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1* ''VideoGame/RecordOfAgarestWar'': Considering how many party members join during the journey, (The story is split into generations where the hero of the next generation is the son of the previous one) it's par for the course in this story. The {{LoveInterest}}'s generally show some more depth as you increase the RelationshipValues. One notable one is [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom Sherufanir]]. She is generally TheTease but get to know her better and she shows a clear disdain for fighting and tends to offer Ladius (2nd gen hero) a chance to run away and live with her in peace away from the war. Putting her down softly has Ladius say he has a destiny to fulfill. Her response is said with [[OutOfCharacter a sad and solemn tone]]:--> "Destiny. That word is the bane of you. (pause) and me." * ''VideoGame/AtelierIrisEternalMana'', you have various shopkeepers that can synthesize items for you. After enough times of this, they start to unlock various character scenes. Veola's scenes in particular are much more developed than one would expect from a mere side-character [[spoiler: having her contemplating risking her life making an item to try to bring back her dead family.]]* ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' also contains much depth on nearly everyone:** Ragna The Bloodedge, a fearful foul-mouthed figure known as The Grim Reaper who claims that he's going to take down NOL [[spoiler:[[JerkWithAHeartOfGold has a lot of sweet spots]] where he doesn't act like a jerk... and not exactly your ChaoticGood Robin Hood figure, he's not there to release the world from oppression..]]** Jin Kisaragi, psychotic, brother-obsessed rival who is cold as ice and an utter {{Jerkass}} to everyone, ESPECIALLY TO NOEL VERMILLION, [[spoiler:is actually a hardworking boy who has an aspirations of being a hero, utterly protective to his childhood friend Tsubaki, and would eventually become that hardass hero Hakumen. His Jerkass attitude was actually magnified from his Nox Nyctores Yukianesa, when he's not influenced with it, he's actually decent.]]** Noel Vermillion, a standing up soldier, lieutenant of Jin who was abused for no apparent reason, [[spoiler:is actually unfit to be a soldier and only became efficient when wielding her guns Bolverk, which seals her unnecessary emotions. Also, she's Mu-12, a weapon designed to kill Gods and has disdain to nearly everything.]]** Rachel Alucard, a snarky vampire that stalks Ragna nearly all the time and doesn't drink bloods but tea, [[spoiler:has been through many iterations of time loop, remembering each iterations and has been trying to stop the malicious Terumi Yuuki from manipulating the time loop further.]]** Taokaka, a {{Cloudcuckoolander}} {{Catgirl}} who forgets things in every 3 steps, [[spoiler:her race is actually cloned offsprings of Jubei, one of the Heroes that saved the world.]]** Iron Tager, a hulking cyborg fighting with [[ScienceHero THE POWER OF SCIENCE]], and programmed to be loyal to a fault by Kokonoe, [[spoiler:is actually a dead Ikarugan man whose soul was transplanted into his current body.]]** Litchi Faye-Ling, a buxom, kind-hearted doctor dead set/obsessed in killing/saving her friend-turned-into-EldritchAbomination, [[spoiler:suffers extreme GuiltComplex, is actually dying from the same corruption that granted her power and turned that friend into EldritchAbomination. She eventually joins NOL to save him, and this has Hidden Depths: On the surface, it looks like she's blinded by obsession and becomes a HorribleJudgeOfCharacter, trusting someone ObviouslyEvil, but in truth, she's ForcedIntoEvil thanks to the corruption getting very close to turn her into abomination, and she doesn't trust those evil men.]]** Arakune, said 'friend-turned-into-EldritchAbomination' above, only obsessed in eating Kaka kittens and hunting down Ragna's Azure Grimoire to be consumed, [[spoiler:WasOnceAMan named Lotte Carmine, whom Litchi loved... but he himself ignores her and is a glory-hound and suffers ''massive'' inferiority complex, always trying to one-up Kokonoe and constantly failing, eventually leading him to that experiment that turns him into Arakune.]]** Bang Shishigami, HighlyVisibleNinja, Tokusatsu/Shonen satire character, Ikaruga War survivor, who's got a one-sided crush on Litchi, the designated JokeCharacter, [[spoiler:actually is aware of the greying morality of the world, savvy enough to pull back when things come to push (as shown with Hazama), as well as possessing an inactive Nox Nyctores that could really up his relevance.]]** Carl Clover, a young prodigy who carries around a marionette he refers as 'sister' (Nox Nyctores Nirvana), very polite even when killing people heartlessly, [[spoiler:has an utterly fucked up childhood of witnessing his sister turned into that marionette thanks to his father Relius.]]** Hakumen, a very badass KnightTemplar who happens to be one of the Six Heroes, [[spoiler:is actually Jin Kisaragi as a FutureBadass who was thrown into the past during one time loop. This particular version came from a world without Noel Vermillion and is extremely crushed with the death of his lover in front of him before he made the jump to the past.]]** Tsubaki Yayoi, Noel's best bud and Jin's childhood friend, a model student and princess of the Yayoi clan of the Duodecim family, seemingly all too eager to uphold justice and is a member of the Zero Squadron, [[spoiler:AKA the 'trash collectors'. Her dream job as Jin's secretary was taken over by Noel due to machinations of Hazama that she's not aware of, making her harbor extreme jealousy at Noel... or anyone taking Jin from her. As with above, she also IS Hakumen's lover, whereas if Noel didn't exist and she got her dream position... she'll get ''killed''. She's unaware of this.]]** Makoto Nanaya, Noel's other best bud and a happy-go-lucky spacey Squirrel Girl who is in the Intelligence Department, [[spoiler:has suffered a LOT from the FantasticRacism of her race to the point she was hostile the first time she met her friends. She also is a GeniusDitz and her loyalty with her friends gave her so much willpower enough to survive passing the Boundary unharmed... Oh and that loyalty also translates into 'Anyone harming my friends will be splattered into the wall to death'. She also is a DoubleAgent for Sector Seven.]]** Hazama, a seemingly mild-mannered NOL agent with an affable feel and eyes constantly shut... [[spoiler:is actually Terumi Yuuki, a total bastard who runs things (such as [[BreakTheCutie cutie-breaking]], [[KickTheDog puppy-kicking]], [[ManipulativeBastard manipulations]], [[MindRape mind probing]] and [[DealWithTheDevil shady deals]]) ForTheEvulz and believes the only truth is despair, the rest are lies and he ''so'' want to shove that truth to be the universal truth of the world.]]** Relius Clover, Carl's father with moniker 'Mad Puppeteer', extreme perfectionist genius MadScientist who turned his wife and daughter into automatons, [[spoiler:is actually thrown into the future from the past, about 80 years. [[ImplacableMan Can be shoved into the Cauldron to die and survived it just fine]]. His goal is revealed to have a little pragmatism of creating the perfect soul and perfect human being.]]** Kokonoe, a genius Sector Seven scientist that makes less than popular (but pragmatic, and often necessary) choices who had two apprentices she drove away due to her attitude and is willing to do almost anything to get revenge on her mother's killer, [[spoiler:places herself under constant mental strain and risk of being removed from existence if she were to slip up for so much as a fraction of a second simply so that Roy, one of her old apprentices, doesn't suffer the same fate. She's also willing to drop everything, including getting revenge on her mother's killer, if one of her ex-apprentices is going to die from something she feels she can prevent. Even if it's known to be ''impossible'' to prevent.]] She also has an arsenal of nukes large enough to wipe out a country if she so pleases, but she exercises more restraint than most of the cast would be able to by not using them unless she has no other options and needs results ''now''. She's even willing to [[spoiler:resort to self-experimentation to kill Terumi, who is responsible for her mother's death]] before seriously considering using her nukes.* Weapons dealer [[TestosteronePoisoning Mr. Torgue]] from {{Videogame/Borderlands2}} loves EXPLOSIONS for being so BADASS, thinks subtlety SUCKS, and knows that the fact that 97% of all life on Pandora isn't exploding is BULLSHIT! However, there's nothing more BADASS than treating a woman with RESPECT!