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1[[quoteright:350:]][[caption-width-right:350: ''[[YouAreNotAlone "I'm your partner. I'm not going to leave you all alone."]]'']] !! Warning: Administrivia/SpoilersOff applies to SugarWiki/{{Heartwarming|Moments}} pages. Proceed at your own risk.[[AC: Episode 2]]* When Hiro asks Zero Two if he really did pilot the Franxx with her, she not only tells him he did so but that he was amazing. Considering everything and how downcast he'd been it had been enough to make him feel proud of himself for the rest of the episode... until the ending, anyway.[[AC: Episode 3]]* When Miku gets knocked out, Zorome's the one most worried about her and takes the blame that it was his fault she got hurt. As much of a jerk and SmallNameBigEgo as he is, he at least cares about his partner.[[AC: Episode 4]]* Hiro, after coming to the realization that Zero Two [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman is]] [[SubvertedTrope no different than he is]], runs after her while she's being hauled away to the front lines. When he comes to a locked gate that separates them, he repeatedly slams against the security gate while yelling about how he wasn't afraid to ride with her because she wasn't human. It was because he lacked the resolve. He then admits that he admired her and didn't care about riding in just any Franxx, but rather he wanted to ride with HER. Moved by the confession, Zero Two escapes her escorts, reunites with Hiro, they run hand-in-hand to the Strelizia.[[AC: Episode 5]]* The kids being happy after the celebration since it gave them the encouragement that the adults needed them.* Hiro being celebrated and praised by his friends for helping out. Even Zorome makes peace with him.* Kokoro [[RomanticSpoonfeeding feeding]] Futoshi during breakfast, taking a cue off Zero Two doing the same for Hiro. The two seem to be the happiest among the partners.* Zero Two does give Hiro the chance to step down from piloting with her before he has to ride the Strelizia a third time. He refuses in a heartbeat.** Zero Two in turn reacts very positively: laughing and dancing with genuine joy.* YMMV on this one, but it's implied that Zero Two calmed down after Ichigo slapped her because of a sudden rainfall. Who was she talking about rain to at the beginning of the episode? [[SingleTargetSexuality Hiro]].[[AC: Episode 6]]* Zero Two actively checks on Hiro's worsening state as they pilot, but he keeps pushing through on the sole purpose of defending his friends.* The crown has to go to Hiro's CooldownHug when Zero Two starts going berserk after he seemingly died. While she struggles to free the franxx on her own, going through enormous pain, he realizes that she, like him, is a someone who can't fly alone. Hiro hugs her, her eyes turn blue again, and he swears he'll be by her side for a s long as he'll be able to. If his only reason to pilot before was to defend the adults and Papa, now he has another one: being her wings.* The kids holding the Klaxosaur in place so that Strelizia can deliver the final blow shows that they're back to trusting Hiro completely. And, at the end, they all rush to hug him!* Zorome going way out of position to save one of Squad 26's Franxx after it runs out of fuel and was about to be crushed. Kid's got a huge ego and a mouth to match, but he still saved someone who was blowing him off as useless not long ago.[[AC: Episode 7]]* Pretty much the entire episode, giving them all a much needed break from the fighting, as well as a nice BeachEpisode.[[AC: Episode 8]]* Hiro and Zero Two's game of chase. The entire scene is as sweet as it's funny, with Zero Two getting to "play like a human" and Hiro genuinely having fun. His laugh is ''precious''.[[note]]Its the ''first'' time we've heard him laugh in the entire series.[[/note]]* They actively spend time together, even if Hiro is hesitant to contradict his friends.* The kids making peace at the end by mutually apologizing and promising to respect one another. * Kokoro's speech about love and respect, and Hiro expressing his desire to understand Zero Two better. Both beautiful if you consider these kids know nothing of how normal teenagers interact with one another.** "Darling... grab on to me and never let go, okay?"* The gang discover one of the off-limit rooms on the first floor was the bedroom of one of the previous Plantation 13 Parasites. They replace the wilted lilac plant by the window with a fresh one in their memory.* In the first and last scenes of the episode, we see that Zero Two has changed from her distinctive red Pistil suit to 13's white-with-stripes livery. Maybe she won't admit it out loud, but she thinks she's part of the team too.[[AC: Episode 9]]* The gang, sans Zero Two, gets present from the Adults and they're ecstatic about it. Later, Hiro gifts Zero Two a mirror because he felt bad that she didn't get anything and she [[TheGlomp glomps him]] in response. * Goro is this personified in this episode. Not only he becomes aware of his feelings for Ichigo, but he's willing to push them aside not to endanger their partnership. He then tells Hiro about Ichigo's feelings for him, and compares them to how Hiro himself feels about Zero Two. Later, during the battle with the Klaxosaur, he expels Ichigo from the Franxx the second they remain trapped, holding on when the oxygen starts running low by thinking about her. His monologue at the beginning of the episode is really sweet as well.