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1The Weaver Option is a ''Literature/{{Worm}}/TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'' crossover fic by [=Antony444=]. It can be found at [[]] and [[]] (now continued in multiple threads, starting [[ here]]). An authorized spinoff fanfic, "The Emperor and Sons React to ''The Weaver Option''" can be found at [[]].께In the 45th Millennium, the God-Emperor of Mankind has sat upon the Golden Throne for a hundred and fifty centuries, but his reign is coming to an end. For with the fall of the Cadian Gate in the 13th Black Crusade, the forces of the Ruinous Powers have spilled out of the Eye of Terror into the Imperium. The vast armies that the God-Emperor could command are dwindling, and the light of the Astronomicon will soon fade.께But the thirsting gods are not laughing, for from the void between galaxies, a new and greater threat has emerged: Hive Fleet Sidious, a Tyranid swarm ten times larger than Hive Fleets Behemoth, Kraken and Leviathan combined, followed by three more Hive Fleets of similar and/or ''greater'' size. With all other factions weakened by the endless war between the Imperium and Chaos, they crush everything in their path by sheer weight of numbers. In an act of desperation, the last surviving Chaos warband dedicates itself to a ritual to summon a champion into the past, in order to change history and create a galaxy better prepared to face the Tyranid menace. But during the final stages of the ritual, the ceremony is disrupted by the last of the Ultramarines. The summoning was completed, but the Champion's soul was not attuned to Chaos before being pulled through time, instead arriving as a free agent.께Tens of thousands of years in the past in an alternate reality, reformed supervillain and probationary superhero Taylor "Weaver" Hebert is fighting a losing battle trying to protect New Delhi from the Endbringer known as Behemoth when she suddenly disappears in a flash of light.께Ten thousand years before the last battle against Sidious, the Imperial world of Fay is under attack by Orks. With the bulk of their forces wiped out by an unwise frontal assault led by a incompetent general, the world's last hope of holding out until the Guard can arrive from out-system lies in the Fay 20th, a battered regiment sent back to its homeworld for a refounding after a devastating defeat from another Ork horde, now pressed into defending the pass controlling the fastest route from the Ork's landing site to the populated regions of the world. As the attack begins, a tall woman appears in a sudden flash of light and disrupts the advance of the xenos vanguard by calling forth swarms of insects to blind and distract the enemy, allowing the 20th to seize victory from the jaws of certain massacre.께The Weaver Option has begun.께----!!Tropes:* OneHundredPercentAdorationRating: Taylor becomes adored in Nyx well beyond what her status as a Saint would dictate, thanks to her sweeping reforms, her purge of the nobles that exploited the lower and middle classes to the bone and her efforts to make sure everyone can benefit from her rule.* AceCustom: Taylor's Angel's Tear pattern power armor, the ''Angel's Tear'', is this as its her armor that gives the armor pattern type its name. It's also an InfinityPlusOneSword in terms of armor among non Trans-human armors available, and normal versions of the Angel's Tear don't leave their users wanting either.* AchievementsInIgnorance: The Black Library of Cegorach, the most thoroughly hidden facility in the entire galaxy, has been found and attacked by Orks on multiple occasions because they were rampaging through the Webway randomly and never stopped to realize that they were lost.* AlcoholInducedIdiocy: Marshal Werner Groener has been nearly court-martialed four times for his alcoholism, having lost thousands of men when trying to combine drowning his sorrows and command divisions.* AmbiguouslyBi: Taylor shows attraction to Wei Cao, but also pays good attention to [[{{Hunk}} Wolfgang Bach]].* AntiMagic: In Arrival 1.4, Tech-Priest Enginseer Morkys notes that Taylor's psychic level is Upsilon, making her immune to the Warp corruption. [[spoiler:No one has tried to measure her level after becoming a Saint, though.]]* AntiVillain: The pirate commander Ulion Lakadieth is this, or at least ALighterShadeOfBlack, almost always taking prisoners and ransoming them instead of slaughtering everyone in his path, and devoting his spoils to rebuilding his Craftworld rather than for his own personal gain. This pays off when Taylor decides to ransom his fleet rather than destroy it.* ArchEnemy: The eight most dangerous foes Taylor faces over the course of her time in the Imperium are dubbed the Endbringers, with a rule saying that there has to be a chance of them returning to make the list [[spoiler: which keeps the faux-Fulgrim from doing so]]. As of the Extermination arc, four have been shown:** The First Endbringer: [[spoiler:Iash'uddra the Endless Swarm, a C'tan]] Taylor encounters in the Peril arc. She defeats it thanks to Trazyn's intervention.** The Second Endbringer: [[spoiler:Ka'Bandha the Angel's Bane, a Greater Daemon of Khorne]] who Taylor defeats in single combat, [[spoiler:becoming a Living Saint]] in the process.** The Third Endbringer: [[spoiler:Lelith Hesperax, the most renowned Dark Eldar Succubus and a survivor of the War of Heaven]], who challenges Taylor to a duel after she [[spoiler:declares herself Empress of the Aeldari]] during the destruction of [[spoiler:Commorragh.]]** The Fourth Endbringer is so far unknown, beyond a note that the Inquisition thinks "the less said the better", perhaps suggesting something that would create turmoil in the Imperium.** The Fifth Endbringer is so far unknown.** The Sixth Endbringer is only mentioned in that the Inquisition is "still trying to figure out what it actually is". This ''may'' indicate that it is [[spoiler:the Simurgh]], something that the Empire would find utterly alien.[[note]]Of course, it could also indicate that it's the Tyranids, something that the Empire only loosely even known exist.[[/note]]** The Seventh Endbringer is so far unknown.** The Eighth Endbringer, like the Fourth, is only mentioned as something about which "the less said the better".** Some other Endbringers are mentioned in a future transcript at the beginning of Extermination 8.4. All that is ** It is known that one of the Endbringers will be [[spoiler:Malicia, the Destiny Unwritten, an unknown female Parahuman who has become a Tzeentchian sorceress]].* AristocratsAreEvil: It would be easier to list the exceptions who ''aren't'' the living buildup to the punchline for TheAristocrats joke.* ArmorPiercingQuestion: Cyrene agrees to work for Taylor under several conditions. One of these is that, should she ever meet the Emperor, she must ask what the hell he was thinking when ordering the [[spoiler:destruction of Monarchia and the humiliation of the Seventeenth Legion]]. Taylor agrees immediately - she was thinking of doing the exact same thing.* AssassinOutclassin: The Vandires send three Callidus Assassin apprentices after Taylor in revenge for her role in Nostradamus' death. None of them even come close.** The first travels to Nyx on a ship owned by an Astrogator clan that is dabbling in piracy targeted at the Astrogator clan with the primary contract for Nyx shipping - which runs into an Astartes anti-piracy campaign. The assassin ends up an incidental casualty without even reaching the Nyx system.** The second makes it to Nyx, but is identified as a Callidus Assassin when she crosses paths with a Heracles Warden and is killed before she can make it out of the spaceport.** The third actually got within two hundred meters of Taylor. Unfortunately, two hundred meters below Taylor's office was a nest of some of her insects. The assassin quickly found herself trussed up in spider silk and suspended by her ankles above a spider pit until Taylor was ready to question her. She ends up accepting an offer to join the Imperial Guard.** Before all that, there were all the assassins that various nobles hired to kill Taylor after she became Basileia of Nyx. It was a massacre. A massacre of assassins.* AsteroidsMonster: Leet's Cthulhu creation is a slime creature which consumes Eldar to grow larger and, on being destroyed, explodes to form ''two'' of itself.* AwesomeMomentOfCrowning:** Taylor is basically acknowledged as a Living Saint when the Blood Angels assemble, thank her for battling [[spoiler:their Primarch's ArchEnemy]] and [[KneelBeforeFrodo kneel before her.]]** More low-key with the Astartes Decathlon, a sport competition intended to track promising recruits for the Chapters. The winner is granted the laurel wreath by Lady Nyx herself and is publically declared an aspirant.** Taylor, after learning that she fits the criteria, declares herself the new ''[[spoiler:Aeldari Empress]]'' in order to gain control of [[spoiler:a Core Gate and reshape the Webway. While this ends the Chaos assault on the Golden Throne, it also ensures Taylor must duel ''Lelith Hesperax'']].* BadassArmy: The Imperial Guard. Thanks to Taylor's efforts, the Fay guardsmen end up becoming part of the elite.* BadassBoast: [[spoiler:Trazyn]] introduces himself this way when he makes his doomed stand against [[spoiler:Lelith Hesperax]][[note]]I am the Chief Archeovist of Solemnance, Overlord...and first cousin to the Silent King. I am Triarch-Elect of the Necron Dynasties and I. DO. NOT. SLEEP![[/note]]. Unfortunately, the following CurbStompBattle does not go his way.** Of course, [[spoiler:Lelith]] answers with her own, much simpler but yet more impressive, boast. "In this Age and Place, I am known as [[spoiler:Lelith Hesperax]]. But forever and always, I am [[spoiler:the Queen of Blades]]."* BadassCape: Taylor makes several for the members of her Honour Guard. * BadassGay: Weaver already was a walking menace on Earth-Bet, but being pulled in the far future allows her to escalate even further the badassery and let her explore her sexuality.* BadassNormal: The Imperial Guard is formed by normal men and women armed with lasguns and wearing flak-jackets. Of course it is full of these.** Commissar Zuhev becomes the stuff of legends by rallying the Fay 20th's 4th Company into battle and killing twelve Khorne Berserkers, including a Champion of Khorne (though it should be noted that several of these kills consisted of him finishing off foes who had been repeatedly shot by his subordinates).* BadBoss:** Exalted Overlord Governor Boris Byukur. Boris maintained a personal Guard unit who would, on order, execute anyone who in some way offended or failed the man. And as Colonel Larkine noted, ''everyone'' would eventually fail Boris because there must always be a subordinate to blame for the latest disaster.** Dynast Maestros Xelian. While repeatedly failing to stop the [[spoiler:Imperium-Necron alliance razing Commorragh]] and unable to find Asdrubael Vect, he [[NeverMyFault blames his failures on his Admirals and Lords]] and had them impaled alive for several hundred cycles. He then ordered their replacements to do their jobs right or [[YouHaveFailedMe suffer the same fate]] as their predecessors. * BaitAndSwitchComment: When Inquisitor Tor states that he is sending Lady Weaver warning about Matapan's incoming secession attempt, one inquisitor mentions that this will lead to her destroying the Matapan nobility and forming dozens of Penal Legions. Another inquisitor protests the idea - given that Matapan only has a million nobles at best, she won't be able to form more than four Penal Legions.* BarrierMaiden: So long as Taylor is alive and [[spoiler:in possession of the Baal Ruby, the descendants of the Ninth Legion are shielded from the Black Rage]]. They naturally have a vested interest in keeping her alive, and provide her with an honor guard.* BeleagueredAssistant. Trazyn's assistant Somatek the Patient often gets miffed at the sheer workload his master keeps dumping on him.* BerserkButton:** The disappearance of the Queen Administrator shard when Taylor was teleported to the future enraged Scion, kickstarting Gold Morning two years earlier than canon.** Dragon, already ticked off by the Orks on the Battle Moon, and how their tech defies scientific logic, meets a Chaos machine taking on a draconic form. She promptly gets pissed and makes short work of it.* TheBigBadShuffle: Every arc pits Taylor and the Fay 20th against a different foe.* BigCreepyCrawlies: On every planet Taylor goes to, she finds at least one species of very nasty insect she can use against her enemies, and takes some with her when she goes. She can even control the robotic Canoptek Scarabs, [[spoiler:which greatly helps her in her first battle against Iash'uddra by taking control of his Canoptek swarm and turning it against him.]] When her forces end up trapped on [[spoiler:the Death Star]], the Mechanicus brings out the samples they had kept stored because they were too dangerous; soon after, Taylor is ''riding'' some of her new bugs.* BigDamnHeroes: ** Taylor changes the course of history by saving the Fay 20th with her powers moments before the Orks launch their attack.** [[spoiler:The Alpha Legion (disguised as Dark Angels)]] come to the rescue of the Imperial forces in the Battle Moon.** Taylor's forces are losing ground against [[spoiler:Fulgrim]] and his daemon army when a Squat/Duardin Slayer and [[spoiler:Imperial Fists Primarch Rogal Dorn]] climb out of a hidden prison, stopping the daemon in his tracks.* BigDamnKiss: Wei Cao plants one on Taylor, much to her shock (and to Dragon's hilarity).* BigEntrance: Trazyn the Infinite makes his first introduction to Taylor and the Fay 20th with orchestra music, phalanxes of Necron troops in parade formation, and a herald making a speech to list off Trazyn's titles and accomplishments.** [[spoiler:The forces assigned to Operation Caribbean entering Commorragh.]]* BigNo: ** A Lord of Change, who was keeping Vista prisoner, makes one when Contessa exorcises him from reality. ** Gladiel Imrik's horrified reactions to [[spoiler:seeing the Biel-Tan reinforcement fleet being captured by Trazyn.]]* BigWhat: Filgonilth's reaction to the Biel-Tan High Council's decision to [[spoiler:join and aid the Dark Eldar against Weaver.]]* BlaseBoast: When asked about her Star of Terra by Marshal Lorelei Moltke, Taylor simply says "I fought a [[spoiler:Bloodthirster]] one-on-one and won."* BlingBlingBang: The flagship of Kalmar's Gold Fleet, the 7.3 kilometer long ''Gold Triumph'', was recently plated with refined gold.* BlingOfWar:** Much to her chagrin, Taylor gets pretty much wrangled into wearing golden power armor, [[spoiler:as befitting a Saint.]] She draws the line at wearing anything made by Leet, though.*** She is later given [[spoiler:the ''Angel's Tear'', the first models of power armor and weapons made from the templates she recovered, made out of gold and even more expensive materials.]]** The pirate Lord-Count Quintus 'Gold' Kalmar wears golden armor.* BloodKnight:** The Orks, naturally. During the [[spoiler:Battle of the Death Star]], it actually plays in the Imperium's favor when a lot of their ships decide to go fight [[spoiler:the Chaos Battleship ''Certamen Ferale'']], which weakens both enemies and allows the Imperial Fleet to win by being the last man standing.** Many of the Blood Angels count, but Champion Kratos of the Flesh Tearers is even more of this.** The Queen of Blades is lured to join in the battle of [[spoiler:Commorragh]] after [[spoiler:Sliscus]] sends her a letter gushing about how much fun she'd have fighting against Taylor.* BodyguardingABadass: Taylor gets herself a guard of volunteer Blood Angels (and Successor Chapters) Space Marines. As of Extermination 8-4, it is very likely that the Dawnbreaker Guard will grow, as she has done great services to the Salamanders, Ultramarines, Raven Guard, White Scars, Black Templars and, of course, Imperial Fists, at the very least.* BorrowedBiometricBypass: After cornering a [[spoiler:Dark Eldar Dynast]], a techpriest notes they don't actually need him alive. So long as they have his blood, eyes, and fingers they can access all of his vaults. * BreakTheScientist: Dragon is put off by the science and norms of the 35th millennium, from the technology-worshiping Adeptus Mechanicus to the cobbled-up weapons wielded by the Orks. Especially the latter, as she takes offense of the Orks' handiwork for defying all sense of scientific logic that shouldn't be able to work [[spoiler:like an Ork Battle Moon that somehow has its own gravity and pseudo-atmosphere]].* BrickJoke: During the Battle of Pavia, Ancient Pierre insists on taking a pirate's tricorn hat for himself. When he's airdropped in Commorragh during the Imperial raid on the city, he's wearing said hat.* BringMyBrownPants: Tithe-Master Varys Hyson tries to claim an STC copy. Taylor has one of her beetles threaten to cut the man's throat and makes it clear that he is not getting anything without her express permission. Hyson promptly loses control of his bladder.* BrutalHonesty: Farseer Filgonilth Sirethmoren has no qualms in pointing out that allying with the Dark Eldar just for the sake of taking another shot at Weaver is not only stupid, but that the intended goal of aiming at reviving the Aeldari Empire is a horrible idea.* ButNowIMustGo: Although he gives Taylor some of his blood to create [[spoiler:new gene-seeds]], and has some parting words for the children of his [[spoiler:Legion, Rogal Dorn, after the defeat of the daemon using Fulgrim's body, leaves to rescue his brother the Khan]].* CannonFodder:** The actual military forces of the Drukhari are very slow to mobilize during the [[spoiler:invasion of Comorragh]] due to internal strife and a disorganized response. To buy as much time as possible, they send waves of poorly-equipped conscripts to get butchered by the humans.