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1* "Literature/AngelDownSussex" is the first story in the ''Literature/DiogenesClub'' series to feature paranormal investigator Catriona Kaye. In her first scene, she's participating in a seance, where she keeps up a sardonic internal commentary on the PhonyPsychic's technique. When the psychic claims to be receiving a message for Catriona from the other side, perhaps from someone she lost in the war, Catriona plays along and hints the psychic toward positively identifying the message as being from her soldier boyfriend Edwin, then once the psychic has left herself no wiggle room Catriona says demurely that there's just one thing she doesn't understand: "Edwin... isn't... actually ''dead''." (In fact, he's waiting in the car outside so Catriona can make a quick getaway from the enraged psychic and her accomplices.)≤* In the Creator/StephenKing novel ''Literature/TheDeadZone'', Greg Stillson (the villain) is introduced as a traveling salesman who is tired of the pathetic existence he's been reduced to. After trying unsuccessfully for a couple of minutes to knock on a prospective buyer's door, he ends up kicking to death a defenseless dog that was barking at him, foreshadowing his true motivations later on in the novel.≤* In ''Literature/TheGreenMile'', John Coffey's moment is asking if they keep the lights on after bedtime (the book and movie both play with the "[[ScaryBlackMan huge black man]]" stereotype). In the same scene, Percy Wetmore's incessant yelling of "DeadManWalking!" tells us his [[SmugSnake archetype]].≤* The ''Literature/HarryPotter'' series has several of these:≤** The first for the title character. It's made plainer in retrospect, but Harry's insistence he's not a wizard, that he's nothing special, in the face of a giant man tracking him through a raging thunderstorm, knowing his birthday, and giving him a letter stating as much, reveals a certain something about his character.≤** The very first line after the first chapter's title says everything you need to know about the Dursleys right off the bat:≤---> The Dursleys were proud to say they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.≤** Voldemort gets one before the series actually begins when he kills Harry Potter's parents.≤** Draco Malfoy gets one when he and Harry meet in Madam Malkin's. He has no idea he's talking to "The Boy Who Lived", and responds to MyParentsAreDead with "Oh, sorry. But they were ''our'' kind, [[FantasticRacism weren't they?]]"≤** Hermione Granger introduces herself by speaking very quickly, showing excitement for school, dispensing information others don't know, and--this is key--helping a fellow student who's lost something.≤** Ron Weasley is depicted in hand-me-down robes with a hand-me-down wand and a hand-me-down pet, and he starts off complaining that even if he does do something well, it won't matter because his older brothers have already done it first, but he also shows embarrassment at his curiosity over Harry's status as the Boy-Who-Lives and reassures Harry that he won't stand out at Hogwarts for his ignorance. Ron might be insecure and jealous, but he's a good kid with a good heart. He then explains wizarding sweets and Quidditch to Harry, setting up his role as the trio's insider to the wizarding world.≤** Molly Weasley is first shown helping Harry, whom she hardly knows, get onto Platform 9 3/4. Later, she scolds her children for treating him like an exhibit.≤** Fred and George are introduced with a quick prank of [[TwinSwitch pretending to be the other]] on their mother, and then helping Harry with his trunk. This quickly sets them up as a pair of pranksters who love messing with people, but also very nice and kind-hearted guys.≤** Severus Snape first appears when he's staring so hard at Harry that Harry believes ''he's'' the one hurting his scar, all because he wants to see Lily's eyes in Harry's face, and then, in his first speaking scene, he bullies Harry, Neville, and Hermione, showing that even though he loves Lily and will protect her son in her name even after her death, he won't be nice about it.≤** From the first moment we see Luna Lovegood, wearing radish earrings, with her wand stuck behind her ear and reading ''The Quibbler'' upside down, it is clear she is a world-class {{Cloudcuckoolander}}.≤** While not his first scene, Gilderoy Lockhart's character becomes clear during his first Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson. He brags about his deeds, gives a pop quiz with all questions about himself, and when the pixies he unleashes prove to be too much he flees, leaving the students to deal with the mess.≤** By contrast, CoolTeacher Remus Lupin gets his establishing character moment when he fends off the Dementor on the train and offers Harry and co. chocolate as a cure for the creature's happiness-draining effect, showing that he genuinely knows his subject and cares about the students. The fact that he conjures a handful of flames without words or even a wand also indicates that he is a powerful wizard, despite his obvious ill-health.≤** In ''[[Literature/HarryPotterAndThePhilosophersStone The Philosopher's Stone]]'', the first time we see AlphaBitch Pansy Parkinson is when she sneers at Parvati Patil for showing concern for Neville, who was recently hurt. That meant that she was going to be a bitch on wheels.≤** Dudley's first scene has him throwing a fit because he got thirty-six presents on his birthday as opposed to last year's thirty-eight. Sets him up as a SpoiledBrat (though he later reforms).≤* ''Literature/DragonQueen'': the old man drinks himself unconscious in his first appearance.≤* In ''Literature/BrothersOfTheSnake'', the first thing Autolochus says is appreciating Petrak's more though-out tactics, and the second is snarking at all present, presenting him as no-nonsense, intelligent and a DeadpanSnarker.