** Krieg the Psycho might be a crazed lunatic like most other psychos, but he's guided by the remnants of his past self into only killing "the deserving" and to never harm innocents. It's also shown that his true reason for joining the Vault Hunters is because [[LoveRedeems he's in love with Maya, who he believes might make him sane once more]].** Averted with [[FlatCharacter Wilhelm]] in ''VideoGame/BorderlandsThePreSequel'' despite the poor interviewer in his backstory ECHO logs trying his very best to find them. Nisha, a sadistic gunslinger, gets a tragic backstory involving an abusive mother and a traumatic experience with a pet, and has some people she's willing to get along with. Aurelia, a haughty EgomaniacHunter, at least gets [[EvenEvilHasStandards standards]]. Wilhelm? He was good at fighting when he was young, and he likes money, steak, and robots. That's pretty much it.* The various customers of ''VideoGame/CarriesOrderUp'' a shown in the end credits to have likes and dislikes you wouldn't always expect just by looking at them. For example, Anchor, a Hammerhead SharkMan, likes to tell stories, and Quincy, a Jellyfish, is into pottery and history. Carrie herself also has a passion for writing.* Cody from ''VideoGame/FinalFight'' and ''Franchise/StreetFighter''. Once a hero, now a recluse fight-a-holic who only wants to start fights and frustrates fellow liberators of Metro City Guy and Haggar to no end. However, his quotes and endings (Especially in ''VideoGame/StreetFighterXTekken'') indicate longing for the better days, when he was a hero, and he always ends up doing the right thing. He defeats (''a'') Seth, but he tells Guy that he only did it because "[[TheChosenZero he was standing in my way]]".* Every character in ''Franchise/{{Danganronpa}}'' has more depth than they might seem to have at first. Even Yamada, who initially seems like just a one-note otaku comic relief character who spouts video game references turns out to be very passionate about a certain magical girl show, that he considered saved his life when he was at a really low point, and wants to do the same for other people with the doujinshi he creates.* Death from ''VideoGame/DarksidersII''. Arrogant DeadpanSnarker? You bet. Then you remember that the entire game is him [[BigBrotherInstinct trying to prove War is innocent]], so much so that saying War is guilty is his BerserkButton.* Dante from ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry'', Though his main persona is the same in each game, chronologically he matures quite a bit, witness his change from thrill seeking (''DMC 3'') to guilt ridden (''DMC 1'') to cool headed (''DMC 4'').* Lieutenant Katsuragi from ''VideoGame/DiscoElysium'' at first seems to be a mousy and not particularly interesting ByTheBookCop. However... he drives a seriously souped-up car, and keeps the radio tuned to the punk/hardcore/metal station. He is also a patriotic Revacholian, but as the son of immigrants, he wrestles with his cultural identity and patriotism, and often comes across as trying to be more Revachol than Revachol. While nominally a Centrist and supporter of the status quo, he has at least some sympathy for the workers who turn to Communism as a way to improve their lot, and is openly contemptuous of strike-breakers, in spite of having helped put down strikes in the past. He is also a brilliant marksman, being able to consistently score in the 70th percentile on marksmanship tests in spite of being severely myopic. * ''Franchise/{{Disgaea}}'' series and other Creator/NipponIchi games:** Adell from ''VideoGame/Disgaea2CursedMemories'', who seems the very epitome of the IdiotHero and HonorBeforeReason tropes... effortlessly solves a Geo Puzzle within moments of seeing it. As Adell himself puts it, it's not that he's an idiot- far from it. It's just that the straightforward method usually works ''extremely well'', and so there's no reason not to just bash an opponent to death if you can. Only rarely is Adell's brain ever called upon to function- which should scare anyone who thinks about that too much.** Adell's rival, Axel the Dark Hero, is a doofus and a ButtMonkey who is never taken seriously and acts like he's still a big celebrity despite his reputation being in shambles. However, he's known all along that his reputation, but continues to act like a Dark Hero because he mostly embraces the role that he has been known for. On that note, despite the Dark Hero being an underhanded prankster who stoops to various lows, but he draws the line at children. When he endangers Adell's brother during his attempt to take him hostage, Axel goes out of his way to save him. In fact, the reason why his reputation is in shambles is because one of his acts ended up scaring his brother, forcing his brotherly instincts to override his Dark Hero persona and knowing full well the consequences of it. ** An earlier example would be Seraph Lamington from ''Hour of Darkness''. He likes flowers, prefers to make love and not war, and appears gullible to a fault, to the point where he entrusts command of an army to his ObviouslyEvil right hand man. Actually, let me rephrase that last bit - he hinged the success of his plan to reunite the Netherworld and Celestia on the efforts of his {{Otaku}} LoveFreak trainee and played the actions of his right hand like a game of chess, leaving fellow OutGambitted Vulcanus in the dark about his whole plot until the curtain fell. If there's an example of a man being smarter than he looks, Lamington would be it.** Valvolga from ''VideoGame/MakaiKingdom'', more specifically Micky. Though he appears frightening, he's actually somewhat cowardly and easily bullied by his other two parts, Ophelia and Dryzen. However, in his battle, not only does he show how he became the General of the Star Element, his cameo in ''VideoGame/ZettaiHeroProject'' shows he's also the only character in NIS canon to take down BonusBoss Tyrant Baal for good.** Etna starts off as a fairly cranky, backstabbing, sarcastic [[BadBoss bitch of a Prinny Squad commander]] who'd make an ideal evil demon. One look at her diary entries shows that she has a major adoration of the old Overlord, and went to great lengths to ensure that his dying wish was fulfilled. [[spoiler: She even cries a little at the end of her own story mode when she realises exactly how far off track she went in relation to said promise]].* Many characters from ''[[Franchise/DotHack .hack]]''. If you build up your relationships in the game (or check supplementary materials) you'll find something. ** GenkiGirl Mistral? A housewife, who despite her online persona, is very mature and dependable woman who becomes a mother/big sister type to [=BlackRose=]. Her Daughter, who plays Mireille, is a four year old prodigy.** Samurai enthusiast Sanjuro? A Japanese teacher from America who uses the Japanese version of ''The World'' to improve his Japanese.** Wiseman, a genius who helps the heroes throughout the series? [[spoiler:A prodigious ten-year-old kid who loves Digimon cards and hates vegetables.]]** Piros, the goofy Heavy Axeman? [[spoiler:A graphic designer for the game who plays to appreciate his work.]]** Atoli, the "peace and love" enthusiast who preaches tolerance and stopping to smell the roses? [[spoiler:Turns out this is a persona to mask her cripplingly low self esteem caused by failing to meet the real life expectations from her parents and "friends". It was so bad that she met fellow Moon Tree member Sakaki on a SUICIDE website.]]* Every potential companion in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' [[spoiler: (even Loghain -- ''especially'' Loghain)]] has depth. Likewise, the companions in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII''.* In ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' series, this is the case for Malacath, the [[OurGodsAreDifferent Daedric Prince]] of the [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer Spurned and Ostracized]]. Malacath is near universally considered one of the "bad" Daedric Princes throughout Tamriel, with [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Orcs]] being the main exception. (To them, he is their patron deity.) According to most religions traditions, Malacath was once the [[SaintlyChurch Aedric]] deity Trinimac. Boethiah (the Daedric Prince of [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder Plots]]) [[HijackingCthulhu "ate" Trinimac]] in order to manipulate Trinimac's followers, who would become the [[OurElvesAreBetter Chimer]]. After being tortured in Boethiah's stomach, the remains of Trinimac were "excreted". These remains became Malacath and his remaining followers were transformed into the Orsimer (Orcs). Despite his many malevolent traits, Malacath keeps a "garden of slender trees" that have "vines festooned with lilylike flowers wound about the trunks". In this garden, a "multitude of spheres moved, deep in the colorless sky, as distant and pale as moons". Malacath describes it as a "shadow of a garden", and an "echo of something that once was".