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1* [[spoiler:In Louis' ending, rather than using her wish to pay off her parents' debt, she decides to skip it altogether after forming a bonding relationship with Toras.]]▓* [[spoiler:In Luca's story, she comes the (unfortunate) realization that the Draupnir's "signs of affection" towards her were only meant for him to take Hell's throne away from her during her conversation with him through Malcem. She ends up crying knowing she slaved away her feelings for the Draupnir meant nothing. Malcem, after returning to his senses, helped console the poor girl and wiped her tears for her. Malcem's kindness eventually led to Luca making him her new fiancÚ. During her ending, Malcem arrives to Luca (dressed as [[{{Meido}} a little maid]]) after getting scolded by Amalgam for wrecking her kitchenwares with [[LethalChef her cooking]]. Luca made a little fib about Amalgam hitting her to test how Malcem kind he really is, which he passed with flying colors and got a smooch on the check by Luca.]]▓-->[[spoiler:'''Luca:''' "[[SmoochOfVictory I love you, Malcolm]]!"]]▓----


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