≤* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire''≤** In the first book, King Robert's character is soon established when he asks to go down into Winterfell's crypts to see his dead would-have-been betrothed. It establishes him as a good friend of Ned's, an embittered emotional cripple, and a rather thoughtless husband. He also goes on to describe life in the South. It shows his own lust for life.≤** Eddard Stark executes a deserter that ''we'' know had a perfectly legitimate excuse to run for the hills. It establishes Ned as grimly honorable, and also establishes that the heroes of the story aren't always right.≤---> The man who speaks the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man's life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words, and if you cannot bring yourself to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.≤** In Tyrion's first scene, he cheers up Jon Snow and gives him some good advice. As Tyrion walks away, Jon notices that his shadow stands as tall as a giant, showing that Tyrion is a better man than his stature or reputation make him appear.≤** Jaime's scene in which he [[spoiler:pushes Bran off the tower]] shows that he's ruthless and willing to do anything "for love." Within the world, Jaime's past regicide dominates every characters' opinions about him.≤*** Including the reader's. It's only in later books as [[spoiler: Jaime shows himself not to be the evil person everyone makes him out to be that the rest of this scene makes sense. Though Jaime pushed Bran off the tower the only reason he was able to do so was because Jaime instinctively saved Bran from falling off the tower in the first place despite knowing that it would be a lot better for him if Bran turned into [[ChunkySalsaRule chunky salsa]]. So while Jaime might be ruthless, he's also a better person than everyone thinks he is.]]≤** Brienne gets two; the first is when Catelyn first sees her, as she wins a tournament against several male knights using a combination of brawns and cunning, and receives no respect or reward at all, with her master even referring to one of the knights she defeated as the better fighter while she could hear him. The second is when she drops a boulder on a ship carrying her allies, in the name of protecting a man she hated, because she'd sworn an oath to. [[BloodKnight The Kingslayer]] [[TheOathBreaker himself]] is impressed with her honour, [[spoiler:though that might have been because it was him she was protecting.]]≤** During the war that overthrew King Aerys, Stannis Baratheon spent months holed up in his castle while it was under siege and nearly starved to death. His life was saved by the smuggler Davos Seaworth, who smuggled food into his castle by night. What did he do when the war ended? He knighted Davos for his services, and then chopped off the fingers of his left hand (the lawful punishment for smugglers). This establishes Stannis as an unyielding man who always does what he feels is right, no matter who it hurts.≤** Davos himself is first introduced as Maester Cressen's friend. Maester Cressen is the only person in Stannis's service who sees [[EvilRedhead Melisandre]] for what she is--except Davos. His brief introduction as Cressen's friend, whose primary goal is to overthrow Melisandre, establishes him as the voice of reason, a genuinely good person, and very much against The Red Woman.≤** [[AxCrazy Gregor Clegane]] losing a joust to Loras Tyrell causes him to go berserk and behead his own horse before his brother [[AntiVillain Sandor]] restrains him.≤*** Not behead. ''Bifurcate''.≤** Theon kicking Gared's decapitated head, and in the same chapter arguing to kill the direwolf pups.≤** The Greatjon's famous "Your meat is bloody tough" scene.≤** [[RebelliousPrincess Arya]] gets her stitches wrong, again.≤** [[SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan Jon and Robb]], respectively, saw two different things when they looked at the eyes of the deserter their father executed: Fear and Courage.≤** [[RoyalBrat Joffrey Baratheon]] gets his own when he's unpleasant to Robb they spar.≤* In ''Literature/ConsiderPhlebas'', the [[Literature/TheCulture Culture]] establishes itself as "the ridiculously powerful civilization you don't want to mess with" by having one of its warships jumping [[OutOfTheInferno Out of a Sun]]. It's also established by the Idiran commander's claim that any time their ships have faced the Culture's, they lost badly. Later it turns out said "warship" was a diplomatic vessel ''[[ImprovisedWeapon technically not made for war at all]]!''≤* Creator/TadWilliams's ''Literature/MemorySorrowAndThorn'':≤** EvilSorcerer Pryrates goes to some [[{{Anvilicious}} rather extreme]] lengths to establish his character--in his introductory scene, he deliberately [[KickTheDog crushes a puppy to death]] beneath his boot.≤** Jiriki gets a cool one where he is first encountered strung up in a trap, and when the trap-setters show up he starts fighting and spitting, and as soon as he is freed he proceeds to defeat all of the humans come to find him and acknowledges his debt to Simon for cutting him down while abruptly vanishing into the wood.≤* In ''Literature/RedDragon'', Dr. Hannibal Lecter's first appearance establishes his almost supernatural sense of smell. "That's the same atrocious aftershave you wore in court, three years ago."≤** In the sequel, ''Literature/TheSilenceOfTheLambs'', he does it again with Clarice's skin cream. Jame Gumb's big establishing moment (after being told lots about his ''modus operandi'' by Crawford) would probably be his infamous "It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" scene, at once brutally menacing his captive and cuddling his bichon frise. Also his voice (in the movie, anyway) can't make up its mind whether to be high and effeminate or low and masculine.