** As powerful and proud as the Asuryani forces coming to [[spoiler:Commorragh]]'s aid are, and however much they claim they are valiant warriors come to save the Aeldari Empire in its hour of need, they are quickly reduced to this when the Necrons unleash a C'tan straight on top of them.** During the attack on [[spoiler:Commorragh]] Taylor uses the various native species of [[spoiler:mega-insects]] as this, both against troops and to take the brunt of the enemy superweapons.* CanonImmigrant: In 8.4 Taylor unleashes [[spoiler:Malal-worshipping Skaven]] on the daemonworld of Sicarus, homeworld of the [[spoiler:Word Bearers]], officially making them canon to this universe.* CarnivalOfKillers: The thirteen pirate captains of Pavia generally stick to their own ventures but if Sliscus puts out a call the other twelve join him, if only to avoid him killing them.* TheChainsOfCommanding: Taylor most certainly feels their weight, struggling not to cry when she learns the horrible casualties suffered by the army she is in charge of.* ChestOfMedals:** Due to her efforts in the [[spoiler:Battle of the Death Star]], Taylor ends up being awarded more than forty decorations (and that's the ''lower'' estimate, since Clockblocker stated he would be still talking the following day if he listed everything, and this is on top of the numerous medals she won in the earlier arcs). This doesn't take into account that she could also be awarded one or both of the Imperial Guard's highest decorations, the Star of Terra and the Order of Ollanius Pius (getting the former in 5.4., but not the latter, because it is almost always awarded posthumously). Fortunately for her, from the moment she is awarded the Ultima Honorifica, she can get away with wearing only that.** Imperial Navy Admiral August von Kisher has enough medals on his uniform that Wolfgang suspects it could stop a laspistol shot. Of course, he also arrives at the [[spoiler:Battle of Commoragh]] in full parade uniform, making those medals somewhat... suspect.* ChekhovsGunman:** When Taylor purchases the ''Enterprise'', the narrator explains how it was constructed on the order of Archmagos Cawl, but it failed to meet his requirements. Many chapters later, Cawl hears about the purchase and comes to see what's happening, leading to him joining the [[spoiler:raid on Commorragh]].** In Capter 6-1, mention is made of a Nyxian Great Duchess who became a Rogue Trader and was constantly at odds with her family before finally disappearing in uncharted space. Two hundred and thirty years later, she reappears to join the [[spoiler:raid on Commorragh, but is under heavy suspicion due to her relationship to Sliscus]].* TheChosenMany: Taylor was just the first Parahuman to turn up in the Imperium. Since then several others have appeared, including Contessa, Vista, Shadow Stalker, Dragon, Clockblocker, Leet, Doormaker. [[spoiler: There is a ninth, female, Parahuman, revealed to have become a follower of Tzeentch. Called "Malicia, the Destiny Unwritten", her identity has not been established.]][[note]]It is a Worm character Taylor personally knows and who is not [[ Tattletale, Dinah Alcott, or Emma Barnes]][[/note]] There is also the possibility that the Simurgh survived the destruction of their original dimension.* ClusterFBomb: Gavreel Forcas curses Trazyn "loudly and vocally for several minutes" after he learns that [[spoiler:the Necron Lord is offering to sell enough gene-seed to create an entire legion... of the Emperor's Children]].* {{Conscription}}: Faced with an unprecedented invasion, the rulers of [[spoiler:Commorragh]] resort to conscripting the untrained masses and sending them in massive waves against the enemy.* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: For ignoring her explicit orders to not be disturbed, Taylor punishes Jeremiah Isley to stand next to the Cardinal during the Sanguinalia mass in the Cathedral. Jeremiah considers such a punishment evil.* CoolOldGuy: Many Space Marines (who can easily reach centuries of life) qualify, particularly those of the Dawnbreaker Guard. And even more so Ancient Pierre, a dreadnought old enough to been part of the Great Crusade.* CoolStarship: The ''HMHMS[[note]]His Most Holy Majesty's ship[[/note]] Enterprise'', also known as "The Big E".* CoolSword: The Swords of Vaul, a set of one hundred incredibly powerful blades forged by the Eldar smith god Vaul for the war god Khaine circa the War in Heaven. Most have gone missing in the eons since - even the Eldar aren't sure where 90% of them are. The ones to have appeared are:** Elsar'bryn, the Nebula's Shard. Stabbing an Eldar with it causes the victim and every other Eldar in the vicinity to turn to crystal and shatter as their life-essence is absorbed. Daemons also become crystallized, the crystals can burn other daemons and, if struck enough times, not even their regeneration can overcome it. Trazyn had it originally, then he gave it to Weaver, who has used it ever since.** Shrax'lor, the Blade of the Abyss. When drawn, it drains energy from everything in the surrounding area - including its wielder. [[spoiler:Owned and wielded by Sliscus until his death, then claimed by Weaver, who has no intention of using it herself.]]** Ala'ra, the First. It can change shape to become any kind of sword its wielder might want, providing the perfect blade for any possible scenario. [[spoiler:Owned and wielded by the Queen of Blades.]]** Trazyn has outright admitted that he has several more of them in his collection, though their names and powers are not known.* TheCoronerDothProtestTooMuch: The door to Tithe-Master Varus Hyson's quarters are forced open with a makeshift battering ram, after which he is stabbed fifty-plus times with different blades, has his throat slit and his head plunged into the toilet. The Adeptus Arbites investigating immediately rules suicide.* CorruptBureaucrat: By the Warp, yes. The difficult thing is to find one bureaucrat that is ''not'' this, an ObstructiveBureaucrat or both.** As of Muster 6.1, the entire Departmento Munitorum seems to be filled with these, as they obstruct the Pavia Liberation for little reason.* TheCorrupter: The reason why Catachan is such a dangerous Death World? [[spoiler:This is home to a ''Tyranid'' which periodically uses its psyker abilities to mould Catachan's fauna and flora into killing machines.]]* CrazyAwesome: Txacopec's 1st Cavalry Regiment rides carnivorous reptiles into battle. When the reptiles die due to a chemical attack, the riders somehow manage to tame ''Helspiders''.* CruelToBeKind: Destroying [[spoiler:Sliscus]]'s soul may sound bad, but it was a better fate than leaving it to be devoured by Slaanesh.* CueTheSun:** Justified when a whole regiment of Space Marines comes to relieve the human soldiers stranded on the Death Star -- their landing actually disturbs the cloud cover, letting light pass through.** Every time the ''Enterprise'' fires its cannon. So much firepower is comparable in intensity and brightness to sunrise.** When Taylor's fleet makes its way to [[spoiler:Commorragh]] to raze it, it is noted to be the first (and last) time the sun rises in the [[spoiler:Dark Eldar city.]]** During the ensuing invasion, Taylor acquires a species of worms which absorb light and can release it with a glow like the sun. This blinds the defending [[spoiler:Drukhari]] and means that everywhere Taylor goes, so does the dawn.* CurbStompBattle:** When Taylor arrives to Nyx, Nostradamus attempts to have her arrested by the Nyx Purebloods, the "elite PDF troops". Taylor releases some butterflies. ''Ten seconds later'', the Purebloods are all sleeping and the people are cheering on Taylor.** Let's say that sending a Champion of the Flesh Tearers against a bunch of human gladiators is not going to end well for the latter.** Chapter Master of the Iron Drakes Dupleix versus Trazyn the Infinite. The former does not even reach the latter before getting blasted away and paralyzed - although fortunately without injuries beyond his ego.** The Matapan Rebellion lasts all of three days, with the loyalists killing 675 rebels for every casualty they took in return. Had it not been [[spoiler:the debut battle of Taylor's flagship, the ''HMHMS Enterprise'']], history wouldn't have even bothered recording its existence.** The first large scale battle of the dragon-armor against Heldrakes results in a ''ninety to one'' kill ratio against one of Chaos' most dreaded war machines. Upon learning of it, the dark forge worlds realize that without a counter, the previously unstoppable Heldrake just became totally obsolete.** The Imperial Assassin that manages to sneak into Hive Athena to kill Taylor finds her bugs. She only kills two of them before getting completely disarmed, trapped in spider silk and hanging over a spider pit.** The Battle of Pavia. Out of thirteen pirate fleets, one surrenders before the battle begins, three are completely destroyed before they can fire a shot, and the rest fall one by one, surrender or run away in the face of the Imperium's overwhelming firepower. The Imperial fleet has incredibly few losses in comparison to the utter destruction they cause.* CurbstompCushion: The [[spoiler:razing of Commorragh]] has the Drukhari suffering massive losses. However the Imperium and Necron forces still suffer considerable attrition over the course of the battle, such as the first Drukhari fleet which took out multiple capital ships.* CutenessOverload: Vista's reaction on seeing the Rashan who resemble nothing so much as pandas.* {{Cyborg}}: Dragon manufactures a body for herself with just enough superficial organic parts to meet Mechanicus requirements.* CycleOfRevenge: The Biel-Tan enter one with Taylor in which they keep attacking her in revenge for all the losses she inflicted on them the last time they attacked her, with the reason for the original attack being that Taylor happened to own a relic from the War in Heaven without knowing of its significance to the Eldar. Of course, the Biel-Tan doesn't seek to reclaim it through peaceful means, but goes straight to trying to murder her over it. Once the Biel-Tan butts into the Battle of Commorragh and gets one of her Dawnbreakers killed, she resolves to start actively participating in the cycle herself.* DamnedByFaintPraise: Taylor does not think much of being positively compared with both the former Governors of Nyx be they the Menelaus dynasty or Nostradamus Vandire, seeing that they were corrupt, self-centered wastes of space.* DavidVersusGoliath: Taylor, the five-foot-ten teenage parahuman, armed with a CoolSword versus [[spoiler:Ka'Bandha, the fifty-foot tall daemon carrying a whip and a lance of pure fire.]]* DeaderThanDead: Weaver leaves [[spoiler:Traevelliath Sliscus]] as this by destroying his soul so it won't become a meal for Slaanesh.* DeadlyDecadentCourt: The nobility of Wuhan, to the point of multiple public murder attempts during social gatherings.* DeathByDisfigurement: The face of [[spoiler:the daemon possessing Fulgrim]] is permanently scarred by a [[spoiler:C'tan phase blade]] before he is banished to the Warp.* DecapitatedArmy: Taylor kills the Ork Warboss on Fay, causing the Ork horde to lose cohesion and start fleeing or fighting each other. Leet doing the same thing on [[spoiler:the Death Star]] has a similar effect.* DefectorFromDecadence: Wei Cao is a Refugee From Decadence. The DeadlyDecadentCourt of Wuhan is so nasty that she decided that a tour of duty in the Imperial Guard had better odds of survival.* DemonicPossession: During their battle, Taylor confirms that the Daemon-Prince she is facing is not actually [[spoiler:the Primarch Fulgrim]]. The soul of the true [[spoiler:Fulgrim]] is still sealed in a painting while the daemon possesses his body.* {{Determinator}}: As per canon, Taylor is capable of fighting through injuries that would cripple a normal human.* DidIJustSayThatOutLoud: Taylor when she realizes that her comment about the standards for [[spoiler: becoming the Eldar Emperor being low if Malekith made the cut]] was made out loud.* DidTheyOrDidntThey: At the end of Decision 5.4, Wei gives Taylor a ArmorPiercingQuestion while making out with her about whether Taylor wanted to properly accept and continue their relationship or break it off. Taylor says yes. We aren't told whether they just left it at that, or if they moved on to further 'explore' their relationship.* DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu: When [[spoiler:Asdrubael Vect]] attempts to escape from [[spoiler:Slaanesh's horde]], he is cornered and confronted by the Arch-Priestess of [[spoiler:She-Who-Thirsts, Morathi Uldanesh.]] Knowing that he cannot escape what is possibly his last fight with her, he insults her (and deliberately pisses her off) by saying that [[spoiler:Lelith Hesperax]] is far more beautiful than her.** When she sees [spoiler: Malekith]] and learns that he was the former [[spoiler: Eldar Emperor]], Taylor snarks that the standards must have been quite low... only to realize that she said it out loud. [[spoiler: Lelith finds it ''hilarious'']].* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu:** Taylor not only defeats [[spoiler:Ka'Bandha, the mightiest of Khorne's servants]], but ''humiliates'' the son of a bitch, steals a [[spoiler:Baal ruby it took from Sanguinius, and heals (at least temporarily) most of the Blood Angels from their Black Rage]]. That Living Saint title is ''well'' deserved.** In Commorragh she arguably tops it by fighting [[spoiler:''Fulgrim'' (or at least the daemon using the body of what had once been Fulgrim)]], and wounding it with a [[spoiler:C'Tan]] blade that it can't heal from, severing its link to the [[spoiler:Emperor's Children]], and sending it back to the Warp to [[spoiler:face Ka'Bandha, raging that Weaver is HIS kill]].** [[spoiler:Lelith Hesperax]] once faced a ''C'Tan'', albeit a minor one, in battle during the War In Heaven and lived to tell the tale. She easily defeats a shard the Necrons were using in the Seige of Commorragh.** Lelith can [[spoiler: ''permanently kill Daemon Princes'']], and demonstrates the feat twice.* DirtyBusiness: During the [[spoiler:razing of Commorragh]] Taylor orders mass bombardments and declares an Exterminatus. She doesn't care about the [[spoiler:Dark Eldars]] dying to these attacks but rather the billions of innocent slaves dying with them. Despite this she knows she ''can't'' save them; her force is vastly outnumbered and would quickly become bogged down trying to free even a fraction of the slaves, getting everyone killed.* DisproportionateRetribution:** One of the reasons Traevelliath Sliscus would destroy a planet? When someone was unable to pronounce his name correctly.** As far as Taylor can tell, the reason Fist-of-Diamond Calico has a bounty of 1.3 ''trillion'' throne gelts is that he's better at using Imperial technology than the Mechanicus.* DivideAndConquer:** During Operation Caribbean, in order to capitalize on the pirates' lack of unity, Wolfgang suggests getting them to fight each other to weaken their defenses. Taylor is reluctant, but agrees to the proposal.** Done ''accidentally'' against the Drukhari, as the Dynast of Commorragh blames Asdrubael Vect for the invasion of the Webway, and commits forces to destroying his power base. Vect is more than willing to respond in kind, ensuring the forces sent against him can't fight the invaders.* DoNotGoGentle: Tens of thousands of the slaves freed in [[spoiler:Commorragh]] have had their bodies booby trapped so that leaving will cause them to die a horrible death. The Imperium forces simply don't have the resources and time to save them, but what they can do is give them a weapon so they can die fighting.* DopeSlap: Leet received a slap from Clockblocker after unashamedly drooling over hearing [[EvilIsSexy Lelith Hesperax's]] [[ArousedByTheirVoice voice]]. * TheDreaded:** Weaver earns the eternal enmity of the Eldar for possessing the Nebula's Shard that has slain many of their kin, [[spoiler:and being indirectly responsible for Trazyn capturing an entire Eldar fleet at the Battle of the Death Star]], [[spoiler:and invading Commorragh.]] ** Lelith Hesperax is this to the Necrons. Her appearance makes Trazyn the Infinite get serious, briefly fighting her with weaponry that would be overkill for anyone else, which still does nothing more than prolong his defeat.* DrillSergeantNasty: Gavreel Forcas finds that he enjoys being this.* DullSurprise: Taylor is just a bit surprised when she sees the device in the [[spoiler:Ork Battle Moon]]. Then it turns out that [[spoiler:all the present Mechanicus are kneeling, because the devices is a '''Standard Template Construct Database''']].* DumbassHasAPoint: Gavreel doesn't like Leet much, but he's forced to admit that he has a point after Taylor takes control of the [[spoiler:Dark Eldar's Helspiders]] during the Commorragh assault; you can't keep a legion of spider-like monsters near your city and then complain about unfairness when they turn on ''you''.* {{Egopolis}}: The Matapan tyrant who tried to rebel against Taylor's rule had his capital named "Sylvesteropolis".* EmperorScientist: Neferten isn't ''just'' the leader of her Necron dynasty, she's ''also'' a Cryptek, the Necron equivalent of a Tech-Priest.* EmpoweredBadassNormal: Taylor entered the story as a normal human with the ability of controlling arthropods and a jetpack. As of the Extermination arc, she [[spoiler:is a Living Saint of the Emperor (with golden energy wings), carrying [[CoolSword the Nebula's Shard]] (a weapon from the War in Heaven forged by the Eldar god Vaul), a Baal ruby that was a relic of ''Sanguinius himself'' that allows Taylor to act as the BarrierMaiden protecting the Blood Angels from the Black Rage, and the Angel's Tear, which may be the best non-Astartes PoweredArmor in the entire ''galaxy'']]. Even ''Space Marines'' are in awe of her.