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1''Pretty Cure: Agents of Romero'' is a fanfic by Tropers/{{ryanasaurus0077}}. It parodies the plot of ''Manga/HighschoolOfTheDead'' like ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead'' parodies ''Film/NightOfTheLivingDead1968''.A character sheet can be found [[Characters/PrettyCureAgentsOfRomero here]].!!Pretty Cure: Agents of Romero has thus far been confirmed to feature examples of:* TheAristocrats: The narrator of the pilot OVA mentions that the goings-on in the pilot could make for good Aristocrats material.* AshesToCrashes: As with ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead'', burning the living dead isn't a very good idea; however, like all other rules of a zombie movie, the enforcement of that one varies here, as some time after the Cures find that out the hard way at the funeral parlor owned by Rica's grandfather, Rica herself burns another zombie at a different funeral parlor with little to no ill effects on the atmosphere.* AtomicFBomb: When Yuu's offhand remark about him being a pervert at the end of episode 1 leads Daisuke (in Cure form) to look at what he's wearing, he discovers that he's wearing a VERY girly outfit. He makes the most of this trope.* AuthorAppeal: {{Wholesome Crossdresser}}s and Creator/EmmaWatson.* {{Bifauxnen}}: Rica Asakura.* DanceBattler: Ayeka Hayashi and Cure chorgh incorporate ballet into their fighting styles, and Rica Asakura does the same with capoeira. By all rights Cure wa' should be one as well judging from his costume alone; however, his costume looks more like what a heroine from ''Anime/SuitePrettyCure'' would wear than what a ballerina would wear.* DifferentInEveryEpisode: Cure chorgh's "Pretty Cure Dance of Charm", which will always involve some pointe work, including, on several occasions, multiple fouettés en tournant.* {{Doujinshi}}: Takuma once wrote a full-length one about five of the Cures ''before'' they even became Cures in the first place; unsurprisingly, he gets too many facts wrong (although Daisuke does admit that it would be nice if his own Cure outfit was closer to how Takuma envisioned it).* DraggedIntoDrag: Daisuke in Cure form.* {{Fangirl}}: Rica, as far as ''Highschool of the Dead'' and ''Film/{{Zombi 2}}'' are concerned, to the point where she has the theme song on her iPod, wears a ''Zombi 2'' T-shirt with her casual outfit, and owns the following VHS copies of the films:** ''Highschool of the Dead'':*** Wizard Video 1980 {{Betamax}} 3D (''Highschool of the Dead'')*** CIC 1980 Japan {{Betamax}} 3D (''Gakuen Mokushiroku''/''Academy Apocalypse'')*** [[VideoNasties Guild Home Video 1980]] UK {{Video 2000}} 3D (''High School Apocalypse'')*** Contrast Video/ITT 1981 Germany {{Video 2000}} 3D (''Entweichen von den Zombies: Sechs der Apokalypse''/''Escape from the Zombies: Six of the Apocalypse'')*** Harmony Vision 1982 Betamax 3D (''Highschool of the Dead'')*** RCA/Columbia Pictures/Hoyts Video Pty. Ltd. 1984 Australia Betamax 3D (''High School Apocalypse'')*** Prism Entertainment 1986 UsefulNotes/{{VHS}} 3D (''Highschool of the Dead'')*** VEC 1989 Canada VHS 3D (''Highschool of the Living Dead'')*** Magnum Entertainment/Image Entertainment 1989 UsefulNotes/LaserDisc 3D (''Highschool of the Dead'')*** Starmaker Entertainment 1990 VHS 3D EP (''Highschool of the Dead'')*** Edde Entertainment 1995 VHS 2D (''Zombie 7: High School of the Dead'')*** MGM/UA Home Video/Turner Entertainment 1997 VHS 3D subtitled (''Disney's Highschool of the Dead'')*** Warner Home Video/Turner Entertainment 2000 VHS 3D 2K restoration (''Disney's Highschool of the Dead'')** ''Highschool of the