≤* Franchise/StarWarsLegends:≤** In ''Rogue Squadron'', first book of the ''[[Literature/XWingSeries X-Wing]]'' series, Wedge has a scene where he walks into the hangar, inspects his X-wing, [[NiceToTheWaiter compliments his new chief mechanic]], and takes off to attend a training exercise. Beyond this trope and providing a vehicle for the author's worldbuilding, there's no point to the scene. It establishes that he's very conscious of his authority, he's good at math, [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure good to his subordinates]], aware of what he needs to teach new people, and an AcePilot of such skill that his kill silhouettes include two Death Stars, a lot of big ships, and so many fighters that they couldn't fit on the side of his X-wing, so some had to be rendered in [[LawOfChromaticSuperiority red]], representing a squadron's worth of kills. He'd appeared in two scenes before that one, but in those instances he mostly served to take Corran down a peg, be annoyed that half the squadron was politically appointed, and state his absolute, unswerving trust in Tycho Celchu.≤** The VillainOpeningScene in ''Literature/HeirToTheEmpire'' sets up that Pellaeon is professional, dutiful, and feeling his age, while Grand Admiral Thrawn is alien, brilliant, and very much in charge.≤** ''[[Literature/HandOfThrawn Specter of the Past]]'' opens with Pellaeon too, and shows us that in ten years, the traits he displayed at the start of Literature/TheThrawnTrilogy have magnified a hundredfold. Resignation to the inevitable has also been added. This can't be called a VillainOpeningScene, partly because few villains have such a sense of exhaustion, partly because the scene ends with him planning [[PeaceConference peace with the New Republic]].≤** In ''Literature/StarWarsKenobi'', Annileen Calwell is a DeterminedWidow {{Shopkeeper}} who's not afraid to be sharp with her customers. Her ''very first line'' is a [[DeadpanSnarker snarky]] AskAStupidQuestion response to a customer who can never remember her name or position at the store, even though she comes in every day.≤--->'''Erbaly Nap'tee:''' Do you work here?\≤'''Annileen:''' No, I come in here and do inventory in my spare time. Wait. ''[looks around]'' Counter. Cashbox. Title deed. I'm sorry, I guess I ''do'' work here.≤* The first book in the Literature/EnchantedForestChronicles starts by establishing a fairy tale kingdom that is perfectly normal, perfectly safe, and perfectly boring. The book that goes on to say that "Cimorene" (the main character) "hated it" establishing her RebelliousPrincess role for the rest of the books.≤* ''This Immortal'' by Creator/RogerZelazny: the first scene is of Conrad, the protagonist, slipping up and then having to admit to his new wife that he isn't really twenty-something, and then covering up with yet another lie. This shows us a lot about Conrad, because [[spoiler: he's really hundreds of years old and his real name isn't even Conrad.]]≤* In ''Literature/TheChroniclesOfAmber'', the hero wakes up in a hospital with no memories and casts on three (unbroken) limbs. He proceeds to GroinAttack the doctor that tries to sedate him, blackmail the hospital manager into giving him cash, and ''then'' bluff his sister into believing that he knows everything.≤* ''Literature/ChroniclesOfChaos'' by Creator/JohnCWright: the Red Soldier's introduction is one of these--not so much through ''what'' he does (walk down a driveway and enter a meeting), but ''how'' he moves and the way it's narrated.≤** In ''Literature/WarOfTheDreaming'', at his introduction, the main villain's first scene involves [[ManipulativeBastard convincing the hero into jumping off the edge of the world.]]≤* In her first scene, Literature/KateDaniels is drinking alcohol alone in her dark kitchen in the middle of the day, only to whip around and throw a knife into the throat of the vampire sneaking up on her. Her status as a badass fighter and her hatred of vampires are constant throughout the series, and her loneliness, depression and alcoholism are all CharacterDevelopment arcs she struggles with.≤* In the Literature/NightHuntress series, Cat's first scene shows her getting pulled over the cops with a vampire's corpse in the back of her truck (and since they're under the {{Masquerade}}, the cops won't know a vamp corpse from a human). She keeps her cool throughout, and her politeness never wavers as she says goodbye to the helpful police officer and drives off. Later in the book she proves to be quite calm and businesslike in familiar situations, and quite casual about non-human deaths.≤* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}''≤** We first meet Lord Vetinari in ''Discworld/TheColourOfMagic''. He's then unnamed and described rather differently, although [[WordOfGod Pterry confirms it's supposed to be the same person]]. While talking to Rincewind, he makes it quite clear that not only does he know about the wizzard's attempt to duck out of the guide job Twoflower hired him for, he also makes it clear that if something ''does'' happen to Twoflower and the Agatean Empire's armies attack Ankh-Morpork because of said something, he will make sure Rincewind is the first thing their navy ships meet. Though it doesn't demonstrate the levels of excellence he shows in later novels, our first encounter with the Partician shows us he's not a man to cross, but he does care about his city.≤*** The more familiar characterisation of Vetinari first appears in ''Discworld/GuardsGuards'', who makes his world view known towards the end:≤--->'''Vetinari:''' A person like you thinks that there are good men and bad men... There are, always and only, bad men - but some of them are on different sides.≤** Death is initally introduced in ''Discworld/TheColourOfMagic'' as something of an antagonist, albeit one who can't directly hurt Rincewind. The DontFearTheReaper personality gets established in ''Discworld/TheLightFantastic'', when he and Rincewind see the fanatical Red Star cultists listening to a lecture on TheEvilsOfFreeWill (his opinion of which will also become more significant once the Auditors have been introduced):≤--->'''Rincewind:''' It's horrible.