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1->''"'''(1)''' Slavery is the status or condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised. "''˛-->--'''[[ 1926 Slavery Convention]]''', ''article 1''˛˛There are many elements to being a good slave, so here's a list of things you might like to keep in mind as you ''put your backs into it!'' * whip!*˛˛See also ServantTropes.˛----˛!!Tropes:˛[[index]]˛[floatboxright:˛'''Also see:'''˛* MindManipulation˛]˛* TheBait: Someone is used to lure someone into something.˛* BarefootCaptives: People taken as slaves are forced to forgo shoes.˛* BargainWithHeaven: Making a deal with an angel, a God, etc.˛* BeautifulSlaveGirl: A girl born/raised as a slave grows up to be beautiful.˛%%* {{Blackmail}}˛* BondCreatures: Creatures who choose a human partner to share/boost their powers; usually called familiars.˛* BornIntoSlavery: A slave inherited their status from their enslaved parents.˛* BoxedCrook: A convicted criminal is offered a deal to get them out of prison.˛** TradingBarsForStripes: When they decide to serve in the military instead of facing prison time.˛* BreedingSlave: A slave forced to breed against their will.˛* ClaimedByTheSupernatural: A character is "claimed" by some supernatural person/power, and the claim results in some kind of mark on their person.˛* CondemnedContestant: A prisoner(s), instead of going to prison or being executed, are instead forced to do some kind of contest as punishment.˛* {{Conscription}}: When someone is forced into serving in the military, especially if they have no interest in risking their lives for war.˛** BattleThralls: Captured soldiers are forced to fight in their enemy's army.˛** ChildSoldiers: When underage children or teenagers join an army, they most likely didn't have any choice in this matter.˛** SlaveMooks: Soldiers or similar footmen enslaved to do their job.˛%%* {{Curse}}˛* DeadlyGame: When the consequences of losing the game is death.˛* DealWithTheDevil: Making a deal with the Devil, a demon, etc., usually with a very gruesome price (often one's own soul).˛* DefeatedAndTrophified: You lose against them, your opponent keeps you as a living trophy of their victory.˛* DivineDelegation: When gods are created by gods.˛* ExplosiveLeash: Keeping prisoners in line with a collar that can kill.˛* {{Familiar}}: A witch/wizard's magical pet.˛* ForcedIntoEvil: Someone is forced to commit villainous acts against their will.˛* ForcedPrizeFight: People are forced into some kind of brawl/fight with a prize.˛* {{Geas}}: A supernatural force that compels a person to meet certain conditions, or they will suffer consequences.˛* GoGoEnslavement: Character is enslaved and put into an embarrassing and usually revealing outfit.˛* GotVolunteered: Someone is forcibly "volunteered" by someone else to do a task.˛* HappinessInMindControl: Someone's mind has been controlled or altered, and they don't mind at all.˛* HappinessInSlavery: Someone is enslaved and is perfectly happy about it.˛* HumanPet: Treating people like domesticated animals is even more dehumanizing than regular slavery.˛** PeopleZoo: Especially if you force someone to live like a zoo animal being displayed for other people's amusement.˛* HumanTraffickers: People who trade in live human beings; a modern version of the global slave trade.˛** SuperhumanTrafficking: Superhuman or non-human people are hunted and traded for the exploitation of their special powers.˛* HuntingTheMostDangerousGame: During a hunt, the hunter(s) is a human. So is the prey.˛* IDieFree: Someone fails to get their freedom, and decide that at least they'll be free in death.˛* IJustWantToBeFree: A character's greatest desire is their freedom.˛** GiveMeLibertyOrGiveMeDeath: Being willing to die for freedom.˛* IOweYouMyLife: In return for saving their life, a character swears they will repay the debt.˛* IndenturedServitude: A servant must serve for a certain period of time, or until a debt is paid.˛* InvoluntaryBattleToTheDeath: When characters are forced to a battle to the death, but they did ''not'' choose to do so.˛** GladiatorGames: Someone (usually a slave, though sometimes a volunteer) must fight in spectated battles against other combatants for entertainment.˛*** GladiatorRevolt: Until the gladiator(s) in those games decide they've had enough with performing.˛* InvoluntarySuicideMechanism: To keep a captured person from giving away information, they'll automatically die when interrogated.˛* JoinOrDie: The only choice is to join the other side or be killed by it.˛* LeonineContract: Character A has something Character B ''needs'', so Character B ''must'' agree to a bargain.˛* LostHimInACardGame: Gambling for people.˛* MadeASlave: When someone who was born free later becomes a slave.˛* MagicallyBindingContract: A magical contract that is physically impossible to break.˛* MindManipulation: AKA mind control; when someone's own free will is ''completely'' denied to them, via hypnosis or magic, to force them to behave in a certain way.˛* NestedOwnership: When servants have their own servants.˛* NotUsedToFreedom: When someone is too much used to oppression to ever function in liberty.˛* AnOfferYouCantRefuse: Though ''technically'' an offer, it's one that cannot be refused without dire, dire consequences.˛* PressGanged: People in need of someone to fill a job or position grab the first person they can find and force them to do it.˛* PropertyOfLove: When one is so in love with another that they don't mind being dubbed as their property -- either figuratively or literally.˛* ReforgedIntoAMinion: A character is rebuilt to be a minion of the villain.˛* TheRenfield: A human henchman who (un)willingly serves an evil vampire.˛* RestrainingBolt: Physical object or seal stuck on a character that forces them to comply to certain demands.˛* ResurrectTheVillain: New villains (mistakenly) think they can bring an old villain back from the dead to serve them.˛* RobotsEnslavingRobots: When sapient/sentient machines treat other similar machines as expendable objects, much like how robots in general are treated by humans and other organic beings.˛* ServantRace: A race whose sole purpose is servitude.˛** HenchmenRace: A race whose sole purpose is to act as minions.˛** SlaveRace: A race whose sole purpose is to be enslaved.˛*** EnslavedElves: A once-powerful race is forced into slavery.˛* SexSlave: Someone (usually a woman or child) is forced to prostitute themselves to satisfy the lust of their masters.˛* ShirtlessCaptives: Male captives have their shirts removed.˛* SlaveBrand: A mark on a person to show that they're a slave.˛* SlaveCollar: A collar worn by a slave to show that they are such.˛* SlaveGalley: When a boat is powered by slaves rowing in the galley.˛* SlaveLiberation: Freeing people from slavery, whether by peaceful means or through violent force.˛* SlaveMarket: A place where people gather to buy and sell slaves.˛* SlaveryIsASpecialKindOfEvil: When enslaving people is considered the worst thing a person could possibly do.˛* SympatheticSentientWeapon: A sentient weapon unhappy with its role.˛* SympatheticSlaveOwner: When a slave owner is a good person.˛* TongueTied: Someone is physically incapable of sharing important knowledge.˛* TooImportantToWalk: Someone is so "important" that they are carried place to place by others.˛* TurnedAgainstTheirMasters: A race (usually robots) created by another revolts against their creators.˛* WagerSlave: In a bet, the loser must do what the other says.˛* WeWillUseManualLaborInTheFuture: Even with all the amazing technology of a futuristic setting, forced manual labor still exists.˛* WheelOfPain: A giant wheel that captives are forced to push, even if it doesn't have a purpose.˛* WinYourFreedom: A contest wherein the prize is freedom.˛* WorkOffTheDebt: A character has to pay for something, but they don't have the money--thus, they must work it off.˛* WorkingOnTheChainGang: A group of prisoners are chained together while doing forced labor.˛[[/index]]˛----


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