Dead 2: Apocalypse'':*** Wizard Video 1981 UsefulNotes/{{Betamax}} 3D (''Highschool of the Dead 2: Apocalypse'')*** CIC 1981 Japan UsefulNotes/{{Betamax}} 3D (''Gakuen Mokushiroku 2''/''Academy Apocalypse 2'')*** [[VideoNasties Guild Home Video 1981]] UK {{Video 2000}} 3D (''High School Apocalypse 2'')*** Contrast Video/ITT 1981 Germany {{Video 2000}} 3D (''Entweichen von den Zombies 2: Stromausfall am viertem''/''Escape from the Zombies 2: Blackout on the Fourth Day'')*** [=RCA/Columbia Pictures/Hoyts=] Video Pty. Ltd. 1984 Australia Betamax 3D (''High School Apocalypse 2'')*** Prism Entertainment 1986 UsefulNotes/{{VHS}} 3D (''Highschool of the Dead 2: Apocalypse'')*** Video Treasures 1988 VHS 3D LP (''Highschool of the Dead 2: Apocalypse'')*** VEC 1988 Canada VHS 3D (''Highschool of the Living Dead 2: Apocalypse'')*** Magnum Entertainment/Image Entertainment 1989 [=LaserDisc=] 3D (''Highschool of the Dead 2: Apocalypse'')*** Edde Entertainment 1995 VHS 2D (''Zombie 8: Apocalypse'')*** MGM/UA Home Video/Turner Entertainment 1998 VHS 3D subtitled (''Disney's Highschool of the Dead 2: Apocalypse'')*** Warner Home Video/Turner Entertainment 2001 VHS 3D 2K restoration (''Disney's Highschool of the Dead 2: Apocalypse'')** ''Highschool of the Dead 3: Extinction'':*** Wizard Video 1981 UsefulNotes/{{Betamax}} 3D (''Highschool of the Dead 3: Extinction'')*** CIC 1981 Japan UsefulNotes/{{Betamax}} 3D (''Gakuen Mokushiroku 3''/''Academy Apocalypse 3'')*** [[VideoNasties Guild Home Video 1981]] UK {{Video 2000}} 3D (''High School Apocalypse 3'')*** Contrast Video/ITT 1981 Germany {{Video 2000}} 3D (''Entweichen von den Zombies 3: Zombies im Kaufhaus''/''Escape from the Zombies 3: Zombies in the Department Store'')*** Paragon Video Productions 1984 UsefulNotes/{{VHS}} 3D (''Highschool of the Dead 3: Extinction'')*** RCA/Columbia Pictures/Hoyts Video Pty. Ltd. 1984 Australia Betamax 3D (''High School Apocalypse 3'')*** Prism Entertainment 1986 VHS 3D (''Highschool of the Dead 3: Extinction'')*** Mntex Home Video 1990 VHS 3D EP (''Highschool of the Dead 3: Extinction'')*** Edde Entertainment 1995 VHS 2D (''Zombie 9: Extinction'')*** MGM/UA Home Video/Turner Entertainment 1999 VHS 3D subtitled (''Disney's Highschool of the Dead 3: Extinction'')*** Warner Home Video/Turner Entertainment 2002 VHS 3D 2K restoration (''Disney's Highschool of the Dead 3: Extinction'')** ''Zombi 2'':*** Wizard Video 1981 UsefulNotes/{{Betamax}} (''Zombie'')*** [[VideoNasties VIPCO 1981]] UK {{Video 2000}} (''Zombie Flesh Eaters'')*** Infinity Video Sales 1981 Australia Betamax (''Zombie Flesh Eaters'')*** Wizard Video 1985 UsefulNotes/{{VHS}} (white band) (''Zombies 2'')*** Wizard Video 1985 VHS (black band) (''Zombies 2'')*** Magnum Entertainment/Image Entertainment 1989 [=LaserDisc=] (''Zombie'')*** Edde Entertainment 1992 VHS (''Zombie 2: The Dead Are Among Us'')*** JPV 1994 Austria VHS (''Woodoo: Die Schreckensinsel der Zombies''/''Voodoo: The Frightening Island of the Zombies'')*** Anchor Bay Entertainment 1998 VHS (''Zombie'')*** Roan Group 1998 [=LaserDisc=] (''Zombie'')*** Creator/MediaBlasters 2004 UsefulNotes/{{DVD}} (''Zombi 2'')* FourIsDeath: Occurs in the OVA.* GroinAttack: How Rica's teammates finally figure out she's a girl after she makes two unconvincing attempts to reveal her true gender.* HowWeGotHere: The OVA does this by parodying the first few scenes of ''Film/{{Zombi 3D}}''.* IfYouCanReadThis: From Nurse Miyazaki's eyechart, "Ryan is a slave driver and a cheap son of a bitch who's got you and me here." In addition to a {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d ShoutOut to ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead'', it also doubles as a SelfDeprecation coming from an author frustrated by other ''Precure'' fans who have with great vitriol harped on several of his Curefics.