≤--->'''Death:''' [[AC:I'm inclined to agree.]]≤--->'''Rincewind:''' I would have thought you'd be all for it!≤--->'''Death:''' [[AC: Not like this. The death of the old man or the warrior or the child, this I understand, and I take away the pain and suffering. I do not understand this death-of-the-mind.]]≤** Also in ''Discworld/GuardsGuards'', Sam Vimes's rant to [[spoiler:Lupine Wonse]] about the collapse of the rule of law in the city after the dragon took over.≤** The second scene of ''Discworld/SoulMusic'' introduces us to Susan Sto Helit, when her headmistress informs her that her parents have died. The headmistress then prompts her that maybe she'd like to cry or something, and Susan responds "[[EmotionlessGirl Would that help?]]" This leads into to another interview with Miss Butts, which establishes her [[PsychicPowers psychic invisibility]], and tendency to use this to avoid anything she doesn't want to do. (Which, in turn, tells us that she likes [[TheSpock Logic and Maths]], but not Language and History, because those are the classes she's visible for.)≤** Tiffany Aching gets her in ''Discworld/TheWeeFreeMen'' inside Miss Tick's tent. After being informed that the Queen of Elves is planning to invade the Chalk, Tiffany immediately asks "Can I stop it?", whereas most nine-year-olds would say "Can anyone stop it?" or "Can we stop it?". Miss Tick is very observant of this.≤* ''Literature/GoneWithTheWind'':≤** The book opens with Scarlett O'Hara flirting with not one, but two beaux at the same time. Naturally, both men are spellbound by her.≤** Rhett openly expressing skepticism that the South will win the war.≤* ''Literature/TheStranger'': "Maman died today. [[TheStoic Or yesterday maybe, I don't know]]."≤* ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'':≤** The first chapter of 'The Lighting Thief' has Percy recounting how many schools he's been kicked out of and then defending Grover from a bully.≤** Later on, Annabeth, who opens with this winning line:≤--->'''Inner Percy:''' ''She glanced at the minotaur horn in my hands, then back at me. I imagined she was going to say, You killed a minotaur! or Wow, you're so awesome! or something like that.''\≤'''Annabeth:''' You drool when you sleep.≤* In the Creator/DaleBrown novel ''Air Battle Force'', Grzylov is introduced speaking congenially to the aircrew of a Russian bomber whose operation he is sitting in that involves firebombing the shit out of Chechens. It's a BaitTheDog moment, but it also establishes how he cares for his people while also being utterly ruthless to the enemies of the Rodina, notions that are reinforced when his DisproportionateRetribution for losing a base full of bombers is [[spoiler: a nuclear sneak attack on the US that wipes out a large part of the American strategic arsenal.]]≤* Samson, the most famous character of the Literature/BookOfJudges, is touted as TheChosenOne who will help his people beat the Philistines. His first line of dialogue crushes all expectations.≤-->'''Samson:''' I have seen a beautiful Philistine girl in the next village. I will marry her.≤* Literature/TheBible. "In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth." And then God establishes His unending power with a simple sentence, ''"Let there be light"''.≤** Jesus has one. His first when he is when Mary and Joseph take him to Passover in Jerusalem, and as they leave, he stays behind. Once they realise he is missing, they become frantic, and are looking for him everywhere, worried sick, and find him listening and asking questions with the teachers in the temple. The teachers are impressed by his wisdom, and Mary and Joseph are astonished. When Mary tells him off, he answers "Why is that you are looking for me? Did you not know I would be in my Father's house?" He goes home with them, and is very obedient to his parents. This event shows his wisdom, his humility, and his close relationship with God.≤* ''Literature/NoCountryForOldMen'' began with Anton Chigurh violently strangling a cop then killing a man to get to his car.≤* Duke Alaric Morgan's first appearance in ''Literature/{{Deryni}} Rising'', when he and Sean Lord Derry ride into Rhemuth for Kelson's coronation, functions this way on several levels:≤** Morgan glances down at his [[LimitedWardrobe sombre black clothing]] in contrast to the colourful trappings of the coronation guests. Morgan prefers to dress this way for much of his early adult life.≤** Morgan grieves for Kelson's father Brion, and recalls the harrowing events of the past several days. This is appropriate for Deryni, whose powers are partly psychic and partly [[TheEmpath empathic]], and his reverie functions as an ExpositionBeam between the author and the reader, akin to those used by Deryni in-universe. We also learn of an ambush which Morgan survived largely uninjured, establishing his martial credentials.≤** Morgan comes to using breathing and concentration efforts (part of Deryni training to use their powers) and checks on his injured human aide Derry. Morgan is loyal to his own men and doesn't discriminate against ordinary humans, rather treating them according to their merit.≤** Morgan's ministrations to Derry are rudely interrupted by a whip-wielding giant-sized Connaiti mercenary announcing "His Loftiness" the Supreme of Howicce. Morgan stops Derry from retaliating (noting the giant was accompanied by six more just like him), but cannot resist indulging his sense of humour. When Derry asks, "By all the devils in hell, what is a Supreme of Howicce?" Morgan replies in a penetrating stage whisper, "I'm not certain. I don't think it's as high as a Quintessence or a Penultimate. Probably some minor ambassador with delusions of his own importance." At a glare from the last of giant mercenaries, Morgan puts on an innocent expression, but once the party has proceeded down the street, he discreetly uses his powers to entangle the whip-wielder's whip round his horse's legs, bringing down both man and beast and forcing the Connaiti to cut the whip to rescue his horse. If life for Gwynedd's Deryni is a dangerous game of [[ Grandmother's Footsteps]], Morgan is an expert player.