* Lots of folks in the ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' series are more complex than they let on.** Cloud Strife of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' is introduced as an awesome ex-SuperSoldier mercenary, with the skills and smugness to match that resume. [[spoiler:The truth is, he never actually made it into that supersoldier program. His "mercenary" personality is a mix of [[DeadPersonImpersonation his old friend]] Zack Fair, his own idea of what a supersoldier should be like, mind-bending experiments with Jenova cells and Mako, and [[MyGreatestFailure his deep sense of shame]] over not accomplishing what he'd told the girl he liked (Tifa) he would.]]** Squall Leonhart of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'' appears to be an aloof, all-business warrior who doesn't give a crud about other people. [[spoiler:He's acting like this on purpose. As a small boy, a close friend suddenly disappeared from his life, and he couldn't take the pain. To avoid ever feeling like that again, he adopted a persona based on what he thought an independent adult should be, trying to push people away so that he won't connect with them and thus get hurt by their inevitable parting. He confesses this to Rinoa, whose constant poking and prodding slowly got him to emerge from his shell... Sadly, she was comatose at the time.]]** Zidane Tribal of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'' seems like a [[GentlemanThief selfless, heroic thief]] who lives by his own personal motto "You don't need a reason to help people". And he actually is like this... [[spoiler:but the reason he devotes so much energy to other people is because he has no idea how to solve his own problems. He was brought into the thieving club Tantalus with no memory of where he originally came from, and this issue was never really resolved by the time we first meet him. So when the truth of this very mystery proves most unpleasant, he tries to confront it all by himself. Despite his attempts to leave his friends out of it, they counter with the trope namer of YouAreNotAlone.]]** Lightning of the ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII'' trilogy is cold, aloof and generally unpleasant to be around, constantly [[IWorkAlone pushing people away]] and lashing out at others in a misguided attempt to make herself feel better. [[spoiler: Her parents died when she was young, leaving her to raise herself [[PromotionToParent and her younger sister.]] She confesses to Hope that she became a soldier to avoid facing her problems, adopting the name "Lightning" because she couldn't face being Claire anymore. She also tries to dissuade Hope from killing Snow, despite not being particularly fond of him herself, and even puts her life on the line to [[DefrostingIceQueen reunite the boy with his father.]]]]* Everyone in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening''. They all have their quirks, and some of them are rather obvious, like how Anna has the most hidden savings, being a money-obsessed merchant of rare items. However, one of the antagonists, Walhart, a SocialDarwinist king has a more surprising one... [[spoiler: Take one look at him and tell me you thought he was a vegetarian!]]** Same goes for everyone in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates''.* Say what you will about ''VideoGame/GodOfWar'''s Kratos, he still cares about the children when he's not murdering [[OmnicidalManiac everyone else]] for looking at him funny.* ''VideoGame/GoldenSun'': Alex initially appears to be an anti-villain who's just going along with the villains for the ride. Turns out that [[spoiler:he's the most dangerous one of all, and is using every other character for his AGodAmI moment. It works.]]* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto'':** Tommy Verciti, the protagonist of ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoViceCity'' is generally abrasive to most people he meets, except for Earnest Kelly, the elderly manager of a news paper factory, apparently because he reminds Tommy of his father who was in the same profession. Tommy reveals to Earnest, that there was a time before he became a career criminal he considered following in his father's footsteps. This is the most he's ever seen opening up to ''anyone'' in the entire game. ** Ray Bulgrian is introduced as a menacing and ruthless crime boss and human trafficker in ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV'', but little else is revealed about him until the [[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIVTheBalladOfGayTony Ballad of Gay Tony DLC]], which revealed he's a big rock-and-roll fan who spends his off time [[VillainsOutShopping collecting memorabilia and jamming out]] with his [[TheDragon right hand man Timur]], and also has ambitions of owning his own sports team. ** Brucie, also introduced in ''Grand Theft Auto IV'' and returning in Ballad of Gay Tony, is potrayed as an egotistical and boisterous adrenaline junky, but in the DLC, we get to see a more vulnerable side to him, as he has to deal with his ''even more'' arrogant BigBrotherBully. ** [[TheDitz Wade]], Trevor's juggalo assistant from ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'', is most of the time a bumbling idiot who keeps [[ComicallyMissingthePoint Comically Missing the Point]]. However, he was able to narrow down Michael's identity to just a few people in a city of millions, and after a certain point in the game he gets this line:-->My cousin Floyd says that strip clubs objectify women. But you're not objects, you're people!* ''VideoGame/HauntingStarringPolterguy'': According to the on-screen text, Vito Sardini's daughter Mimi is surprisingly the inventor of DDT.* In ''Videogame/IMissTheSunrise'', your entire crew is shown to have this, if you take the time to talk to them between missions.* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'':** In most appearances, Princess Zelda appears to be a typical PrincessClassic on first glance. However, optional dialogue or reading between the lines often reveals her to be actually somewhat of a RebelliousPrincess with borderline [[{{Tomboy}} tomboyish]] tendencies. Her alter egos, [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime the Sheikah Warrior Sheik]] and [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker the Pirate Captain Tetra]] beautifully illustrate that Zelda not only isn't as innocent as she usually seems, but also has hidden fightings skills that one wouldn't expect from her.** Ganondorf, suprisingly enough, has some hidden depths. While he is almost always a CardCarryingVillain, in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker'' (which takes place after he had been sealed for hundreds of years, ''twice'' - once in the Dark World and once under the ocean), he is much more calm and seems to regret a lot of what he did in the past. But then at the end of the game [[LaughingMad he]] [[TakingYouWithMe completely]] [[VillainousBreakdown snaps]].* ''Franchise/MassEffect'' has this with most characters in the game. Stepping out of your own shadow and doing what was thought to be impossible is the main theme that stretched through the entire series all the time.** Ashley Williams from the first game is often considered a generic ActionGirl with a touch of FantasticRacism. Talk to her, and you'll discover she's really close to her family (memorising Ulysses because it was her dad's favourite poem) and is deeply religious, neither of which you'd notice at first glance.** Mordin from the second game is an even better example, having a deep characterisation right from the start - a DeadlyDoctor willing to [[IDidWhatIHadToDo do morally ambiguous things for the greater good]] while still having a chipper demeanor - who just gets deeper the more you talk to him. For example, he refuses to become a KnightTemplar, deliberately grounding himself by talking to his favourite nephew before going out to save the galaxy.*** And then he takes it several steps farther in the third game [[MeaningfulEcho echoing]] his line ''"I am the very model of a scientist salarian."''