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1->''"It's not the mean and nasty monster under my bed or the deep dismal dark or a loud thunderstorm that scares me the most. It's those days when you've got a real potty emergency-you've just got to go, and there's no place to go".''-->--'''Wakko Warner''', describing the "Fear of No Bathroom" card from the ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}'' trading card game.->'''Min Joo-hwa:''' So where's the toilet around here?->'''Shin Mi-rae's daughter:''' It's outside. Take the key.->'''Min Joo-hwa:''' Uh... how utterly backward. Where's the key?->'''Shin mi-rae:''' Here. ''(holds it out of her reach)'' Just try to reach it. Or {{potty dance}}, if you can't.->'''Min Joo-hwa:''' ''(squirms)'' How immature of you... why would you possibly want to do this to a proper lady like me?->'''Shin mi-rae:''' Because I am immature, that's why. There are no other toilets around here. Everywhere else is closed. Your dignity, and your skirt, is at my mercy.->'''Min Joo-hwa:''' Uh...come on, give it... not in that way...->'''Shin Mi-rae:''' Why do you look so uncomfortable? You know how power is a great thing. Abusing it even more so...->'''Min Joo-hwa:''' I...I won't let you get away with this...once I've used the toilet...->'''Shin Mi-rae:''' You've already not let me get away with this. Might as well go all the way.-->--''Series/TheCityHall'' proving why insulting the owner of the only bathroom while having a PottyEmergency is not a very good idea. In case it wasn't already obvious, [[PottyFailure she doesn't make it.]]->''"As a river flows to the sea, so too must one's morning juice!"''-->--'''Guru Kid''', ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}''->''"Heck, we know you've been there before. At a park, at a concert or at a stadium with your family and friends... eating food, enjoying drinks and having an absolutely GREAT time with everyone. But then, uh oh, what's that [[GrowlingGut gurgle in your tummy]] and pressure in your behind? Oh no! You gotta go potty and you gotta go potty RIGHT NOW! And if you don't, well, look out because you're about to have an accident from all that food and all those drinks!'' ->''But now you realize that there are a LOT of people around and only a few port-a-potties available for EVERYONE there. What to do, what to do. Should you use one of the port-a-potties that everyone else is waiting for... or should you use that handicap port-a-potty right in front of you without a line? Hmm... decisions, decisions.''->''...And make sure to look out for anyone suffering from [[TitleDrop Potty Panic]] (blinking in red), as they are moving faster than everyone else and they have to go potty RIGHT NOW with NO MORE WAITING AVAILABLE!"''-->-- Description for the app game ''Potty Panic''->'''Dad''': Chicken? Hurry up and take that bath! I gotta get in there!\'''Chicken''': No dice.\'''Cow''': Chicken? Are you done yet? I need to visit the reading read?\'''Mom''': Me too, Chicken. Can I, um, use the bathroom too?\'''Dad''': Come on, son! I gotta core the apple!\'''Mom''': I have to launch the raft!\'''Dad''': Come on, Chicken! I have to brick up the chimney!\'''Cow''': I need to stir the beans, big brother! Will you be much longer?!\'''Chicken''': I ain't taking no bath!\'''Dad''': Come on! I gotta, uh, feed the ducks!\'''Cow''': Why don't you just get it over with, Chicken?! I need to wax the board!\'''Chicken''': The bathroom is closed for the duration.\'''Dad''': Chicken, for crying out loud! I gotta jump the gun!\'''Mom''': I CAN'T HOLD IT IN ANY LONGER! Could you please hurry, honey?\'''Cow''': I GOTTA PEEL THE ONIONS!\'''Chicken''': How rude! Not while I'm in the tub, bub.\'''Mom''': Hurry up, Chicken! I gotta wash the window!\'''Dad''': I gotta make peace with the Germans!\'''Mom''': Gotta run for Congress here!\'''Cow, Mom, and Dad''': Come on, Chicken! Take a bath already!-->-- ''WesternAnimation/CowAndChicken'', "Chicken in the Bathroom"->'''Linny:''' It's a puppy, he has to pee-pee, but he ''caaaaaan't'', because he's stuck in the house! And no one's home!->'''Ming-Ming:''' How fwustrating!->'''Tuck:''' Can we see? Poor puppy.->'''Ming-Ming:''' He weally has to go.->'''Linny:''' Everybody's gotta go sometime. Dogs do it!->'''Ming-Ming:''' Frogs do it!->'''Tuck:''' Even muddy, oinking hogs do it!->'''Wonder Pets:''' Sooner or later, everyone has to go-->'''Tuck:''' Wee-wee. ->'''Linny:''' Pee-pee.->'''Ming-Ming:''' Tinkle.-->-- ''WesternAnimation/WonderPets'', "Save the Puppy!"->''One morning at the Big Blue House, Bear and Tutter were playing a friendly game of checkers.'' ->''"So, Tutter, have you figured out your next move?" Bear asked.''->''"I don't know Bear, I don't know." Tutter said, squirming. "Sometimes it's just so hard to think!"''->''Bear was worried. He could tell that Tutter had to go to the bathroom.''->''"Tutter, if you have to go to the bathroom, it's okay." Bear said.''->''"But I don't want to, Bear! I'm winning! I'm winning!" Tutter squeaked, [[PottyDance dancing from side to side]].''->''"You know, if you ever have to go to the bathroom, you should, even if you're in the middle of doing something or having fun." Bear said.''->''"But what about our game?" Tutter asked.''->''"The game will still be here when you come back, and you'll still be winning." Bear told his friend. "I'll be glad to wait for you."''->''"Great, Bear." Tutter squeaked. "Because I really have to go!"''->''Tutter jumped up from the table and rushed off to his mouse hole.''-->-- ''Series/BearInTheBigBlueHouse'', "When You've Got To Go!" (book adaptation)->'''Pop:''' Ooh, uh... Bear... I feel funny!->'''Pip:''' Me too!->'''Bear:''' Really? What do you feel like?->'''Pop:''' Uh oh! [[CallingYourBathroomBreaks I've gotta PEE!]]->'''Pip:''' Me too!->'''Bear:''' Really?->'''Pop:''' Yeah!->'''Pip:''' We'll be right back, Bear!->'''Bear:''' Okay...->'''Pop:''' We've got to use the POTTY!->'''Bear:''' Good idea, guys! Breakfast will be waiting for ya! You know, [[RipVanTinkle sometimes when you wake up, you have to go to the bathroom!]] Everybody does!-->-- ''Series/BearInTheBigBlueHouse'', "Morning Glory"----


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