** Also, after Goro wakes up from the Klaxosaur's explosion, Hiro talks to him to inquire about his condition and Goro immediately interrupts to ask if Ichigo is okay.* Ichigo immediately agrees to dive in the Klaxosaur if it means she can save Goro. During their brief call, she's distraught but promises she'll do anything to get to him.** Zero Two is slowly starting to fit in the squad. She's the one that suggests the plan to save Goro and, during the rescue attempt, Ichigo says she trusts her. The smile on Strelitzia's face says it all.* Goro gifting Ichigo the hairclip he got for her when they were kids. He never gave it to her, since even back then he had realised she was more interested in Hiro, but he doesn't want to risk his life in battle again without having told her how he feels.** '''And, indeed, he confesses'''. And, even if she can't yet bring herself to call him something more than a partner, he just leans into her saying he's fine with being by her side. And it's beautiful.[[AC: Episode 10]]* Zorome says he wouldn't have anyone else but Miku as his partner. Sure, they argue a lot, but he cherishes their bond and thinks about her safety the most.[[AC: Episode 11]]* Futoshi is distraught and says that thinking about Kokoro makes [[LoveHurts his chest hurt]]. Hiro listens to him with the softest smile on his face and says he knows the feeling. [[SingleTargetSexuality Guess who he's talking about]].* Kokoro comforting Mitsuru with her speech about promises. To put it simply: she restores his faith in others.* Mitsuru pulling Kokoro off the FRANXX's controls after she tries activating stampede mode. He definitely cares for her much more than he ever cared for Ikuno.* Mitsuru's promise to Futoshi after being punched: sounds like Kokoro will be safe with him.* After seeing the emotional turmoil between Mitsuru, Kokoro, and Futoshi, Zero Two goes up and hugs a worried Hiro, telling him he doesn't need to worry as the two will never separate. Not until they are both dead.[[AC: Episode 12]]* Seeing Hiro care for Zero Two is painfully sweet. He finally realised the depth of his feelings for her, doesn't care about her appearance and just wants to be there for her. He even [[LoveConfession confesses]] and... everything [[{{Tearjerker}} goes]] [[NightmareFuel downhill]] from then on. To add insult to injury, while Zero Two wants to see her "darling from before", she either doesn't realize it's most likely Hiro himself that met her when they were both kids, or she lost hope he'll remember her at all.* Kokoro bumping into Futoshi, who gently tells her not to worry about it. Seems someone is slowly getting better over the situation.* When Nine Alpha makes a jab about Zero Two not fitting in Plantation 13's squad, Ichigo immediately shields her and tells him to watch his mouth. Despite their friction, it's clear Ichigo strives to be the best leader she can.[[AC: Episode 13]]* Pretty much the ENTIRETY of Episode 13. Every single scene is a TearJerker. The only difference is if they are tears of sadness or joy. Examples of the latter include:** When knocked out during a mission, Hiro starts to remember his past more, and starts recalling his ForgottenFirstMeeting with Zero Two. When he regains consciousness, he asks an out of control Zero Two if she was the girl with the picture book, referencing the past where he tried to escape the Garden with her. In her possession was a fairy tale book of a demon girl who gave up her wings to become human and live with a prince she fell in love with. They were unfortunately captured, and some of Hiro's memories were erased as punishment. But Zero Two was happy with the time she spent with him, and like the fairy tale girl, wanted to become human to be with Hiro. She has a shocked expression, but immediately starts calming down when he asks her the question.** God, the tears on their faces when they realize everything. Props to the animators for flawlessly picturing a moment of absolute vulnerability. Zero Two's face screams "''It's you. I '''found''' you''".*** In Zero Two's case, her reaction leans a bit in TearJerker area as her face and tears are that of MyGodWhatHaveIDone. This is the first time Zero Two has expressed sheer remorse for saying such awful things to Hiro, the boy who became her Darling unlike how back then she showed apathy to her other partners.** "You were the girl with the picture book back then, weren't you?"** Zero Two's reaction to her very first taste of candy was absolutely precious.** Hiro's promise of marriage. Aka, the entire reason Zero Two strives so vehemently to become human. If they marry, he'll become her ''darling''.** Hiro's interactions with Zero Two were just precious. He fell in love with her the moment he saw her smile.