.** The DLC ''Lair of the Shadow Broker'' is filled with it. First, Liara goes through a great deal of CharacterDevelopment throughout the entire thing. Second, [[spoiler:after killing the Shadow Broker]], you have detailed dossiers on your party members which provide extra depth. Some are [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments hilarious]] and some are just [[TearJerker heartbreaking]]. Finally, you can show Shepard's hidden depths at the end of the DLC when s/he and Liara reminisce.** [[spoiler:Legion]] has a few surprising cases. While he's mainly there to deliver an expo dump on how the [[spoiler:geth]] work, he also shows himself to have a bit of an emotional side, with his salvaged armour and long play time on a dating sim.** Miranda Lawson: Coolly self-confident about her superiority over most unmodified humans and when you first meet her face-to-face she shoots a guy who's been helping you in the face. Then you can find out she has serious daddy issues, cares deeply about [[spoiler: her "twin" sister]], and is obviously distressed to learn she [[spoiler: can't have children]].*** By the third game, she admits to being plagued with guilt for having wanted to install a RestrainingBolt in Shepard's head, having [[HeelRealisation realised]] much to her horror that if she had, this would have made her [[NotSoDifferent no different]] from her controlling father.** Jack initially comes across as an [[AxeCrazy unstable]] convict with too [[HotBlooded little]] [[HairTriggerTemper restraint]] and way too much [[MindOverMatter biotic power]]. If Shepard has taken the time to earn her trust, she slowly reveals a much warmer and vulnerable side, while her Shadow Broker dossier reveals she even writes poetry in her spare time. She continues this CharacterDevelopment into the third game, where she's discovered to now be [[spoiler: a BadassTeacher working at Grissom Academy]] and is barely recognisable from the AloofAlly Shepard had sprung from a prison cell.** The krogans are explored much more deeply in the third game with the introduction of the previously unseen females. In the first two games, all krogans are shown as dumb brutes picking fights at every opportunity and blindly charging at any enemies to their death. Only Wrex is really standing out, being relatively smart and picking fights at every opportunity. The third game shows a lot more of their culture and history and also deals with other aspects of krogan life than war, showing them capable of great devotion for the good of their people and the survival of their homeworld and its culture.*** In terms of individual krogan, Grunt in ''Mass Effect 2'' really gets this. Yes, he's a young krogan who ''loves'' combat and acts like you'd expect a BloodKnight to act. However, if you talk to him, you find out that he's introspective and philosophical. Just look at his reasons for choosing the name "Grunt" over something more impressive-sounding. He also develops an interest in classical Earth literature (particularly Hemingway).** On the surface, James Vega is big and reckless. Dig a bit deeper, and it turns out that he's leaning towards becoming a DeathSeeker after being forced to make a SadisticChoice that ultimately proved unnecessary, he's considerably smarter than he appears at first look, and his command chops are impressive enough that he's been recommended for [=N7=] training.** Kaidan Alenko initially appears to be a quiet NiceGuy with nothing worth noting. Once he opens up, he turns out to be very introspective about humanity's place in the galaxy, as well as his own. His restraint is born from [[BleedEmAndWeep an incident]] where he learned how easy it would be to hurt or kill someone by accident if he doesn't control himself, and he holds no illusions [[HumansAreBastards about human history]] and how [[{{Hypocrite}} hypocritical]] it would be to judge an entire race on the actions of "one ass".* ''VideoGame/MasterOfTheMonsterLair'': Woody, the accountant for the furniture shop, is originally a great example of a MiserAdvisor: ostensibly a good guy, but totally money-hungry. This lasts until the player gets access to the Laboratory room. In the name of world peace Woody chooses to sell you the Laboratory at a 1,000 gp loss to himself.* Solid Snake of ''Franchise/MetalGear'' is characterized as a guy who lives entirely for fighting and being a soldier, but as the man exclaims himself, he's rather fond of dogsledding. Apparently he even participated in dogsledding competitions before Shadow Moses.* Dr. Peace, the 9th ranked assassin in ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'', is described as a corrupt police officer with ties to the mafia and a merciless [[TheGunslinger Gunslinger archetype]]. When you finally reach the battleground, you find that he's also a fan of karaoke, and has a damn good singing voice to boot. Plus, he wanted to see his wife and daughter one last time before dying.* Arguably the point of the [[RelationshipValues Social]] [[LevelUpAtIntimacy5 Links]] of ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'' and ''[[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} 4]]'' is to show that the various characters are far more than what they appear to be on the surface.** Becomes a major plot point and theme in ''4'', where the initial inability of the party members to accept their hidden depths and character flaws is what drives a lot of the game's conflict. And again, they are explored even more in depth in their social links.** Yukiko, even apart from the issues manifested by her Shadow, is far from the school idol that most people see her as. She has a very odd sense of humor, laughing at all but the most unfunny jokes, and [[NightmareFetishist greatly enjoys scary things]]. When one of Chie's old friends [[LovingAShadow who has a superficial crush on her]] finds out about this, he doesn't take it well.* In ''VideoGame/PersonaQShadowOfTheLabyrinth'', there are a few cases.** Mitsuru of Persona 3 starts to show cracks in [[TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask the stern facade she puts on for SEES]] even before [[spoiler:the incident in which they are betrayed and her father is killed]], and even apart from what she shows in her game. She's openly terrified in the Evil Spirit Club despite her attempts to hide it. In the final dungeon, she pushes a red button out of curiosity, noting that she sometimes gets tired of being a model student. On the P3 side, Shinjiro notes that she's as much of a BloodKnight as Akihiko is, and pities you if you're fooled by her outward facade.** For the most part, Rei's a cheerful girl, but she becomes scared when confronted with the prospect of her memories returning, and for good reason. [[spoiler:Rei is actually a girl who died at a young age, after leading a short and lonely life. She's been caught between life and death for a long time as a result of Zen's misguided attempt to show her what she wanted]].** Zen's a stoic and almost emotionless young man who's determined to protect Rei. It turns out that [[spoiler:he's Chronos, one of the Deities of Death, and kicked off the entire plot by showing Rei what she wanted to see, and erasing her memories so that she wouldn't harm herself out of sheer anguish. The reason for his ignorance about some human customs and lack of understanding of emotions is because, as an immortal god of death, he's never lived life as a human]].* According to ''VideoGame/PokerNightAtTheInventory'', it turns out that [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 Heavy Weapons Guy]] is the only one of the characters that went to college, and while there, he earned a [=PhD=] in Russian Literature. Therefore, he is ''DR.'' Heavy Weapons Guy. So much for being the DumbMuscle. In fact, the Russian version of ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' actually has him [[EloquentInMyNativeTongue speak quite eloquently]] just so that Valve can avert a DubInducedPlothole induced by this fact. He also shows a certain amount of remorse for how he got to where he is now (listen for his "sparrow" story).* ''VideoGame/PonyIsland'': While abysmal at creating video games, the devil is frighteningly competent at creating artificial intelligence executables.