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1[[quoteright:350:]] [[caption-width-right:350:"This isn't Canterlot... Where am I? Princess Celestia?! What's happened to me? Somepony... help me!"]]* Even before TheReveal, it is easy to feel bad for Wallflower Blush. Sunset and the girls have no idea who she is and don't recognize her, or know what clubs she is part of. She even says she was trying to get Sunset's attention for half of her song.** After TheReveal, just everything about Wallflower Blush is sad. Sunset gets to see all of her memories and they're mostly Wallflower standing alone while everybody else has fun around her. This girl hates how forgettable she is and how lonely it made her.** Also when you realise that because Wallflower wanted to erase all of her awkward moments, she herself compounded her own invisibility - and who hasn't wanted to erase an awkward interaction at some point?* The poignant [[RuleOfSymbolism symbolism]] of the title's presentation: it's the words "forgotten friendship" written in the sand, and the tide come in to wash it away forever...* Sunset meeting her friends on the beach and none of them remembering how much she has changed, with Applejack telling her they aren't friends to her face. Every scene of Sunset watching the other girls be best friends while she's excluded is simply heartbreaking.** Sunset asks Twilight if she remembers her at all, saying they went through so much together. Twilight says she only spoke to her once before, when Sunset yelled at her during the Friendship Games.** Sunset uses her magic to see Applejack's memories and we get to see past events like the battle against the Dazzlings and Twilight turning back to normal and watch as every memory has Sunset slowly erased. All these memories that showed Sunset's change into a good person and her friendship with the others, just erased and the scene moving on as if she didn't exist.* When Sunset tries showing proof to her friends that she has changed and they ''are'' friends, they think it is fake evidence just like she used against Princess Twilight. Then when Sunset slips on a volleyball and accidentally breaks Twilight's selfie machine, Twilight tells her angrily she's "helped enough." * Even if it was an emergency and they were focusing, when Sunset reunites with Princess Twilight, Twilight doesn't ask how Flash Sentry is and he isn't mentioned at all by anyone. Seems Sunset was right to tell Flash to move on in ''Legend of Everfree''.** Flash appears in his car right before the climax and is forgotten soon afterwards.* Sunset tries to help up Micro Chips after he falls but instead of taking her hand, he gives Sunset his lunch money. This enrages Sunset and makes her yell that she isn't mean to everybody around.* During Wallflower Blush's rant towards Sunset, the former angrily blurts out "''I hate you!''" True, this might've applied to the Sunset Shimmer [[ManipulativeBastard we knew in the first movie]], but [[TookALevelInKindness the Sunset we know now]] is honestly stung by those words. Heck, even Wallflower herself is shocked when she realizes those words came out of her mouth.* During the climax, Wallflower decides erasing memories of Sunset from her friends isn't enough, and tries to erase ''all of their memories'' including of each other. Sunset [[TakingTheBullet jumps in front of them to save them]], not wanting their friendship to be ruined again. The others then watch horrified as Sunset's memories of her friends are ripped out one by one with Sunset crying out their names. After losing all of her memories, she regresses back to who she was before she came to the human world. She doesn't recognize the human world, tries to walk on four legs like a pony before realizing her body's changed, and calls out for Princess Celestia or somepony to help her. [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments Thankfully, the rest of the Equestria Girls lend a hand to the terrified Sunset, being convinced they're friends thanks to her sacrifice.]]** You want even more sadness? Then try applying a little FridgeHorror into the mix. Wallflower is erasing ''all'' of Sunset's memories of high school in general, starting from and including her very arrival. '''This is possibly Sunset's initial reaction to coming to Canterlot High.'''** The process of her losing every single memory is hard to watch too. She literally has all her memories pulled out of her head, and she just has enough time to say each of her friends' names one last time before she forgets them. Twilight is the last one she forgets, and before she loses all her memories of her she asks Twilight to not forget her. This all happens in front of all her friends, who have just learned that she was telling the truth to them the whole time, watched her sacrifice herself for them, and can do nothing but watch her as she suffers.** Wallflower Blush's [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone reaction]] to seeing this unfold as well, realizing that Sunset really had changed, after it's all cruelly taken away. Followed by her heartfelt apology to Sunset after the Memory Stone is destroyed by the group's {{Super Mode}}s.* '''''The whole premise of the special!''''' Just imagine waking up one day, walking up to your friends, expecting to have fun with them like every day...and they don't remember you. Now imagine they haven't just forgotten that you're their friend, but also treat you like you're the biggest jerk they know, and all but say that they hate you. ''[[RuleOfThree Then]]'' imagine everyone in your school treating you the same way. '''''Then''''' imagine knowing that you actually ''were'' that kind of jerk, and '''''THEN''''' imagine that you were actually immensely proud of the CharacterDevelopment you've gone through. This basically isn't a TearJerker anymore, it might be straight up NightmareFuel for some!


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