*** Very minor, but notice how Hiro uses the term ''"kimi"'' to refer to Zero Two. It's a way of saying "you" that implies a close relationship and that he considers her completely harmless. It's safe to say he was smitten with her from the start.** The scene where young Zero Two bites Hiro's hand after he stopped her from eating a mouse. He doesn't hit her or yell at her, he just pets her until she lets go of his hand.*** Zero Two in turn develops a remorseful look at what she did.** "This is the story of a monster. This a story forgotten... '''and a story of reunion.'''"* One of the adults actually attempting to truly bond with Zero Two by giving her a gift in the form of a picture book.* In the four-panel manga, little Zero-Two attempts to hide her horns in shame when Hiro comments on them. Noticing her distress, Hiro picks up two icicles as makeshift horns and mention how cool they are. This causes Zero-Two to cry TearsOfJoy.[[AC: Episode 14]] * In what is mostly a bleak episode, there's the small scene where Hiro tells Mitsuru that he remembers their promise and even attempts to apologize for forgetting it, to which Mitsuru tells him that he doesn't need to. While it may not seem like much, their conversation throughout is the most civil one they've had in years. In one way or another, it's likely that Mitsuru is starting to forgive Hiro and that both are on their way to fully reconciling. ** Before Mitsuru leaves, he actually gives some praise to Hiro for lasting as long as he did as Zero Two's stamen and while he advises that Hiro stays away from her, it's clear that he's saying that out of concern of him.* With the exception of Ichigo, the other members of Plantation 13 trying to be as accommodating to Zero Two as possible even with her currently explosive behavior, and unlike Ichigo, they allow her the chance to see Hiro on the condition that they're around to keep watch. It's only a shame that Hiro snuck out of the hospital just when Zero Two finally gets to see him again... [[AC: Episode 15]]* Before the mission even started, the entire squad tells Hiro to wait for them and cheer him up about not piloting. This may seem small, but compare this to how Mitsuru and Especially Zorome treated Hiro at the beginning for not being able to pilot. Ichigo also offers to teach Hiro how to pilot, even if it means having to reteach him from square one.* Turns out Zero Two fixed the mirror Hiro gifted her back in episode 9. It's haphazardly put together, but the meaning behind the gesture shakes Hiro into action.** And it was still shattered when Hiro found her room empty, meaning she fixed it between his YouMonster moment and being escorted from the dorm by security. That pretty much confirms that she wasn't giving ''him'' the silent treatment on the way out - she still loved him, even when she didn't feel worthy to look at him.* Strelizia doesn't simply kill hordes of klaxosaurs, but it actively looks for endangered FRANXX to try and free them. Later, when Plantation 13 is breached, she immediately abandons the battlefield to go and protect her former home. Even in a berserk state, it's clear Hiro's [[YouMonster comment]] stuck with Zero Two. * A very small gesture, (and YMMV on the reasoning behind it) but even after being transferred back to the Nines, Zero-Two is still wearing her Squad 13's white pistil uniform instead of the Nines' red ones.* A minor one, but the reason Zero Two is a {{Bokukko}}: It's the first word she learned, picking it up from her brief interactions with Hiro. The others she learned? Her name, Zero Two, and of course, darling.* Ichigo's [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy "I'm happy for you"]] after Hiro reunites with Zero Two. Especially cathartic after the disaster that happened in Episode 14.** Goro willingly coming out of Delphinium because he's tired of seeing Zero Two and Hiro suffer. He gets Hiro in instead, and says that he noticed Ichigo has been worrying about Zero Two for the entire fight.** In a weird way, Ichigo's emotional rant toward Zero Two, yelling that she hates how Zero Two toys with her feelings and that she wishes that she never met her - basically, she's saying that she hates the fact that she's actually come to ''care'' about Zero Two and has to deal with all the hurt that comes with those feelings. And she finishes it up with "I'll let you have Hiro, so get your act together already!"* The entire climax of the episode is this combined with [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome awesomeness]]. Hiro rushes into the battlefield on a training unit and, even when it gets destroyed, he refuses to back down because he ''needs'' Zero Two. Once he's in Strelizia with Goro and Ichigo's help, his mind connects with Zero Two's again and he finally understands her, allowing him to wake her from her berserk state. ** In the bit where Teen!Hiro hugs Child!Zero Two, a text that says "I'm here for you" appears on the screen. At first it seems it's from Hiro's point of view, but both the character for ''"boku"'' and the one for ''"ore"'' are used, meaning those are ''Hiro and Zero Two speaking to each other''.