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1* NoBudget: Many of his early videos were made using stock assets and video-editing programs. Later averted after Deji became a verified user on [=YouTube=], which allowed him to buy better quality filming equipment as well as a gaming PC, which has overshadowed usage of his Xbox One he used in the past.* OldShame: ** When rewatching his blind man prank video, he admitted that he regrets doing it because he felt he was being too rude to the people who fell for it.** In the same video, he also finds "The Teddy Gamer: Joins Xbox Live" rather embarrassing, although it may be due to the rather CringeComedy elements of it and the fact it was made as one of his VERY earliest videos (around March 2012).** He has stated numerous times that he wants to delete the 2013 video "LOVING YOU" (a cover of Minnie Riperton's "Loving You", where he declares his love to pieces of chicken).* WhyFandomCantHaveNiceThings:** Deji has admitted to growing tired of the people who demand him to stay as a full-on gaming channel rather than a mix of comedy skits and gameplay videos. He's outright admitted several times that if people want to recommend things for him to try out, then they should comment to him about it.** There has been numerous times he has had to open and close his PO box and Q&As. For the former, this is mostly due to the people who have sent him... very questionable items (including but not limited to feces, cocaine, a gas bomb, a slavery kit, various insects, sweat, and even someone's own sperm). For the latter, he has grown tired of the people using it as a way to threaten or mock him. ** He has always had a problem with the strew of hate he gets from the comments section, but it wasn't until 2016 that he had enough of it. It didn't help that scammers linked fake "giveaways" (virus/Trojan traps) to people disguised as his channel, and the hate had bordered on racist. Eventually, following [[ this video]], he disabled comments and has continued doing so for some of his older videos. However, as of August 2017, he has allowed approved comments to appear on his videos to prevent such things from happening.


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