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1''The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin'' is a children's book by Creator/BeatrixPotter.˛˛Every autumn, all the squirrels sail across the lake to Owl Island in order to collect the plentiful nuts that grow there, and they always remember to bring a tasty gift to appease Mr. Brown, the owl who lives there. Unfortunately, one of the squirrels is an obnoxious loud-mouth named Nutkin, who likes to dance around in Mr. Brown's face, jeering at him and spouting nonsensical riddles. As the nut-gathering days pass by, it seems only a matter of time before Mr. Brown loses his temper...˛----˛!This book provides examples of:˛* AnAesop: DoNotTauntCthulhu, especially if Cthulhu is considerately allowing you to gather food on his island.˛* BrattyHalfPint: Nutkin˛* CarnivoreConfusion: The squirrels bring the owl some dead mice and a dead mole as a gift.˛* LazyBum: Nutkin˛* OminousOwl: Mr. Brown may be polite, but he's still pretty creepy even before he gets fed up with Nutkin.˛* {{Pun}}: "This is a Tale about a tail."˛* RiddleMeThis: Though Nutkin doesn't expect an answer; he's just doing it to be annoying.˛* {{Sleepyhead}}: Mr. Brown, since he's an owl and the squirrels visit during the daytime.˛----


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