** The way they downright weep into each other's arms. Zero Two is so afraid to hurt Hiro that she refuses to touch him, and she's obviously overwhelmed with guilt because of how she treated him, but he holds her close to his chest after she tries to pull away, and says that they can make everything work if they talk and think it out together. He just wants to see the world with her, that big, unexplored world they both dreamed of when they were kids.* "Together, we are one." Cue BigDamnKiss and not a single dry eye in the audience.* Hiro and Zero Two declaring their love for everyone to hear. They are still [[TearsOfJoy crying their eyes out]] (in Zero Two's case, a flash of pixels on Strelizia's face) but the smiles on their faces are dazzling. They even get [[ManlyTears Zorome and Futoshi to tear up]].** What really drives this home is the unabashedly happy look on Strelizia's face, reflecting Zero Two's, during this entire sequence.* The monologue about the Jian bird is a [[MeaningfulEcho word-for-word echo]] of the opening scene in episode 1. Back then, it was only Zero Two speaking. Now, [[OfficialCouple she and Hiro]] finish each other's sentences and conclude the speech talking together.** Bonus points, they refer to themselves with the pronuns they used in their youth ("''boku''" for him, "''watashi''" for her). The two kids that only had each other truly reunited.[[AC: Episode 16]]* We get to see how deep and developed Squad 13's bond has become, so almost the entire episode qualifies as heartwarming.* Pick anytime Zero Two interacts with the kids. Seeing her so happy is almost jarring, especially compared to [[SanitySlippage her mental]] [[LackOfEmpathy state]] [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone the past]] [[BrokenBird few episodes]], but her efforts are obviously genuine. She wants to repay the kids for accepting someone like her among them. She hasn't only found her Darling again, now she has a family.** Zero Two even says outright that she thought ''only'' being with her Darling was the end-all, be-all kind of humanity she wished to achieve, but seeing how the rest of Squad 13 works together has finally made her realize that it's this kind of familial sense of togetherness that was truly the humanity she desired. To her, Hiro and the others shine brightly because they are true to their feelings and have no fear in sharing them. That's what being a human really means and the fact that they've accepted [[InternalizedCategorism someone like her]] among them is all she's ever wanted. Hiro tells her they'll be together forever before holding her close.** Zero Two being so peaceful deserves a mention of its own. The first time we see her she's back in her room, happily filing her horns. Compared to how she viewed her klaxosaur features just a couple of episodes ago, it's clear she's become much more accepting of her own appearance. * The girls taking a bath together. Special mention goes to Miku washing Zero Two's hair and being playful with her, especially if you look back at Episode 2 where she was taken aback by her horns.** Zero Two cutely bragging about her hair color after Hiro compared it to the cherry blossom. You can literally hear her affection for him dripping from her voice.* Mitsuru finally lets go of his grudge against Hiro and asks Kokoro to [[ImportantHaircut cut his hair]] as a symbol of letting go of the past. He thinks he started hating Hiro just to have a purpose, but now that they're friends again he doesn't know what to do. Kokoro reassures him that he can always start over and when he starts awkwardly complimenting her, ''she gives him a ShutUpKiss''.* Ichigo has ''finally'' accepted Zero Two as part of the team, acknowledging that she let fear cloud her judgement and not see Zero Two for who she really was: not a monster, just a broken girl. She's genuinely happy for her and Hiro and says that, even if the kids will never be able to understand all that's happened between the two of them, it doesn't matter. Zero Two is one of them now, and that's that.** In a flashback set right after the events of Episode 15, we see Zero Two kneeling before Squad 13 with Hiro standing protectively in front of her, gently holding her hand. She's visibly beside herself with guilt and regret after her past actions, so much she can't even bring herself to look at them, and all the kids appear unsure about what to do, but who's the first one to reach out to her? [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHAppy Ichi]][[HopelessSuitor go]]. She steps closer and tries to touch Zero Two's face, who recoils, but after a moment Ichigo smiles and tries again, this time succesfully cupping her cheek. It's a scene that needs no words.*** It also cements that Zero Two really had come to care about all the Squad 13 members, not only Hiro. The fact that she couldn't even raise her head, much like in Episode 15 when Hiro got to her, proves that she valued them as much more than "weaklings".