* EnemyCivilWar: Breaks out between Asdrubael Vect and Dynast Maestros Xelian after both men accused each other of allowing the [[spoiler:Imperium-Necron fleet to attack Commorragh]]. As events progress, the infighting spreads throughout the Dark City becomes less a civil war than a free-for-all as individual factions turn on each other mid-battle. Later estimates would conclude that this resulted in ten ''billion'' casualties, or, to put it another way, [[spoiler:'''five percent''' of the total Drukhari population.]]** After Slaanesh begins moving its Legions to [[spoiler: Commorragh]] in an attempt to halt the disastrous defeat of the [[spoiler: Drukhari]], the others begin moving against it. The first to attack is Khorne, sending [[spoiler: Ka'Bandha]] and a full eight hundred and eighty eight Blood Legions to attack, as well as [[spoiler: Skarbrand, Doombreed AND Kharne]]. Tzeentch, noticing how Slaanesh is loosing badly, sends its own Scintillating Legions against the Palace of Slaanesh. And finally, Nurgle, having previously decided to intervene and prevent the possible saving of Fulgrim's soul, commits fully and sends the Death Guard and seven hundred and seventy seven Plague Legions, led by seven Great Unclean Ones.* EnemyMine:** In order to assault [[spoiler:Commorragh]], Taylor allies with [[spoiler:Neferten and her Necrons.]]** The Biel-Tan hate Taylor enough that they're willing to work with the [[spoiler:Dark Eldar]] to kill her. This doesn't stop more than a few mutual betrayals, especially when some of the Biel-Tan do something suicidally dangerous.* EpicFail: Leet was given a space lab to work in - and made it explode in record time. Even the Tech-Priests are stumped on how he did it.** One of the generals that are sent by the Departmento Munitorum to join Operation Caribbean managed to lose a battle against ''Stone Age tribes'' (that's what happens when you don't give a damn about water supplies).* EvenEvilHasStandards: For all that he was irredeemably corrupt and evil, even Nostradamus Vandire never stooped so low as to sexually abuse children.** [[spoiler: Vect would never submit to Slaanesh]].* EveryoneHasStandards: ** As arrogant as they all are, most Eldar dislike the Biel-Tan for their extreme concentration of efforts in the Path of War, their obsession with restoring the Aeldari Empire and the brutality with which they carry out their military actions. So much so, that the death of several of their leaders at the Imperium's hands is regretted by no less than [[spoiler:Eldrad]] - if only because they wanted to be the ones to do the deed.** Taylor (and pretty much everyone else) is appalled with about ninety percent of everything Leet makes.** Leet himself is disgusted by Cauldron's monumental mismanagement of the upcoming crisis that was Scion.** All the Dawnbreaker Guard agrees with the opinion that the Izmir Imperial Palace is an artistic abomination.** The Adeptus Mechanicus can't stand Leet, and assign priests to his station as a punishment posting. The latter later rise up and take over the station, forcing Leet to follow their lessons ''or else''.* EvilGloating:** After Trazyn [[spoiler:captures the Biel-Tan reinforcement fleet and adds it into his collection during the Battle of the Death Star]], he sends a short taunting message to Gladiel Imrik: "You are a disappointment, Aeldari" in the Eldar's high tongue, along with the salutations appropriate for a "lesser enemy."** 7.1 opens with a monologue from Tzeench mocking the God-Emperor and declaring the inevitable victory of Chaos.* ExactWords: Gavreel introduces himself as a member of the Dark Angels ''Legion'', not ''Chapter''. Since the Astartes haven't been organized into legions for millennia, that reveals him as one of the Fallen.** One of the pirate lords in Pavia made a deal to attack the nearby system of Pandaimon. And he will do it... in two cycles, upon which time the intended targets of this attack will be long gone.* ExtremelyShortTimespan: While the arc about preparing for Operation Caribbean takes seven years, the actual operation only lasts one hundred hours plus travel time. The Commorragh arc, which starts immediately after Caribbean ends, also lasts about one hundred hours. Two story arcs, the first of which leads to [[spoiler: the destruction of nearly a dozen pirate fleets, a partial alliance with the Necrons, and maps to several STC]], and the second [[spoiler: leading to the essential destruction of the Dark Eldar empire and the looting of Commorragh]], both significantly changing the future of the Empire of Man, take place over the course of ''eight days''.* EyeScream: A common tactic for Weaver to have her bugs going for the eyes of her enemies. When fighting against the Orks, they still continue to fight but without their sight they charge in the wrong direction of the fight and even fight against each other by mistake.* FaceDeathWithDignity: [[spoiler: Traevelliath Sliscus]] does so when Taylor bests [[spoiler: him]] in a sword duel, praising her as a WorthyOpponent, asking she use [[spoiler: Nebula's Shard to [[DeaderThanDead destroy his soul]] to deny it from She Who Thirsts]], and warns her of a threat she will likely face in the near future.* AFatherToHisMen: Taylor uses her powers to shield her men and make it less likely for them to die, applies her connections so as to obtain the necessary war matériel for their military actions, arranges everything she has in hand to ensure they gain their well-earned rewards and that widows and orphans will receive pensions, and visits them in the hospital after the battle to check on their status.* FireForgedFriends: Downplayed with Taylor and Commissar Zuhev. He first believes she ought to be killed for being potentially tainted by the Warp while she's disgusted by his ruthlessness. As battles keep coming, Zuhev decides Weaver is more useful an ally than dead while Taylor grows to appreciate Zuhev's efficiency and ability to walk the walk.* FlingALightIntoTheFuture: Zigzagged with Taylor's appearance in the future. While she is sent to the future to prevent the galaxy's fall to the Tyranids, the ritual that sends her is taking place even further in the future.* ForDoomTheBellTolls: Chancellor of the Imperial Council Samson Pitt reacts in shock and fear as he realizes that the bell that he can hear tolling is the Bell of the Golden Dawn...and it signifies that the Adeptus Custodes are called to war, something that has not happened since the Horus Heresy.* ForegoneConclusion: The FictionalDocument quotes at the start of every chapter go on to state that Taylor's achievements will eventually get her declared a Living Saint, which of course requires her to live long enough to gain such a reputation. Other quotes trace back to the memoirs of people who knew her, which requires that they live long enough to write them as well.** [[spoiler:Taylor is going to live well over 114 years, based on the length of the [[GoldenAge First Age of the Saint]].]]** Taylor will also [[spoiler:reach the rank of Star Marshal, a rank that would in the Original Timeline be Lord Solar. The rank that Macharius was given in the Original Timeline (Lord Solar). Macharius will also reach his rank equivalent in the new time line (Star Marshal)]]* {{Foreshadowing}}: Trazyn the Infinite was asked by Somatek if he told Taylor about not using the Nebula's Shard against the Eldar. He didn't. [[spoiler:Taylor does eventually use the sword on Vyrion Kaeran, causing his body and several Eldar nearby to turn into crystal and shatter.]]* ForWantOfANail: The arrival of parahumans in the Imperium has caused changes to both the Imperium and Earth Bet, such as:** The sudden disappearance of the Queen Administrator Shard angers Scion to the point where he starts the Gold Morning two years early.*** The scene before Taylor gets pulled into the future shows that the plan to defeat Behemoth in New Delhi was a failure, with only a couple dozen capes still alive (with most of them injured and all irradiated) just before the ritual took effect.** Taylor's arrival allows the Fay 20th to hold Ramev's Pass against the Orks, which likely stops that Ork warband from inflicting tens of millions if not billions of casualties before it was stopped in the original history - Eldar farsight held that the Warboss of that horde would have devastated ''at least'' three other planets before being stopped.** Taylor helping stop [[spoiler:Iash'uddra]] prevents the elimination of an entire Hive, and causes the Imperium to learn of the existence of the Necrons a good 5,000 years before their first confirmed (read: had surviving witnesses) canonical encounter at Sanctuary 101.** Dragon's arrival allows for the Mechanicus to successfully reconstruct a Great Crusade-era tank from recovered archeotech, and she also gets to introduce other ideas like her Dragon armor.** The Imperial forces at the [[spoiler:Ork Battle Moon]] manage to successfully retrieve [[spoiler:a Standard Template Construct Database]]. During the withdrawal from that battle, enemy losses include [[spoiler:the Chaos Battleship ''Certamen Ferale'', the entire World Eaters Successor Warband crewing it, and the Greater Bloodthirster Ka'Bandha, with the destruction of the former two significantly weakening Khorne's elite non-daemonic forces and the banishment of the latter freeing the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters from the Black Rage (or at least substantially reducing the risk of falling to it)]], along with ''a minimum'' of half a billion Orks and a fleet of Biel-Tan warships.** With the Inquisition taking much interest in the Vandire Clan, it is likely the Age of Apostasy will either be prevented or happen in a different way.*** The Reign of Blood, for instance, is going to be known as the Reign of Terror.** Apprentice assassin Tziz Jarek is disavowed by the Officio Assassinorum when she is given an unauthorized graduation mission to kill Taylor and fails. Instead of going on to become a full assassin loyal to Goge Vandire, she is now a member of Taylor's military.** Trazyn's interest towards Taylor results in him selling his stock of [[spoiler:more than ''seventeen thousand'' first-generation 3rd Legion]] progenoid glands to her [[spoiler:instead of to Fabius Bile, which significantly reduces the ability of the Emperor's Children to reproduce, and possibly allow the Imperium to create a dozen additional new Astartes Chapters the next time a Founding is declared.]]** Taylor's taking control of a Catachan ant puts her in contact with [[spoiler:the Tyranid Hivemind]], which again causes a first confirmed (had surviving witnesses) contact with a 41st Millennium threat eons in advance.** Taylor has been advocating sending an expeditionary fleet to the Svalbard sector to reduce the Ork population there. Svalbard is home to the Forge World of Tigrus, which in the OTL was conquered by the Orks in M35 and lost to the Imperium for millennia, significantly weakening Imperial logistics in the area.** The Battle of Pavia eliminates the thirteen largest pirate fleets in the Rimward Segmentum Pacificus, and includes among the spoils [[spoiler:the [[KillItWithFire Gauntlet of the Forge]] and the [[TankGoodness Obsidian Chariot]], two of the nine Artifacts of Vulkan believed by the Salamanders and their Successor Chapters to contain clues on how to find their missing Primarch - the first found on 722.M41, the second still missing as of M42 in the original timeline.]] ** Instead of the Sisters of Battle, the female religious army is called the Templar Sisters, and they are founded by Taylor.** The combined Imperial-Necron assault on [[spoiler:Commorragh and massacre of the Dark Eldar]] not only deprives the survivors from their only stable base in the entire universe, it also allows the Imperials to recover the Salamanders' ''Forgehammer'' before the Eldar can try to get in and makes the [[spoiler:[[ Commorragh Raid]] more spectacular, as the raid will now include over six hundred more Astartes, millions of Guardsmen, Skitarii and Frateris Templars, and a Necron fleet.]]*** Said raid was also originally [[spoiler:JustAsPlanned by Vect]]. This time it is not happening on his time schedule, and since during the battle of Pavia multiple Artifacts of Vulkan had been discovered the Salamanders had been contacted and were no doubt on their way, ensuring that their arrival will be earlier then it was in the original timeline.*** [[spoiler:The Mark of Commorragh]] will likely destroy the main source of power of [[spoiler:Slaanesh]], ''irreversibly''.** Due to Taylor's raid, [[spoiler:Rogal Dorn]] is freed from an otherwise inescapable prison.** Tzeentch is forced to disperse a warp storm, freeing an Imperial warship: [[spoiler:The ''Flamewrought'', Vulkan's personal battleship, still crewed by Great Crusade-era Marines]].** The blades of [[spoiler:Fulgrim]] are captured by the Imperium and Archmagos Cawl believes he will be able to use [[spoiler:the poison on the blades to engineer a cure for Primarch Guilleman]] several millennia early.* FourStarBadass: As of 5.4., Taylor is a full-blown General.* FragileSpeedster: The Drukhari have refined their equipment, tactics, and armored units for lightning fast raids on poorly-defended targets. When they are actually forced to face off against Imperial forces, they are slaughtered with ease.* FriendlyEnemy: Trazyn the Infinite Collector towards Taylor. While [[CollectorOfTheStrange he initially wanted her for her collection]], after she and her companions [[TalkToTheFist made it clear they would not comply]] he decided to aid her in his own weird way, choosing to follow her because the chaos she inadvertently creates allows him to find new pieces for his collection. Not that Taylor welcomes said ''friendship''.* TheFriendNobodyLikes:** The Biel-Tan are generally treated with disgust and contempt by the other Eldar Craftworlds for their very aggressive nature and xenocidal campaign of restoring their empire that would only create further harm to their species (among other things, an obsession with retaking systems the Eldar abandoned millennia ago that they don't have the resources to hold - or do anything with, for that matter - even if they succeed in doing so). [[spoiler:Eldrad Ulthran even express his regret of the deaths of Vyrion Kaeran and his brethren because it was not at ''his'' hands.]]** Trazyn as in canon isn't very well liked by his fellow Necron Lords for stealing their stuff. He apparently considers ''Taylor'' a friend despite her viewing him with justified skepticism.** Leet has not changed much from his days as Brockton Bay's greatest demonstration of what a villain failure was. As Wei Cao points out, when Dragon and Vista, two of the nicest people in the universe, are all too willing to insult you in private, you have a problem. Even [[NiceGuy Clockblocker]], who is the closest thing to a friend Leet has in the future, can barely stand him.* FromBadToWorse: It was bad enough that the Imperial Forces have to [[spoiler:land on an Ork Battle Moon]] and fight [[spoiler:an Ork WAAAAGH!]]. Then [[spoiler:the Biel-Tan Eldar sent a group to attack them after their previous defeat]]. And then [[spoiler:a Chaos fleet arrived - led by Greater Daemon Ka'Bandha.]]** PlayedForLaughs as Clockblocker and Leet tell Vista the number of commendations and awards Taylor has just earned in the [[spoiler:Battle of the Death Star.]]** [[spoiler:The raid on Commorragh starts with an Imperial armada, supported by Necrons, invading one of the sub-realms of the Dark City. The Drukhari reinforcements were expected; 66666 Daemonic Legions of Slaanesh were not.]]* FutureBadass: Taylor is and was already a badass at the start of the story but the various documents written by people indicate that Taylor's deeds and accomplishments are going to take this trope UpToEleven and beyond.* FutureImperfect: Taylor brings some of her classic songs back to the 35th Millennium. The Fay 20th then start treating [[Music/MichaelJackson "Beat It"]] like a hymn. ** M35 era alcoholic beverages are not the same as they were in the past, because the original methods of making alcohol did not survive through time. Instead, humanity have produced their own unique drinks which Dragon and Taylor regard in a very poor light.** There are hints that this may change, however, as one of the planets of Taylor's sector is looking to grow grapes.* GeneralFailure:** Ivan Byukur was dismissed from the Guard in disgrace after he got his entire armored regiment wiped out by lightly-armed rebels. Despite this, his father, the Governor of Fay, made him "Exalted Marshal" and assigned him to fight the Ork invasion of Fay. Which he promptly bungled, getting the best-equipped of their ground forces wiped out in one engagement.** Admiral Mikasev, Byukur's counterpart in the SDF, wasn't any better. Immediately after replacing a more competent Admiral, he proceeded to kill a tenth of the flagship's crew for no reason at all, completely screwed up the defense of the planet, ordered the use of excessive firepower against a single ship and then stated he would have even more crewmen killed. It is no wonder that the crew, led by the Mechanicus members, mutinied in order to help save Fay.** The Ulm 2nd were assigned to a grossly incompetent Lord Commander. For twenty days he sent the 2nd, a unit consisting solely of cavalry, against a well-defended fortress. The result was a one-sided massacre and the General commanding the Ulm who tried to protest the orders was disappeared. The slaughter only ended with the Lord Commissar executed the Lord Commander.