≤** At the castle courtyard, Morgan dismounts and looks over the courtiers for faces he knows, thereby introducing them to the reader and establishing his thorough understanding of politics. After exchanging greetings with a friendly minor lord, he notices people near him reacting to his presence, realizes they know who he is and have heard dreadful rumours about him, and strikes a pose while dusting off his clothes before slowly gazing on the little assembly to play up the menace. Morgan cultivates his [[ShroudedInMyth dangerous reputation]] and uses it to protect himself.≤* Literature/SherlockHolmes introduces himself in ''A Study in Scarlet'' by identifying [[TheWatson John Watson]] as an army doctor recently returned from Afghanistan [[SherlockScan just by looking at him]].≤* [[AlphaBitch [=MacKenzie=]]] of ''Literature/DorkDiaries'' makes her first appearance by [[MakeWayForThePrincess managing to get a crowded hallway to clear a path for her]] just by showing up.≤* The moment Daisy Buchanan ''opens her mouth'' in ''Literature/TheGreatGatsby''.≤* In the beginning of ''Literature/AsILayDying'', two brothers are walking and encounter an obstacle. One brother goes around it and the other goes through it.≤* ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles''≤** Mab is one of the faerie queens, specifically of Winter, the Queen of Air and Darkness. She is pragmatic, merciless, bloodthirsty, and willing to make every underhanded deal you can imagine to get what she wants. If she ''doesn't'' get what she wants, she is a horrifying monster willing to calmly torture the offenders in ways they didn't think possible. At one point, she muses that the Romans were amateurs, and scoffs at the tortures they inflicted on [[UsefulNotes/{{Jesus}} the White Christ]]. A former minion of hers cries tears of joy when he finally gets his MercyKill. In ''Literature/ColdDays'', Mother Winter angrily describes her as a romantic.≤--->'''Harry:''' And that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Mother Winter.≤** Harry himself gets more than a few.≤*** In [[Literature/StormFront the first book]], one of his first scenes involves accepting a job as a PI then frantically rushing off to assist the cops, who he mocks in the process.≤*** Later in the book, the character of Harry throughout the series is defined when he speaks with a little girl whose father has abused her and her mother. When the girl asks if he is going to kill her father, Harry says that he probably will. Fully establishing Dresden as a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect others.≤*** And finally, in ''Literature/GhostStory'', we have our first chronological moment when Harry flashbacks to the night he escaped from his EvilMentor--who had tried to kill him--and had to fight a powerful Outsider. He initially tries to run away from the Outsider, until it kills an innocent bystander. Seeing this, Harry gets angry [[DarkAndTroubledPast as he never has before]], and fights back with his first true fire-based attack spell.≤----> '''Harry:''' ''That wasn't right.''≤* On the first page of ''Literature/TheHungerGames'', Katniss establishes herself as a doting older sister who has no problems with drowning pesky kittens.≤* ''Literature/{{It}}'' is established to be a truly horrible creature that preys on children when it hides underneath a storm drain and then attacks and kills a child by biting his arm off.≤* Literature/TheFireUsTrilogy open with Teacher (who reads and interprets her "sacred" GreatBigBookOfEverything), Hunter (who collects resources to feed and supply the family), and Mommy (who takes care of the younger children) all performing their respective duties. Later, [[HearingVoices Angerman]] is introduced in the middle of one of his fits.≤* ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'' opens with Jerin multitasking at HouseHusband duties, cooking and looking out for his younger siblings, and mostly passively trying to put up with his [[BigBrotherBully big sister]].≤** That same moment also foreshadows that his sister Corelle is a troublemaker. ≤** Raven Tern, captain of the royal guard, is established as sensible person when she waits for Queens Justice (this world's equivalent of police) to arrive instead of using her authority to demand entry into the farm where Jerin lives. ≤* In the ''Literature/{{Hurog}}'' duology, the first thing Ward does is looking for his little sister, who got lost in a cave, a moment which establishes his GentleGiant personality and tendency to look out for others. ≤* Early in the first book of the Literature/ChroniclesOfThomasCovenant, Covenant is firmly established as an AntiHero when [[spoiler:he rapes Lena]].≤* Keladry's first scene in ''Literature/ProtectorOfTheSmall'' establishes several things about her. She takes time to think over the news that she'll only be a probationary page, [[BullyHunter stops some local boys from throwing kittens in the river]], goes after [[FriendToAllLivingThings said kittens]] and [[{{Determinator}} throws rocks at a huge monster to save them]]... before being paralyzed by her [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes crippling fear of heights]].≤* The first time we see the titular character of ''Literature/SkulduggeryPleasant'' [[IncrediblyLamePun in the flesh,]] he kicks down a door, snarks, throws a fireball and fires a gun. Yep, that pretty much sums him up.