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Context Trivia / QuirkyMisadventuresOfSoldineTheCyborg

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1* DevelopmentHell - happened to the finale of the series due to a number of real life issues the creator had to deal with.* DoingItFortheArt - whilst the series itself is made for the purpose of entertainment, the creator sometimes spends a lot of time meticulously animating sequences which last about several seconds to make sure they turn out good enough. * SavedFromDevelopmentHell - fortunately, the development [[SavedFromDevelopmentHell resumed]] in full force after nearly 2 years.* WhatCouldHaveBeen - whilst most of the episodes were made in a [[WritingbytheSeatofYourPants rather spontaneous manner]] the finale of the series underwent a long and gradual process of development.** The original draft for the end of the series featured Painis Vagicake, a hybrid HumanoidAbomination, as the creation of Dr. Schadenfreude and the ultimate opponent. His creation was planned to result in a giant explosion that would have killed Schadenfreude, and then Soldine with numerous temporary allies was to combat the threat. However, the author realised he did not like that concept at all and thus had scrapped it before any proper development was made.** At a later point Dr. Schadenfreude's ultimate creation was supposed to be a BLK Vagineer with a Googly Gazer. Nevertheless, the author did not like that concept either and went for something slightly more original: the Destroyer, a semi-Vagineer LightningBruiser with [[HavingABlast the power to generate explosions]]. Consequently, episodes 13 and 14 set up the introduction of the Monster together with an expanded cast.** The rough draft of the final episode itself differs substantially from the final version as well. Initially, the video was slated to be far shorter. There would have been only 4 battles during the "Destroyer's Rampage" rather than 5 and Heavybine instead of Private Funnyman. The role of Razor's team and Dr. Schadenfreude would have basically amounted to extended cameos and the final battle would be just Soldine vs. Destroyer. Once the actual development began in earnest that script was considerably expanded to avoid what the author suspected would have been a highly underwhelming finale.** The second draft was ''also'' slightly modified during development. Several sequences were planned but eventually cut. Those were: extended interaction between Shriek and Destroyer (with Shriek imitating voices of several characters), Soldine being upgraded for the final battle by the RED Engineer on-screen, longer fight between Razor and Major Scout Guy (with Razor employing his Steel Mode), as well as extended epilogue featuring a visit to the cemetery and Soldine's house. In addition, there were several short clips that had been actually filmed but not used either. Pacing was the main reason these sequences were not included in the finalised version. As far as the epilogue is concerned, time constraints played a role too. Be that as it may, the author considers releasing a deleted scenes video some time later for those who would like to watch them.


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