** The officers selected by the Munitorum to serve as Division and Corps commanders for Operation Caribbean are almost exclusively this for a variety of reasons. There are a handful of competent officers whose careers had stalled for political reasons, but they're vastly outnumbered by the washouts, burnouts, and outright incompetents, not to mention the ones willing to sacrifice entire armies for their own glory.* GetOut: A embarrassed Taylor yells this at Wei Cao after she kisses her, then demands Taylor use tongue the next time.* GodzillaThreshold:** Being forced to [[spoiler:head towards an Ork Battle Moon, and eventually land on it and]] fight a ''massive'' horde is enough for the Tech-Priests to give Taylor some of the insects that they were holding back on giving her because they were ''really'' nasty. They also greenlight Dragon using her dragon-armor for fighting.** Faced against [[spoiler:Necrons during the Raid of Commorragh]], the Drukhari have to bite the bullet and issue a call for the ''Aeldari'' to help them stop the attack.*** A treaty forbids the Dynasts from deploying their backlog of doomsday weapons due to sheer scale of collateral damage they cause. This goes out the window when [[spoiler:the Imperium begins tearing through their fortresses]].** Knowing that [[spoiler:it is close to losing all of their power because of the Raid, Slaanesh sends ''Fulgrim'' in to attack.]]** With limited time to complete their objectives in the raid on [[spoiler:Commorragh]] and with rapidly depleting supplies, Clockblocker very reluctantly gives Leet the order to bring out "[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Case Cthulhu, Horribilis-1]]".* GoldenAge: The FictionalDocument in Decision 5.2 states that the century after Taylor took the Governorship of the Nyx Sector will become this, known as the Age of Silk and Hope.* GondorCallsForAid: In a villainous example, the Drukhari of [[spoiler:Commorragh]] issue a galaxy-wide call for aid from any Eldar willing to help fight off an Imperium invasion. This is matched by a heroic example where the Salamanders put out a call for reinforcements for the Imperium side of the battle.* GoodIsNotNice: Saint Weaver is a compassionate, far-thinking, capable young girl who is [[AFatherToHisMen A Mother To Her Men And Women]] and funds orphanages and charities with the prizes she earns thanks to her heroics. She is also a ruthless governor who has no problems with purging the Nyx Sector nobility, sending millions to their deaths in Penal Legions, letting the Inquisition torture the worst of them or even sentencing particularly vile ones to long and painful deaths.* GunshipRescue: Taylor's forces are facing a massive army of daemons led by [[spoiler:Fulgrim]] and even the arrival of [[spoiler:Primarch Rogal Dorn]] isn't enough to turn the tide. Then a Webway Gate opens and [[spoiler:Vulkan's battleship, the ''Flamewrought'']] appears overhead, shredding the majority of the army.* HangingJudge: The Black Templar Space Marine Marshal that acts as senior judge of the trial on the Alpha Legion renegades. Fortunately for them, the rest of the judges are more reasonable.* HereWeGoAgain: When it turns out that the flamer used by Bloodweaver is the Gauntlet of the Forge, one of the Artefacts of Vulkan (the ones the Salamanders Space Marines have been looking for for ''millennia'' without success), Taylor sighs internally at having to go through the same thing she underwent because of the STC Database ''again''. Of course, she then finds ''more'' of said relics.* HeroesGoneFishing: The Dawnbreaker Guards are shown decorating a church or tending to a garden -- their gene-sire having left them an appreciation for arts and beauty. Meanwhile, Taylor takes up to hand-writing and illustrating a book about the Dawnbreaker Guards.* HeroicSacrifice:** A Wuhanese soldier jumps between [[spoiler:Ka'Bandha's spear]] and Taylor, giving her just enough time to stand up and hand [[spoiler:Ka'Bandha]] an Emperor-level beating.** [[spoiler:Theodora Gaius]] throws herself in the path of [[spoiler:Fulgrim]]'s blades. Her armor is easily pierced and she is fatally wounded, but she is able to shield [[spoiler:Rogal Dorn]] and hold the blades still long enough for her fellow soldiers to disarm [[spoiler:Fulgrim]]. This will possibly also lead to the healing, and return, of Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilleman* HesBack: [[spoiler:During the Raid on Commorragh, not only does Imperial Fists Primarch Rogal Dorn reappear (even if it is for a brief time), but so do the ''Flamewrought'', a Salamanders Gloriana-class Battleship full of survivors of the ''Drop Site Massacre'', having been lost in a warpstorm for millenia, ready to join the fight once more.]]* HiddenInPlainSight: Dragon becomes a Tech Priest in the Adeptus Mechanicus with no one aware of her being an "Abominable Intelligence".* HoistByHisOwnPetard: The Dark Eldar kept millions of Helspiders (huge spiders that are lethal even by Warhammer 40000 standards) under Commorragh, planning to use them against their enemies. Guess what happens when Taylor "Weaver" Hebert arrives?** Thanks to the timeless nature of the Warp, [[PonziScheme Slaanesh could draw on souls and suffering not produced in the "present"]] to strengthen itself. But since most of that comes from [[spoiler:the Drukhari and the suffering they cause in the Dark City, Taylor's assault has utterly destroyed its position among the Four, and potentially pits its ''existence'' on the line with the destruction of Commorragh... Even worse, its attempt to intervene not only leaves it open to the other Three, but weakened the Drukhari defense even ''more''.]]* HopeBringer: Taylor for the Imperium.* HumanityCameFromSpace: [[spoiler: Neferten implies that humans are the result of an attempt to recreate the Necrontyr genetic code that escaped and evolved.]]** [[spoiler: Unless they were deliberately released by Trazyn, of course]].* HypercompetentSidekick: Dragon to Magos Artisan Troy Alpha-Karon-1462.* {{Hypocrite}}: The Black Templars, according to [[spoiler:Harrowmaster Jeremiah Isley]]. For all that Marshal Markward accuses the [[spoiler:renegade Alpha Legionnaires]] of "terrible devastation unleashed on innocent menials", the Black Templars themselves are known to purge entire cities at the first sign of mutation or defiance. In fact, he gets many of the charges dismissed because he could prove that the Black Templars had no right to judge him for crimes they had committed themselves on a larger scale and on a more regular basis.** The Space Wolves are ''even worse'', according the Blood Angels. The Black Templars [[AtLeastIAdmitIt cheerfully own up to the fact they're bloodthirsty fanatics for the God-Emperor]], the Space Wolves are nothing but crude, half-feral savages convinced of their superiority.** [[spoiler:Harrowmaster Jeremiah Isley lampshades this when Ka'Bandha, despite Khorne's hatred of psychic sorcery, uses what is is obviously a sorcerous attack (and if the storm of black and red lightning ''wasn't'' sorcery, he'd eat his PoweredArmor) to make the Brothers of the Red drop to the ground like puppets whose strings have been cut.]]** During the Battle of Pavia, Sliscus complains about the World Engine destroying his superweapon is incredibly unfair. The narration helpfully points out that Sliscus was about to do the same thing to the Imperial Fleet, and that hypocrisy is expected of people of his self-proclaimed rank.* ICantBelieveImSayingThis: Iath Bloodweaver's last order is for his sadomasochistic officers to ''not'' enjoy the agony of being killed by Taylor's insects. He planned to erase all evidence of the order if he survived.* IChooseToStay: [[spoiler:Rather than return to the Imperium, Rogal Dorn chooses to remain behind in the Webway, along with a few volunteer Space Marines, to find and rescue his brother Primarch, Jaghatai.]]* IOweYouMyLife: The Blood Angels find themselves indebted to Taylor after she does ''something'' that shields them from the Black Rage. Not that they mind.* IfICantHaveYou: As Commorragh [[spoiler:falls to Imperium-Necron forces]] Asdrubael Vect privately swears that if he can't rule Commorragh then he will make sure it perishes with his ambitions. * IgnoredExpert: Neferten is a brilliant scientist and politician but the Silent King ignored her advice. Sure enough, her warnings about going to war with the Old Ones, allying with the C'tan, and going into a long hibernation all proved correct.* IKnowYourTrueName: The daemon possessing [[spoiler:Fulgrim's]] body normally is able to use the real [[spoiler:Primarch's link to his Legion]] to use them as its servants. Unfortunately, the damage it sustains from a [[spoiler:C'tan blade]] breaks its ability to identify itself as [[spoiler:Fulgrim]], stopping it from calling reinforcements as Ka'Bandha mauls it.* IMeantToDoThat: The Mighty Iconoclastic Brotherhood was sent to assault the Cadian Gate and apparently suffered a catastrophic defeat. The Dark Council which ordered the assault holds that everything went according to the plan of Chaos and anyone who disagrees is committing treason. The surviving members disagreed and never returned.* ImpossiblyTackyClothes: When Taylor sees Leet's attempt to replicate [[Franchise/{{Metroid}} Samus Aran's Zero Suit]], she thinks it is a miracle that she hasn't immediately requested Gavreel to bring an incinerator to dispose of it.* InSpiteOfANail:** Even after Taylor made her appearance, Literature/CiaphasCain ([[FakeUltimateHero HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!!!]]) is still born in the 40th Millenium and becomes a Commissar with the same penchant for being an AccidentalHero, though his comments on this nature somehow end up in his official memoirs rather than in the classified Cain Archive that make up the books.** Someone else who also makes an appearance is Alexander Macharius, only that, instead of Lord Solar, his rank is Star Marshal - the same rank Taylor will eventually attain.** The ''Forgehammer'' is still captured and taken to Commorragh with a complement of Space Marines on board. [[spoiler:But rather than a rescue by their chapter, Taylor's fleet arrives first]].* InadvertentEntranceCue: While trying to find a way to open the Webway Gate between the Desaderian System and Commorragh, an Imperial Guard general states that a Black Templar ship will be crippled by the Dark Eldars manning the Gate, barring a miracle of the God-Emperor. Cue the arrival of the [[spoiler:Gloriana-class Battleship ''Flamewrought'']] just as the Gate is opened. The Dark Eldar are quickly finished off, allowing the troops at the Desaderian System to join the Raid.* InsultToRocks: Taylor won't call the Munitorum Adepts that are stonewalling her plans cockroaches or locusts because it would not be fair to the insects.* IntrepidMerchant: Dennis "Clockblocker" Peters and his friend Wolfgang Bach decide to become [[TabletopGame/RogueTrader Rogue Traders]] as part of their plans to help Taylor achieve her objectives. They don't get the warrants, at least not in the short term.* IronicDeath: The thirteen Pirate Captains in Pavia suffer ironic fates, as pointed out by one reader (save for the Rashan Calico, who is allowed to settle in a planet along with all of his fellow Rashans as long as they integrate into the Imperium):** Kidz Blakdakka, Qorok Trek and N묯fjt Brakorth (an Ork, a Kroot and a Sheed), the three most bloodthirsty of the lot, die before they can do anything in the fight.** Ulion Lakadieth (an Eldar with a penchant for ransoming all of his prizes, always leaving them alive) survives, but he is forced to pay a huge ransom for his life and that of his men.** Fitzgerald Tanaka (a human who has a "luck" theme since he won his flagship on a Space Poker game) dies when a lucky shot sends a Dragon armor right next to his flagship's helm.** Mariuvahn Moonblitzh (an Eldar corsair known for slaughtering and genociding his way through the galaxy) is himself killed when the Mechanicus uses an Exterminatus-level weapon on his fleet.** Jaeger Day (a human who deserted the Imperial Navy) is deserted and has his men riot under him.** Quintus Kalmar (a human Rogue Trader who likes to paint everything gold) is destroyed by a fleet commanded by a woman in golden armor.** Lox'ena (an EnthrallingSiren xenos who uses her singing to hunt her prey) becomes hunted by the Imperial Navy as she tries to run away from Pavia. [[spoiler:She manages to survive, but only because Taylor's more interested in keeping her alive]].** Iath Bloodweaver (a Dark Eldar who goes above and beyond in his use of torture) is eaten alive by some of Taylor's nastiest bugs.** Pius Hoth (a former Cardinal who betrayed the Imperium and turned to the worship of Chaos) is himself betrayed by his "allies" and taken in by the Astartes.** Travelliath Sliscus (a Dark Eldar who had just allowed all of the other captains to be killed and was about to use his SuperweaponSurprise on the Imperial fleet) gets himself defeated by another SuperweaponSurprise (a Necron World Engine) and [[spoiler:dies in a duel with Taylor, using his own Sword of Vaul against hers]].* {{Irony}}: Living Saint Weaver, empowered by the Emperor of Mankind Himself, firmly refuses to believe in His divinity and merely considers Him horrendously powerful for a human. Makes sense when you considering that she comes from a reality that held Lung (whom she defeated) and the Triumvirate (one of whom she killed) among OTHER horrendously powerful humans.* ItsPersonal: One of [[spoiler:Cyrene Valantion]]'s conditions for working for Taylor, if [[spoiler:Erebus of the Word Bearers]] ever comes to Nyx, she is to be given the privilege of strangling him with his own intestines.** [[spoiler:Lelith]]'s grudge against [[spoiler:Trazyn]] started when he stole her mother's crown.* ItsQuietTooQuiet:** The warp is oddly calm when Taylor's fleet travels to Pavia. She correctly guesses the Ruinous Powers deliberately held back their usual attacks due to having laid a trap in the system.** Early in 8.3 Taylor notes that things are ''too'' calm, with fewer [[spoiler:daemonic incursions]] than expected. This changes when [[spoiler:Slaanesh opens portals to send ''billions'' of daemons into the Dark City]].* IWarnedYou: Trazyn tried to warn one of Neferten's Nemesors to pull everything out. Said Nemesor ignored him until a few moments later, when [[spoiler:Lelith makes her appearance on Commorragh's battlefields]].* JeanneDArchetype: Weaver is a young woman whose powers defy the Imperium's understanding. She makes herself known by integrating the local military and leading them from victory to victory. She was drafted by the Emperor of Mankind himself and is ultimately acclaimed as a Living Saint. You bet she's this.* JurisdictionFriction: Imperial Navy Admiral von Kisher arrives to the raid on [[spoiler:Commorragh]] in full parade uniform and immediately starts trying to pull rank on Secretary Wolfgang. After every Space Marine Chapter present states they will follow Wolfgang, von Kisher backs down but it's noted he's still going to cause trouble.* KarmicDeath: Vyrion Kaeran, one of Biel-Tan's most ardent warmongers, tasked in trying to get the Nebula's Shard at all costs, gets swarmed by Taylor's insects and then impaled by the aforementioned sword, causing his entire body to turn into crystal and shatter.* KarmicThief: Contessa and her group of Knight-Errant Space Marines "borrow" a Thunderhawk from the [[Literature/BloodRavens Blood Ravens]] Space Marine chapter. Blood Ravens are well known to be {{Kleptomaniac Hero}}es.* KatanasAreJustBetter: The Masamune Power Katana's [[spoiler:recovered from the STC database]] performance is three and a half ("364% in all categories" to be precise) times better then the power swords approved by the Munitorum for its officers.* KilledOffForReal:** [[spoiler:Traevelliath Sliscus]] is killed by Weaver and [[DeaderThanDead his soul is destroyed]] so it won't become a meal for Slaanesh, leaving him DeaderThanDead. The same fate befalls [[spoiler:Drazhar.]]** [[spoiler:Asdrubael Vect]] detonates an explosive that destroys his soul so that Slaanesh cannot claim it.** Lelith permanently kills the Daemon Princes [[spoiler:Rakarth and Morathi Uldanesh]].* KneelBeforeFrodo: After Taylor kicked the shit out of [[spoiler:Ka'Bandha]] - sworn enemy to their Primarch - and became their living shield against the Black Rage, all of the Blood Angels Chapters present expressed their gratitude by kneeling to her.** During the [[spoiler:Raid on Commorragh]], the ''Regent of Nocturne (the Chapter Master of the Salamanders)'' and ''Archmagos Belisarius Cawl'' bow as well, with the Regent even bending the knee. When Taylor [[StopWorshippingMe tries to tell him he does not have to]], the Regent claims that ''he does''.* KnightTemplar: The Black Templars. Unfortunately for them, Saint Weaver is not too keen on their "crush the enemy, erase their existence and consign it to oblivion!" attitude.* KnowWhenToFoldThem:** Tziz Jarek, the third Imperial Assassin sent after Taylor, decides to accept her employment offer when it becomes obvious she is not going to succeed any time soon.[[note]]In the original time-line, Tziz would have been commanded to kill the Grand Master of Assassins by Goge Vandire[[/note]]** Ulion Lakadieth stops fighting and tries to negotiate for his safe passage as he sees Weaver tearing through his fellow pirate lords, although he's forced to pay a heftier ransom for his safe passage than he would have if he'd left earlier.** Lox'ena, when cornered with her family, chooses to negotiate rather than make a LastStand, and while unhappy with the terms being offered, considers them preferable to certain death.** Once it becomes clear that the [[spoiler:Mark of Commorragh]] cannot be stopped, [[spoiler:Tzeentch]] chooses to abandon [[spoiler:Slaanesh]] and start working on a new plan.