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1[floatboxright: ²Previous: Recap/SupernaturalS09E16BladeRunners\²Next: Recap/SupernaturalS09E18MetaFiction]²²'''[[Recap/{{Supernatural}} Recap]] of ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'''''\²'''Season 9, Episode 17'''²²!Mother's Little Helper²[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:I say "demons," and you don't bat an eye, when everyone else around here thinks I'm nuts on toast.]] ²Written by Adam Glass.²²Directed by Misha Collins.²²Air Date: March 25, 2014.²²Sam investigates a case of normal people suddenly becoming violent murderers while Dean struggles with the effects of the Mark of Cain.²²!!Body Count:²²For this episode: 4 humans and 2 demons.²²For the series so far = At least 1090 angels, 1013 humans (of which 8 were witches), 165 demons, 53 vampires, 49 ghosts, 36 Jefferson Starships, 21 gods, 19 zombies, 10 hellhounds, 9 werewolves, 7 skinwalkers, 6 changelings, 6 shapeshifters, 5 djinn, 4 dogs, 4 ghouls, 4 Leviathan, 4 reapers, 2 Amazons, 2 arachnes, 2 kitsunes, 2 rugarus, 2 Thule, 2 vetalas, 1 cat, 1 crocotta, 1 deer, 1 dragon, 1 fairy, 1 familiar, 1 Khan worm, 1 lamia, the Mother of All, 1 okami, 1 phoenix, 1 pishtaco, 1 Purgatory creature, 1 rakshasa, 1 rawhead, 1 shojo, 1 shtriga, 1 siren, 1 Titan, 1 wendigo, 1 whore of Babylon, 1 wicked witch, and 1 wraith.²²!!Tropes²²* CoolOldLady: Current-day Julia.²* CouldntFindAPen: Mrs. Young scrawls in blood on her cell walls before hanging herself. Some of the other prisoners do the same later.²* DeadpanSnarker: Older Julia is very snarky.²* FoeRomanceSubtext: Crowley to Dean.²--> '''Crowley:''' You're lying to Sam like he's your wife, which kind of makes me your mistress.²* MyGreatestFailure: Julia believes hers was keeping quiet and not telling Henry that Abaddon was wearing Josie.²* NiceJobBreakingItHero: The Men of Letters send two green initiates unsupervised to the Convent of Evil, giving Abaddon a younger vessel and sealing their own doom.²* SoulJar: Abaddon is making her followers steal human souls in order to corrupt the souls into demons and form an army. Until then, they're keeping the souls in glass jars.²* TheSoulless: There are marked behavioral changes in those who have lost their souls. Sam can see the signs because he's been there.²* TakeMeInstead: Josie volunteers to be Abaddon's meatsuit in place of Henry, who's knocked out.²* TitledAfterTheSong: "Mother's Little Helper" by Music/TheRollingStones.


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