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1->“. . . And the weak were cast out into the desert. The unfit, the ugly, the frail, the sick, the elderly. [[TheSocialDarwinist Raids were conducted throughout the kingdom, searching for those who might ‘bring down’ the strength of Sanctuary.]] The land was no longer a haven, instead being a place of fear. And the Malaiki was succeeded by his son, Shujaa. Only more pain and suffering were brought to the lands. He began the greatest abomination the kingdom has ever known: he passed a law that forbade the practice of any religion. Believers were tortured as a public spectacle, made to suffer untold agony, many of them dying from their thirst or their wounds. Those that survived were cast into the desert along with the others, believing that they would only weaken the kingdom. He tore down what temples he could, and banned all animals from going near the rest."˛-->-- ''Fanfic/{{Sanctuary}}''˛˛˛˛-> ''"The ever memorable and blessed revolution, which swept a thousand years of villainy away in one swift tidal wave of blood — one: a settlement of that hoary debt in the proportion of half a drop of blood for each hogshead of it that had been pressed by slow tortures out of that people in the weary stretch of ten centuries of wrong and shame and misery the like of which was not to be mated but in hell."''\˛ ''"If we really think about it, there were two Reigns of Terror; in one people were murdered in hot and passionate violence; in the other they died because people were heartless and did not care. One Reign of Terror lasted a few months; the other had lasted for a thousand years; one killed a thousand people, the other killed a hundred million people. However, we only feel horror at the French Revolution's Reign of Terror. But how bad is a quick execution, if you compare it to the slow misery of living and dying with hunger, cold, insult, cruelty and heartbreak? A city cemetery is big enough to contain all the bodies from that short Reign of Terror, but the whole country of France isn't big enough to hold the bodies from the other terror. We are taught to think of that short Terror as a truly dreadful thing that should never have happened: but none of us are taught to recognize the other terror as the real terror and to feel pity for those people."'' ˛-->-- '''Creator/MarkTwain''', presents an atypical perspective of the ReignOfTerror in ''Literature/AConnecticutYankeeInKingArthursCourt'' in this light.˛˛-> ''"We think of this as the reign of people who inspire terror; on the contrary, it is the reign of people who are themselves terrified. Terror consists mostly of useless cruelties perpetrated by [[TheParanoiac frightened people]] in order to reassure themselves."''˛-->-- '''Friedrich Engels''' ˛˛----


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