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1'''Basic Trope''': One culture's delicacy is another culture's NauseaFuel.²* '''Straight''': Aerith, the ForeignExchangeStudent from [[{{Wiki/Wikipedia}} Wikistan]] brings a dish involving [[StockYuck octopus tentacles]] to school. Everyone else, with peanut butter sandwiches and other foods typical of [[{{Eagleland}} Tropestan]], is {{Squick}}ed out.²* '''Exaggerated''': As soon as Aerith opens her lunchbox, everyone starts vomiting and running away in horror.²* '''Downplayed''': Aerith's meal is quite normal, but may contain seasonings or a sauce unusual in [[{{Eagleland}} Tropestan]].²* '''Justified''': The people of Tropestan are not familiar with foods like this.²* '''Inverted''':²** [[AerithAndBob Aerith thinks Bob's]] peanut butter sandwich is disgusting.²** The Tropestani kids adore Aerith's Wikistani food.²* '''Subverted''': ²** One day, Aerith brings in an unusual food, but no one is grossed out. Some may even genuinely like it if she lets them try it.²** It's not traditional Wikistani food, Aerith was just messing with everybody.²* '''Double Subverted''': But then the next day, she brings in something smelly, which grosses everyone else out.²* '''Parodied''': The people of Wikistan don't actually eat chilled monkey brains. [[TheGadfly Aerith]] just says so to troll the locals.²* '''Zig Zagged''': Some people like Aerith's dish, others hate it. ²* '''Averted''':²** [[WeAllLiveInAmerica Aerith's food is just like that of the Tropestani kids.]]²** Aerith's food is unfamiliar to the people of Tropestan, but they don't find it disgusting. ²* '''Enforced''': The work is created by a Tropestani author at a time when relations between Tropestan and Wikistan are sour. The execs make the writer add some anti-Wikistan propaganda.²* '''Lampshaded''': "Eww! I can't believe they eat octopus tentacles in Wikistan!"²* '''Invoked''': Some Wikistani no-goodniks decide to serve octopus tentacles in the hopes that their Tropestani visitors will be scared off before they have a chance to uncover the Wikistanis' EvilPlan. (As a side note, this was why the quasi-Hindu {{cult}}ists served such disgusting food in ''Film/IndianaJonesAndTheTempleOfDoom'', but the movie didn't spell this out clearly enough, so it just came off as culturally insensitive to a lot of viewers.)²* '''Exploited''': Aerith uses this as a means to keep other kids away from her, so she can enjoy her lunch by herself.²* '''Defied''': Aerith just eats what everyone else eats.²* '''Discussed''': "Uh, Aerith? Why is your lunch moving?"²* '''Conversed''': "Look, I know live squid look gross, but it's delicious!"²* '''Implied''': Bob is visibly disgusted when he peeks inside Aerith's lunchbox. We never see what it contained.²* '''Played For Laughs''': Bob visits Wikistan, gets hungry and desperately searches for a [[BlandNameProduct WcDonald's]].²* '''Played For Drama''': Aerith is bullied by the [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer other kids]] because they find her food disgusting.²* '''Deconstructed''': Food is part of culture, and Aerith is under heavy pressure to give up on hers because no one likes her food, causing much angst. ²* '''Reconstructed''': Other kids let Aerith eat what she wants, as long as ''they'' don't have to eat it. ²----²Back to ForeignQueasine²----²%% Optional items, added after Conversed, at your discretion:²%%²%%²%%


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