≤* [[CoolTeacher Lenobia's]] introduction in ''Literature/TheHouseOfNight'' series. She rides in elegantly on a horse, bluntly tells her new students that half of them won't last the semester, and warns them not to slack off ("Horses are not big dogs. Nor are they a little girl's dream image of a perfect best friend who will always stand beside you. Horses are work."). But she also allows her students to ask questions, mentions that she chose her name as [[ a historical reference]], and has a friendly chat with [[TheHero Zoey]] after class. Three pages, and we know that Lenobia is confident, stern but fair, and very knowledgeable.≤* ''Literature/GoodOmens'':≤** The very first scene takes place in the Garden of Eden, and features Aziraphale, an angel, and Crawly, a fallen angel/demon in serpent form--in fact ''the'' serpent who convinced Eve to eat the apple. You would expect these moral enemies to be engaged in some epic battle, right? Nope, they're just hanging out together having a discussion about morality and ineffability while watching Adam and Eve leave the garden, setting up their FriendlyEnemy status later on. ≤** In addition, we learn that Crawly wasn't ''planning'' to get them kicked out of the garden, he was just told "Get up there and cause some trouble," so he did. And the first description we get of him is "An Angel who did not fall so much as saunter vaguely downwards." Even though he's a demon, he's more of a PunchClockVillain than an embodiment of evil.≤** Aziraphale reveals that he secretly gave Adam and Eve his flaming sword before they left because he was worried about them. He then lies to his superiors about it, claiming he must have misplaced it somewhere. This establishes him as an angel who is more concerned about protecting humanity than doing what he's told, which leads to him eventually help Crowley try to stop the apocalypse. ≤* ''Literature/TheWolfChronicles'' gives us Ruuqo and Kaala's moments in the opening scene.≤** Ruuqo is culling the pups of a she-wolf who mated outside his pack, and Kaala is one of those pups. When Ruuqo moves to pick her up, Kaala realizes that "cringing and pleading had done my brother and sisters no good", and ''growls'' at Ruuqo, an alpha wolf at least three times her size. This foreshadows her [[HotBlooded courage]] and [[DoNotGoGentle unwillingness to back down even when fighting seems hopeless]].≤** Ruuqo, though not seriously threatened by Kaala, feels guilty that he has to kill her family and takes a moment to recollect himself.≤---> He stood still, watching me for a long moment as I snarled with as much fury as I could summon.\≤"I'm sorry, littlewolf," he said softly, "but, you see, [[TheChainsOfCommanding I must do what's right for the pack]]. [[AntiVillain I must do my duty]]," and he bent his head and opened his jaws to crush me.≤* Interestingly enough in ''Literature/TheUnderlandChronicles'', the villain gets one after his initial introduction. We first meet [[spoiler: the Bane as a baby, whose [[PleaseWakeUp cries for his mother]] make it impossible for Gregor to kill him. What could be more innocent?]] Well, in book 4, [[spoiler: we learn he killed his devoted caretaker. Still, he said it was an accident, and he's so big he might not know his own strength .. he tried to ''eat him'' to cover it up?]]≤* ''Tomb Travellers'':≤** Phillip, the protagonist, gets one when his uncle sends him a mummified ibis bird for his birthday. Phillip is genuinely and completely ''overjoyed'' by the gift, and then- much to his family's discomfort- tries to place it on the mantelpiece. Three pages in, and we already know that Phillip is a slightly odd boy who's fascinated by Egypt and antiques.≤** [[TheSmartGuy Julia]] is introduced challenging an adult to a public chess match--and winning.≤--->"You won't beat my Dad," a small boy in the crowd told Julia. "He's a maths teacher and he's president of the chess club."\≤"Is he? Good," said Julia with relief. "[[BadassBoast I want it to be a fair match.]]"≤* ''Literature/TheTravelersGate'': Cormac is introduced as being constantly annoyed that his commander is trying to talk instead of just murdering everyone, jumps to the opportunity for violence, and when the situation is de-escalated, he kills his commander and starts fighting again. Subverted in that this is a deliberately terrible introduction to the Damascan Kingdom as a whole. The Kingdom is a largely civilized nation that does quite a lot for its citizens and is known for not killing people who don't fight back. The sacrifices, while terrible, ''are'' for a purpose.≤* ''Literature/TwistedCogs'': After having read the very first chapter you know more than you ever wanted to know of the main character's mother's parental ability. It is pretty much crap.≤* In ''Literature/TheTroop'', Shelly (the resident [[TheSociopath closet sociopath]]) tears a crayfish apart, wondering if the creature feels pain.≤* The reader's introduction to Queen Isabel in ''Literature/KingdomOfLittleWounds'' involves [[SanitySlippage throwing a horrible fit and nearly eating a pearl]].≤* In the opening pages of ''Warprize'', the protagonist is introduced trying to heal a injured soldier. Upon realizing that he's mortally wounded, she stays to ease his pain in whatever small ways she can (much to the disdain of her mentor, who remarks that this isn't the first time she's done this). The soldier's last words reveal her identity: Xylara, [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething daughter]] of their dead king...and yeah, that pretty much establishes her basic characterization.≤* [[WickedStepmother Mrs. H]]'s first words to Snow White in ''Literature/SixGunSnowWhite'' are, "So you're the little Indian child." She never properly shakes hands on the "If you love me, I'll love you back" deal, either.