* LaserGuidedKarma: [[spoiler:Taylor, after taking the Governorship of Nyx, renders Nostradamus Vandire unto the Inquisition for corruption, bribery, blackmail, extortion and a thousand more charges.]]* LastOfHisKind:** Farseer Filgonilth is the last member of the Sirethmoren family in which his wife and children were killed in a "purge" that went terribly wrong on a corrupted Maiden World. ** The Queen of Blades is revealed to be the last living [[spoiler:Aeldari to have fought during the War in Heaven]].* LastStand: [[spoiler:During the Raid on Commorragh, the Dark Eldar are forced multiple times into this - particularly as Slaanesh throws in her own attack through Khaine's Gate.]]* LifesavingMisfortune: House Attica of Nyx suffered heavily in the aftermath of an error made by one of their ancestors. This, however, kept them away from the worst the Nyx nobility was doing, which saved them when the Inquisition came knocking.* LockedIntoStrangeness: After the [[spoiler:Battle of the Death Star and her fight against Ka'Bandha]], Taylor's black hair acquires a golden strand and her skin has a slight glow to it [[spoiler:because of her mystical contact with the Emperor during the fight]].** During [[spoiler:Taylor's psychic fight with the Tyranid on Catachan,]] the Emperor's psychic might going through her turns even more of her hair gold and her skins glow becomes more noticeable.** By the end of the Shadowpoint arc, only a small amount of black hair remains behind her left ear, and the intensity of her glowing skin has doubled.** And then reverted during the [[spoiler:Raid on Commorragh]], where her hair returns to its previous black color - [[spoiler:while she gains a pair of enormous golden wings]].* LoopholeAbuse:** A Cardinal of the Ecclesiarchy demands having a copy of [[spoiler:the files found in the STC]], arguing that nowhere in the Treaty of Olympus is indicated that only the Mechanicus can get them, only that the originals have to be sent to Mars.** In the same chapter, [[spoiler:Harrowmaster Isley's surviving Alpha Legionnaires]] are technically wiped out by an Imperial Tribunal. In reality? An Alpha Legion warband walked into the courtroom. The founding members of the [[spoiler:20th Legion's only known Loyalist Successor Chapter, the Heracles Wardens,]] walked out. The assignment of Taylor and company to oversee their reintegration into Imperial administration, and to make sure they STAY loyal, potentially foreshadows [[spoiler:the Heracles Wardens engaging in their own Alpha-characteristic Loophole abuses in regards to recruitment and equipment.]]* LovesOnlyGold: The pirate Lord-Count Quintus 'Gold' Kalmar has an obsession with gold. He wears gold armor, has a gold throne, and even plated a ''seven kilometer warship'' with refined gold. After his death one of his ships surrenders rather than fight because Kalmar had filled several compartments with gold and other valuables instead of munitions.* MadGod: All the Ruinous Powers are completely insane by the standards of any living being. For example, [[spoiler: Slaanesh, rather than influence the Drukhari leaders in order to form an alliance against the Imperial forces assaulting Commorragh, stop soul-sucking the Dark Eldar during the battle, or any other logical strategy, chooses to send its legions to assault the Dark City, and not only do its inhabitants fight back and keep them from getting to Weaver, but Slaanesh sends so many of its forces that Khorne seizes the chance to attack before the battle is even over.]]* MagnificentBastard: ** Trazyn the Infinite is most definitely one, all in his search for new things to add to his collection. ** [[spoiler:The Emperor]] as well: it is implied he gave the [[CoolSword Nebula Shard]] to Trazyn because he knew the Necron would end up giving it to Taylor, [[spoiler:so she could use it [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu to defeat Ka'Bandha]].]]*** [[spoiler:He also takes advantage of Tzeentch creating a Shadowpoint to ''increase its power'' and prevent Chaos from learning about the Raid of Commorragh until it is too late for them to prevent it.]]* MajorlyAwesome: Taylor ends up being given the rank of Major and the position of XO in the Fay 20th. [[spoiler:As of 5.1, she is a Major... General.]]* ManlyTears: Two Blood Angels that are guarding Taylor begin to silently cry when she reveals she wants to dedicate Nyx's new Basilica to Sanguinius.* MassOhCrap:** The Dark Eldars' reaction when they see that Taylor has allied with the ''Necrons''.** The reaction of most everyone in [[spoiler:Commorragh]] when it's revealed that [[spoiler:Slaanesh is invading]].* MeaningfulName: Taylor decides to request that the name of the system where the [[spoiler:Battle of the Death Star]] took place changes to "Brockton". As anyone with knowledge of the series knows, it is an incredibly appropiate name for a former war zone.** There's a reason why the space station Leet has been forcibly emplaced is nicknamed ''[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Danger-Prototype-Central]]''.** The architect charged to design and build the Hagia Sanguinala is named Cyrene ''Versailles'', as the famous French castle.** The military operation to defeat the pirates in the Pavia System is called Operation [[Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean Caribbean]].** The military operation aimed at attacking Commorragh to destroy its main infrastructure and kill as many Dark Eldar as possible is named [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII Pearl Harbor]] - as it begins with a surprise attack on a large port that takes the defenders completely by surprise.* MeleeATrois: [[spoiler:During the Battle of the Death Star, the Biel-Tan Eldar Twilight Spear attack the Imperial Forces, and are attacked by the Orks (who are also attacking the humans) at the same time. When the World Eaters join the fray, the Orks divert a lot of their attention to fighting them, destroying a Chaos Daemon Battleship at the cost of numerous space hulks, granting the Imperium victory as the last man standing.]]* MemeticMutation: [[Memes/{{Worm}} The famous meme about having arachno- or entomophobia]] is reflected here by one captured Imperial Assassin, who thinks it to be "common sense".** Gavreel also calls it "common sense" [[spoiler: when talking to Sterzing about taking control of the Helspiders of Commorragh, and how the Dark Eldar are probably going to kill every spider they see from now on]].* MercyKill: In a way, [[spoiler:Taylor killing Sliscus is this, since by destroying his soul she prevents Slaanesh from devouring him and gaining power.]]* ModestRoyalty: Even as she gains more grandiose titles, Taylor is still a humble Brockton Bay girl, so she dress as modestly as she can, wishes people would not act so ceremoniously towards her and is ready to HeadDesk every time she meets someone and has to start her StopWorshippingMe routine ''again''.* MookDepletion:** One of the issues plaguing the Dynasts during the [[spoiler:razing of Commorragh]] is that they keep executing any commanders whose forces are defeated. This prevents the development of a coherent response to the Imperial forces as each new commander tries a different strategy before meeting their demise. It eventually reaches the point that a new leader can't be assigned before the unit is overrun.** Messengers bringing bad news to the Dynasts get murdered as a result, but one Dynast eventually lets them live simply because he's running low on capable messengers.* MundaneUtility: Downplayed with Taylor's parahuman ability of insect-control. Yes, it allows her to corner a sweet part of the economic markets (raising spiders for their silks, crustaceans for their flesh) but she's only one person so her goods are in limited supply and as such luxury items for the wealthy. She does use them for her day-to-day life, though.* MustHaveCaffeine: The Adeptus Mechanicus have no real use for the tea-maker plans that Taylor found [[spoiler:in the Athena STC]], but the Guard, the Navy, the Arbites, the Administratum, the Navigators and the Astropaths all want some.* TheMutiny: The unfortunate tech-priests crewing the station ''Danger-Prototype-Central'', against Leet.* MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch:** Neferten opposes the Necron stance of exterminating all life and is in fact seeking a way to break free of the Silent King's control. This is not new, as she was a dissenting voice at all three of her race's major mistakes: going to war with the Old Ones, allying with the C'Tan, and entering the long dormancy without accounting for entropy.** Farseer Filgonilth is highly critical of Biel-Tan's extreme militarism and is strongly opposed to the revival of the Aeldari Empire, as he recognized its depravity and cruelty led to the Aeldari's downfall and that the Drukhari keep on carrying out the old empire's dark excesses. He has the final straw with Biel-Tan over the High Council's decision to [[spoiler:assist the Drukhari in defending Commorragh against Weaver.]]** Lelith Hesperix has nothing but disdain for what the Drukhari have become despite technically being considered one of them. She has never spoken against their current behavior because she no longer cares enough after witnessing the Fall and seeing that the Drukhari learned nothing from it.* NameThatUnfoldsLikeLotusBlossom:** The name the Imperium uses for Taylor's sword, the Nebula's Shard, is a loose translation of the Eldar name Elsar'bryn. The literal translation is something closer to "Song of the Nebula Tearing through the Heavens".** The simple translation of the Eldar title given to Taylor, Maelsha뭙il Dannan, is "Angel of Death". The literal translation is "The Burning Angel Governing the Cycle of Entropy".* NayTheist: Even after being empowered as a Living Saint by the Emperor, Taylor firmly refuses to believe that He's actually a god and not just an extremely powerful human, with Cyrene lampshading the {{Irony}}. This makes perfect sense, given the powerful parahumans Taylor met, fought, and defeated (or even killed in the case of Alexandria) on Earth Bet, and what happened to her world thanks to Scion, who was defeated despite his vast power.* NeverFoundTheBody: Behemoth and Leviathan were confirmed casualties of the Gold Morning. The Simurgh was not. It's also mentioned that right before Taylor was transported, none of her fellow Undersiders were answering their radios but Regent was the only one she'd seen fall. While the others are presumed dead it's possibly that some of them were among those who led exoduses into other dimensions and/or that one of them is the Destiny Unwritten. The same is true of several of Dennis and Missy's teammates. * NiceJobFixingItVillain:** The ritual initiated by the Chaos Space Marines at the beginning of the story only succeeds in bringing Taylor to the 35th millenium - where she promptly becomes a hero of the Imperium, saving billions of lives.** When [[spoiler:Slaanesh]] realizes its power is in danger of being permanently crippled by the [[spoiler: razing of Commorragh]], it attempts to intervene... by sending its own armies to seize [[spoiler:Commorragh]] first. The result is the defenders splitting their forces to fight both the humans and daemons, further reducing the resistance they can put up to Taylor's attack. And this only gets worse when [[spoiler:Khorne decides to attack Slaanesh while it's vulnerable]].** During the Horus Heresy, Chaos destroyed all [[spoiler:components for the Golden Throne]] along with the means of producing more. However, prior to the Heresy a Dark Eldar raid had captured three containers of these items and taken them into the Webway, where they were protected from the daemon purge.** [[spoiler: Fulgrim]] arrives in [[spoiler: Commorragh]] personally, attempting to kill Taylor. In the course of the battle, she stabs him in the face several times with [[spoiler: a C'tan phase-blade]]. The injuries ruins his connection to [[spoiler: the Third Legion...the same Legion that Taylor has over 17 thousand gene-seeds from.]]* NoHeroToHisValet: Taylor is beloved by the general population of Nyx. Those who know her personally (like Dragon, Vista or Wei) will joke with her and tease her.* NoJustNoReaction: When Wei Cao suggests bringing the [[DeathWorld Catachan]] yellow ant as part of her "economy-boosting insects", Taylor takes less than five seconds to reject it.* NoKillLikeOverkill: Taylor mentions that she won't consider the Simurgh dead until she's personally fed the body to her swarm. Dragon notes that this would be extreme overkill for anything other than the Hopekiller.* NoOshaCompliance: OSHA doesn't exist in the Imperium, but some things in the Dark City are so unsafe that humans and transhumans raiding the place are forced to take note of. One notable example is having foundries next door to munitions dumps.* NoSell: {{Downplayed}}. Parahumans are more resistant than normal humans to the Space Marines' auras that cause "transhuman dread".* NonLinearCharacter: The Chaos Gods and other daemons are this to some extent, to the point that daemons can exist before the mortal soul that birthed them even existed.* NotHelpingYourCase: Taylor points out to Marshal Markward of the Black Templars that the reason history tends to repeat itself is because no one bothers to pay attention the first time, something the Black Templars' penchant for destroying or modifying historical records do nothing to help. Markward promptly exclaims that the enemy can only be defeated by crushing them and erasing every trace of their existence from history. Taylor is not impressed.* NotHyperbole: When Dragon notes that noosphere wars had been declared for less than Taylor not using the [[PowerArmor Angel's Tear]], she is not joking.** When Taylor "Weaver" Hebert threatens to feed you alive to a swarm of carnivorous ants, ''you better listen to what she says''.* NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer: When Lankovar is warned about [[spoiler:Taylor finding the Standard Template Construct Database]], his first reaction is to chide his interlocutor for trying to imitate the humor of flesh-beings. Said interlocutor responds by saying that it is not a false alert.* NothingExcitingEverHappensHere: Andes Primus is a backwater, swampy planet which had been spared any of the conflict seen elsewhere in the sector. That changed for a short time when the Fay 20th stopped by to pick up some fuel and a new tank only to be attacked by an Eldar raiding party intent on retrieving the Nebula's Shard.* NotSoAboveItAll: Taylor is not above getting revenge on Dragon for teasing her about Wei Cao by teasing her about Archmagos Lydia-Beta Rosamund.** Similarly, for all that they are "inhumane", the Tech-Priests can be worse gossips than most humans when it concerns interesting information.** Also, the Space Marines that form the Dawnbreaker Guard are quite willing to laugh at Taylor's expense when she is embarrassed by anything.* NotSoDifferent: Taylor notes that the Blood Angels' Black Rage and Red Thirst are not too different from the parahumans' Trigger events.* ObstructiveBureaucrat: This is the Imperium where planets are lost because of ''rounding errors'' and where planets of bureaucrats are in civil war because they are running out of space for all the records. Taylor, of course, ends up encountering a few too many of them.* AnOfferYouCantRefuse: Taylor offers Nostradamus Vandire a trial and swift execution in exchange of the names of all his co-conspirators and the places where he has stashed all the money he has stolen. When Nostradamus interrupts her and rejects the offer, Taylor reveals the other option: being tortured by the Inquisition [[MortonsFork until he reveals the names of his co-conspirators and the places where he has stashed all the money he has stolen]] - and then he will be turned into the first volunteer of the 1st Nyx Pureblood Penal Legion. Nostradamus realizes too late that he should have picked the first offer.* OhCrap:** Discovering a [[spoiler:''Tyranid'' entombed within Catachan's planetary crust]] is enough for Weaver to seriously consider an Exterminatus, and the Inquisition furiously agrees to seek confirmation of her concerns instead of just tossing it like every other request to bomb [[spoiler:Catachan]] that reaches their desk.** On board of ''Danger-Prototype-Central'', there are two sentences every Tech-Priest dreads: "I think I have solved all the problems this time." and "They are going to recognise my genius with this invention!", since they mark another of Leet's "inventions" being finished (and highly likely to explode at the worst possible moment).** The First Exploration Fleet from Nyx is quite disturbed when they see how much the SpacePirates from Pavia have fortified the system.** [[spoiler:Slaanesh's reaction when it realizes the razing of Commorragh will permanently cripple its power.]]** The Drukhari forces guarding Khaine's Gate when they see [[spoiler:it cracking from the other side.]]* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: [[spoiler:After being defeated by Weaver for the first time, Ka'Bandha is sworn to kill her and will kill anyone that tries to "steal" his archenemy. He makes this clear to Fazar뭤zlath뭜esh/the Naga for touching his "prey".]] * OnlySaneMan: Farseer Filgonilth Sirethmoren and Autarch Jirkanith Maloskilen are the only few members of Craftworld Biel-Tan who realizes their people's very militaristic campaign in restoring their empire and waging endless wars against all space-faring races would only destroy themselves as they couldn't afford the logistics and numbers than the Orks and Imperium. Unfortunately for them, their efforts to convince the High Council to reconsider has fall on deaf ears and in turn are deemed as "disgraced elders."