* This is taken to a horrifying extreme with ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}'''s [=GLaDOS=]. In the first game, she was just the usual "[[AIIsACrapshoot Kill-everything-AI]]." Later, this turned out to be completely justified. The woman she used to be watched the man she loved go insane running a company he loved, then watched as a byproduct of the work killed him, THEN her previous coworkers forcibly shoved her brain into a computer (this scene was supposedly to be displayed in-game as well, but was cut after it ended up sounding too much like a rape scene). After that, they effectively forced schizophrenia on her by creating Personality Cores, AI's for the specific purpose of spouting [[MotorMouth an endless stream of nonsense]], which were on her for so long, she gets scared by hearing her OWN thoughts (quote below). On top of that, the system they put her in was acting like drugs to her, giving her a rush of pleasure whenever she preformed tests and increasingly making her feel awful when she stopped, while ALSO building up a resistance to the pleasure-system. By the time you finish playing ''VideoGame/{{Portal 2}}'', her hidden depths make you want to cheer on her massacre against the employees. In summary: AIIsACrapshoot becomes WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds.-->'''[=GLaDOS=]''': ''(on her forced schizophrenia)''[[AC: The scientists were always hanging cores on me. I've heard voices all my life. But now I hear the voice of a conscience, and it's ''terrifying'', because for the first time... It's MY voice! ({{Beat}}) I'm being serious! I think there's something really wrong with me!]]* The plot of ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}'' is largely about finding these quirky people--from {{Bunny Ears Lawyer}}s to literal mental patients--and going into their minds to find out ''why'' they're that way. Among them are Milla, whose GenkiGirl personality hides [[spoiler:grief over dozens of orphans in her care dying in a fire]], a WhiteDwarfStarlet who [[spoiler:seems to blame herself for her mother's suicide]] and a BigBad who [[spoiler:was driven mad by his father constantly killing and eating his pet rabbits when he was a child]].* Billy Coen of ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil0'' comes off as a rather thuggish, bitter, and cynical ex-Marine during his early appearances. As the game progresses, however, we discover he's a KnightInSourArmour with a powerful belief in the justice system (despite it having condemned him), has a strict code of honour, plays the piano rather well, and seems to know more about Umbrella than he's letting on.** Easter eggs in 5 show that Chris Redfield isn't particularly patriotic and dislikes capitalism. * The Boss from the ''VideoGame/SaintsRow'' series is an uncouth, foul-mouthed, violence-loving sociopath. The Boss is also [[UndyingLoyalty undyingly loyal]] to their friends, and enjoys the works of Creator/JaneAusten.** Eddie "[=KillBane=]" Pryor of ''VideoGame/SaintsRowTheThird'' is introduced as TheBrute of the Syndicate, but over the course of the game, he proves to be far more than DumbMuscle, being a competent strategist and a skilled PR manipulator, as well as capable of making allusions to Myth/ClassicalMythology and the works of Creator/TSEliot on the fly. It doesn't make him less of a HotBlooded, sadistic nut-case, though.** Of all people, [[spoiler: Johnny Gat]] has quite the hidden depths to his character. Once he's saved in ''VideoGame/SaintsRow4'', he confesses to the Boss that despite the virtual hell he had to go through of seeing [[spoiler: Aisha]] die over and over again, it gave him time to come to terms with himself and letting go of his past. Likewise, if you have him and Shaundi together as homies, Shaundi will pour her heart out to him, saying how much she had to go through after believing that he had died. He reassures her that it's not her fault and that he won't have anything like that happen to him ever again. This all comes from a guy who kills people by the hundreds and isn't having fun unless he is killing someone.* In ''VideoGame/ShadowWarrior2'', we find out that the HeroicComedicSociopath protagonist Lo Wang personally cooks breakfasts for all his one-night-stands, and is apparently a really good cook too.* In ''VideoGame/{{Solatorobo}}'', even Red himself is a bit surprised in Samoyede, when Elh reveals that [[spoiler:she knows a little about flowers, despite not being the girlish type, though [[IWasJustPassingThrough she claims it's only because they grew in her home village]].]]* ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog''** Shadow the Hedgehog is much smarter than he looks. Though this aspect only shows up in [[VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006 the awful 2006 game]], it shows how dangerous Shadow can be. He was the only person in the entire game who was aware of what was really going on and sought to put a stop to it, even convincing Silver that he was duped. Unfortunately, Shadow's plan was only 99% effective as one fragment that escaped caused the last story. He does give an awesome ShutUpHannibal speech in the end of his story.*** Even before Sonic 2006, Shadow's massive backstory takes [[VideoGame/SonicAdventure2 a]] [[VideoGame/SonicHeroes good]] [[VideoGame/SonicBattle four]] [[VideoGame/ShadowTheHedgehog games]] to completely reveal. He goes from being only a mysterious superweapon/black hedgehog/ultimate lifeform to a rather complex character who befriended his creator's daughter, who is killed during a government attack on the massive space station he was created in, giving him a powerful hatred for human beings in general that never quite goes away. He was created using the blood of a dark alien creature named Black Doom, who eventually comes and tries to take over the world so that humans can [[ImAHumanitarian be food for his alien race]], so Shadow kicks the crap out of him and blows up their "planet". On the outside, he's a mean, cold anti-hero. Inside, however, he's a lot deeper, and often does more thinking than the rest of Sonic's cast put together, as mentioned for Sonic 2006.** [[InspectorJavert Silver]] shows a bit of this as well when he [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone acts extremely hurt]] after Amy [[WhatTheHellHero calls him out]]. [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot After a heart-to-heart talk with Blaze,]] he decides that a RivalsTeamUp is his best shot at redemption.** Sonic himself. He's an adventurous, fun-seeking character who seems to act on impulse rather than thinking things through, which makes him come off as too carefree and not very bright to many players, with some even viewing him as an IdiotHero. Despite this, throughout his history he has shown that there are other facets to his character, including a caring side, [[{{Determinator}} a strong-willed side]], and [[GoodIsNotDumb a more intelligent side]] capable of displaying greater cleverness and insightfulness than everyone else on occasion. For example:*** In ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2'', he was able to pull off a Chaos Control with a fake Chaos Emerald. To put things in perspective, [[UltimateLifeForm Shadow himself]] didn't think it was possible to activate it with a fake emerald, yet Sonic managed to do it in a single try, without having ever used the move before, which led to him [[WorthyAdversary earning Shadow's respect]]. It turns out that he was able to deduce how to perform Chaos Control ''[[AwesomenessByAnalysis just from watching Shadow use it once]]''.*** For most of ''VideoGame/SonicBattle'', Shadow is bent on destroying Emerl to prevent him from absorbing all Chaoe Emeralds and going berserk, with his greatest obstacle being Sonic, who was protecting the robot after befriending him. Then during the second to last story, to Shadow's surprise, Sonic simply lets him take Emerl with him just after Shadow reaffirms his intent to destroy the robot. It then turns that after seeing [[NotSoDifferent how similar he and Emerl are]], Shadow sympathizes with him and changes his mind, opting to help him instead of destroying him. ''Sonic had seen all of this development coming and made Emerl go with Shadow to make it happen''.*** In ''VideoGame/SonicRush'', he's very kind and comforting to Blaze the Cat, as he can tell that underneath her cold and hostile facade is a very shy and troubled girl.