≤* The first scene of ''Literature/AHarvestOfWar'' is basically "Wild Rhona in a nutshell": a loving, attentive mother to her daughter Brianna, right up until she comes across a gang of slavers and brutally slaughters the overseers and their mastiffs, having provoked the fight herself.≤* In ''Literature/ThreePartsDead'', the reader's first glimpse of the heroine, Tara, is her being [[LiteralMetaphor literally]] thrown out of WizardingSchool (off of a cliff). They get a good measure of her after, when she decides to help her hometown fight off raiders by [[NightOfTheLivingMooks animating slain townsfolk as zombies]], and can't help herself from giving a [[EvilLaugh hearty chuckle]] while doing it. This leads to her making a hasty exit from the ensuing TorchesAndPitchforks.≤* ''Literature/WingsOfFire'':≤** Kinkajou runs enthusiastically into her dorm room and nearly collides with Moon in the process. She apologizes quickly, [[MotorMouth describing]] how excited she is to be at the Academy and admitting a slight [[FantasticRacism prejudice]] against [=NightWings=]...which doesn't stop her from befriending Moon and giving her a tour of the school. Energetic, kind, and a little annoying- the scene sums her up well.≤** Moon tries anxiously to convince her mother not to send her to school, wondering what her peers will do if they find out she's a telepath. Her mother replies (quite accurately) that Moon needs to socialize more and [[ShrinkingViolet stop hiding in the shadows]].≤** Winter is first introduced threatening to cut Moon's face off for daring to touch his [[HumanPet scavenger]]. Qibli meanwhile, is trying to lightheartedly defuse the situation.≤** Carnelian is first introduced sulking in her cave, and then yelling at Kinkajou for joking that she's named Friendly.≤* ''Literature/WarriorCats'':≤** Bluestar describes Clan life to Rusty, and the joys of participating in it... but also warns him that a warrior's path is not an easy one, and that Rusty will be expected to follow Clan rules. This foreshadows her position as Rusty's mentor and LawfulGood beliefs.≤** Graystripe being a friendly, comedic sort is established when he compliments Rusty for putting up a good fight and accepts his apology for trespassing. Since Rusty is a [[FantasticRacism kittypet]], this shows that Graystripe is unusually open-minded. (Later books illustrate ''another'' sort of apprentice Rusty could've been caught by- a glory-seeking BloodKnight who enjoys torturing kittens [[spoiler:such as Tiny]] and has to be ordered off by his superiors.)≤* In ''Literature/VampireAcademy'', the introduction of the readers to Rose is her waking up, feeling Lissa's nightmare, and going to comfort her. Establishing their PsychicLink immediately, and Rose as a sort of caretaker to Lissa. ≤* Completely subverted with Darcy in ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice''. The problems of making snap judgments based on first impressions is a major theme of the novel, and Darcy's turning out to be nothing like the icy, indifferent man he seems at first is an illustration of it.≤* In Shaw's ''Caller of Light'', [[AlphaBitch Marissa]] gushes about how happy she is to meet her fiancée...while refusing to shake his grubby hand. This is the first indication of many that she only wants his money.≤* In ''Literature/HaloTheColeProtocol'', Thel 'Vadamee (better known as ''Franchise/{{Halo}}''[='s=] Arbiter) is shown being elected to basically king of his state (in a society established as running on AsskickingEqualsAuthority). Then, he stays up all night after his election in wait for any assassination attempts, then [[CurbStompBattle curb-stomps]] three assassins without suffering a single wound. Afterwards, Thel tricks the elder who sent the assassins into confessing, gives him a ReasonYouSuckSpeech regarding his failure to be remembered in the family saga, kills the elder when he finally attacks Thel directly, and tells the elder's clan that had the elder not salvaged their honor by directly fighting back, he would have had them ''all'' put to death (but as such, Thel decides to show mercy by simply exiling them on pain of death). All of this establishes not just his badassery, but his cunning, arrogance, ruthlessness, and obsession with honor.≤* In ''[[LiveActionTV/VeronicaMars The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line]]'', Veronica cracks a joke about her father's recovery from a car accident...and, mere minutes later, is blinking away tears of relief.≤* In ''Literature/TheWitchlands'':≤** Safi's first scene her her trying to rob a carriage, because she's betted all of her and Iseult's money on a card game and lost it because her opponent was dreamy.≤** Merik's story opens with him barely able to stand a formal dinner before a RantInducingSlight sends him flying into fury and leaving the venture.≤** Safi, Iseult and Merik all react to a man turning into a homicidal monster not by running away, but by running towards him to help.≤* In the superhero novel series ''Literature/TheInfected'' there are seven POV characters, and each gets one in the first scene of their respective books, whether or not they were already familiar figures.≤** We meet Brian (who has the power to take the place of people about to die) fighting two serial killers, one of whom has superpowers. He is totally outmatched, unskilled in combat, and still [[TheDeterminator utterly determined to fight]] to the last breath, because an innocent life is on the line.≤** Denis, a JerkWithAHeartOfGold about to embark on a RedemptionQuest opens his book sitting in a cell, snarking at the walls, but also reflecting on how his own poor decisions led him there.≤** Marcia, the paranoid ex-spy, begins with a clandestine meeting in the woods to take a secret phone call, and thinking about all the ways this could be a trap.≤** Penny, invisible team sociopath, starts her novel by assassinating a public figure without a trace of regret.