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1For the animated series, see HoYay/YoungJustice2010.!!HoYay in the [[ComicBook/YoungJustice comics]]* Only one time, and nothing sexual, but when Arrowette and Wonder Girl's moms found out they went on a co-ed camping trip with the boys, they flipped their lids and went to give the girls what-for... only to find them asleep in their own tent, holding hands, with Secret in mist form hovering asleep around them.* [[Comicbook/Robin1993 Tim Drake]] [[HeterosexualLifePartners and]] [[ComicBook/{{Superboy}} Conner Kent/Kon-El]]. Full stop. * Empress is ''very'' protective of Cissie, and comes across as a StalkerWithACrush when first introduced. The fact that the two of them end of living together at the end of the book helps.----


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