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1->Zero: So, what were you up to while I was gone?²->Wayne: I don't know, stuff.²->Zero: What kind of stuff?²->Wayne: Super teens stuff.²-->-- [[ This scene by yours truly]]²²Super Teens Stuff is a role-playing game in the forums of Website/NationStates. Yeah, THAT [=NationStates=].²²You can find it [[ here]], [[ here]] and [[ here]].²²The basic plot of the Roleplay is as follows. Ten years ago, there was a team of teenage superheroes who got in a fight with this villain (and our story's BigBad), and when they came close to killing the villain, the villain, a guy named Nur who fancies himself Apocalypse from ComicBook/AgeOfApocalypse, erased the team's memories at the expense of most of his power. So for ten years, the surviving members of the team just wandered around, did their own thing, and never aged. Eventually they all found their way back together in a high school in San Francisco. They made friends with other super teens, rediscovered their powers, and fought some kind of dinosaur made out of human blood. Things went downhill from there as Nur, in the form of a teenager, tore the team apart, recruited a blood manipulating super teen named Nihil as his queen, and attacked the city. Nihil betrayed him, rejoining the others and taking her personal samurai (stalker) Valtherzaw back to the good guys with her. ²²While San Fran got nuked, both the kids and Nur, along with new queen Ariana (yeah, he plays the field), escaped to Seattle. The kids stayed with Valtherzaw's adoptive sister, Victoria, in her dad's hotel for a month while they honed their powers to fight Nur. While this went down, a telepath named Wayne, awakened everyone's memories of their pasts. Several misadventures and a few vists from Wayne's mentor, the clairvoyant Mr. Zero, later, the kids were attacked by the DUT. The DUT is a part of the government and they kidnap a few of the team's members, including some new recruits from Seattle. The others flee with Mr. Zero to British Columbia, recruit some other supers created by Nur's experimentation (which is how Wayne and Zero were created) and fled to St. Louis. While this happened, the captured members joined the DUT and attacked Nur's base. Zero's best buddy, a teleporting guy named Taboo, rescued Ariana, her new friend Sarah, and this Roman {{jerk with a heart of gold}} named Adam and took them to the others. Basically, the government and the kids will be forced to work together to defeat Nur and his army of dead Egyptian guys. ²²Did I forget the vampires? There are a lot of those running around. Aztec and Greek gods too. Oh yeah, and crazy cultists. There's a lot of stuff going on since each kid has their own unique origin (e.g. getting blessed by a God or Goddess, being a Demigod, being the Earthly incarnation of a God, having been experimented on, defeating an Archdemon in a mental battle, etc.). At the end of the day, it's hardly about teenage superheroes and more about a bunch of crazy (often homicidal) teenagers running around the country and getting attacked every ten minutes by some random villain or monster. This article probably only covers half of what's going on in this RP. So yeah, it's pretty big.²!! This Roleplay provides examples of:²²* ConvenientlyAnOrphan - Pretty much all of them. ²* DeityOfHumanOrigin - Al became an Archdemon (the Demon equivalent of a God), Ben is practically the God of the Wind (having been given power over wind by Stribog, the Slavic God of the Wind), and a couple of others have practically ascended into Godhood as well. ²* JekyllAndHyde - There quite a few characters who have multiple personalities, the best example being Henry, who is haunted by his past lives. These lives include a genocidal murderer named Hector and the god of the sun! Other examples of this are Nihil (she tore out her own brain to get of hers) and Valtherzaw (though he's really just crazy and bloodthirsty).²* {{Mentor}} - Both Henry and Wayne have mentors. Henry's, two other divine resurrections named Thomas and Quincy, are the traditional sensei kind of people. Wayne's, everybody's favorite nuisance Mr. Zero, is more of TricksterMentor in that his actions very rarely ever make sense, even to him. Nur also functions as an EvilMentor, as he frequently goads Wayne into getting stronger and as taken Nihil, Val, Vlad, Ariana, Adam, and Sarah under his wing for a time.²* MyNameIsInigoMontoya - Luc uses this before he kills High Priest Abaddon.²* OmnicidalManiac - If Nur wins, he's going to destroy everything! Well, maybe not those who serve him, but it's definitely {{the end of the world as we know it}}.²* PrepareToDie - Luc says this when he kills Abaddon (as mentioned above).²* TeenGenius - Wayne is pretty much a genius. He knows just about everything about his friends, about his powers, about his foe. And if he doesn't know, he's going to dig around in your head and find it. Because of this, he's also kind of a NosyNeighbor... in your head.²* TeamPet - Once upon a time, there was a blue whale swimming around in the ocean. Then Nihil found it and she used his blood to make an entirely new monster. Meet Chaos, a giant beast that's really just a dog at heart. [[LivingShip It also sometimes acts as transportation]].²* TheVerse: Roleplay/NightkillsShit. Wayne even goes to live in Roleplay/AmericanParanormalSociety.²* ToHellAndBack - Luc, who [[CastingAShadow controls shadows]], and Al, the Demon Lord, have traveled into Hell. It is later revealed that Luc went to look for his father, a rather important demon who had a HeelFaceTurn and became an AscendedDemon but was captured. It is interesting to note that Hell in the STS RP was based on Dante's Inferno, except that it was Luc's father, who said he was also called Azrael at one point, rather than Lucifer, who is imprisoned in the center of Hell.²* UltimateEvil - Nur's daddy, the chaos god Set, is manipulating everything in the name of causing destruction and, you guessed it, chaos. Then again, Set himself could be working for a HiddenVillain...²* WhyWontYouDie - Both Zero and Nihil have come {{back from the dead}}. Nihil, well you read the part about the brain. Zero has been through at least two scenarios in which one would think "{{No one could survive that}}...", but he always does.²* YouKilledMyFather - Luc, as said above twice, uses this when he kills High Priest Abaddon, but inverted to "You killed my mother."


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