* A minor one, But despite Zorome's attitude, and constant teasing of Futoshi, It was pretty endearing for Zorome to want Futoshi to keep eating in order to survive.* The kids ultimately realize that there's more to their lives than piloting a FRANXX. All they've ever known was fighting for the Adults, but now they've been abandoned by those they've always admired and tried to protect. They feel like they've lost all purpose, but Hiro tells them that he's not too concerned about that. Being with the team, laughing and cooking together, collaborating to keep on living, made him understand that as long as they stay together everything will be fine. Their place isn't inside a robot, but out there in the world. All the kids, sans Zero Two who simply looks at him with a proud look on her face, are in awe (not unlike they looked at him when he was a charismatic kid) and some are even driven to tears by his speech.* In contrast her past habit of bluntly stating [[AMillionIsAStatistic her philosophy]] every time heavy subjects come up, Zero Two instead shares concern over the other kids' health and doesn't have a harsh word to say. Even at the end, during what would have been a giant opportunity for her to remind them all how little an individual life matters, she politely keeps to herself and smiles at the way Hiro cheers everyone up instead.[[AC: Episode 17]]* The scene Hiro and Zero Two share in their room is completely adorable. The scene comes with TheReveal that Hiro is transforming into a HornedHumanoid. While Zero Two shows she has some lingering guilt over doing this to him, he gives her a HeadbuttOfLove with their horns, and they kiss. He assuages her feelings by letting her know it makes him incredibly happy to have [[CommonalityConnection something in common with her]].** [[ The four-panel manga]] dials the fluff UpToEleven.** Following from Episode 16, Zero Two is recreating her picture book. She's noticed that Hiro also drew something and demands to see it. He's clearly reluctant to let her, but she grabs it anyway. When Zero Two starts laughing at it, Hiro is ashamed and embarrassed of his attempt. She loves it.** When Nine Alpha tries his usual SmugSnake attitude by claiming Zero Two can never live peacefully with Hiro and the rest of Plantation 13 by using her old codename of "Iota", she gives him a quick ShutUpHannibal moment by claiming her name is Zero Two and completely discards the name Papa gave to her, and reaffirms her resolve to live with her friends. * Mitsuru and Kokoro are also filled with a lot of these this episode.** When Kokoro laments they'll have to leave behind the lives they've been living, Mitsuru reassures her that he wouldn't mind stay at the Garden house since that's where they first met and started developing their relationship. ** The end of the episode, after being called out everyone else that her beliefs and desire for children are wrong, Kokoro runs off to her room to cry how, as parasites, they'll die young without leaving behind anything memorable for the future. Mitsuru goes to her and reassures that he wants to make her happy, since she was the reason he was able to get over his own issues and gives her a ShutUpKiss and ends with the two having sex.* Hiro and Mitsuru's conversation, really shows the two have finally buried the hatchet and have gone back to being friends.* Miku and Ikuno helping Zero Two taking care of her horns at the beginning of the episode. Miku even made her a flower crown and reassures her Hiro will love it.[[AC: Episode 18]]* Both heartwarming and tear-jerking: Ikuno finally confesses her feelings to Ichigo, even though part of her is aware that Ichigo doesn't feel the same way as her, which causes her to break down in tears halfway through her confession. Ichigo, who was in a similar situation not long ago, sympathizes with how she feels and comforts her with a hug, telling her that it's part of life to feel the way she does. Ikuno cries that while she might have a hard time letting go of her feelings, she's at least grateful to Ichigo for being considerate to her. * The fact that Futoshi ''volunteered'' to be the priest in Kokoro and Mitsuru's wedding, speaks volumes. IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy indeed.* Hiro and Zero Two share another moment together under the cherry blossoms. From playfully flirting to spinning together under the flying petals, they're just so in love with each other. Hiro voices over the scene, musing about how simply being in Zero Two's presence makes him feel so warm and happy.* The kids repaint the walls of the house and decide to take a picture all together to commemorate their last days in Mistilteinn. They've basically become [[TrueCompanions a true family]] at this point.[[AC: Episode 19]]* Futoshi holds strongly to his [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy conviction]] by refusing to partner with Kokoro after her memory wipe, and trying everything possible to help her and Mitsuru regain their memories. He's also the first to call out APE for their callous treatment of the squad, voicing everyone's anguish on their behalf.