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Context Recap / HavenSp1ColdInHaven

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1In this Website/{{Twitter}} story, Vince and Dave Teagues chat on Twitter. They are contacted by someone with the hashtag [=ColdInHaven=]. [=ColdInHaven=] claims that everything in his or her house is freezing solid. This causes Vince and Dave to recall a time in the 1950's that they and Audrey Parker's past self Sarah Vernon met Mara Kopf.²²Mara was a girl with a Trouble that everything around her freezes solid. One day, she was trapped in a burning building. Her Trouble apparently had no effect on the fire, but when the firefighters came, the water in their hoses froze before they could reach the fire. Vince managed to rescue Mara, then Sarah helped her deal with her Trouble in an unspecified manner.²²As their story ends, Vince and Dave realize [=ColdInHaven=] is really their old intern Stephanie [=McCann=]. Stephanie confesses that she contacted them and pretended to be in a freezing situation because she knew how they would react. She had read about Mara from their archives and wanted to hear more about it from them. Vince and Dave are slightly upset because they had to recall Sarah, whom they both had loved.


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