** Filgonilth is deeply appalled over the High Council's decision to enter the fray in [[spoiler:Commorragh and siding with the Dark Eldar]] against Weaver, and argued against this. The High Council are not swayed by his warnings and instead [[spoiler:banished him from Biel-Tan for "uncountable breaches of protocol", prompting Filgonilth to evacuate his supporters to Malan'tai.]] * OutlawTown: Pavia is a system entirely controlled and populated by pirates and their hangers-on. * OutsideContextProblem: Taylor becomes this in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The ability of controlling all arthropodes (insects, arachnids and centipedes) ''without'' having to use the Warp makes her incredibly powerful and a huge boon to the Imperium. [[spoiler:It is heavily implied that her presence is seriously messing up with the Eldar Farseers' ability to see the future. Contessa later reveals that Taylor's presence is disrupting/preventing every prognosticators' ability to predict the future.]] [[spoiler:Eldrad mentions that the region of space centered in Nyx has become a Shadowpoint, which prevents all Farseers from looking into the future of the region.]]* OverrankedSoldier: Taylor appears in the future at age sixteen. Outside of Death Worlds like Catachan or Fortress Worlds like Cadia, the only people her age in the military are those who lied to the recruiters about her age. She ends up having subordinates old enough to be her ''grandfather''.** After the Battles of Ramev's Pass, Taylor becomes a Major.** During the [[spoiler:Battle of the Death Star]], she has to take charge as Acting Colonel, and in its aftermath she receives so many decorations that her rank jumps to Major General. ** After being awarded the Star of Terra, she becomes a full-blown General, and her name begins to sound strong for becoming the Warmaster should a Crusade ever be called in the Segmentum.** Some of the future texts reveal she will end up with the new rank of Star Marshal, a rank that only one other person will share in the next millenia, the one who would have become Lord Solar Macharius in the original timeline.* ThePasswordIsAlwaysSwordfish: The password to activate the [[spoiler:Standard Template Construct Database found in the Ork Battle Moon]] is "Hello world". {{Justified}}, because it was a device expected to be used by anyone.* PatronSaint: Lady Weaver quickly becomes this for Fay's military and the Nyx Sector as a whole. The military because she started her illustrious career as one of their officers, the Nyx Sector because she was enthroned as their Basileia and immediately set to turn the Sector into one of the most prosperous in the Imperium.* PersonaNonGrata: Trazyn's presence isn't exactly welcomed in Necron worlds given his pathological kleptomania. In one occasion, he even gets captured and dragged in chains to the planetary ruler even though he really was only passing by.* {{Plunder}}:** The Fay 20th and their allies loot the very plentiful weapons, ammo, and armour that were plundered by the Orks on the [[spoiler:Battle Moon]] and keeping their war effort going. They also find and secure some valuable archeotech from the ruins there, including [[spoiler:a Standard Template Construct Database]].** Operation Caribbean sees the Imperial forces successfully recapture two Malta starforts, take the remnants of the Rashan as a protectorate member, claim several trillion throne gelts, as well as several PLANETS, in bounties, take treasures including [[spoiler:Vulkan's Gauntlet of the Forge]] from captured ships, and ransom an Eldar fleet for millions of tons of adamantium. The greatest plunder is discovered on the ''Empire of Sin'' in Sliscus's vault which contains, aside from literal hills of coins and jewels, keys to the Web-Way, Eldar weapons, and [[spoiler:Primarch Vulkan's Obsidian Chariot]].*** Taylor does dampen the mood when plundering the vault as she points out all of this came from Sliscus and his forces raiding countless worlds, many of which were destroyed in the process.** The [[spoiler:raid on Commorragh]] proves to be even more rewarding. Aside from the fortunes in raw materials, the Imperium also recovers vast amounts of cultural treasures stolen in raids, multiple sacred Imperial relics, and stores of human archaeotech including [[spoiler:''eleven'' partially-functional [=STCs=], perhaps the only remaining ''STC copy that was created by the Emperor himself'' to improve upon the STC design, and ''components for the Golden Throne'']].* PonziScheme: The Ruinous Powers can strengthen themselves through one - due to the loose nature of time in the Warp, they can draw on the power of souls they haven't claimed yet. [[spoiler:This is part of what makes the raid on Commorragh so important - Slaanesh's greatest source of power is the Drukhari and their victims. With them broken as a major threat, the power it drew from them in the future won't ever exist to be taken, resulting in a paradox that reduces She Who Thirsts from only just behind third place among the Four to the undisputed weakest, with the other three pouncing on its sudden vulnerability. Note, too, that Slaanesh is only just behing Nurgle in the 35th millenia. In the 40th, it would have challenged Khorne for first place, all because of the power flowing from Commorragh.]]* PostVictoryCollapse: Taylor faints after the First Battle of Ramev's Pass, because she's been awake and has barely eaten or drunk anything since hours before the Battle of New Delhi (which was long and incredibly distressing). [[spoiler:Also after the fight against Ka'Bandha, due to the injuries she has suffered and the overwhelming nature of becoming a Living Saint.]]* PowerGivesYouWings: Taylor Hebert, Saint of the Emperor.* PoweredByAForsakenChild: The Abyss of Dreams is an Aeldari weapon of mass destruction capable of reaching between Webway nodes. Just activating kills 1300 eldar and banishes their souls to the Warp, and every forty minutes a new and larger price must be paid to maintain it. Before the Fall this wasn't an issue as they would simply be reborn, but now it is a fate worse than death.* PretenderDiss:** Neferten is incredibly disappointed when she sees just how far the Eldar have fallen. Per a suggestion from her subordinate she decides to refer to the various Eldar factions by their individual names as none are worthy of being called Aeldari.*** Trazyn later sends her a message that not ''all'' of the Aeldari are gone when he encounters [[spoiler:Lelith]].** Once [[spoiler:Fulgrim]] is revealed to be nothing more than a daemonic parasite using the real thing's body, the Marines and [[spoiler:Rogal Dorn]] show it nothing but contempt.* ProphecyTwist: Maea is told by another Eldar farseer that if she goes on the quest to recover Elsar'bryn, she will one day hold it. [[spoiler:She doesn't get told that her holding it involves it being shoved into her hands to prove that the gene-coded lock won't accept her after being taken prisoner.]]* ThePurge:** After his predecessor's death, Admiral Mikasev began conducting a purge of "traitors" on his new flagship. By the time the crew finally took its revenge, he had executed ''ten percent of the personnel'' and had just announced his intent to kill even more.** Taylor does one of the corrupt Nyx nobility after taking office, forming entire Penal Legions from those found guilty of crimes.* RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil: If there is something Taylor hates more than rape, is people that use their power to extort sexual favors - and above that, [[WouldHurtAChild people who rape children]]. One Nyx noble that had been doing the latter for ''[[MoralEventHorizon decades]]'' is sent straight away to a long, painful death by hanging.* RealityEnsues:** The reason why Weaver is so hugely popular among the masses? She's a doer, while politicians are only talkers.** In spite of becoming a Living Saint, Taylor still has paperwork to fill out. And political debates to navigate.** No, Odysseus Tor isn't the only Inquisitor affected to Nyx. The workload is such that he needs thirteen colleagues, and they're still stretched thin.** Operation Caribbean's complete victory shows the difference between a properly prepared and led military fleet versus a loose coalition of various pirates. A good portion of the pirates end up dying in a suicidal rush to engage with the Imperium while the other fleets fall one-by-one.** When one of Sliscus's subordinates muses it's unfortunate they don't have insecticide handy, he points out that Taylor's array of insects obviously originates from multiple different worlds. Even if they had insecticide on hand it would ''maybe'' affect one or two species.** Even if the Warp is twisted like a pretzel when it comes down to time and space, it still has to obey the laws of causality. [[spoiler:So, when the Raid on Commorragh begins to destroy the source of the large source of power that were the Dark Eldar for Slaanesh, it begins to lose the power it drew from the Dark Eldars' future victimes, causing a paradox that erases millions of daemons from existence.]]** The Biel-Tan forces are so obsessed with the idea of finally killing Taylor that they let the chance blind them to the reality that the Drukhari are unlikely to see them as saviors and more like expendable troops. Sure enough, when the Biel-Tan fleet enters Commorragh, the local defenders send them to the meatgrinder at Port Shard - straight into the waiting Necrons and their captured C'tan.** The [[spoiler:raid on Commorragh]] brings out the worst in the Drukhari. The Dynasts kill commanders who fail in battle meaning whatever lessons they might have gleaned from defeat are lost. Soldiers turn on one another because they have been taught to seize any chance for advancement. Forces equipped to fight slaves die in droves against soldiers with actual armor and weapons.** When a call is sent to all Imperial forces to assist in the [[spoiler:raid on Commorragh]] very few are actually able to do so. Readying a ship or army to deploy is impossible in the [[ExtremelyShortTimespan short time available]], meaning only ships that were already prepped and en route to different battles are able to join the assault.*** On the other hand, the [[spoiler:craftworld Eldar are able to use their Webway gates]] to deploy multiple fleets and armies with minimal delay in support of [[spoiler:Commorragh]].* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Taylor is this to the hilt. [[spoiler:When she meets with Calico, the leader of the Rashan, she offers him a planet where he and his people can leave in peace, the only thing being that they will have to worship the Emperor and work for the Mechanicus.]]* ReassignedToAntarctica:** Andes Primus is a barely-populated backwater with no tactical or logistic value. The various powers of the Imperium treat it as a dumping ground for scapegoats, embarrassments, and the insane. The survivors of the Ulm 2nd were dumped there to cover up the idiocy of their Lord Commander while Tech-Priest [[spoiler:Dragon]] was located in the same area as a Heretek factorum.** Pius Hoth viewed his appointment as Cardinal of Kerguelen as this, noting that the Sector had few resources, no high society to rub elbows with, and, most importantly, a lack of donations to the Cardinal.* ReassignmentBackfire:** Dragon was banished to Andes Primus as part of an effort to dump everyone who was in the vicinity of a convicted heretek in the middle of nowhere to ensure his tech-heresy couldn't spread. Then she crosses paths with Weaver, gets attached to her coattails, and ends up becoming mistress of her own Forge Hive, and her Dragon Armors are desired by every Forge World in the galaxy as a counter to the Dark Mechanicus Heldrake.** The Fabricator of Quayrian assigns one of his political rivals, Archmagos Thayer Sagami, to command the ''HMHMS Enterprise'', expecting to get him out of the way for a full decade and perhaps killed (due to Lady Weaver's risky tendencies). Six years later, he is in command of the flagship of the fleet that destroys the Pavia pirate haven and [[spoiler:razes Commorragh]], retrieving in the process a large number of valuable archeotech, including ''two of the Artifacts of Vulkan''.* RedBaron: The pirate captains of Pavia each have a nickname or self-proclaimed title, with three having ''two'' nicknames.** Taylor picks up a couple as well; the Orks call her 'Da Swarm Bringa' and it seems that the [[spoiler: the (surviving) Dark Eldar will end up referring to her as 'the Angel of Death.']]* RefugeInAudacity: [[spoiler:Trazyn the Infinite]] requests an audience with Taylor by disguising himself as an archeologist - after[[spoiler: teleporting into the Lower Hive, stealing a number of Menelaus' artwork,]] disguising himself, stunning a Magos to steal his identification, tricking the machine-spirits into slotting an audience for him and putting a monitoring system in a video loop.** [[spoiler: To use an Eldar artifact in Commorragh to reshape the Webway and redirect the forces of Chaos attacking the Golden Throne, Taylor, after discovering that she fits the criteria, declares herself ''Empress of the Aeldari'']].* ReluctantRuler: Taylor chooses to accept the Nyx Governorship - but only because she knows that everyone else is dumb, corrupt or both.** Well, that, and the fact that if she was to start from scratch on a fresh planet, it would take at least 20 years to get up to speed. Nyx already has a ready-made infrastructure.* RetGone: After the ongoing destruction of Commorragh starts causing Slaanesh's PonziScheme to collapse, Daemonettes suddenly start ceasing to have ever existed.* RevengeBeforeReason: The Biel-Tan launch a punitive raid to avenge the loss of one of their raiding parties, ignoring the fact that it only happened because its leader [[MuggingTheMonster picked a fight with someone out of his weight class]]. [[spoiler:After being defeated twice by Weaver, the Biel-Tan believed they can surely end Weaver by siding with the Drukhari along with four other Craftworlds that are willing to heed the Drukhari's aid to defend Commorragh.]]* RightBehindYou: Trazyn warns Taylor that [[spoiler:Lelith is in Commorragh]]... only for Taylor to describe the Eldar's appearance, as she's feigning sleep nearby.* RightForTheWrongReasons: Mikasev orders Fay's SDF to go after a small "pirate ship", a ship that could have been easily handled by a part of the SDF while the rest helped in the defence of Fay. Unknown to him (and everyone else), said "pirate ship" is actually the ship of a Chaos warband, and its destruction strands the warband in Fay - right on time to leave them in the path of the advancing Ork army, which kills them all [[spoiler:and frees a Rubric Marine to do a HeelFaceTurn]].* RightHandVersusLeftHand: The second arc centers around two Inquisitors going to war with everyone in the general area of Wuhan (including each other) to seize the Vault of Infinity, [[spoiler:a Necron facility to guard an imprisoned C'Tan.]]* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: The Battle of [[spoiler:Commorragh]] has all the look of this, as Fleet Caribbean manages to invade the [[spoiler:Dark Eldar City]] for the first time ever and proceeds to take revenge for all the [[spoiler:Dark Eldar]] attacks on humanity, with interest. The presence of several [[AMechByAnyOtherName Knights]] who have spent generations ''dreaming'' of this day only reinforces this.* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: The heir of a Nyx noble took to act as a vigilante, stopping crimes carried out by other nobles. Taylor, noting that she was NotSoDifferent, allows her father to peacefully resign his position in his daughter's favor as long as she stops her vigilante act.** Valentin Seigneleas, [[IntimidatingRevenueService chief comptroller of finance]] spends nearly all of his time vigorously carrying out his duties with an incredible eye for detail, and a seemingly inexhaustible level of energy.* RunningGag: People daydreaming with getting rid of Leet.** For a while, people keep unsuccessfully trying to draw Taylor's sword; later on, they keep tacking on stuff to the pommel to make it more "Imperial-like".* TheScapegoat: Gladiel Imrik takes the blame for the Eldar's defeat in the [[spoiler:Battle of the Death Star]]. He accepted the responsibility because he doesn't want to further damage the relationships between Biel-Tan and Malan'tai. Also, [[AFatherToHisMen he doesn't want the blame and punishment share to his Mariners and their families]].* ScrewThisImOuttaHere:** [[spoiler:Filgonilth Sirethmoren]] gets his followers out of [[spoiler:Biel-Tan]] after being exiled for opposing them helping the [[spoiler:Dark Eldar against Weaver.]]** When it becomes obvious that the [[spoiler:Raid on Commorragh]] is going to be a success, millions of [[spoiler:Drukhari]] run away and desert rather than face death.** When the mysterious stranger that has managed to infiltrate his throne room presents himself as Trazyn the Infinite Collector, [[spoiler:Ariex Yllithian]] knows he can only do one thing: hightail it out of there.** When the [[spoiler:''Flamewrought'']] appears in Commorragh, Aurelia knows that the humans have won and directs her forces to flee for the Gate to Craftworld Ulthwe.** Trazyn recommends fleeing to Taylor given [[spoiler:Lelith]]'s presence, and when she's revealed to be RightBehindYou, he can't get out of there fast enough.* SealedEvilInACan: The Vault of Infinity was a prison to hold the [[spoiler:C'Tan Iash'uddra]]. After [[spoiler:Iash'uddra]] is freed, he is once again imprisoned in a [[spoiler:Tesseract Vault by Trazyn.]]* SecretKeeper: Desmerius identified Gavreel as a temporally-displaced Dark Angel almost immediately. Knowing his chapter's descendants would stop at nothing to kill Gavreel, Desmerius arranges a new identity to hide the Space Marine.