* Hiro is still a bundle of TranquilFury when he exits Dr. Franxx's office, but luckily Zero Two is waiting for him right outside the door. He stares at her horns, visibly conflicted and worried about the situation the squad is in, but he snaps out of it fairly quickly after she echoes her comment about him being a pervert for staring from Episode 3. Instead of being flustered, this time he smiles fondly at her and tells her they've decided what to do. After that, he helps her up and they leave together, hand in hand.** Dr. Franxx watches them go, thinking to himself that fate, despite being cruel more often than not, can become powerless in the face of desire. And no one desired to protect and be with their other half more than our lovebirds here...[[AC: Episode 20]]* Miku trying to convince Kokoro that she's not meant to serve only as a sacrifice for Papa and the Adults. * When the Nines are being their [[SarcasmMode usual, pleasant selves]] before the battle, Zero Two immediately shoots Alpha down saying Squad 13 are much stronger pilots and have their eyes set on the future, meaning they're not to be taken lightly just because they're humans. After the Nines leave, the kids of Squad 13 don't say anything. They all just have these [[{{Adorkable}} big, grateful grins on their faces]] as they look at an adorably confused Zero Two.* Hiro and Zero Two get to talk about their future for a bit before entering Strelizia. He asks her what she wants to do after they're done with APE, and she tells him that she wants to take up on his promise [[WalkTheEarth to see the world, no matter where they go as long as they are he's with her]]. Hiro says it's not going to be easy for the two of them, but in the past they've always worked things out together, and she agrees saying that they can overcome whatever fate has in store for them.** This, [[IWillFindYou which]] [[{{Determinator}} is basically]] [[RescueRomance their relationship]] [[HeroicResolve in a nutshell]], and is followed by a kiss:---> '''Hiro''': We'll be together forever.---> '''Zero Two''': But what if we're torn apart?---> '''Hiro''': I'll come get you.---> '''Zero Two''': Thanks. Same here.---> '''Hiro''': Promise?---> '''Zero Two''': Promise.** It's just beautiful to see how much their relationship has developed. Hiro and Zero Two are completely in love and devoted to each other, aware that they have a shoulder to lean on and someone that understands them completely. They may be afraid, but their faith in their bond makes them stronger than the world that wants to keep them apart. Being pulled apart is a possibility, sure, but finding each other again isn't. [[OneTrueLove It's an assurance, simple as that.]]* The conversation above? It's what keeps [[{{Determinator}} Zero Two]] [[HeroicResolve going after Hiro and the Klaxosaur Princess while she's very close to passing out from blood loss.]] [[AC: Episode 21]]* Hiro reaffirms his belief that fighting isn't the only meaning of one's life. Thanks to his interactions with Zero Two and the rest of the Squad, he's been able to realise how important it is to connect with people and that those bonds are the one thing really worth fighting for. He used to be just like the Klaxosaur Princess, thought his only purpose was to serve as a pawn in a war, but now he has another reason to fight. He wants to be with Zero Two, wants to live at his fullest with her. He just wants to keep his promise.* Squad 13 as a whole, seriously, everything they do in this episode counts as heartwarming. They simply embody the TrueCompanions trope at this point.** As soon as the Virm vs. Klaxosaur conflict breaks out, they abandon the frontlines to go rescue Hiro and Zero Two. They literally burst into the Grand Crevasse while taking down one of the aliens, and both them and Zero Two sound just so relived and happy when they see each other. Those smiles need to be protected.** Ikuno and Futoshi consume all of Chlorophytum's power and Ikuno's strength to open a pathway blocked by debris. What does Futoshi suggest right after that? That after the war is over they all have a big feast, and they'll even make a bunch of the sweet things Zero Two loves to eat, too.** Kokoro and Mitsuru decide to stay behind to cover Delphinium and block Virm's advance. Even with their memories wiped they still are members of the family.** Zorome and Miku hold the line with Genista to protect an unable to move Chlorophytum.** Delphinium hugging Genista and Argentea before escorting Zero Two away. Later, when they drop Zero Two off, Ichigo tells her that she and Hiro better be coming back soon, or they'll both be in serious trouble.* Zero Two forgives Dr. Franxx for all that he's done. She doesn't care that he used her and never saw her as more than an experiment, because he did one, good thing. He created her and gave her the chance to meet her darling.* Related to above, the revelation that Dr. Franxx actually meant for Hiro and Zero Two to meet again when he assigned her to Plantation 13, while he says that he did it out of mere curiosity to see if they could rekindle their relationship, it's likely that he also did it to give them a small reprieve after all the crap that he had done to them in the past.