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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:''Have We Got a Story for You'']]²²Epix (pronounced "epics" and stylized as ePix) is an American premium cable and satellite television network that is owned by Epix Entertainment LLC, a subsidiary of Creator/MetroGoldwynMayer (MGM).²²The formation of Epix was announced on April 21, 2008, after individual negotiations between Creator/{{Paramount}}, MGM, and Creator/{{Lionsgate}} with Creator/{{Showtime}} to renew their existing film output deals broke down; each of the three studios disagreed with Showtime over the licensing fee rates for which they wanted Showtime to compensate them to allow future releases to air on the Creator/{{Showtime}} Networks services. In 2017, Paramount and Lionsgate sold their stake in Epix to MGM; Lionsgate had purchased the Creator/{{Starz}} channel, while Viacom (Paramount's parent company) was preparing to merge with Creator/{{CBS}} Corporation, reuniting them with Showtime.²²Epix currently has first-run access to films from Paramount, MGM and Creator/OrionPictures; past arrangements with Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions expired in 2019. Epix's film library was licensed to Creator/{{Netflix}} from 2010 to 2015, boosting the latter's film collection during the streamer's early years; Epix later entered similar arrangements with Creator/PrimeVideo (in 2012) and Creator/{{Hulu}} (in 2015), the latter of which led Netflix to end their agreement with Epix. The channel's agreement with Prime Video will expire in mid-2021, with Creator/ParamountPlus taking its place. Creator/ViacomCBS and Epix reached a deal which allows Paramount+ to stream new Paramount theatrical releases just 45 days after opening day, well before they even hit Epix's channels.[[note]]By contrast, Epix's previous streaming deals don't allow the streamers access to new-release films until over a month after their cable premiere.[[/note]]²²----²!!List of Epix programming²'''Bold''' indicates ongoing or upcoming series.²[[index]]²* ''Series/BerlinStation'' (2016-19)²* ''Belgravia'' (2020)²* '''''Series/{{Britannia}}''''' (2020-present) [[note]]Season 2 had its US premiere on Epix, as Creator/AmazonStudios bowed out of the series after season 1. Season 3 will be a co-production between Epix and Creator/{{Sky}}.[[/note]]²* '''''Series/{{Condor}}''''' (2021) [[note]]US first-run airing of Season 2 will be on Epix, after its original network, Audience, shut down in May 2020 (it had already aired [[ShortRunInPeru in Ireland and Scandinavia]]).[[/note]]²* ''The Contender'' (2018)²* ''Series/GetShorty'' (2017-19)²* '''''Series/GodfatherOfHarlem''''' (2019-present)²* ''Series/{{Graves}}'' (2016-17)²* '''''Series/{{Pennyworth}}''''' (2019-present)²* ''Perpetual Grace, LTD'' (2019)²* ''Film/SaintMaud'' (2021; co-distributed with Creator/{{A24}})²[[/index]]²----


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