*** In ''VideoGame/SonicUnleashed'', Eggman releases [[SealedEvilInACan Dark Gaia]], a gargantuan beast made out of energy, which then becomes scattered across the planet in the form of dark energy. During night, this energy causes the behavior of people from all over the world to change, making them act more aggressive. Sonic permanently absorbed much of its energy into his body, which caused a far less subtle effect on him: went night arrives, he transforms into the infamous Werehog, who then powers himself up by absorbing even more dark energy. And yet he keeps his personality and normal behavior under this form. Near the end, it's revealed the the reason for this was that Sonic was strong enough to withstand the energy's influence. In other words, even though he was possessed by far more Dark Gaia energy than anyone else, Sonic, who has the fame of being an overly carefree person, [[{{Determinator}} had a willpower and a]] [[HeroicSpirit dedication to fighting for justice strong enough to resist Dark Gaia's influence]] ''without even trying''.** The events of ''VideoGame/SonicLostWorld'' are pivoted partially by Sonic's [[ATragedyOfImpulsiveness recklessness and over eagerness]] to stop Eggman (inadvertently enabling another foe to take control instead). The story shows him coming to accept his shortcomings and showing humility over it. His usually positive approach is also tested greatly due to having clashes with his best friend Tails (who is convinced Sonic doesn't trust his abilities) and the Deadly Six succeeding in taking his allies out of commission one by one. Though he becomes more jaded as the story progresses as a result, his determination never fades.** Knuckles the Echidna, at least pre-{{Flanderization}}. He was originally depicted as a tough, no-nonsense, antisocial lone wolf who is completely devoted to his duty of guarding the Master Emerald and has [[VitriolicBestBuds a semi-antagonistic]] [[FriendlyRivalry relationship with Sonic]], seemingly stemming from his disapproval of his methods and carefree nature. However, there's a scene in ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure'' in which we see him [[WhatYouAreInTheDark pondering on his guardian duty]], being a thankless job that forces him to live in isolation. Similarly, his ImageSong from ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2'' has him reflecting on the hopelessness and loneliness it brings to his life. [[AllThereInTheManual A number of official character profiles]] also state that deep inside [[GreenEyedMonster he envies Sonic's freedom]], his [[ThrillSeeker adventurous lifestyle]] and his [[MagneticHero popularity]], explaining the actual reason for his hostility toward him.** Similarly, Blaze the Cat started as another aloof, stoic lone wolf, preferring to do everything by herself and declining any help ([[CharacterDevelopment at least initially]]), sometimes [[IneffectualLoner to everyone's detriment]]. She also acts a bit above everyone else. Despite this, she [[NotSoStoic tends to panic in critical situations]], and is revealed to be [[NoSocialSkills socially awkward]] [[InferioritySuperiorityComplex and insecure]], with official sources even stating that [[ACupAngst she's self-conscious about her figure]]. Some of her character profiles also imply that she became a loner as a result of being shunned as a kid for [[PlayingWithFire her pyrokinetic powers]], which she initially had trouble controlling.* ''VideoGame/SpecOpsTheLine'': The Radioman comes off as a stoner asshole who is detached from the insanity that is Dubai, but acquiring the intel in the game paints a different character. He was once an idealistic journalist that truly believed in the mission to save Dubai, as things went more and more to shit, it becomes more clear that his now present nature is probably a coping mechanism to help him with the horrors he has witnessed. One memorable piece of intel shows him interviewing Konrad with a hidden tape recorder. (Which Konrad did not want to be recorded on) Once Konrad thanks him for listening to him and being a friend, the last bit of audio heard is the Radioman turning his recorder off, saying that he needed to grab another pen.* In ''VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic'', this is frequently invoked about Sith characters, if playing along the Light Side route;--> '''Warrior''': [[WarriorPoet Memories of the best times in life, are treasures later in life.]]--> '''Vette''': *''Flabbergasted''* Who ''are'' you and what did you do with the ''[[BloodKnight Sith]]'' I know?* Pretty much every [=NPC=] from ''VideoGame/StardewValley'' is far deeper than (strong) initial impressions would have you believe, especially the [[DatingSim romance options]]. Only by pursuing friendships/romances with them will you ever find out about them.** [[LovableJock Alex]] is well aware he's [[DumbJock not a particularly bright guy]] and the knowledge eats at his confidence. [[spoiler:He also had a complete asshole of a father, and his mother passed away early on.]]** [[HospitalHottie Harvey]], the local town doctor, [[spoiler:actually wanted to be a pilot growing up, but his deathly fear of heights prevented him from pursuing his dream. You can help him overcome his fear.]]** [[CuteBookworm Penny]] [[spoiler:quite understandably has resentment issues with her [[AlcoholicParent alcoholic mother]] Pam for her irresponsibility while taking the time out to tutor the two small children of the rural town.]]** [[AlphaBitch Haley]] starts out as a judgemental spoiled-rotten schoolgirl who insults your appearance often. [[spoiler:She sheds this trait if you bond with her and even changes her life outlook entirely, going from a spoiled fashionista to an enthusiastic country girl.]]** [[EmoTeen Sebastian]] is initially cranky and grim, but later he warms up to the player and becomes a full-on NiceGuy; if you fully romance him, [[spoiler:he expresses a lot of care about the animals on your farm]]. He also [[spoiler:is strongly implied to harbour feelings of inadequacy with his step-father Demetrius, who [[TheUnfavorite favours his half-sister Maru]] over him for her scholarly achievements.]]** [[{{Jerkass}} Shane]], as it turns out, is [[spoiler:struggling with severe depression and [[DrowningMySorrows uses alcohol as a means of self-medicating]]. His [[SoulSuckingRetailJob exhausting dead-end job]] at the local PredatoryBusiness and the fact that he had to take up the role of ParentalSubstitute for Jas after the deaths of her parents (and his close friends) probably has something to do with it.]]* Alan the forest ranger from ''VideoGame/StateOfDecay'' who looks down on survivors who can't "pull their weight", i.e, people who can't fight or handle a gun). For example he criticises Lily for being a useless freeloader when she has lupus and cannot go on missions (a point undercut by the fact she still serves a highly useful role in operating the radio back at base and providing information on the locations of supply caches, other survivors and hordes). He also is weary of newcomers and suggests abandoning survivors to their fate if they become burdens. [[spoiler:Later in the game he gets bitten, and if you delay the quest to MercyKill him, he leaves a note for the group saying he's gone off to a secluded spot alone to shoot himself. Darwinistic {{Jerkass}} he was in life, he wasn't a hypocrite by expecting any different treatment from how he treated others and thought solely of the community's wellbeing even when facing his own death. The player character even comments on it.]]* In most of the ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'' games, most of the characters are kind of one-note. But in the spinoffs (mostly the [=RPGs=]) they get a bit more depth.** ''VideoGame/LuigisMansion'' may have solidified Luigi's status as a CowardlyLion, going to great lengths to rescue his brother even when he really didn't want to. But before that, Luigi's journals in ''VideoGame/PaperMario64'' showed that he has a case of BigBrotherWorship in regards to mario. ** While in most games Bowser is kind of a one note villain, the ''VideoGame/PaperMario'' and ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigi'' series both help to establish Bowser as an IneffectualSympatheticVillain who actually does care about Peach, even if he thinks the best way to show her this is to kidnap her. This finally comes to a head in ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiDreamTeam'', where he [[spoiler:manages to successfully hijack the plot]].** Peach is a bit inconsistently written, but some adaptations (most notably ''ComicBook/SuperMarioAdventures'' and the ''VideoGame/PaperMario'' series) show her as headstrong and willing to try and rescue herself. ** And then there's Waluigi. At first glance, we see that Waluigi is Luigi´s rival, and works hard just so that he can make Luigi´s life suck. Then, at times, the character evolves into having a strong hatred for everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, and works hard to make everyone miserable and hateful. However, the reason for that is his self-pity. Why does Waluigi act like such a [[{{Jerkass}} massive jerk]] to everyone and is always presented to be an onverconfident character? Because if there is one person Waluigi hates besides Luigi, it's himself. His life is just so full of failures and bad luck (even when he isn´t doing something dastardly) that, alongside his crushing self pity and bitterness, causing him to be the way he is, harming others is the only way to make himself happy.