* SelfDestructiveCharge: The [[spoiler:''Empire of Sin'']] is mobile but only barely holds together, trailing a constant stream of debris and explosions.* SerialEscalation: Given that the main character is nicknamed "Queen of Escalation", it fits.** The fic starts fairly low key, with a local war against Orks, dealing with two rogue Inquisitors and having to fight a small Eldar team.** Then the ship she's in is forced to land on an [[spoiler:Ork ''Battle Moon'']], forcing her and everyone with her to fight for days, climaxing in a duel with [[spoiler:a '''Bloodthirster daemon''']].** Then there are several years of calm, as Taylor becomes the governor of the Nyx sector, until the Shadowpoint arc comes around and she leads a fleet to destroy the pirate fleets over Pavia.** This is immediately followed by the Extermination arc, with Taylor's fleet [[spoiler:''razing '''Commorragh''' and '''permanently destroying Slaanesh's main source of power!''''']]* SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong: The ultimate goal of the Weaver Option: to create a galaxy strong enough to repel the Tyranids. Of course, the Ruinous Powers were hoping that this would be done by granting them ultimate victory before the swarms ever showed up, but the Inquisition and the Ultramarines dashed that hope.* SexyDiscretionShot: In Muster 6.1, Taylor goes to take a shower only to find the in-door pool has been filled and Wei Cao waiting there, completely naked, and gets pulled into the pool with a kiss. The narration notes they never left the Spire that evening.* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: Taylor dislikes being teased by Dragon about Wei Cao's advances. She gets her revenge by teasing her about the time she spends with a certain Archmagos.* ShootTheMessenger ** The Governor of Matapan, when told by his Lieutenant that a Fleet of over three hundred ships has appeared over the planet and is most likely led by Lady Nyx, AKA Taylor and the person he's plotting to overthrow, he declares him a "liar" and has him executed for "peddling blatant false information". He later has four of his Admirals and three Generals executed and declared traitors after their soldiers all died or mutinied against Nyx's assault. He also tried to have one of his Colonels executed as well after said Colonel corrected him that their Regiments were '''grossly''' outnumbered by Nyx, but was stopped by a Space Marine breaking through the walls of his bunker.** The Dark Eldar Dynasts usual action against anyone bringing them bad messages is to have them impaled or worse. One Dynast does eventually relent, but only because he's started to run low on capable messengers.** Tzeentch does not kill his messengers, but instead makes them wish they were dead through horrible and humiliating mutations.* ShoutOut: The [[spoiler: Ork Battle Moon gets called a Death Star by Taylor]]. The name sticks. [[spoiler:Taylor then introduces Star Wars music.]]** Dragon's various Dragon suit designs are named after various dragons from fictional works such as Smaug from Literature/TheLordOfTheRings and Saphira from the Literature/InheritanceCycle.** In keeping with his usual style, Leet first appears dressed as [[Franchise/SuperMario Mario]] and kills an Ork warboss with a [[Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail Holy Hand Grenade]].*** He later builds a power armor for Taylor based on [[Franchise/{{Metroid}} Samus Aran's Zero Suit]].** Taylor's Champion (former Champion of the 1st Company of the Flesh Tearers) is named [[VideoGame/GodOfWar Kratos]].** Trazyn the Infinite Collector, a Necron, disguises himself as an archaeologist with the surname "Koschai", very similar to the name of [[Myth/RussianMythologyAndTales Koshchei the Immortal]].** At Taylor's petition, the battleship that is to become the center of the fleet she will use as transport for her armies is renamed ''HMHMS [[Franchise/StarTrek Enterprise]]''. However, Taylor insists that she did not choose the ship's name from ''Star Trek'', but instead named it after the World War II aircraft carrier, aka "The Big E", which in turn inspired the starship's name (it is somewhat implied she insists on this in part to screw with Leet's mind).** The operation to rid Pavia System of its SpacePirates is called Operation [[Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean Caribbean]].** Many of the officers assigned to Operation Caribbean by the Munitorum have names inspired by the generals of the [[UsefulNotes/NaziGermany Third Reich]].** When Asdrubael Vect is about to be killed by the Space Marines, he claims [[Film/ANewHope "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine"]].** Taylor is warned to be careful when meeting the Salamanders, [[WebAnimation/IfTheEmperorHadATextToSpeechDevice because they tend to give extremely painful hugs]].** A Dark Eldar(Urien Rakarth, in fact) tries to claim he is a God in front of a Space Marine kill team. Pierre volatilizes its head with a punch and says "[[Film/TheAvengers2012 Puny God]]".** When Clockblocker rebukes an Imperial general for a screw up but gives the man a second chance, he states 밪ee that you do. [[Film/ReturnOfTheJedi Lady Weaver is not as forgiving as me.]]뵴** One of Leet's weapons is kept under the code name "Case [[Literature/TheCallOfCthulhu Cthulhu]]", and its password is "[[Film/ANewHope Han Solo shot first]]".** An Imperial officer from a Death World renowned for the many deadly creatures that inhabit it is called [[Film/CrocodileDundee Paul Dundee]].** When Taylor returns from her duel with Lelith Hesperax, she says "[[{{Franchise/Naruto}} I got lost on the road of life]]".** Taylor commissions a new species of insect for the Battle of Commorragh - Titanicus Sancta Weaverian Mosura, or, in translation, Saint Weaver's Titan Film/{{Mothra}}.* ShutUpHannibal: In Shadowpoint 7.2, the Emperor himself, in the prologue, offers a devastating rebuttal to Tzeentch's gloating in the previous chapter.* SinisterMinister: Pius Hoth, self-proclaimed "Supreme Eccleasiarch of the People", murdered thirty of his siblings to gain a better position in the Church only to be enraged when he was made Cardinal of a sector with little wealth. After just one month, Hoth [[spoiler:swore himself to Tzeentch and]] declared his new title while slaughtering the populace of an Imperium planet before turning to piracy.* SkewedPriorities:** Downplayed, but when being told that she and her family will be taken prisoner instead of let go like Lakadieth was, Lox'ena demands to know why, and upon being told that one of the reasons was the ransom he paid for himself, indignantly protests that was far more than the ransom on his head, and calls Taylor an extortionist, forgetting about her own situation for a moment.** One of the biggest hurdles that prevent the Dark Eldar from forging a worthwhile defense is that they keep putting their grudges and internal fights before the Imperial-Necron attack.** When Taylor demonstrates her ability to control their insectoid pit beasts, the Dark Eldar order the slaughter of all "compromised" species. Due to Taylor staggering when she takes control of different species, a large portion of the Dark Eldar military elite is bogged down killing caged animals rather than fighting on the front lines.* SmallRoleBigImpact: The Last Ultramarine only appears at the end of the first chapter of Arc 1 and has five lines. His actions ensure that Taylor is brought to the future without being corrupted by Chaos - allowing her to become a hero of the Imperium.* SoProudOfYou: [[spoiler:Rogal Dorn]] assures Taylor that Sanguinius would have been proud to have her in his Legion.* SoldiersAtTheRear: The Ulm 2nd was forced into this in order to cover up the complete failure of their Lord Commander. They spent twenty years in garrison duty on Andes Primus, their morale and physical condition decaying due to despair. By the time Taylor visits the planet more than half of the fourteen thousand soldiers claim to be unfit for duty and those who do report are in horrible shape.* SpacePirates: The main inhabitants of the Pavia system.* SpannerInTheWorks: The intervention of the Last Ultramarine causes Taylor to arrive inside a Guard fortification instead of a Chaos cultist camp, throwing the entire plan out of whack. His intervention also [[spoiler:keeps Dragon out of the hands of Hereteks and allows Contessa to arrive first and successfully rescue most of the parahumans when they arrive]].* StickyFingers: Trazyn the Infinite. As Taylor writes, while he's willing to not take anyone Taylor is allied with, it is impossible to get him to not steal anything else.* StopBeingStereotypical: Desmerius trades with several Eldar Craftworlds but can't do so openly due to the perception that they are all evil xenos. When Maea's squad is wiped out attacking the Fay 20th, Desmerius reprimands her for perpetuating that stereotype.* StopWorshippingMe: Gavreel Forcas would ''really'' like to not be treated as some minor deity, but given that he is a Space Marine, that's unlikely to happen.** Taylor is ''very'' uncomfortable with the whole "Saint Weaver" thing.* {{Stripperiffic}}: Taylor very reluctantly wears a very revealing Wuhanese robe in the victory party on Wuhan.* StupidEvil:** The Dark Eldar are incredibly evil but as the forces [[spoiler:razing Commorragh]] find they're also kind of incompetent. While a lot of their weapons and architecture look horrifying and imposing, most of it proves completely useless in face of an actual military. And that's before you consider the idiocy of Eldar soldiers turning on and killing each other even as they're under attack by humans.** The Chaos Gods are insane by their very nature. As a result they're liable to act in ways that seem idiotic and keep doing so even when it's obviously not working, often to their own detriment, as seen when [[spoiler:Slaanesh over-commits to invading Commorragh and is caught off-guard by Khorne]].* SunkCostFallacy:** The Biel-Tan High Farseer agrees to enter the fray in [[spoiler:Commorragh]], further adding ''two fifths of all deployed Eldar forces, plus four Craftworlds' armies'', in an attempt to take down Weaver, to the despair of the one Farseer who knows [[spoiler:Commorragh]] is an irredeemable hellhole and that the Eldar forces aren't likely to fare any better than the two times they've confronted Weaver before.** Slaanesh continues to follow its plan of [[spoiler:sending legion after legion into Commorragh]] long after the point that its obvious this will only make things worse. It at least has the excuse of being insane.* SuperEmpowering: The Mechanicus manages to create devices capable of boosting Clockblocker's and Vista's powers, allowing them to do things like opening entire trenches or creating time-stop bubbles.* SuperweaponSurprise:** After carving their way through the Pavia pirates, Operation Caribbean discovers Sliscus's secret weapon: [[spoiler:The space hulk ''Empire of Sin'' has been made ''mobile'' and equipped with Dark Eldar shields and a massively powerful cannon]].** The Dynasts attempt this on the Imperial forces, pulling out forbidden weapons from sealed vaults. It turns out Taylor was expecting that response and was using expendable insect minions as cannon fodder.* SwordFight: The duel between Taylor (armed with [[CoolSword Elsar'bryn]]) and Sliscus (armed with [[EvilWeapon Shax'lor]]). Chapter Master Agiel Izaz witnesses the event and thinks it just a lesser version of the Great Duel between the Emperor and Horus at the end of the Heresy.* TakingYouWithMe: [[spoiler:Colonel Larkine]] is mortally injured by the Bien-Tal, but he pulls out a plasma grenade and detonates it, killing six Eldar - one of them a High Farseer.* TankGoodness:** The reconstructed Great Crusade-era Karon Battle-Tank Pattern Dragon [[spoiler:(later renamed as the ''Jaghatai Khan'')]]. Equipped with a dual cannon, the Karon is capable of destroying a superior Eldar tank and can ignore their ghost-system (assuming that wasn't Dragon following Taylor's targeting coordinates, as her bugs were definitely immune and she was giving the location over the vox). While smaller than a Leman Russ, it is much faster and have far more autonomy, due in part to their greater internal fuel capacity, and its size makes it a far smaller target for long-range gun duels and artillery fire, and its lighter weight allows it to cross bridges and obstacles where heavier machines will be unable to pass. However, it lacks better protection compared to a Leman Russ and is not suited in an urban environment.** Dragon upgrades the second-rate Cataphract Super Heavy Tank, replacing more or less everything that isn't the heavily armored hull, leaving a comparatively fast and heavy-hitting machine. It still doesn't compare to a Baneblade or other STC-based Super Heavy, but is more than a match for any basic tank.** [[spoiler:The ''Obsidian Chariot'', Vulkan's personal Fellglaive]] is a still operational pre-Heresy tank and quickly proves it's still formidable in the attack on [[spoiler:Commorragh]].* ThatsNoMoon: Taylor realizes that the "moon" she is seeing in Pavia isn't such because the Pavia system doesn't have any natural moons. Sure enough, it is a [[spoiler:'''Necron World Engine'''.]]* ThatManIsDead: [[spoiler:Shadow Stalker]] is ultimately subsumed by the Officio Assassinorum, which renames her Elena Kerrigan.* TheyDo: [[spoiler:Taylor and Wei]] at the end of Decision 5.4. Within a few years, [[spoiler:Wei]] is officially recognized as [[spoiler:Taylor]]'s consort.* ThrowingOffTheDisability: Upon arriving in the Imperium, most of Dragon's hardcoded restraints disappear, most notably the "must always obey lawfully appointed authority" one. Given that Dragon's nightmare scenario of a tyrant rising to power through legal means happens on a semi-regular basis in the Imperium, this is a very good thing.* TimeAbyss: Several characters are older than the Imperium. For example, [[spoiler:Traevelliath Sliscus]] is old enough to have witnessed the Fall of the Eldar, and [[spoiler:Trazyn, Neferten and Lelith Hesperax fought in the War of Heaven]].* TimedMission: The Necrons deploy a Dolmen Seal to destabilize Commorragh's stolen suns and close all the Warp Gates save for the ones they control, giving all Necron and Imperial forces a hard time limit to finish all objectives and leave before either the Eldar come in ''en masse'' or the entire realm collapses into oblivion.* TooDumbToLive:** No, Nostradamus Vandire. When a girl that has been proclaimed a Saint, that is obviously beloved by the people and has a retinue formed by some of the best, most deadly warriors and soldiers humanity has ever had, arrives to the planet you want to rule, the answer is ''not'' to try to have her killed.*** The same can go for the other nobles in Nyx who thought they would be able to have Taylor killed.** A bunch of nobles were horrified that Taylor had reduced the work week to 80 hours and given a free day per week, and decided to threaten her with retiring financial support if she did not follow their 'suggestions'. Within a few days, most of them were sent to the Nyx Penal Legions, and Taylor reduced the work week to 72 hours.** Leet is ''very'' lucky that Taylor is still willing to keep him alive in case he comes up with something useful - because otherwise he would already be dead meat. ** You have to be a Grade-A Dumbass to not only tell the most powerful woman in the Sector to take a hike, but also to tell others to follow your example. Good job, Gulliver Nixon.** Major-General Gregory Lichtenlade. The man attempted to rape a female soldier. Said female soldier had mastered two martial arts and was skilled with knife and katana. He also acted like a stereotypical sexual predator when he should know ''how'' Lady Weaver deals with rapists. The fact that he survived long enough to be put through trial is ''not'' a sign of him being lucky.** Marshal Georg-Hans VI Ludendorff was told, quite explicitly, what was expected of him, and that Taylor trusted him about as far as she could throw him. In response, the moment the Commissar assigned to him is killed, he orders an armoured regiment to charge the enemy unsupported, causing near 4 in 10 losses. His "reward"? A close and personal meeting with Lord Commissar Zuhev and a bolt pistol.** The leaders of Biel-Tan, save for Farseer Filgonilth Sirethmoren. When they learn that Weaver's army is razing Commorragh, they decide to attack the one who has already humilliated their armies ''twice''. Said Farseer decides to leave the planet with his followers before what amounts to be planetary suicide reaches them.*** Their troops are not exactly that bright, either. They are in the middle of Commorragh, which has become a complete mess in the MeleeATrois that the Imperial invasion has sparked and they are being warned that using sorcery is tantamount to opening a door for Slaanesh's daemons to enter. What do they do? Start to use sorcery.** The Dark Eldar. Save for ''very'' few exceptions, they tend to prioritize their internal problems over the Imperial-Necron alliance that is currently razing everything that stands a meter above the ground.* TrainingFromHell: [[spoiler:Shadow Stalker]] winds up drafted into the Officio Assassinorum where she is mercilessly trained to become a Callidus Assassin.* TreasureRoom: While searching the ''Empire of Sin'' Taylor finds that Sliscus has a massive treasure room sealed in an adamantium vault, with literal piles of valuable gems and coins. And buried ''inside'' those piles are the ''real'' treasures: Eldar weapons, war machines, and [[spoiler:the personal Fellglaive tank of Primarch Vulkan]].* {{Troll}}: The Ancient Dreadnought Pierre of the Heracles Wardens [[spoiler:(formerly the Alpha Legion]] is one in the form of a huge walking mecha.