* [[OneTrueLove Hiro and Zero Two]], as usual, make you wish you had tissues with you.** Zero Two manages to get into Strelizia, but Hiro is seconds away from being completely absorbed by Virm. She cries and calls for him, but he doesn't answer, seemingly dead. So what does she do? '''She gives up her humanity, the one thing she's been trying to preserve and protect since the beginning of the series''', transforming back into her red, Klaxosaur-looking self, and tries to reach Hiro with the one thing that has bound them since the beginning of the series: a kiss. *** Virm immediately infects her, but she holds on to the contact because saving him matters more than anything else.** Their meeting in their dreamscape world, under the mistletoe tree. He opens his eyes to find himself resting on her lap, with her fondly looking down at him. He just tackles her in a hug as tears slide down their faces, and around them it starts to snow. They notice, and share a laugh before coming back to reality with a kiss.*** Worth noting that Hiro isn't in the least surprised to see her. He just knew she'd come. --> '''Zero Two''': I kept my promise.--> '''Hiro''': I believed you would.** Like in Episode 15, their reunion triggers Strelizia Apus' awakening. --> '''Zero Two''': Right now I feel you closer to me than ever before. I know what you're thinking like the back of my own hand. No matter what happens from here on out, our hearts will always be as one, darling!"* The Klaxosaur Princess is so moved by Hiro and Zero Two's love that she decides to put her faith in humans once again. She leaves the world in their hands and offers her her last ounces of strenght to both of them before fusing with Strelizia and connecting to Zero Two's horns.[[AC: Episode 22]]* Hiro insists he personally takes care of Zero Two. He spends the entire episode trying to wake her up.** The revelation that Zero Two purposefully left the last page of the picture book blank so they could rewrite it together. She knew she was going to be absorbed, though she had faith Hiro would keep his promise, and moved the battle with VIRM from Earth to space so the Parasites could be spared.** He uses his growing horns to give her a HeadbuttOfLove. Which makes him realise she's still alive and kicking, just not on Earth, and gives him an idea of [[IWillFindYou what to do next.]]** [[ They fall asleep holding hands, leaning into each other.]] Even when she's unresponsive, Hiro clearly wants to be as close to her as possible.* Squad 13 are, obviously, immensely concerned about Hiro and Zero Two. When Hiro tells them he intends to face VIRM ''alone'', Goro [[WhatTheHellHero calls him out on it]] [[AngerBornOfWorry and even punches him]] because Hiro is seemingly willing to give up his life without even talking about it with what basically is his family now. To Goro, it's like seeing a brother trying to self destroy.** Goro eventually understands why Hiro behaves that way: he breathes and lives and fights for what he loves. Zero Two is the thing he's ready to put everything at risk for, and all of the other kids wonder if they're ever going to find something like that for themselves.** Hiro finally outs his own saurification in this moment, when his horns and eyes start glowing blue when he talks about his promise to Zero Two. The others gasp in shock... and then don't even mention it. [[MilhollandRelationshipMoment It doesn't change their view of him one bit.]]* Squad 13 decides to help Hiro get to Zero Two. After keeping it barely together the entire episode, Hiro finally cries when he understands that his friends have made their decision on their own and want to help him even if it means risking their lives. As Ichigo says, they don't plan on dying, they just want to be done with Papa and VIRM forever so that they can work on nurturing the Earth and living in peace.* Dr. Franxx's last wishes for Nana and Hachi. That they become [[ParentalSubstitute the new models of adults for all the Parasites.]]* Nana, who feels like she is useless, comes across a crying Parasite and running on instincts goes to comfort them with a hug.[[AC: Episode 23]]* Our [[OfficialCouple official couples]] both give us reasons to cry this episode:** Mitsuru swears to remain by Kokoro and their baby's side, because even if he doesn't remember everything and feels like a weakling, he knows he can be stronger if he's with her. He kept their rings and insists on saying her name because it's too important for him to hold on to those fragments of memories to simply let her go.** Hiro, thanks to Alpha's help, gets to Strelizia and connects with Zero Two's trapped soul. She left Earth and him behind because she didn't want to force Hiro into becoming a Klaxosaur with her. She just wanted him to remain with Squad 13 and live his life at the cost of hers, but Hiro points out that if she really desired to be alone she wouldn't have left that last page of the picture book to him. He refuses his humanity and vows to be by her side forever, [[CallBack to never let her go.]] This triggers Strelizia Apus' true transformation, a giant mech with Zero Two's features and protected by an armour that takes the shape of a wedding dress.