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1A short story part of ''Literature/TheNeverMythos''. It can be found [[ here]].²²Leonard Staple, waiting in a destitute neighborhood in some broken-down corner of Toronto, is picked up by a concerned old friend. Or he would be an old friend, if Leonard could just remember who he was... ²²!!Tropes:²²* AffablyEvil: [[spoiler:Gideon is the friendliest HumanoidAbomination ever, acting entirely polite to his victims, even claiming to be an old friend]].²* BadSamaritan: [[spoiler:Gideon offers to help people down on their luck, even claiming to have known them. He takes them home and feeds them to his "sister"]]. ²* DownerEnding: [[spoiler:Leonard is presumably devoured by Gideon's "sister."]]²* EldritchAbomination: [[spoiler:"Lila" Gideon's "sister" is described as a "drooling mass" and devours humans]].²* RememberTheNewGuy: InUniverse. Gideon claims to be an old friend of Leonard's, who doesn't remember him, but chalks it up to fading memory. [[spoiler:Too late, Leonard realizes he never knew Gideon, he was watching him the whole time]].²* ShoutOut:²** At one point Leonards thinks he sees [[Franchise/{{Halloween}} Micheal Myers]] in a window.²** Gideon tells Leonard [[Music/DavidBowie "Earth to Major Tom"]].²----


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