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1* CompilationMovie: While this originally aired as two 75-minute episodes, it's presented on the DVD as a single 145-minute feature.* DawsonCasting: Fifty-nine year old Creator/BobHoskins as forty-five year old Professor Challenger.* FakeNationality: The English Bob Hoskins as the Scottish Professor Challenger.* UnderageCasting: Thirty-one year old Creator/TomWard as Lord Roxton, who is in his mid-forties.* PropRecycling: Many of the extinct animal models were reused and slightly tweaked from the first two entries of the [[Series/WalkingWithDinosaurs Walking]] [[Series/WalkingWithBeasts With...]] series.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Creator/BrianBlessed was considered for the role of Challenger but this was vetoed by BBC America.


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