** [[TheHighQueen Rosalina]], introduced in ''VideoGame/SuperMarioGalaxy'', is the elegant and soft-spoken mother of the Lumas and guardian of the cosmos, with some strong implications of PhysicalGod. That said, she is not above letting herself go and having some fun, and as ''VideoGame/MarioKart Wii'' states, she has [[BikerBabe a passion for motorcycles]]. ** Ultimately averted, however, with Wario. It's a running gag at this point to set up a scenario where Wario can show some character development, only for him to prove that [[JerkWithAHeartOfJerk he really is just a greedy bastard underneath it all]].* ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'', as an effect of its absurd amount of CharacterDevelopment, has a few examples.** Zelos: on the surface, TheCasanova[=/=]HandsomeLech, with a generous helping of narcissism. [[spoiler:Turns out it's almost entirely [[StepfordSmiler fake]], a result of his contempt for people wanting to take advantage of his position.]] As for his position as Chosen of Tethe'alla, which he seems to enjoy, [[spoiler:it's actually helped spawn a self-loathing that makes him borderline (or, depending on the player's actions, actually) suicidal]].** Colette: {{Pollyanna}}, somewhat [[TheDitz ditzy]], and friend to all living things. [[spoiler:Hides a level of extreme insecurity and social anxiety, all tied to her fear of failure and unwillingness to burden other people with her own problems, even when it comes close to killing her]].** Genis: Elven BrattyHalfPint and [[TeenGenius 12 year-old genius]]. [[spoiler:Actually half-elven, and develops an extremely deep resentment of humans for their [[FantasticRacism prejudicial treatment]] of half-elves, even coming to sympathize a lot with the [[WellIntentionedExtremist well-intentioned]] BigBad]].** Regal: Yeah, you know that [[TheBigGuy six-foot-three muscular convict]] who tried to kidnap Colette when you first met him? [[spoiler:He's actually a duke, the president of one of the world's largest companies, and [[GeniusBruiser one of the most intelligent characters in the party]]. Oh and if he didn't feel guilty for the crime he committed he'd be the strongest party member. He can throw Hadoken...]]** Kratos: Random mercenary who comes to help Colette out on her journey. [[spoiler:Turns out to be [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld 4000 years old]], a major DoubleAgent who ''wrote'' the book on BlackAndGrayMorality. Also [[LukeIAmYourFather the main character's father.]]]]*** He also [[spoiler: had to kill Anna, the only woman he ever loved, after Cruxis (who he abandoned to protect Anna) turns her into an EldritchAbomination and she nearly kills their infant son (Lloyd). Then Lloyd tumbles off a cliff in her arms, leading Kratos to believe everyone he cared about is dead, completely demoralizing him. While Anna had turned him into somewhat of an optimist, this cemented his cynicism.]]** Yuan: Unemotional, practical to the point of sounding uncaring and being a HeelFaceRevolvingDoor to both TheHero and the BigBad, apparently apathetic at the death of his utterly devoted subordinate... [[spoiler: [[TearJerker was engaged to a woman who died 4000 years ago]], still wears the engagement ring and searches ''all over the two worlds'' for it after having lost it.]] Oh, and by the way, there are a few subtle hints that he actually cares a lot for all his men.*** [[spoiler: He's actively working against a plan to revive his dead fiancé because of the injustices the BigBad plans to commit once the plan is complete.]]** Raine: Genis' [[TheSpock cold and intelligent]] big sister who becomes ecstatic when she's discovering ancient ruins [[spoiler: is that way because her and Genis' mother abandoned them by an ancient ruin so they would get sucked into the world of Sylvarant, leaving Raine to raise Genis herself.]]** Lloyd: Starts the game as a typical IdiotHero who was put down often for his nativity. Develop the skills to be a capable leader and came up with most of the plans during the second half of the game. [[spoiler: He was also the one who figured out that Collete is loosing parts of her humanity and the Zelos is actually a double agent.]]* Supplemental material for ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' add a lot of depth to characters, though the game itself gets in on this as well. ** The deranged Soldier is apparently surprisingly well-read (he knows about ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' and has an understanding of Greek mythology) and has a bizarre talent for infiltration and deception on a wholly different level than the Spy.** Spy [[WouldntHurtAChild is apparently fond of children]] and in spite of his supposed womanizing is actually quite personally fond of his mistresses. He's also emphatically ''not'' an IneffectualLoner; ''Expiration Date'' shows him making a RousingSpeech and attempting to make sure that the whole team will end their last days fulfilled.** Even a BrattyHalfPint loudmouth like Scout doesn't like to see children being harmed, and he connects with kids quickly. Both of his life plans that we've seen so far, getting rich and getting with Miss Pauling, involve, respectively, waiting patiently and a rigorous self-improvement regiment conducted in record time. From a guy you would think wouldn't even know how to spell "wait."** Heavy and his family were sent to TheGulag after his father was killed for being a tsarist--it's heavily implied he tortured all the guards to death, freed all the prisoners, and burned the place to the ground because they harmed his mother and sisters. As mentioned in the ''Poker Night'' entry, he is also an [[EloquentInMyNativeTongue erudite]] [=PhD=] and a teetotaler. ** Pyro is an apparently an IdiotSavant ramped UpToEleven, being able to run a construction company as its CEO and turn its entire board of directors into multimillionares in under a year in spite of never actually taking off his mask and perceiving everything as a SugarBowl.** Demoman is a patient, doting son to his demanding blind mother. He is phenomenally rich, a hard worker even in his youth, and proud of his work. In spite of this, he still takes time out to watch corny, gimmicky TV shows.** Engineer may be a hard-working GoodOlBoy, but he's a patron of the classical arts, loves his father and grandfather and respects his history, and shows us all why you really should BewareTheNiceOnes.** Even Sniper is shown to have a complex relationship with his often disapproving parents as well as a firm belief that his job is all about being professional...even when he isn't all that professional himself.** Medic... mostly averts this trope. Still, he's quite supportive of his pet bird, and even [[spoiler:brought back a 100% dead man]] after helping to kill him. This took over a billion dollars.* In ''VideoGame/ThetaVsPi7'' Theta is actually a surprisingly skilled musician. [[spoiler:King Pi also reveals himself to be tired of war and that was once a hero like Theta, a saviour to theta and pi alike, who's been worn down by years of defending his people.]]* This is a bit of a CentralTheme in the ''Franchise/TouhouProject''; the same person can be both good and evil, a genius and an idiot, a hard worker and a lazy bum, without contradiction, though usually we only ever see one side of them. E.g., main character Reimu Hakurei can, depending on what material you're going by, either be a no-nonsense hardass with a single-minded focus on doing her job, i.e., exterminating youkai, or a lazy, money-grubbing bum who cares more about {{Get Rich Quick Scheme}}s than doing her job, to the extent that she sometimes have to be [[WhatTheHellHero yelled at]] just to get off her ass and actually do something. Some comedy is even derived from this, such as when Kosuzu, the main character of ''Manga/ForbiddenScrollery'', sees Reimu in one of her get-rich-quick moods, which are common in ''Manga/WildAndHornedHermit,'' and cannot reconcile this with her idea of who Reimu is but simply assumes that she has to be joking.