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1'''Basic Trope''': The EldritchAbomination is a plant or fungus.* '''Straight''': Sro'vru is a monstrous tree of unimaginable eldritch terror that manifests from a non-euclidian hole in the universe. * '''Justified''': Sro'vru is a plant beyond human comprehension because it is a plant that evolved out of conditions alien to our planet, so of course it would have come out differently and react differently to our environment.* '''Inverted''': Sro'vru is an Earth dandelion whose seed sprouted on an alien world, so ''it'' is considered the weird, out of place "abomination" by comparison.* '''Subverted''': Sro'vru is a plant, so regardless of how weird it looks or behaves, it still requires sunlight, water, soil with a high nitrogen content and is weak to fire.* '''Double Subverted''': Sro'vru's biology is so alien that while it has needs just like regular plants, those needs are diametric opposites to them. The less water is gets the better, sunlight burns its leaves like acid, the soil has to be at the melting point of igneous rocks and its flowers only blooms at midnight on Bonfire Night on a leap-year.* '''Parodied:''' Sro'vru is a moon-sized killer tree that just so happens to have the brain of a harmless puppy. * '''Deconstructed:''' It does not take long for Sro'vru to wither up and die, as the environmental conditions that it is accustomed to are wildly different than the conditions on our planet. * '''Reconstructed:''' Sro'vru's goal was to pollinate, so while it itself collapses and dies due to the alien conditions of our world, the pollen reaches Earthly plants and its half-breed offspring will thrive just fine. * '''Zig Zagged:''' Sro'vru was originally an Earthly dandelion that was turned into a freakish sentient plant creature when it was sent to another dimension in a botched teleporter experiment. It latches onto humans and mind controls them through their ears, the human bodies degrading into PlantPerson zombies with a taste for human flesh. When it tries latching onto a AnimalisticAbomination that was created from a similar experiment, they wind up combining into a {{Planimal}} creature capable of controlling everything in both the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. When a human that was turned into a HumanoidAbomination tries bonding with the {{Planimal}}, the resulting gestalt entity melts and turns the plant, the animal and the human back to normal. * '''Averted:''' Sro'vru is a completely comprehensible plant with logical rules. * '''Enforced:''' "I have studied botany for forty years and I have never seen a fern or temperate tree do ''anything'' that ''that'' thing can do!"* '''Implied:''' Sro'vru is an urban legend of a nearby town that claims to have seen a fully-grown tree that can walk and do all sorts of horrifying things. * '''Logical Extreme:''' Every tree in the forest seems suspicious and might be up to something. * '''Played for Laughs:''' Sro'vru is a harmless talking flower that always talks about how he shall rain doom on the world. No one takes it seriously at it does not go anywhere. * '''Played for Drama:''' Sro'vru is seen as a threat to the planet and is killed, his body dissolving into flower petals. The protagonists wonder if it was ever trying to hurt people or if it was just confused and scared of the strange alien world (Earth) that it unfortunately found its way in.* '''Played for Horror:''' Sro'vru is able to plant seeds in human hosts and turns them into its mindless zombie slaves, notable for making their eyes glow green. Sro'vru is believed to be dead, only for the various protagonists eyes to glow green, the protagonists having become hosts for its infection and not even know it. * '''Exaggerated''': Sro'vru is a giant alien tree that grows overnight in the middle of Manhattan that drops explosive coconuts, turns all water sources around it into blood and kills all animals and humans that get too close by it, but no one seems to suspect that it might have anything to do with all of the explosions, the lack of drinkable water and missing pets. * '''Downplayed''': Sro'vru is just a house plant from another planet with no foreseeable anomalous properties. * '''Lampshaded''': "You mean to tell me that the talking tree might not be normal? Big shock."* '''Invoked:''' Local government agency has a special protocol for any and all unusual plants in the area, their crack team of botanists able to locate, contain and study alien plants before they are known to the public. * '''Defied:''' ???* '''Exploited:''' ???* '''Discussed:''' ???* '''Conversed:''' ???* '''Untwisted:''' ???* '''Unparodied:''' ???* '''Gender Inverted:''' ???* '''Intended Audience Reaction:''' ???


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