLifePartners - Subverted with myself and Heather, as stated above.²* YuriFanboy - Yeah...²²[[AC: Added by other tropers (WikiMagic off the port bow!)]]²²Works this contributor finds awesome:²²* {{Bleach}}²** Now complete with SelfInsertFic - I'm actually ''roleplaying'' as a version of my RLself '''on Twitter, of all places!''' I even have a girlfriend now. {{Squee}} . ^.^²* ChronoTrigger - Mundane (if well-executed) gameplay, but ''awesome'' storytelling.²** ChronoCross - Muddled plotline and [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters a couple too many characters]] (and no, no SarcasmMode here; I really think there's only ''a few'' too many), but ''incredible'' (and [=AFAIK=] unprecedented) gameplay.²* {{Civilization}}²* {{Diablo}}²* DominicDeegan²* FauxPas²* FinalFantasyVII - another SelfInsertFic has been in the works here for some years, along with TheLegendOfDragoon...²* InuYasha²* LoveHina²* MarvelVsCapcom - The entire series, particularly 2. 3's damn good too.²* MaisonIkkoku²* TheMatrix (mostly the first)²* {{MUGEN}} (RIP Reu) - Currently have a roster of something like 500 characters, variants, and edits.²* {{Mulan}} - Gotta love female BadAss-ery.²* QuestionableContent²* RobinHoodMenInTights - It took me literally ''years'' and suddenly wondering why he decided to [[SpellMyNameWithAnS spell Robin's surname with an X]] (''Loxley'' instead of the usual ''Lockesley'') to catch one of MelBrooks' Jewish jokes: "...I mean, what a combination - Loxley and Baguelle! Can't miss!" For those who may not know, a favourite munchy among Jews (and a few others) is ''lox'' on a ''bagel'', often with cream-cheese - lox is a particular form of smoked salmon.²* SeikenDensetsu3²* SisterAct - WhoopiGoldberg, [[HeyItsThatGuy Dame]] [[HarryPotter Maggie]], and ''[[TheSoundOfMusic singing nuns]]''!!! [[MelBrooks Can't]] [[RobinHoodMenInTights miss]]!²* StreetFighter - The entire series, particularly Third Strike. Haven't played 4 yet.²* {{Tron}} - TronLegacy was definitely worthy. Slight beef with one particular part of the [[DaftPunk soundtrack]] though.²* WaynesWorld - No, the second one did ''not'' suck, though it definitely wasn't as good as the first.²²Diverse enough for ya?²²Feel free to edit and comment, just don't vandalize. [[SeriousBusiness Seriously.]]²²<<|TheContributors|>>


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