* Every single major character in ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'', and even a large number of minor ones:** The PlayerCharacter [[spoiler:is not the "fallen human" you name when you start the game. The character, Frisk, is a pacifist at heart regardless of how you play. Killing monsters is explained as the fallen human, whom you named (but whose default name is Chara) and who is a manifestation of all of the player's characters in every RPG they play, taking over Frisk's body.]]** Flowey [[spoiler:is a soulless reincarnation of Toriel and Asgore's child, Asriel. The main reason he's so sadistic is that he can neither feel positive emotions nor die, can SAVE and LOAD much like a video game player, has grown bored of his world, and is desperate to feel ''anything''. (All of this except the latter changes when Frisk arrives, which can be good or bad depending on the player's actions.)]]** Toriel is an immensely powerful monster, as well as [[spoiler:Asgore's ex-wife. She divorced him because, while he promised to gather seven human souls to break the barrier, it was clear that he was hoping that no humans would come.]] She also mostly uses her magic to cook, and is shown to be quite good at it; the one healing item she makes is the only one that completely restores the player's HP.** Napstablook is a music enthusiast whose mental state is largely (but not entirely) the product of [[spoiler:missing their cousin, Mettaton.]]** Under all the silly jokes, Sans is [[spoiler:[[WorldsBestWarrior the best warrior in the Underground]] purely thanks to his MediumAwareness and he's furthermore heavily implied to be a scientist with [[RealityWarper working knowledge of quantum physics]]. He could easily solve most of the Underground's problems if he tried, but he's aware that doing so is futile as long as someone with Determination is around to undo it all by [=LOADing=] an old SAVE File. He cites this futility as a reason for his laziness, though not even he knows whether it's a real reason or just an excuse. In addition, he seems to be aware of Dr. W. D. Gaster and his fate, and has been trying to fix a machine of some sort to bring him back into existence - sadly, Word of God has stated that he never succeeds.]]** Papyrus is more than strong enough to join the Royal Guard - he's even stronger than Undyne, according to in-game stats - but Undyne won't let him join because he's too innocent to survive a life-or-death battle. [[spoiler:This is shown to be completely justified in a Genocide run, in which he spares Frisk/Chara from the start in an attempt to turn their life around, and doesn't give up on them ''even if he's killed''. In addition, he may be naïve and bad at puzzles and cooking, but he's not unintelligent; he knows that the quickest way to make Undyne befriend Frisk is to frame the concept as a challenge.]] Finally, he only wants to capture a human and join the Royal Guard because he thinks it will earn him more friends; apart from his brother Sans and Undyne, he doesn't appear to have any.** Snowdrake ran away from home after losing his mother, and is trying to become a comedian to follow in his father's footsteps. His father reveals that they don't know what happened to his mother. [[spoiler:Frisk, however, finds out by seeing her first-hand: she was merged with fifteen other monsters in a lab accident, and is still alive, but barely self-aware and on the brink of falling apart.]]** Chilldrake regularly shares his lunch with Snowdrake; he and the other Drakes know about "Snowy's" lack of parents, and are more than willing to help him get by.** The dogs [[spoiler:lost all their parents in the same lab accident that made a Body Horror out of Snowdrake's mother. In this case, the parents were all merged into a single entity.]]** Undyne refuses to let Papyrus into the Royal Guard not because he's too weak (which he isn't), but out of [[ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies concern for his safety]]. She's also a huge geek and absolutely loves anime, even if [[WrongGenreSavvy she thinks it's real]]. [[spoiler:She also has a crush on Alphys and just wants her to be comfortable in her own skin.]]** Shyren is the way she is because she lost her friend to a "fall" of some sort, [[spoiler:as well as her sister to the aforementioned lab accident.]]** The [[AmbiguousGender Riverman/Riverwoman]] may be a bit whimsical, but they know many things. [[spoiler:No-one in the Underground knows the location of Temmie Village, except for the River Person. They insinuate that they may know about the machine Sans is working on and alludes to knowing about Flowey and how he's neither a human nor a monster. There's a lot of GuideDangIt things in Undertale, but the River Person has advices relating to almost all of them. Dr. W. D. Gaster was RetGone'd from existence, but the River Person is aware of "the man who speaks in hands." And if you've been playing for an extended period of time, [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou they even remind you to take a break every once in a while.]]]]** Alphys [[spoiler:has zero self-esteem and is borderline suicidal because she's responsible for the lab accident and has been keeping it a secret for years. If the player kills enough monsters, she actually commits suicide.]]** Mettaton [[spoiler:was originally a ghost who was pickier about his body than either of the Dummies. The story of Alphys befriending him and building a body that would let him "be who he really is" is ''very'' reminiscent of transgenderism. In addition, despite his narcissism, he cares deeply for his cousin, Napstablook, and will be ''livid'' at Frisk if they reject "Blooky's" friend request.]]** Asgore [[spoiler:wants to free his people from the Underground, but hates having to kill humans to do it. This internal conflict and its effect on his actions have cost him his wife, and he still misses her.]]* ''VideoGame/UntilDawn'':** Despite Jessica being portrayed as a sexpot DumbBlonde, the player can find out she actually has a lot of self-esteem issues and is generally insecure. Also, in chapter 3, should Mike fail to make any decisions, Jess will take the lead, can call Mike out on his hesitation and do something while chewing Mike out even further.** Emily is an AcademicAlphaBitch and is generally very rude and self-centered. But she is also one of the more resourceful characters, able to make a torch out of her top (even if she complains about it) and she can think very quickly on her feet as seen during the chase with [[spoiler: the Wendigo]] in the mines. She can also show concern, sadness and distress when she found clues regarding Hannah and Beth in the mines and when she heard Josh was killed. It's also suggested her abrasiveness is due to her own insecurities and fear of failure. If she and Matt have a high enough relationship stat by the end of the game, she will ask the police about him in a worried tone and wonder if Matt still thinks of her as a good girlfriend. * A lot of characters in ''VideoGame/{{Xenoblade}}'' have some level of hidden depths to them, but two of them stand out the most: ** Reyn is a self-admitted DumbMuscle that nonetheless can be surprisingly insightful, such as the moment he calls out Shulk when he's treading into PoorCommunicationKills territory; and is also more emotionally mature than he lets out. ** Riki is a RidiculouslyCuteCritter with a child-like attitude common in his species. He's also [[OlderThanTheyLook a 40-year-old]] father of several children who shows some moments of fatherly care and wisdom that surprise everyone, including TeamDad (and actual ParentalSubstitute) Dunban.* ''{{VideoGame/Yakuza}}'': EnsembleDarkhorse Goro Majima is originally portrayed as a [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation "boggle-eyed weirdo who dresses like he woke up naked in a pet cemetary"]], but every game in the series seems to add new layers to the man. By the end of ''Yakuza 6'', his portrayal is that of an intelligent, emotional and introspective man who created the "Mad Dog of Shimano"-persona he has worn as a way of dealing with the harsh reality of yakuza life. He has also wrestled his way into the top echelons of the Tojo clan and can block the new blood without even trying. He turned at least three flagging legitimate businesses into serious money-makers. He has a keen interest in music and a very good singing voice, and will gleefully participate whenever anyone suggests karaoke (and he isn't above deliberately singing off-key to mess with people). He has a serious BigBrotherInstinct, especially when it comes to kids and abused women. And he is ''very'' serious about environmentalism and recycling.----


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