* IKnowKarate: Kasumi in Cure form; while she had no formal ballet training in her civilian identity, her Cure form is practically a prodigy at her age, even an expert. Ayeka agrees to teach her ballet in civilian form after seeing her Cure form's DanceBattler potential. In a straighter example, Rica is adept at capoeira.** IKnowMaddenKombat: Daisuke, Yuu, and Rica studied gymnastics together when they were younger.* InsistentTerminology: Rica thinks Daisuke is wearing a tutu as Cure wa'. Daisuke explains that he's actually wearing a costume inspired by ''Anime/SuitePrettyCure''.* InstantCosplaySurprise: It's a wonder Daisuke never noticed he was dressed as a girl in Cure form throughout the first fight. And then we get this exchange, which finally lets him know exactly what he's wearing:-->'''Yuu''': Not bad for a pervert.\'''Daisuke''': Excuse me? I don't remember inappropriately touching anyone, let alone you.\'''Yuu''': Oh, really? That may be, but just... look at yourself.\''[Daisuke looks at what he's wearing. The horror sets in as he realizes that his costume incorporates, among other things, a leotard, thigh-highs, frills, the color pink, and a five-layer skirt that can easily be mistaken for a tutu due to its design.]''\'''Daisuke''': '''''[[AtomicFBomb FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]]'''''* JumpScare: After [[spoiler:Rica]] comes BackFromTheDead a second time (this time as herself), she grabs Daisuke by the shirtfront, drags him down to her level... [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and snarls behind clenched teeth, "I thought I told you to]] [[MercyKill KILL me!"]] The grab-and-pull thing is even accompanied by a RedHerring ScareChord!* LargeHam: The criminal resorts to ''yelling and overacting'' after he cuts his own hand and drenches the bathroom (and himself) in his own infected blood.* MagicDance: Cure chorgh's defensive attack, "Pretty Cure Dance of Charm", which serves to distract "them" and leave them open to have their heads bashed in one way or another.* MeaningfulTitles: "Agents of '''[[Film/LivingDeadSeries Romero]]'''", anyone?* MercyKill: Daisuke does this to Haruhi in episode 1 after the latter discovers he'd just been infected. [[spoiler:Rica also tries to get him to bash her head when she herself gets infected, but Daisuke hesitates and Rica comes back as one of "them". Good thing there was a cure for the zombie infection at hand, and Rica does get cured, but not before biting the scientist that had made the cure. Before Kasumi visits this trope on the poor guy, he orders the protagonists to use the cure on Rica. Daisuke does so... and then no movement from Rica for half a minute. Then, when Daisuke least expects it, an angry Rica grabs him by the shirtfront and pulls him down to snap, "I thought I told you to KILL me!" Daisuke manages to calm her down by assuring her that the important thing is, she's back with them, and this time for real.]]* NiceHat: Rica wears an officer's cap with nearly all of her civilian outfits.* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: The older teacher with the gray hair and slightly old-looking features resembles James Karen, and the younger teacher with the dirty blonde hair resembles Thom Mathews. Needless to say, ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead'' jokes abound whenever these guys show up. Appropriately, the author has given them the respective nicknames "Not-James Karen" and "Not-Thom Mathews".