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1-> Who says that I am dead knows not at all,-> I am that is, two mice within Redwall.-> The warrior sleeps 'twixt hall and Cavern Hole.-> I am that is, take on my mighty role.-> Look for the sword in moonlight streaming forth,-> At night, when day's first hour reflects the north.-> From o'er the threshold, seek and you will see,-> I am that is, my sword shall wield for me.-->''Redwall''->Sheathing his dagger and shaking with mirth, Gonff unlatched a window shutter, and slipped away through the snow toward the woodlands. ''Oh fight, lads, fight / Scratch, lads, bite / Gonff will dine on cheese and wine, When he gets home tonight.''-->''Mossflower''->''Pickalock pickalock, you'll regret the day / When you took a mousethief and locked him away / Sillycat, look at that, it's a two for one / The thief and the warrior / By dawn will be gone.''-->''Mossflower''->"Laugh, yes laugh all you like, but stay hidden while you value your miserable lives. I am Tsarmina, Queen of the Thousand Eyes. Before I am finished with Mossflower, every creature who defies me will wish that its mother had never given birth to it. The crying and the dying will be loud and long. Now let me hear you laugh at that!"-->''Mossflower''->Tsarmina ran from cell to cell, peering through the bars at the hostile interiors as she muttered aloud, "Yes, good, this is ideal. They'll soon learn obedience down here. Males in one cell, females in another and young ones in a special prison all of their own, where they can be heard but not seen by their parents. Haha, I must remember that: heard but not seen."-->''Mossflower''


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