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1[[quoteright:340:]]²Peter and the gang are caught in a hurricane while fishing in Peter's boat and get stranded on a deserted island. When Peter finally manages to return home months later, he finds that Lois is remarried -- to Brian!²²!!Tropes:²* ArtisticLicenseMedicine: After Peter eats Joe's legs, he gets new ones from a death row inmate and says that the inmate was also paraplegic, hence why he's still in a wheelchair. However, Joe's paraplegia has repeatedly been shown to be the result of a spinal injury, so it wouldn't matter if the donor was or not.²* AwesomeButImpractical: As the families mourn the losses of Peter, Cleveland, Quagmire and Joe, Adam West decides to take revenge on the ocean -- by literally stabbing the ocean water near the beach with a knife. ²* CallBack: During a drinking game of "I Never", Quagmire drinks to [[Recap/FamilyGuyS4E5TheClevelandLorettaQuagmire having sex with Cleveland's wife]].²* DirtyOldMan: Herbert the creepy old pedophile hums an ice cream truck tune and asks Brian if his dealership had an ice cream truck.²* DoubleEntendre: A few in the episode.²-->'''Quagmire:''' (while using inflatable sex dolls as a lifeboat) Be careful. The tiniest prick will pop these things. Giggedy.²-->'''Lois:''' (to Brian trying to goad her into sex) Geez, enough already. You're like a dog with a bone.²* EverybodyLaughsEnding: The episode ends with the Griffin's laughing when Brian makes the IllBeInMyBunk joke below. Stewie then asks them what exactly was the joke.²* FaceDoodling: After Quagmire passes out from drinking too much, Peter and the guys decide to write on him. In the next scene, Quagmire wakes up with the world "Penus" written on his chin.²* FanDisservice: ²** The orgy between Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe on the island.²** Peter naked and his chest and private area covered in whip cream. ²* INever: Peter and the guys play this game while on the boat. Quagmire ends up getting smashed when the guys try to think of [[SerialEscalation increasingly ridiculous sexual scenarios]].²-->'''Peter:''' God, let's see, what else is there? Um...I never gave a reach-around to a spider monkey while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.²-->'''Quagmire:''' Oh, God! ''(takes a drink)''²-->'''Joe''': I, uh... I never picked up an illegal alien at Home Depot to take home and choke me while I touch myself.²-->'''Quagmire''': Oh, come on! ''(takes a drink)''²-->'''Peter''': Um, I never did the same thing, but with someone from [=JoAnn=] Fabrics.²-->'''Quagmire''': Oh, God! This is ridiculous! ''(takes a drink and gets knocked out)''²* IllBeInMyBunk: Brian does this twice when Lois denies him sex due to remaining faithful to Peter.²-->'''Brian:''' I'll be in the basement.²-->'''Lois:''' Doing what?²-->'''Brian:''' ''What do you think?''²* ImAHumanitarian: While the guys are sailing hungry on a bed of inflatable sex dolls, Peter resorts to eating Joe's crippled legs.²* IJustWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Brian pulls this at the end in order for Lois and Peter to be together.²* InterspeciesRomance: Lois married Brian, a dog, when she thinks Peter is dead. She's not willing to get intimate with him though.²* LoveTriangle: A brief one between Peter, Lois and Brian.²* ParentalIncest: A cutaway gag shows Lorelai and Rory from ''Gilmore Girls'' making out. Also a joke on how closely the bond mother and daughter have.²* PetTheDog: Lois mentions to Peter how Brian's been great with the kids, as Chris is doing better in school and Meg even went on a date with the announcer from ''The Super Friends''.²* PrimalScene: Stewie walks in on Peter and Lois having sex in the living room, causing him to repeatedly scream loudly (and unintentionally entice Mayor West into a shouting match).²* ProperlyParanoid: After being lectured about Lois having an affair, Brian immediately phones home and Lois doesn't answer -- because she's having an affair with Peter.²* SerialEscalation: The situations when the guys play "I Never" start out simple enough, but Quagmire drinks to more and more ridiculous things as he gets more intoxicated.²* SexlessMarriage: Despite remarrying, Lois is reluctant to have sex with Brian despite him pressuring her to do so. At the end of the episode, Lois rubs it in Brian's face that she would have given in had Peter not come home.²* ShoutOut²** A fake clip from ''Series/GilmoreGirls'' parodies the show's witty, fast-paced dialogue exchanges by having the characters talk fast to the point of unintelligible.²** The scene of Peter's boat capsizing parodies ''Film/ThePerfectStorm''.²** Peter trying to catch a fish on the island and forlornly opening a locket with [[WesternAnimation/CaptainCavemanAndTheTeenAngels Captain Caveman]] inside parodies a scene from ''Film/CastAway''.²** The cutaway of Peter out-farting Creator/MichaelMoore parodies the "dueling banjos" scene from ''Film/{{Deliverance}}''.²** As Brian witnesses Peter and Lois' affair from the outside of their hotel window, a shadow silhouette shows Alfred Hitchcock with the theme song playing.²** One cutaway gag shows Peter claiming he invented the time-traveling [=DeLorean=] from ''Film/BackToTheFuture'' and after crashing it into the outside of a mall, believes everyone in 1955 to being on fire.²** When Peter’s boat goes into the storm, they go up a wave at a 90 degree angle, which is from ''The Perfect Storm''.²** Herbert the creepy old pedophile hums “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin when he asks Brian if the Quahog Hummer Dealership had an ice cream truck.²** One brief scene shows Meg on a date with the announcer from "''The Super Friends''".²** The scene where Peter sprays whipped cream from an aerosol can all over his chest and privates to seduce Lois is similar to a scene from the film ''Varsity Blues''.²** Stewie showed Brian a video of Lois and Peter having sex. When Peter reaches sexual climax, Peter screams “Shazam!,” a reference to the superhero Captain Marvel who said “Shazam!” to activate his powers. He previously did this before in “Fifteen Minutes of Shame.”²** While showing Brian evidence of Lois's affair with Peter, Stewie accidentally shows Brian a tape of him auditioning for ''MTV's The Real World''.²* SituationalSexuality: After being stuck on an island for months and knowing they all have needs, Peter proposes forming an orgy with Cleveland, Quagmire and Joe. It doesn't go very well. ²* TakeThat²** One cutaway has Peter on a game show called ''Bobcat or Bjork?'' where Peter has to listen to whether a blabbing sound is that of Bobcat Goldthwait or Björk's. Peter guesses Bobcat, but it's actually Björk's ([[DontExplainTheJoke the joke is that it actually sounds closer to Bobcat]]).²** When Brian comes home to find that Peter has come back, Chris comments that it's like "[[Series/TwoAndAHalfMen the show about the two dads]], except no one's laughing" before correcting himself "Oh, wait, it's the same."²** One cutaway shows Kobe Bryant in questioning on a rape charge and distracting the cops by spinning a basketball. ²** After arriving back to Quahog via cruise ship, Cleveland admits he had fun shooting skeet. Instead of the sport, turns out he actually shot actor Skeet Ulrich who enraged. Cleveland then tells him "There's nothing good about who you are or what you done".²* TemptingFate: While attempting an orgy between the guys, Joe says he's glad nobody is around to see what's happening. Then a family cruise sails close by.²* ToiletHumor: Peter enters a public bathroom and gets into a farting contest with Michael Moore.


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