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1* On Narumi's route, his mother spends some time at the hospital as a patient. When she's released, he shows up to take her home, only for her to insist that she's fine and he shouldn't take time off work on her behalf. Like the good boy he is, Kyosuke brushes off her protests and walks his mom home. It's very sweet to see that there's at least ''one'' healthy, loving relationship in the setting.* In Issei's Happy Ending, when the protagonist makes up her mind to rush to Shimane in search of Issei, Junpei immediately offers to drive her to the airport. No hesitation, no reluctance, no wistful complaints about losing her, even though he's been in love with her since they were kids - instead, Junpei puts on the speed and expresses his honest hope that things will work out with Issei, because at the end of the day, what's most important to him is that she's happy.-->'''Junpei:''' I love that look on your face. It's this super great, super determined face... It's like you've broken free and are moving forward, or something...* All of Junpei's Another Story Epilogue. From Irie and Issei joining forces to make sure that the protagonist actually takes her day off, to her and Junpei just enjoying their time at the Oktoberfest like a normal, happy couple. Also, the protagonist turns out to be an affectionate and completely adorable drunk. It's wall-to-wall warm and fuzzy feelings.


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