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1''[[ Destiny]]'' is a trilogy of ''Franchise/DisneyAnimatedCanon'' fanfics by afterandalasia. It was [[ originally written]] for the Disney KinkMeme. The series consists of ''[[ Destiny]]'', ''[[ Destiny's Kiss]]'', and ''[[ Sons of Destiny]]''. ²²The plot is simple: the various Disney films are actually the {{Dying Dream}}s of various people. Each film has a short paragraph describing how the person died and what their dream was. ²²----²!!''Destiny'' provides examples of:²²* AdaptationNameChange: ²** Aurora's name in life was "Briar Rose". "Aurora" only appears in her dreams of being a princess. ²** Tiger Lily can't remember her birth name. "Lily" is a NaturalizedName forced upon her.²* AdaptationRelationshipOverhaul: Nala and Kiara are sisters, not mother and daughter.²* AdaptationSpeciesChange: All non-human characters were human in life.²* AdaptationalVillainy: The Tramp murdered Lady.²* AgeLift: Ages are tweaked. For example, Lady is young (maybe even a child) instead of a full-grown adult.²* TheAlcoholic: Marie is left in the care of her [[DomesticAbuse abusive]], alcoholic uncle while her mother is in the hospital.²* AllJustADream: Every Disney film is someone's dying dream.²* AmbiguouslyBrown: Naveen's ethnicity is brought to the centerfold in his entry. Because of his looks, he falsely accused of a crime and lynched for it.²* AnthropomorphicPersonification: "Destiny" is a personification of destiny that allows people to die viewing what they would have preferred in life.²* {{Crossover}}: Destiny meets characters from various Disney media, including direct-to-video sequels and television cartoons. There are also a few non-Disney characters, like Jessica from ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit''.²* DarkFic: All of the characters have died. The story tells of how they met their demises. Many end up dying of illness, others are murdered, and every death is tragic.²* DeathByChildbirth: Jasmine became pregnant in her teens. Her body couldn't handle the birthing process and so she died in childbirth. ²* DeathOfAChild: Young characters are not exempt from the story. For example, Melody accidentally drowns in the ocean while looking for her father.²* DisabledInTheAdaptation: ²** Shanti was murdered by a disabled man-eating tiger. This returns Shere Khan to his original portrayal in the books, where he only hunts humans because he was born with a lame leg.²** Roxanne from ''WesternAnimation/AGoofyMovie'' died of cancer.²** Simba died of cancer.²* DownerEnding: Destiny fails to help Katrina van Tassel in a significant way.²* DyingDream: Each story is the dream of a Disney character before they die.²* NamedByTheAdaptation: Miss Kitty is only known by her StageName in canon. In ''Destiny's Kiss'', she is named "Katherine". ²* NoNameGiven: The Blue Fairy's name isn't given. She's described as "a woman whose name is not cared for".²* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Grumpy was a young boy. He either doesn't have a name or has forgotten it. Everyone just calls him "Grumpy". ²* PublicExecution: ²** Esmeralda was [[BurnTheWitch burned]] for declining to be Frollo's. ²** Madellaine was publically hanged for theft.²* RapeAsBackstory: Several characters, including Miss Kitty, Nala, and Kiara, were raped prior to their deaths.²* RelatedInTheAdaptation: Gothel is Rapunzel's biological mother. Her dying dream is that her abusive mother stole her from her loving, biological parents as an infant.²* TheRunaway: ²** Lady ran from home because she worried her parents cared more about her new brother than they did her. She never made it home alive because a stranger she trusted killed her.²** Angel is implied to have ran away from home because her parents are neglectful.²* TragicStillbirth: On the same day that Marie's parents lose their daughter, their twin sons were born stillbirths.²----


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