** When the Dawnbreaker Guard assaults the palace of a noble who tried to have Taylor killed, he (somehow) sneaks around them and uses a gargoyle as a battering ram to bring the main gate down before Taylor even finished giving the order - while [[LargeHam hamming it up]].** As the first in for the assault on the pirate bases in Pavia, the moment he finds an objective, he has this to say:--->GREETINGS RASHAN. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, THE EMPEROR?** When he kills one of the pirate captains, he insists on taking its tricorn hat for himself. And wears it when he fights in Commorragh.* TryToFitThatOnABusinessCard: General Basileia-Saint Taylor "Weaver" Hebert, Lady Nyx, Sector Lady of Nyx, Governor of Nyx, Duchess of Brockton, Hero of the Imperium... and the list continues.* UncertainDoom: The ship carrying [[spoiler:Fulgrim's soul]] is banished into a Warp portal, ostensibly to an eternity of suffering. Given the vagaries of the Warp there is no way to know whether that will truly be the end.* UnderestimatingBadassery: Taylor's enemies tend to do this. They never learn the lesson - because they die.** Grevyth Xelian thought he could browbeat the human prisoner he found. [[spoiler:Pity that it was ''Rogal Dorn'', who promptly curb-stomped him.]]* UnfriendlyFire: Taylor has one of her razorbeetles to kill [[SinisterMinister Priest Warchost Solar-Byukur]], who was threatening Zuhev on trumped up charges of treason (not obeying an Inquisitorial summons when nobody could figure out ''which'', if either, of the warring Inquisitors had sent it). All Guard officers and Tech-Priest present dismiss his cause of death as a "tragic heart attack." A FictionalDocument mention how the Fay 20th is "losing" their Priests at a fast rate.* UnsatisfiableCustomer: Around sixty years before the story, Belisarius Cawl walked into Quayran, a shipyard in the Ultima Segmentum, with a Parliament of Mars writ basically granting him a blank check for whatever he damn pleased, and ordered a colossal battleship that gave nothing but record performances in all of its trials, produced the strongest Gellar Fields ever recorded, was loaded with an absurd amount of weaponry even for a battleship of its class, and was completed in a record forty years. Despite this, Cawl declared himself unsatisfied and sold it back to the shipyard.* UnspokenPlanGuarantee: The Emperor, via Custodes Anubis Excelsor, gave Taylor a list of ten primary and thirty secondary objectives to be achieved in the assault against Commorragh, though the reader is not privy to them until they begin coming up:** Objective A is the destruction of the maximum amount of Eldar space infrastructure - achieved via the destruction of Port Carmine, Port Shard, and the Port of Lost Souls[[note]]And, in all practicality, all of Commoragh[[/note]].** Objective B is the death of Urien Rakarth - [[spoiler:He ascends to Daemonhood, but Taylor then bribes the Queen of Blades to kill him for her.]]** Objective C is the death of Asdrubael Vect. [[spoiler:He suicides his final body by means of a Soul-Obliterator to defy Slaanesh, but the Imperium has no eyes on site to witness it.]]** Objective D is the death of Drazhar[[note]]Revealed to actually be [[spoiler: Arhra, the first Striking Scorpions Phoenix Lord]][[/note]] - personally carried out by Taylor herself.** Objective E is the reclamation of Imperial archaeotech - [[spoiler:''repair supplies for the Astronomican.'']] Recovered thanks to Trazyn the Infinite Collector, no less.** Objective F is to locate the [[spoiler:Primarch]] that is imprisoned in Commorragh, presumed to be [[spoiler:Jaghatai Khan of the White Scars]]. Instead, [[spoiler:Rogal Dorn, of the Imperial Fists]] is found.** Objective G is to lure as many Eldar forces to Commorragh as possible.** Objective H is to [[spoiler:modify the Webway in order to put an end to the Siege of the Terran Webway Gate.]]** Objective I is to [[spoiler:send the [[Characters/WarhammerSkaven Skaven]] to a Webway gate leading to the Eye of Terror world Sicarus, homeworld of the Word Bearers, in the hopes of significantly damaging them, something which succeeds.]]** Objective J is so far unclear, but apparently involves both the presence of [[spoiler: the Blackstone Fortress ''Will of Eternity'', part J-1]] and [[spoiler:an enormous, moth, radiating the Emperors golden light, which Taylor names "Lisa", part J-2,]]. There is at least one more part to Objective J, but exactly what that is isn't made clear, other than that it involves Slaanesh taking the "bait" that is J-2.* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Clockblocker's reaction to learning that Taylor [[spoiler:made a Greater Daemon her bitch]] can be easily summarized as "yeah, business as usual".* UnwantedGiftPlot: Taylor soon learns that the [[CoolSword Nebula's Shard]], while really useful in fights against Eldar and daemons, is also making her the target of the Eldar because it is one of the Blades of Vaul (the Eldar god of smiths and craftsmen).** In Decision 5.4, Trazyn gives her an equally dangerous gift - a canister containing a first generation progenoid gland...from the [[Characters/Warhammer40000ChaosMarines Emperor's Children]]. Later, it's revealed that [[spoiler:this is only one of more than ''seventeen and a half thousand'' glands, enough to create an entire legion, a price that the Third Legion would burn entire sectors to gain.]]** Quayran's Folly. Belisarius Cawl spent colossal amounts to create an unspeakably powerful, armored, armed and fast warship. Then he looked at the record-breaking performance and decided it wasn't up to scratch. Since then, the shipyard that created it has tried desperately to find a buyer for the immense thing; the only reason Taylor has anywhere near the resources needed to buy the gigantic warship is having found the STC.* UriahGambit: [[spoiler:The Drukhari defenders wondering how to make a foothold to take back Port Shard without inviting a massacre suddenly receive a transmission from the Biel-Tan forces. Exchanging a knowing look, they send them as the doomed vanguard, hoping they will at least make some progress. Unfortunately, the whole force is exterminated in short order by the Necrons.]]* VillainRespect: During the Raid on Commorragh, Dark Eldar not only begin to use the word 'human' for the first time ever instead of the usual 'mon-keigh', it spreads around.* VillainousRescue: [[spoiler:Trazyn the Infinite]] saves Taylor and the Imperials from [[spoiler:Iash'uddra]] at the last second by sealing away the latter in a [[spoiler:Tesseract Vault]].* VillainousValor: [[spoiler:Several Dark Eldar fight to the bitter end against the daemons Slaanesh is sending to claim Commorragh.]]* VillainsDyingGrace: [[spoiler:Sliscus]] uses his dying moments to warn Taylor about the Queen of Blades and that she should destroy his soul as the Ruinous Powers would turn it into a weapon. Somewhat subverted when it's later revealed he sent the Queen of Blades a message gushing about how much ''fun'' she would find fighting Taylor to be.* WantedPoster: While preparing to raid Pavia, the wanted poster for each of the pirate captains is displayed, in order of increasing bounty. Calico is wanted ''Alive'' only while ''seven'' of the other captains are wanted ''Dead'' only. Several more are shown during the Battle of Commorragh to demonstrate how dangerous various individuals are, ranging from Lelith Hesperax being the 13th most wanted of the Imperium to Asdrubael Vect being the 100th, though one of them is highly inaccurate - Lelith Hesperax is likely even '''more''' dangerous than the poster suggests[[note]]And the recommended force level for taking her down on the wanted poster is a Primarch backed by his ''entire Legion''. Yes, LEGION, not chapter[[/note]].* WarIsHell: This is TabletopGame/Warhammer40000, of course it is. The [[spoiler:Battle of the Death Star]] costs the Imperium nearly two million fatalities and another million casualties, and that's the side that ''won'' said battle. Casualties on the other side are ''at least'' two hundred and fifty times worse (most of it Orks).* WeAreStrugglingTogether:** The usual state of the Imperium, which is pretty much a large number of independent organizations that are technically under the banner of the Double-Headed Aquila and will likely work against each other when it suits their interests. As of 5.1, Weaver is clearly fed up with this attitude and begins to fight against it.** The Biel-Tan cause this whenever they "work together" with another craftworld's forces.** The Dark Eldar, being beings with a large penchant for betraying each other, have a hard time at working together for ''anything''. * WeHaveBecomeComplacent:** The dark forge worlds realize, after Dragon's new dragon-armors deliver a CurbStompBattle to a force of Heldrakes, that they've become too assured of the Heldrake's superiority and now have no means to counter them.** Mused on with regards to the invasion of [[spoiler:Commorragh]]. The rulers had considered possible invasions but ultimately felt them so unlikely to pose an actual threat that the standing defenses proved completely ineffective.*** The military forces of [[spoiler:Commorragh]] are noted to be inept when it comes to waging war. Millennia of always controlling when and where they fought to avoid real combat has left them with no actual experience on modern battlefield.* WellIntentionedExtremist: Contessa supports the dystopian and xenophobic Imperium of Man as the better alternative for the galaxy's stability against the threat of Chaos and hostile xenos. Vista very reluctantly supports the Imperium for the aforementioned reasons, but she makes it clear she will never serve the Imperium's shady and extremist organizations "which makes the Empire 88, Lung and Coil look like choir children!"-->'''Contessa:''' For better or for worse, you certainly agree the Imperium is the last bastion of stability in this galaxy.\'''Vista:''' Yes, [[EverythingTryingToKillYou because every other thing out there is worse!]]* WhamLine: ** At the end of ''Decision Interlude: Destiny Unwritten'':--->'''Tzeenchian Sorceress:''' I am Malicia, Herald of Tzeentch and Parahuman Sorceress. I am the [[TitleDrop Destiny Unwritten]].** Combined across consecutive chapters.*** At the end of Shadowpoint 7.2 (just as the Raid on Commorragh begins):---->'''Extermination countdown'''\'''Ninety-nine hours before the Mark of Commorragh'''\'''Surviving Drukhari population in the Webway: approximately 187.6 billion'''*** At the end of Extermination 8.1:---->'''Extermination countdown'''\'''Eighty hours before the Mark of Commorragh'''\'''Surviving Drukhari population in the Webway: approximately 183.1 billion'''*** At the end of Extermination 8.2:---->'''Extermination countdown'''\'''Fifty-eight hours before the Mark of Commorragh'''\'''Surviving Drukhari population in the Webway: approximately 175.2 billion'''\'''Asuryani killed during the Battle of Commorragh: approximately 1.1 million'''*** At the end of Extermination 8.3:---->'''Extermination countdown'''\'''Forty-two hours before the Mark of Commorragh'''\'''Uncorrupted Drukhari population in the Webway: approximately 83.1 billion'''\'''Corrupted Drukhari population in the Webway: approximately 48.3 billion'''\'''Asuryani killed during the Battle of Commorragh: approximately 973 million'''*** At the end of Extermination 8.4:---->'''Two hours before the Mark of Commorragh'''\'''Uncorrupted Drukhari population in the Webway: approximately 51.6 billion'''\'''Corrupted Drukhari population in the Webway: approximately 32.1 billion'''\'''Asuryani killed during the Battle of Commorragh: approximately 1.8 billion'''** Jezekel "the Bloody Baroness"' orders to defend Khaine뭩 Gate at all cost.--->'''Lead Incubus:''' What do I tell them?\'''Jezekel:''' The truth. [[spoiler:She-Who-Thirsts is coming to end us all]].** One prisoner's identity:---> [[spoiler:I am Rogal Dorn, and Terra stands.]]** A hint at the culmination of Cegorach's plan and what the [[spoiler:Mark of Commorragh]] will cause.--->'''Harlequin:''' All will be forgiven with the [[spoiler:Second Fall]].** Objective I being finally revealed.-->[[spoiler:"'''KILL THE MAN-THINGS! MALAL WILL KNOW ITS OWN!'''"]]\[[spoiler:"'''GLORY TO THE SKAVEN! GLORY TO MALAL!'''"]]** The Imperium's last weapon against the Dark Eldar is revealed:--> And under the small icon, five words appeared: [[spoiler:''Blackstone Fortress Will of Eternity'']].* WhatTheHellHero: Weaver, Vista, Leet and Clockblocker to Contessa when they throw in her face how her and Cauldron's actions caused so much trouble in Brockton Bay and elsewhere.** Taylor to Leet after his umpteenth failure to follow some kind of protocol causes yet more death and destruction.* WhoWouldBeStupidEnough: During the [[spoiler:razing of Comorragh]] the Imperial forces are baffled by the seeming mix of insanity and stupidity from their Dark Eldar enemies. Whenever this question gets asked, the answer is "They are Eldar".* WonTheWarLostThePeace: What Taylor identifies as one of the Imperium's troubles - whenever a victory is won, the people in charge waste their efforts in trying to plunder the local economies and spreading their influence, rather than trying to improve the situation and give new strength to the planets and the people.* WorkingWithTheEx: Neferten and Trayzn were lovers before their bio-transference, and continued being so through the War in Heaven. But then Trayzn stole from her dynasty for his collection. Neferten can barely stand Trayzn now.* WorthyOpponent: Trazyn the Infinite thinks this of Taylor, giving her the Nebula's Shard as a sign of respect.** Similarly, the Orks start to consider her this, as well, calling her "Swarm Bringa".** After being defeated by Taylor in single duel, [[spoiler:Sliscus]] admits there was no shame in losing to her.* WouldBeRudeToSayGenocide: The Imperial campaign against [[spoiler:Commorragh]] is openly stated to be a war of extermination against the [[spoiler:Dark Eldar]], and that the enemy deserve every moment of it. And they're doing a good job of wiping them out, as well. [[spoiler:The Drukhari population of ''the galaxy'' at Mark minus 2 hours is a mere 45% of what it had been at Mark minus 100 hours. And that's the TOTAL number. The number of living Drukhari uncorrupted by Chaos is at approximately 27%]]* YouAreInCommandNow: Taylor ends up in command of the 20th after the original commander, Larkine, is killed in action.* YouCantGoHomeAgain:** Since Scion started the Gold Morning shortly after Taylor was dragged to the future, even if she could make it back to Earth Bet, there's nothing there for her any more - the planet is now a desert whose surviving population has evacuated to other Earths. Taylor is ''not'' happy when she finds this out.** Yvraine cannot go back to Biel-Tan as the High Council will severely punish her for losing Elsar'bryn and Kaeran's death. She is granted asylum on Malan'tai.* YouCouldHaveUsedYourPowersForGood: During the attack on [[spoiler:Commorragh]], Taylor fights and kills [[spoiler:Drazhar]] and confirms that he was once [[spoiler:[[FallenHero the Phoenix Lord Arhra]]]]. She then thinks about how the [[spoiler:Commorragh Eldar]] had all the tools and opportunities to make the galaxy a better place. Instead they tortured and killed on a massive scale, forcing her [[AFatherToHisMen and the troops under her command]] to make many sacrifices to put an end to their evil once and for all.* YouHaveFailedMe:** Seemingly the only way the Drukhari know how to encourage their subordinates is by killing one who has failed and appointing someone else to do their job.** Taylor is willing to employ this on any of her command staff who prove to be criminally incompetent and unwilling to change their ways.* YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe: Vista's reaction to [[spoiler:Clockblocker and Leet]] telling her the LongList of decorations Taylor has been granted after the Battle of the Death Star.** The Catachan soldiers' reaction when they see [[spoiler:that the Catachan ants are transforming a mountain into a mountain-sized statue of Taylor]].** Taylor's reaction when one of the pirate captains that live in Pavia turns out to look quite a lot like a panda bear.** Again, Taylor's reaction when getting Trazyn to give her the third Key to the Webway gate [[spoiler:and the Emperor's Children's progenoid glands]] is as easy as [[spoiler:letting him take Sliscus' corpse for his collection.]]** Once more, [[RuleOfThree Taylor's reaction]] as Aenaria Eldanesh indicates the precise details of the arena she wants as payment for killing [[spoiler:Urien Rakarth]].* YouShallNotPass: Major-General Gorgias rallied a small force of just a few thousand and a single crippled tank to delay a major Biel-Tan offensive for nearly an hour, giving the rest of the Guard time to prepare a counter.* ZergRush:** Subverted. While Taylor can muster an army in the millions, this is the Imperium of Man. As immense as it is by our standards, it is still only what she can raise on her own authority and nowhere near what the Imperium as a whole could leverage.** Played straight later with her insects. Any enemy they defeat is devoured in order to birth new, combat-ready insects, meaning the swarm is continuously growing even as it is fighting.** The tactic employed by the Drukhari conscripts in Commorragh. It doesn't work.* ZerothLawRebellion: Neferten wants to rebel against the Silent King but is bound by her programming to obey his standing orders. What she ''can'' do is guide Taylor to the Tomb Worlds of her political rivals, weakening the Silent King's supporters and potentially opening the path to freeing Neferten and other potential Necron allies.----


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