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1'''Basic Trope''': Someone teleports into someone else, [[LudicrousGibs gibbing the latter]] as a result.≤* '''Straight''': Bob teleports into Fred, killing Fred instantly.≤* '''Exaggerated''': Bob teleports to Fredís exact location, causing Fredís body to explode. ≤* '''Downplayed''': Bob teleports dangerously close to Fred, causing part of Bobís right arm to end up in Fredís stomach, giving Fred a critical injury.≤* '''Justified''': Teleporting inside of someone is a common kill method for spellcasters, including Bob.≤* '''Inverted''': Bob teleports into Fred, but Bob is the one that dies.≤* '''Subverted''': Bob teleports into Fred, but Fred is teleported to where Bob was. ≤* '''Double Subverted''': [[TeleporterAccident But Fred dies anyway.]]≤* '''Parodied''': Bob teleports inside Fred, causing Fredís limbs to launch off his body.≤* '''Zig Zagged''': Bob teleports into Fred, causing both of their bodies to contort. Bob then teleports again, and his body goes back to normal... only for Bob to start bleeding out of his mouth.≤* '''Averted''': Bob cannot teleport into Fred, or trying to teleport into him simply has Bob teleport right next to him.≤* '''Enforced''': The writers want to discourage the use of teleportation, so they kill off Fred to show their viewpoint.≤** The writers want to use LethalHarmlessPowers in the episode, and Bob's teleportation is as a good a harmless power as any.≤* '''Lampshaded''': "Teleporting into air or a liquid is okay, but teleporting into something solid can be a recipe for disaster."≤* '''Invoked''': John knows of Bobís teleporting habits, so John guesses where Bob will teleport, then gets out of the way in order to stay alive.≤** An EldritchAbomination attacks and devours its prey by teleporting directly into them.≤* '''Exploited''': John knows that Bob likes to kill via teleportation, so John puts Fred in a vulnerable area, and then shoots Bob after he kills Fred.≤* '''Defied''': Bob is about to teleport to Fredís location, but Bob realizes the implication, and teleports next to Fred instead.≤* '''Discussed''': ďBob, make sure to teleport at least two feet from living creatures to avoid any sticky situations.Ē≤* '''Conversed''': ďIíve played enough fantasy games to know how not to teleport towards someone without making a mess.Ē ≤* '''Implied''': Bob, who lacks combat skills and is unarmed, teleports to Fredís presumed location. Five seconds later, he returns covered in blood.≤* '''Played For Laughs''': Bob teleports into Fred, causing Fred to shoot out a massive geyser of blood.≤* '''Played For Horror''': Bob teleports into Fred. Bob manages to get himself out, but that causes Fredís body to violently crack open, revealing a series of mutilated guts. Bob reacts in disgust.≤----≤Back to TeleFrag≤----≤%% Optional items, added after Conversed, at your discretion:≤%%≤%%* '''Plotted A Good Waste''': ???≤%%* '''Played For Drama''': ???≤%%* '''Deconstructed''': ???≤%%* '''Reconstructed''': ???


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