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1A 2010 short film written and directed by former ''Series/StudioC'' actress Mallory Everton for a media arts class at Brigham Young University. At the time, Everton was a member of Divine Comedy, BYU's comedy troupe that ''Studio C'' cast members perform in before moving on to the television show. Everton adapted ''17 Seconds'' from an unspecified screenplay written by Charlotte Aldridge.²²The film's plot revolves around an assassin named Jack (Matt Meese, who would go on to create ''Studio C'') who is assigned to kill a female assassin named Dafne (Whitney Call, also a former ''Studio C'' cast member). However, Jack is smitten with Dafne, and can't bring himself to kill her. His failure on his first attempt leads to the accidental death of an innocent person (Kabe Sorenson, who is ''not'' a ''Studio C'' cast member). Both of these revelations greatly annoy Jack's superior, John (Jason Gray, who, you guessed it, used to be on ''Studio C'').²²The film can be watched on Divine Comedy's Website/YouTube channel [[ here]] (though, in the description, it is noted that the film has no affiliation with DC, just that everyone involved was a member of the troupe). There is also a nearly three-minute video of bloopers from just one scene [[ here]].²²----²! This film provides examples of:²* ArgumentOfContradictions: Jack and John have one in the elevator the day after Jack inadvertently kills Stewart:²--> '''John:''' You killed a civilian yesterday.²--> '''Jack:''' Oh, shut up. You kill civilians all the time!²--> '''John:''' [''using his right hand to shove Jack's right shoulder''] No, I don't.²--> '''Jack:''' [''using his left hand to give a quick tap to John's right shoulder''] Yes, you do.²--> '''John:''' [''giving a hard, two-handed shove to Jack's chest''] No, I don't!²--> [''Jack then uses his left hand to give John's right cheek an open-handed slap; the two then pull their handguns on each other, each pointing it at the other's face; the elevator stops, forcing the two to put their guns away as a crying Dafne, who is mourning Stewart's death, enters'']²* BilingualBonus: [[spoiler: After killing Jack in the elevator, Dafne, speaking in French, relays the news of his death to her superior, and asks for her next assignment; she speaks into the watch on her left hand.]]²* DistractedByTheSexy: Jack is too attracted to Dafne to take her out. He's even convinced that she isn't a killer. [[spoiler: This ends up getting ''him'' killed by Dafne.]]²* DopeSlap: John gives Jack one in the elevator after Jack sighs over Dafne touching his right shoulder. The pop from the smack is pretty loud. After the slap, John tells Jack to "snap out of it."²* MurderByMistake: After failing to use the chloroform-laced handkerchief on Dafne, Jack has it ripped out of his hands by a man named Stewart Large, who is looking for something to sneeze into. After using it to wipe his nose, Stewart drops dead in the elevator, forcing Jack to run off. The next day, Jack and John come across a makeshift memorial for Stewart set up on the third floor. They quickly close the elevator doors back up out of embarrassment.²* SourceMusic: Each time Jack encounters Dafne in the elevator, a different love song is playing. During the first meeting, it's The Flamingos' version of "I Only Have Eyes for You", Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You" for their second meeting, and for their [[spoiler: fateful]] third meeting, it's the original version of "Hooked on a Feeling" by B.J. Thomas.²* TitleCard: Three simple ones, labeled "Day One", "Day Two", and "Day Three", respectively, that are shown throughout the short.²* TitleDrop: At the beginning, John tells Jack that he and Dafne will be alone on the elevator together for 17 seconds (the time it takes for the elevator car to get from the first floor to the third).


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