** Zero Two appears in her subconscious as her younger self, scared and alone. Hiro? He's his crudely drawn prince from the picture book.*** The smile on Zero Two's face back on Earth when Hiro makes his vow. ** The picture Squad 13 took back in Episode 18 is proudly displayed inside Strelizia's cockpit.* Ichigo makes Hiro and Zero Two promise they'll return, no matter how long it will take. Zero Two can only tearfully smile and tell her she's bossy as usual.[[AC: Episode 24]]* Hiro's and Zero Two's final moments. Even though they were about to die, they knew that this wasn't the end for them and no matter how long it took, they will meet again. And they do in the epilogue in which they are reunited as kids.--> '''Hiro''': We'll probably vanish soon. But the path we walked will never fade, because the other will take it even further.--> '''Zero Two''': It doesn't matter how long it takes. [[OneTrueLove If we have souls, I swear I'll meet you again on Earth.]]--> '''Hiro''': I love you, Zero Two.--> '''Zero Two''': I feel the same. I love you, too, darling.** Back then, Hiro had the candies and Zero Two had the book. When they meet again, it's the opposite.** Look closely at the bracelet that the reincarnated Zero Two wears. The design it was based on is the same as the drawing of Zero Two on the wall of the Mistilteinn boarding house.* The prayer chain the children start back on Earth to send strength to Hiro, who's being consumed by the Franxx. He hears them talk about how hard they're working, how he and Zero Two taught them what living means, and Zero Two tells him he's the one that changed everything from the beginning. [[TrueCompanions When he wanted to stay together with everyone]], [[RescueRomance when he decided to save her]], [[{{Determinator}} when he went for the things he desired]]. To her, first and foremost, he embodied everything a human should aspire to be, so bright to her eyes with his tears and empathy and affection. They met by chance and attracted each other naturally, bound together forever by a kiss. The things he's always fought for have become everyone's battle to win.** That's when Hiro gains his strength back. He and Zero Two kiss, become one, and the true embodiment of the Jian. And VIRM is done for.* Zero Two pasted Hiro's [[TerribleArtist ridiculously bad drawing]] on the inside of the back cover of the picture book and wrote one sentence on it: ''"My beloved darling."''** The last page of the picture book is filled in by Squad 13, in memory of Hiro and Zero Two and the sacrifice they made to ensure a happy ending for everyone else. So that they can be together forever and future generations will know their story.* The Klaxosaurs return to Earth and fuse with it, bringing life back to the dying planet. In return, humans refuse to exploit magma energy from then on and turn to renewable energy as a sign of respect.* Hachi tells Nana she could be the one to help him gain his emotions back. As a pair of kids drag him away, she comments he's already changing.* Every single member of Squad 13 getting a chance to grow into adults. They surely did Hiro and Zero Two's memory justice.** Miku and Zorome, [[LikeAnOldMArriedCouple still as feisty as ever]], become teachers for the younger generations.** Ikuno has dedicated her life to finding a cure to the rapid aging the Parasites go through, and ''she succeeded'' even if it meant shortening her own lifespan. And she seems to have gotten [[ShipTease a whole lot closer to Naomi too...]]** Goro and Ichigo are together and expecting their first child.** Mitsuru and Kokoro have a pack of kids with a fourth on the way. Their first child is named "Ai", which means "love", a word whose meaning was taught to them by Hiro and Zero Two.** Futoshi became a baker and his bread is loved by every single kid around. Also, he's a proud father of (soon to be) three.** This closing narration, dedicated by the members of the team to their missing friends:--> '''Ichigo''': Hiro, Zero Two. We're all living strong with our own lives now. You two were the ones who showed us how to...--> '''Futoshi''': ... enjoy every experience.--> '''Ikuno''': Fight when you have to.--> '''Zorome''': Keep working toward your goal.--> '''Miku''': Never half-ass things, and go all out.--> '''Kokoro''': Try and get to know another person better.--> '''Mitsuru''': Choose your destiny with your own hands.--> '''Goro''': Be honest with your feelings.--> '''Ichigo''': And be someone's wings. In that sense I know that you two were more human than anybody else.* The sprout that grew from the ashes of Zero Two's body grew up into a huge Sakura tree that survives the ages and became a beacon which beckoned the souls of Hiro and Zero Two back to Earth. It subsequently became the place where their reincarnated selves would be reunited.* The title of the episode - ''Never Let Me Go''.----


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