* OperaGloves: Worn by Rica as Cure wej, surprisingly enough. She doesn't seem to mind, though, as long as she isn't wearing a skirt.* ProperTightsWithASkirt: Worn by Ayeka with her school uniform. Daisuke also wears this as a Cure.* PublicDomainSoundtrack: The theme from ''Film/{{Zombi 2}}'' is a recurring {{leitmotif}}.* RealWomenDontWearDresses: Rica is more hardcore about this than any other Cure, fanmade or canon; not only has she never once worn a skirt, she even outright states early on that she's the type of girl that will [[SoLastSeason eventually make skirts obsolete]]. Of course, she merely fulfills the ''letter'' of the trope; as for the ''spirit'' of the trope, she's as good a chef as Kyoko and collects classical music (she even states in episode 2 that she has [=CDs=] of every ballet that Ayeka's recitals have been set to). She also studied gymnastics for a few years with Daisuke and Yuu, wearing a tank top and leggings like the boys of that class (as is her style).* ReferenceOverdosed: As can be expected from such a Curefic as this, zombie movies (including George Romero's [[Film/LivingDeadSeries films]], the Italian zombie films, the ''ReturnOfTheLivingDead'' horror comedy series, and ''Film/ShaunOfTheDead'') are referenced left and right in some way, shape, or form.* ShoutOut: Three Cures (specifically {{D|raggedIntoDrag}}aisuke, [[{{Ojou}} Megumi]], and [[DanceBattler Ayeka]]) wear costumes inspired by ''Anime/SuitePrettyCure''. Of course, due to the skirt's design it's sometimes mistaken for a tutu, usually at Daisuke's expense.** [[spoiler:The scientists' funeral]] is a direct reference to the end of ''Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan'', but moreso to [[spoiler:Ma-Ti's funeral]] from ''WebVideo/SuburbanKnights'' (complete with [[spoiler:the casket bearing the scientists' body rolling slowly into an oven as Daisuke plays "Amazing Grace"]]).** Apart from Rica's full-scene recitation, she also says a few lines from ''Film/{{Zombi 2}}'' as stand-alones, including "Ora lo yacht può partire. Lo dica gli altri." ("The boat can leave now. Tell the crew.")* SkywardScream: Daisuke upon realizing what he's wearing as a Cure.* ThoseTwoGuys: Not-James Karen and Not-Thom Mathews.* TightsUnderShorts: Worn by Kasumi as Cure chorgh. Rica also sports this while at Nana's house.* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Rica is a {{Bifauxnen}} and ''Film/{{Zombi 2}}'' {{Fangirl}} who can go GunsAkimbo on your ass if you're a zombie. Kasumi is not really high up on the tomboyishness scale and just happens to prefer slacks, wearing either them or shorts with all her outfits even when studying ballet under Ayeka. Interestingly, both Rica and Kasumi wear jean shorts with their Cure outfits.* WhatTheHellHero: "I thought I told you to KILL me!"* WhoWearsShortShorts: Both Rica as Cure wej and Kasumi as Cure chorgh. The latter is actually a rare cute ballerina example (although she doesn't have any training in civilian form until Ayeka starts teaching her); true to her form, she even pairs this with white tights and purple ballet slippers!* YouBastard: Parodied when the author leaves this snark for any reader who happens to put the letters together on Nurse Miyazaki's eyechart (which is actually a ShoutOut to ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead''): "IfYouCanReadThis, you need to wear glasses."* YourMom: Rica pulls one on a zombie in episode 3.* ZettaiRyouiki: Rica sports Grade A as a Cure.* ZombieApocalypse: What did you expect from a work with "[[Film/LivingDeadSeries Romero]]" in its name?


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