≤** Tobin, TheGrotesque, breaks the rule a bit by starting singing on a stage, as part of a PR event. His defining moment still comes in the first chapter, where he insists on leaving the tour bus and go into a convenience store himself, despite the real risks of a TorchesAndPitchforks mob.≤** Bridget, to this point a hyperactive, gregarious and easily distracted LittleMissBadass, opens her book by taking on a difficult mission, and treating it as SeriousBusiness despite the many distractions along the way.≤* ''Literature/TheSorcererOfTheWildeeps'':≤** Captain's introduction to the story consists of him conducting a training session for the entire band of brothers despite the sweltering heat and in sight of an oasis. Demane muses on how Captain is perpetually tireless, always ready to reward seeming laziness with training, but also how he actually does this to the brothers to enable them to better protect themselves in case of an attack.≤** Faedou is introduced as being unable to take part in the training because he refuses to let Demane treat his injured, already infected leg. He trusts in God to save his life and calls Demane's skills witchcraft, establishing him as the old superstitious gossip slinger of the band.≤** Cumalo does not even blink when Demane asks him to guard his pack while he's off training. Everyone else in the band is scared of Demane's witchered equipment, but Cumalo's laissez-faire attitude is beyong that.≤* ''LightNovel/TheUnexploredSummonBloodSign'': The first time the [[GodIsEvil White Queen]] is summoned. When Azalea and Fractal bow down and declare loyalty to her, she casually beats them. When Renge (her summoner) interferes, the Queen brutally injures her, something that shouldn't be possible due to a summoner's [[DeflectorShields protective circle]]. She then spends the rest of her summoning time flirting with Kyousuke. It shows her obsession with Kyousuke, her complete disregard for anyone else, and her incredible power, all in one scene.≤* Lilja, the petite, quiet librarian, is introduced shelving books in ''Literature/DanceoftheButterfly''. She is attacked on her walk home by a very large man who intends to rape her. In short order, she gets lose, puts him in a painful hold, and calls the police to come collect him.≤* ''Literature/SmallerAndSmallerCircles'':≤** Father Saenz listening to deafening rock music. Often while doing autopsies. The novel even indicates his favourite bandsó"Crush with Eyeliner", by [[{{REM}} R.E.M.]], is the first song he's depicted listening to.≤** Joanna Bonifacio is introduced with a decidedly unfeminine rasp that sounds like a smoker's voice, even though she's allergic to secondhand (let alone firsthand) smoke. Her first scene has her criticizing the easy questions a newbie reporter gives in an interview, establishing her as a seasoned veteran of the Philippine news world.≤* ''Literature/TheWickedYears'': ≤** The first chapter shows that Frexspar is a [[TheFundamentalist serious man of cloth]] when it depicts him obsessing over the "scandalous" Clock of the Time Dragon. He would rather go preach to save others souls than stay with his heavily pregnant wife on the day she's due to give birth.≤** The title of Glinda's entrance exam essay - "Do Flowers Regret Being Plucked For a Bouquet? Do The Rains Practice Abstinence? Can Animals Really Choose To Be Good? Or: A Moral Philosophy of Springtime" - show that, while not a DumbBlonde, she certainly isn't the most standard academic. Her FantasticRacism towards Dr. Dillamond shows that she isn't the [[AlphaBitch nicest of individuals]].≤** The second line out of Nessarose's mouth is her scolding her Nanny for gossiping, saying it hurts her soul. This shows that she's inherited Frex's religious nature, unlike her older sister Elphaba.≤* ''Literature/TheMagicians,''≤** [[SupportingProtagonist Quentin Coldwater]] wanders down the street, performing magic tricks that nobody notices and wondering why he isn't happy when he has every reason to be content with his lot in life.≤** [[BrilliantButLazy Eliot]] lounges around on the grounds, welcoming Quentin to [[WizardingSchool Brakebills]] and giving every impression of being too cool for school.≤** [[InsufferableGenius Penny]], not stressed about the notoriously difficult Brakebills entrance exam, amuses himself by deliberately testing the magical rules behind requesting glasses of water in the examination room - clearly amused that there's no upper limit.≤** [[BadassBookworm Alice]], despite clearly [[ShrinkingViolet balking at being made the center of attention]], manages to impress Professor March and her fellow first-years ''on her first day'' by performing several advanced spells in order to transfigure a marble into a tiny animated glass horse. Also, she seems a little sad to see the horse accidentally broken at the end of the demonstration, proving herself shy, intelligent, and sweet-natured.≤** [[BigFun Josh]], known around the school as a funny IneptMage, breaks up the fight between Quentin and Penny through StoutStrength, proving himself a lot more capable than he looks.≤** [[HumanoidAbomination The Beast]] appears out of nowhere, freezes time in the classroom, wastes time with impossibly-powerful magic, bends an iron bar like licorice, puts his fist through a clock, and when one of the students tries to fight back, he '''eats her alive.''' And then he teleports away while singing a lullaby. [[PsychopathicManchild Eldritch, childlike, and utterly terrifying]].≤** [[SadistTeacher Professor Mayakovsky]] welcomes Quentin to the TrainingFromHell in Brakebills South, letting him know that he's in for a miserable year of study in order to unlock his true potential, almost shouting in his ear and performing a GroinAttack on him for good measure. [[PetTheDog Yet he let Quentin sleep in]] ''and'' [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold saved him some hash browns for breakfast]]!≤----


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